[[caption-width-right:350:Off to save the music industry, one offensive Flash movie at a time.]]

->''Money good. Napster bad.''

A series of humorous Flash-animated shorts, produced in the years 2000-2001 by Bob Cesca from a group then known as [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/ Camp Chaos]], satirizing Metallica and their MP3 sharing crackdown.

First, a little history. In 2000, Music/{{Metallica}} sued the peer-to-peer service Napster, devoted specifically to sharing UsefulNotes/MP3 files, for [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil having Metallica songs freely available on their network]]. The lawsuit ended up forcing Napster to ban hundreds of thousands of users, and eventually resulted in the Napster company going bankrupt.

The ''Napster Bad'' series caricatures Metallica--specifically, Lars Ulrich (mispronounced as ul-[[{{Greed}} RICH]]) and James Hetfield--as a group of greedy primitives, upset about their fans giving them slightly smaller oodles of money than usual due to Napster. Other music celebrities, such as Music/DrDre and Music/SherylCrow, also get a lot of flak.

Understandably, these movies aren't very popular with most Metallica fans. And stay away if you don't like off-color humor, either.

The series includes:
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/05/napster_bad.html Napster Bad]] (May 2000) -- Lars and James rant at length (well, Lars does), first thanking their fans for making them rich, then dissing Napster users for downloading their songs, and warning them about [[PrisonRape the consequences]].
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/05/napster_bad_metallicops.html Metallicops]] (June 2000) -- A {{pastiche}} of ''Series/{{COPS}}'', with Lars and James apprehending a music pirate in his house.
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/05/napster_bad_metallica_milliona.html Metallica Millionaire]] (July 2000) -- James Hetfield stars in ''Series/WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire'', and his usual DumbMuscle depiction is taken UpToEleven.
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/05/napster_bad_good_or_goblin.html Good or Goblin?]] (July 2000) -- Nutty [=McShithead=], the [[TalkingPoo literally-named]] spokesman for "Recording Association for Popsong Economics", gives a PSA on the evils of Napster.
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/05/napster_bad_sue_all_the_world.html Sue All The World]] (July 2000) -- Celebrities opposed to MP3 sharing gather to perform a CharityMotivationSong.
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/04/napster_bad_napster_dead.html Napster Dead?]] (August 2000) -- Lars, James and Nutty are celebrating Napster's shutdown in a beer-filled bathtub.
* [[http://www.snarkrocket.com/blog-archives/2006/04/napster_bad_bizarro_napster_ba.html Bizarro Napster Bad]] (March 2001) -- Metallicock, a band which happens to be very similar to Metallica, lays out their own grievances against Metallica, Napster, you and YourMom.

!!Tropes good!:
* BlackComedyRape: "Good or Goblin?", though it's just audible and [[RelaxOVision not visible]].
* CharityMotivationSong: Parodied in "Sue All The World".
* ClusterFBomb: Lars.
* DumbMuscle: Hetfield.
* FunWithAcronyms: Recording Association for Popsong Economics.
* GoodAngelBadAngel: Hetfield has one, a demonic clone of Ulrich, in "Metallica Millionaire".
* {{Greed}}: The entire music industry is characterized as this.
* HulkSpeak: Hetfield.
* LaughTrack: Throughout "Metallica Millionaire".
* LikeIsLikeAComma: Ulrich. His very first line is "Like, good afternoon!"
* NewMediaAreEvil: A lot of shorts feature the characters complaining about the threat that this new "interweb" invention poses to life at large.
* TheNoseless: Everyone.
* OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope: The original Flash version of the "Napster Bad" short opens with a disclaimer to save the authors from Metallica's legal wrath (the disclaimer is cut from the video version on the production team's current website though).
* RoboticReveal: [[spoiler:Regis in "Metallica Millionaire"]].
* RunningGag: Regis Philbin dancing to the ''[=WWTBaM=]'' ditty throughout "Metallica Millionaire".
* {{Scatting}}: In "Sue All The World":
-->''There are people stealin' our copyrighted tunes \\
Bwaighlo weirhlo, bwaighlo weirhlo lailolailo... prunes!''
* SceneryCensor: Lars's bodily details are covered up with foam throughout "Napster Dead?"
* ShoutOut: Hetfield's line "[[Film/{{Frankenstein 1931}} FIRE BAD!]]"
* TalkingPoo: Nutty [=McShithead=], the spokesman of the recording industry. Apparently also a {{Gasshole}}.
* ToiletHumor: Reaches its peak in "Good or Goblin?"