[[caption-width-right:300:The novel of the cartoon of the series.]]

''Scream of the Shalka'' is a [[UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash flash]]-animated ''Series/DoctorWho'' serial with Creator/RichardEGrant as the voice of a Ninth Doctor, Creator/SophieOkonedo as his new companion, and Creator/DerekJacobi as the Master. The story was written by Creator/PaulCornell, and its animation was produced by Creator/CosgroveHall. The serial was webcast by the BBC's official ''Doctor Who'' website in November and December of 2003.

An English village is attacked by lava creatures called Shalka. The Doctor arrives to fight off the Shalka, but they have implanted pods in people's heads in the village and around the world, leading humanity in a global scream that will terraform the Earth into a Shalka habitat.

The webcast was revolutionary for a number of reasons. It was going to be the first broadcast piece written by an author of the Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse novels. It starred a black companion (something previously only seen in spin-offs). And it had the Doctor and the Master travelling together, exploring the possibility of friendship between them. Sadly, the timing was unfortunate -- because just before its release, the new TV series was announced for 2005. ''Scream of the Shalka'' and its Ninth Doctor were deemed "alternate universe", and the series is not considered part of the Franchise/{{Whoniverse}} canon. It did, however, get both a novelisation and an official prose sequel: [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/vampires/newstory/scottwright.shtml "The Feast of the Stone"]].

* AdmiringTheAbomination: After swallowing the Shalka's brain slug, the Doctor takes a few minutes to wax poetic about how beautiful their HiveMind is.
* AlwaysSaveTheGirl: Inverted. The Doctor knows that he'll always try to save the girl, and has given the Master standing orders ''not'' to let him do it.
* ArmedWithCanon: Creator/RussellTDavies ''strongly'' disliked Creator/RichardEGrant's performance. As soon as he became the new ShowRunner, he became very vocal about this Doctor not being cast for his series.
* BadassLongcoat: The Doctor wears one.
* BrickJoke: Early on, the Doctor snarks that he's going to sing some showtunes. He ends up [[spoiler: defeating the Shalka doing exactly that, just for fun]].
* BrownNote: The Shalka scream.
* TheCameo: Creator/DavidTennant very briefly voices a one-scene character. He was in the neighbourhood, heard what was being filmed, and begged for a part. He then proceeded to {{Squee}} so hard that the interview crew let him ramble about ''Series/DoctorWho'' for a bit, during which he revealed that [[{{Adorkable}} his mum once knit him a miniature Fifth Doctor cricket sweater]].
** {{Irony}}: Funny thing is, of course, the Fifth Doctor is now his father-in-law, and [[PromotedFanboy he's also been the Doctor himself]].
* CreepyGood: The Doctor.
* TheDulcineaEffect: Discussed.
* DullSurprise: Everyone, at everything.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: This version of the Ninth Doctor. He also has CreepyShadowedUndereyes. (Mind you, so does half the cast; it might just be the art style). If his hair wasn't so tidy he'd count as an example of LooksLikeCesare.
* FantasticRacism: The Shalka view humanity and all other humanoids as lower lifeforms.
* GreatOffscreenWar
* GreenAesop
* HeelFaceTurn: The Master made one off-screen, and is now repenting (while snarking at the Doctor a lot). Given that he's also a robot for some reason, he may or may not have been given a MoralityChip.
** Originally, in the first drafts, the "companion" was to be a TARDIS-projected hologram of the Fifth Doctor.
* IHaveToGoIronMyDog: The Doctor excuses himself by stating he's just going to pop out and do "something eccentric".
* InkSuitActor: Everyone, just in case they got to do this in live action.
* MakeMeWannaShout: The Shalka can use their voices to control their technology, control people's bodies, and cause chemical reactions in the atmosphere.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: The TARDIS, as usual.
* NoodleIncident: The Doctor's unspecified trauma would eventually become the Last Great Time War in the series proper. It's also strongly implied (and confirmed by WordOfGod) that it involved the Doctor's previous companion meeting a terrible fate.
* {{Novelization}}: By Cornell. Published as part of the ''Literature/PastDoctorAdventures'' series, even though it was more a Possible Future Doctor Adventure.
* OopNorth: A fictional village in Lancashire.
* PeoplePuppets: One of the Shalkas' main power is doing this to people.
* PerkyGoth: The Ninth Doctor.
* PopCulturedBadass: The Doctor and his love for ''{{Cabaret}}''.
* PuppeteerParasite: The Shalka use these on their top-level human slaves [[spoiler:including Alison]].
* ServileSnarker: This incarnation of The Master is (apparently) loyal to The Doctor, but also can't help but constantly verbally jab at him.
* ShoutOut: The Doctor's hairstyle looks oddly like that of WesternAnimation/AeonFlux.
* SpaceWhaleAesop: Do something about that pollution, or screaming worms from space will destroy the atmosphere the rest of the way.
* WineIsClassy: When the Doctor is at his jerkiest at the start of the story, he goes into a small-town Northern pub and demands a specific vintage of Meursault. (In reality, he would undoubtedly have been beaten to within an inch of his life at this point.)
* WorldOfSnark