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[[folder:Season 1]]
* Several fans have taken issue with ''Griffon the Brush-off'', specifically how Gilda is written as a flat, one-note bully. While its true that such people exist in real life and in the media, having a character who's [[ForTheEvulz a jerk simply for the sake of being a jerk]] seems out of place in an idealistic SugarBowl like this show. It doesn't help that all the other "bully" characters that appeared on the show were ''far'' more fleshed out than her or had an excuse (Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are just spoiled rich kids, Trixie gets redeemed in season 3, and Babs gets a believable FreudianExcuse and eventually becomes friendly).
** Even worse is that it pretty much breaks the Aesop of Return Of Harmony. Take these two episodes side-by-side, and you get "Friendship isn't easy, but it's worth fighting for... except when it's not. Then you can retroactively declare everything null and void." What's worse is that Gilda's behavior, isn't even all that extreme compared to what our heroes would do, especially to the Canterlot snobs (who might be jerks, but considering the outright destruction the heroes would do, might actually be what's causing them to think Ponyvillians are boorish hicks in the first place).
** It was also one of the many cases of TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Gilda was interesting, she had a lot of potential to become a great recurring minor character (being a DeadpanSnarker, an explanation of what turned her into a {{Jerkass}}, CharacterDevelopment and becoming slightly less of a jerk, being a key to knowing more of Dash's background, and so on) for future episodes, especially those regarding Rainbow Dash.
** Also, the way Dash lashed at her in the end was quite callous: in the last five minutes, Gilda was showered with pranks and humiliated at every step. Yes, she probably overreacted, but here's the thing: one prank is funny, five uninterrupted minutes of them, especially when they're evidently angering the subject, are not. Not only that, she believed the party was a trap set for her by Pinkie - sure, it was all a misunderstanding (she wouldn't have lashed at everyone if she knew it was not a trap), but Dash did not consider that. Everyone says that Gilda was a bad friend, but considering how Dash kicked her out of her life without a second thought despite them being friends for years, looks like that her friendship with Gilda was meaningless all along.
** While Gilda's handling of the situation was certainly less than admirable, it was hard not to sympathize with her when she lashed out, given that Pinkie kept obnoxiously trying to monopolize Rainbow Dash's attention when Gilda had come a long way to spend time with her and probably didn't get to visit very often. And the {{Aesop}} at the end of the episode turned out to be "You can't control your friends' behavior, but you can control your own." So... Pinkie's idea of an acceptable response to the situation was, not to express her concerns to Rainbow Dash about Gilda's bullying, but to set her up for repeated public humiliation at the hands of someone she thought was a friend? The episode could have ended with an Aesop for Gilda about being less of a {{Jerkass}} and for Pinkie concerning her jealousy, but instead set up an obnoxious pattern in which Pinkie Pie repeatedly gets off scot-free for things that would have resulted in a lesson [[ProtagonistCenteredMorality for any other character who behaved that way]]
* ''Boast Busters'' has Snips and Snails bring a gigantic bear, the Ursa [[spoiler:Minor]] to Ponyville. The bear is quite clearly a threat, and does some serious property damage both to the local residents and to Trixie's travelling caravan. Twilight has to summon a few spells to get rid of it, including one that loses the town its water tower. As punishment for the two colts bringing such a dangerous beast to town, Twilight makes Snips and Snails clean up the mess and gives them moustaches. The cleaning up, at least, is a constructive punishment, but seriously, giving them gifts for potentially ruining or even killing pony lives, and for definitely destroying their property and forcing the Mayor to cough up money for repairs, does not sound like an appropriate punishment to me.
** Also, everyone hates Trixie immediately when she starts boasting about her magical talents... which they really should have been expecting, given that she's a magician and it's part of her job to boast of her abilities. Also, the message of "don't brag" is ruined when Spike spends the whole episode bragging about how Twillight is the most powerful unicorn ever, and is proven right.
** IMO, Trixie's character in general is a wallbanger. Unlike other magicians, who talk up the difficulty of their tricks for the entertainment of the crowd, Trixie talks other ponies down and never does anything to make them cheer. Then she says "whatever you can do, I can do better" and doesn't. Rainbow Dash does some acrobatics and creates a rainbow: Trixie ruins it. Rarity creates something beautiful: Trixie ruins it. She might do rope tricks better than Applejack (IMO she doesn't), but that's only 1/3. And her self-stated reason for doing all this is just to show off how great she is - in other words, she's not putting on a show for everyone else, she's just doing it for herself. From what I've seen, real-life magicians don't make a living that way.
* ''Look Before You Sleep'': about 16 of the 22 minutes of the episode consist of Rarity and Applejack arguing over... nothing. Really, at the start they argue about a branch, and apparently that creates enough friction to go on for the entire slumber party. Yes, yes, they are polar opposites that are in the early stages of their friendship, but for the whole episode they act incredibly childish and hostile towards each other for no good reason. They literally take every activity Twilight sets up as an opportunity to attack each other. And don't get me started on Twilight. She is an '''idiot''' through the entire episode. Not only does she not notice her friends' fighting, she apparently has no idea what a pillow fight is. Then there's the ending where ''she looks through her slumber party book to see how to get rid of a giant tree branch''. I think her "naiveness" was meant to be funny, but it's annoying instead. And since seeing two ponies argue is boring and dull, this episode ends up having no entertainment value.
* ''Swarm of the Century'': the fact that everyone else had to apologize for not listening to Pinkie Pie, even though she was the one who [[PoorCommunicationKills never even bothered to try explaining herself]] despite having every opportunity to do so. It would have taken her all of two seconds to say "I know how to stop them," in which case the others would have been a lot more receptive to helping her out.
** Even worse is that the others do come up with workable solutions to the problem by themselves (Applejack's corralling skills and Rainbow's twister), but Fluttershy ruins the first attempt through sheer stupidity. To be fair, Pinkie's ruining the second one was an accident, but she then has the gall to think she's more inconvenienced than they are! And no one suggests trying to use those solutions again.
* At the beginning of "Call of the Cutie", Apple Bloom gets caught passing a note from [[AlphaBitch Diamond Tiara]] which turns out to be blank. When the latter's bullying causes the rest of the class to laugh at Apple Bloom, [[SenseiChan Cheerilee]] does ''[[AdultsAreUseless nothing to stop it]]'' despite reprimanding her for passing the note earlier, not to mention that it obviously happens within earshot of her. Worse, she explicitly stated before this that her Cutie Mark represents her hopes that her students grow up and to bring cheer to them. Failing to stop most of your class from teasing Apple Bloom for being a "blank-flank"? [[SarcasmMode That'll bring cheer to her!]]
** Not to mention that Applebloom ditches her friend Twist because Twist earned her cutie-mark, despite Twist still hoping they can go to the "Cuteciniera" together. Then laments having no friends because she's blank flank. You had a friend and you ditched her in about the same shallow manner you were bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
*** It would've been different if Twist left Applebloom for Diamnd Tiara and Silver Spoon, giving Applebloom all the more reason to be upset.

[[folder:Season 2]]
* The only reason any of the Mane 6 fall for Discord's brainwashing is because they're too busy banging their heads on the walls while carrying [[IdiotBall idiot balls]]. They're fighting a reality warping trickster, and when they see some warped reality they [[TooDumbToLive stupidly wander up to it and check it out.]] Then when said trickster appears right in front of them, they take every word he says at absolute face value rather than considering that it might be ''a trick''. There's also the simple fact that Princess Celestia doesn't even bother to accompany them because [[HandWave she can no longer use the elements]]. With that kind of brain power running Equestria, the citizens might have been better off [[TheBadGuyWins had Queen Flippin' Chrysalis taken over]].
** Special mention must go to Applejack here. The others at least have mitigating circumstances (in part): Pinkie Pie is childish enough to fall for the trick, Rarity attempted to resist, and Rainbow could conceivably believe that Discord was callous enough to be destroying Cloudsdale even as he spoke. But Applejack? Instantly trusts three talking apple-blobs and buys without question what a random pool shows her, which is the highly unlikely event of her friends breaking up for no given reason. She instantly buys that this is the truth! A brained monkey could have spotted the obviousness of the trick Discord pulled on her!
* Lesson Zero: Twilight goes from worrying because she's late for a friendship report when there wasn't even a deadline set in the first place to brainwashing most of Ponyville because she can't find any friendship issues. Sheesh, it's not like they're hard to wring out of the most basic activities. Rarity flipping out because she can't find a ribbon? "Dear Princess Celestia, it's good to take care over the gifts you give to others, but not to stress yourself out over them." Brutish Rainbow aggressively smashing up AJ's house? "Dear Princess Celestia, sometimes what might seem to be a flaw in your friends can actually be a strength, and strengths are best used when they help friends out." Fluttershy beating up a bear? "Dear Princess Celestia, I learned that your friends can have surprising reserves of strength, and that it's not right to assume you know everything about them." Or something to those effects. Never mind why Twilight tramples so boldly over straightforward ethics to engineer a friendship problem. And the idea that her friends are supposed to take responsibility because they laughed it off, even though they could have handled it better, pales in comparison to the fact that Twilight endangered them and their neighbours for astonishingly selfish reasons.
* ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E4LunaEclipsed Luna Eclipsed]]''. Pinkie repeatedly causes trouble for an obviously distressed Luna; every time Luna tries to reassure her subjects that she means no harm, Pinkie misinterprets everything she does and stirs up her chaperoned foals into a panic, which at one point leads to the Ponyville residents reversing their opinion of Luna when the understandably frustrated mare has her heroic rescue of Pip turned into a slander. This might be forgivable if Pinkie genuinely misinterpreted these actions, but certainly not when she makes it clear she's been misleading ponies and upsetting the Princess "for fun". Even if you accept the idea that the whole town, rather than Pinkie, was in on the fake scares, how exactly was Luna supposed to know and how does this make it any better to frustrate her for most of the night?
** Throughout the episode, Pinkie unintentionally made things harder for Luna by freaking out and making the kids run away, and she ''admits to acting scared of Luna.'' Some people [[SchoolBullyingIsHarmless know]] how it's like to be in Princess Luna's place and can feel for her and the ostracizing she went through. Pinkie should have gotten the lesson instead of Luna. This just sends a bad aesop that it's okay to get freaked out and vilify someone on their appearance. What the fuck?
** Not to mention that the reason ''why'' Luna became Nightmare Moon in the first place was because [[HisOwnWorstEnemy she couldn't cope]] with the fact that ponies feared the night and liked the sun more. So yeah, Pinkie Pie might have almost caused Luna to ''relapse''.
* ''The Mysterious Mare Do Well''. Basically, Rainbow Dash has been getting full of herself and her friends decide she needs to learn a lesson in humility. Ok, nothing wrong there. The problem is what was done to achieve that - her friends are annoyed by her bragging and [[spoiler: decide to pose as the titular superhero to each her a lesson]]. This makes Dash progressively become more frustrated and desperate as the new hero steals her thunder, and starts doing stuff like breaking the dam and bothering other ponies over trivial matters. After all of this is revealed, [[spoiler: the others claim they were showing Dash how to be a real hero and that she shouldn't brag]]. WHAT?! ''SERIOUSLY?!'' What's the moral here? ''If one of your friends is getting on your nerves, don't confront them directly about it; lie to them and attempt to manipulate them into changing their behavior?'' If the others had tried ''talking'' to Rainbow Dash about her behavior and she had ignored them, I would've understood their actions, but they didn't!
** It doesn't help that Dash's ego was never a problem before (she's more of a boastful hero), and the writer gave her borderline egomania just to make the episode work.
* The episode "Secret Of My Excess" has one. Ok, so first Spike gets greedy from people giving him so many gifts (something he's not used to... despite that you'd think that Celestia, Twilight Sparkle's parents, and other people who knew Spike before the series began would give him gifts as well). Odd, but fine. Then, Spike starts growing larger and more powerful as he hoards more things. That's stretching the WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief a bit... But, it's a cartoon, so we'll let that pass. It's then explained that Spike's growth is a result of his greed and that the more he wants/obtains, the bigger he gets and they must stop him from being greedy to return him to normal. An interesting metaphor, if a bit overused. But, fine. But, then... ''then'' it's explained that this is a '''normal''' aspect of a dragon's growth. (beat) [[BigWhat WHAT!?!]] Not only has this ''never'' been established before with the other dragon characters shown in the series (yes, they did hoard treasure, but they didn't mindlessly grab at any random object they could reach. And they certainly weren't reduced to HulkSpeak like Spike was), but it doesn't make sense at ''all'' regarding the lesson that the episode is trying to convey. [[LostAesop Spike's greed is normal, but it's bad so we have to remind him to be generous with others by having him remember how good he felt when he gave Rarity that gem?]] Wouldn't a better lesson be "It's ok to want things, but you should learn to be patient and not expect to get everything you want right away"?
** Not to mention the fact that Spike didn't just give rarity the heart as a gift right off the bat. Instead, we see her wanting the gem for herself and then turning up the charm and seducing him out of it. And yet nothing ever comes of this either. So... greed is okay as long as you flaunt your stuff to get them to give it to you willingly of them instead of just demanding it outright?
** This episode pisses me off because in this episode, [[UnfortunateImplications dragons are shown to be innate to greed!]] [[BigWhat WHAT!?!?!?!]] It's bad enough that literally all of the previous dragons we've met have been Jerkasses, now they're inherently flawed? I want you to do something, fellow troper. Remove the word "dragon" in the sentence "Dragons are inherently greedy" and replace it with any ethnic or racial group you could think of, like, say, Jewish, of black. [[FridgeHorror Feel yourself cringing?]] This treatment of a sapient, intelligent species- one of which helped saved the flipping country once- is not only shameful, it's honestly racist.
** On a minor note, why does grown Spike not look at all like any other grown or partially grown dragon seen in this series? Does growing from greed make you look different and lose your memories and mind (which is horrible)? Does this mean that if Spike never becomes a greedy [[JerkAss jerk]] he will [[UnfortunateImplications never grow to be an adult?!]]
* ''The Last Roundup'': Pinkie Pie and Rarity get separated while they aid in chasing Applejack from Dodge Junction. Rainbow Dash overrules Twilight's order to slow down and she is the freaking Element of Loyalty. Then, after Applejack reveals why she skipped town, her friends welcome her back but '''none''' of the four realize that Pinkie and Rarity are missing and they '''''go back to Ponyville without them!''''' Is it any wonder how Pinkie Pie and Rarity are still friends with the rest of the Mane Six after this?
* ''A Friend In Deed''. Pinkie destroying Cranky's book was an accident, to be fair, but she's not upset because she hurt Cranky's feelings. She's upset because he vows never to be ''her'' friend, and her whole reason for pestering him is less "I'd earnestly like to help him around the new town" and more "he ''will'' be my friend because ''I'' always make friends". At least she seems to be getting a hint when Twilight and Rainbow explain to her why Cranky doesn't want her around, but then she throws that aside and insists on giving him an apology that doesn't look sincere at all, to the point of harassing him into boarding up his house. And just when the episode has them stuck in a stalemate �Pinkie won't leave him alone because he won't accept her apology, and he won't have anything to do with her because she ruined his diary� pop comes the ContrivedCoincidence and the DeusExMachina. And still Pinkie is ''most'' happy because Cranky said he'll be her friend, which is essentially Pinkie getting her ulterior motive fulfilled. WithFriendsLikeThese!
* If you thought Pinkie got off easy for destroying Cranky's book, that's nothing compared to what her "friends" got away with in "Mmmystery on the Friendship Express." The former can at least be written off as an accident, the latter was completely selfish and slimy. Does it mean ''nothing'' to them that [[ButtMonkey the Cakes]] poured their blood sweat and tears into the Mmm, while simultaneously taking care of two newborns? It doesn't matter how tasty it looked, it wasn't theirs to eat! The DeusExMachina that took the heat off of them was such an AssPull. What really burns me up, is that we had episodes like ''Suited for Success'' where both sides of the conflict learn a lesson. Here however we see one of the most incredible [[KarmaHoudini Houdinis of the karma and lesson variety]]. Rather than ''"Dear Princess Celestia, today we learned that that we need to have better self-restraint, and that we should confess to our mistakes,"'' the lesson is just some yarn about how Pinkie was in the wrong.
** The fact that the episode goes out of its way to make Pinkie "wrong" for jumping to conclusions is a major wall banger. It also breaks the aesop of the episode due to one simple yet important factor. Pinkie had absolutely '''no''' reason to suspect anyone other than the other chefs onboard the train. Her friends essentially took advantage of her trust of them to essentially ruin something (via eating it) the Cakes' worked so hard to make. That is a horrible lesson to teach kids.
** The whole idea of Pinkie's friends taking a bite out of the cake is itself a wall banger. For starters, while it is understandable for Rarity and Rainbow Dash would end up taking a bite out of the cake (given their personalities), the idea of Fluttershy as the third culprit comes off as an OutOfCharacterMoment for her. Then, there's [[WhatCouldHaveBeen the cut scene]] that would have had Applejack revealing that she herself took a bite out of the cake as well, but made sure that no one saw her bite marks. Had that scene been kept in, that would have led to more fuel towards Twilight Sparkle being a MarySue.
*** This becomes even '''more'' of a wall banger when you consider what Element Of Harmony each of the guilty ponies represent. First, we have Rainbow Dash who represents loyalty. But, she's willing to betray her friend's trust by lying about eating the cake. Next, we have Rarity who represents generosity. Now, Rarity has done some pretty selfish things in the past. But, those moments were often played for laughs due to her SpoiledSweet personality. This, however, was just mean-spirited on her part. And, finally, we have Fluttershy who represents kindness. The same Fluttershy who apologizes for accidentally bumping into someone and allows a JerkAss rabbit to take advantage of her for being so nice sees no problem with taking advantage of her friend's trust? And, as mentioned above, a deleted scene would've featured a fourth culprit in the form of Applejack who represents honesty. Now, Applejack isn't completely incapable of lying. But, it would be highly unlikely (if not impossible) for her to lie to her friend considering the guilt would likely be too much for her. The episode just basically makes the guilty party act extremely OOC for the sake of a horribly broken aesop.
**** It's especially ironic that the unused version would have had the Element of Honesty perpetrating the most involved cover-up. But the version that actually aired, where we're left to assume that Applejack ''didn't'' take a bite, rewards her by... making her and Twilight the only ones who don't get anything. The message is, if you're not greedy, you get nothing.
** Not to mention at the end of the episode when Pinkie Pie selfishly gobbles up the cake that the other competitors made, without letting anyone else have a slice. Sure it was PlayedForLaughs, but it doesn't change the fact that Pinkie Pie came off as a greedy glutton.
** Not to mention Rarity usually works hard and sometimes gets no credit for it. One would think she'd at least have empathy for the Cakes and respect, [[Hypocrite but no.]]
* In [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E15TheSuperSpeedyCiderSqueezy6000 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000]], Applejack proudly proclaims that she didn't learn a thing. It was meant to reinforce the concept of not compromising one's quality for the sake of quantity and about how you need to learn to be patient, but the whole reason things happened the way they did was because the Apples acted like terrible businessponies. That episode proved that with a few extra hooves, they could supply the entire town in under an hour. And yet, year after year, they never think to so much as hire a couple of salesponies (and they'd have access to them, since they're friends with the owner of Ponyville's equivalent of Wallmart) to run the stand while they put on a constant output. They don't even consider raising prices even though there's sufficient demand that they could probably get rich if they increased the price. And they create a lot of dissatisfied customers by not issuing rain checks to those who didn't get any, nor do they ration it when they see they've got such a huge lineup, instead allowing Pinkie to hoard it (there was a fancomic in which Pinkie deliberately did this to ensure that the cider runs out at the exact time Rainbow Dash would be served as payback for abandoning her and Rarity back in The Last Roundup).
** Also, the way Pinkie Pie was bragging about the cider tasted when Rainbow Dash didn't get any was also infuriating. The RunningGag in the episode that Rainbow Dash couldn't get even ''one'' cider came off as mean-spirited and annoying. Her getting one in the end doesn't change it either.
** And yeah, Flim and Flam were obviously dishonest slimebags, but at least the Apples should have attempted to negotiate and only when the brothers reject obviously fair deals (more accurately, spend more than 5 seconds negotiating) that the show could safely proceed with them as the villains, instead of creating the image of the Apples as stubborn with no business sense.
** The Apple family wasn't in any danger from Flim and Flam's deal. It basically amounted to, "give us your stuff and you'll get a fraction of what you're making now in return, and if you refuse we'll ruin you." The trouble is that, being that Sweet Apple Acres is the only place for a long way around where they could get enough apples for their business, the threat was about as empty as it gets. It's like going into a gun shop, saying you're out of bullets and need more, then attempting to use your empty gun to get the bullets for free. The Apples could have simply thrown them off of the property and that would have been the end of it, especially if Flim and Flam use the same negotiating tactics wherever they go.
* Putting Your Hoof Down: While the setup was a bad thing because all of the background ponies were being a jerk to Fluttershy when the mean characters seen before were the exception rather than the rule, and the background ponies were nice enough before to throw a great big welcome party for Twilight with Pinkie, it's biggest wall banger was when Fluttershy needed to get a cherry for Angel because he wanted the salad to be exactly right. Fluttershy is charged 10 bits for the cherry, and then when Fluttershy says she'll get the cherry for Angel no matter how much it costs, she's charged 20 bits for it even though she only has 12. Then when another pony comes and buys the cherry, she only has to pay 2 bits for it, what does the pony at the cherry stand tells Fluttershy? He tells her to not be such a DoorMat next time. WHAT? No pony has ever been this unfair to another pony before! That was the worst way to set up a plot on this show that I have ever seen!
** There's also the fact that all the ponies treat Fluttershy horribly, despite the fact that not only did she save Equestria twice, but in the previous episode it's shown that all of them are friends with Pinkie Pie, who said in Griffon the Brush Off that she will not tolerate anyone being mean to Fluttershy (even though Pinkie does attempt to make things better for her).
* ''Read It And Weep'' opens with an inexcusably flagrant case of ShowDontTell, and the plot bears some rather transparent contrivances.
* In the episode, [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E23PonyvilleConfidential Ponyville Confidential]], the moment that really got me angry was how the Cutie Mark Crusaders were discovered to be Gabby Gums and were shunned by the town, and even by the Mane Six (well, except Rarity, who at least ''tried'' to convince everyone not to get worked up)! Oh come on! I mean I know the three were wrong for gossiping, but that was too harsh! The hypocrisy of the citizens is also one, because they enjoyed reading gossip about others, but when ''[[{{Hypocrite}} they]]'' were gossiped about, they got angry.
** And what does Cheerilee do? Absolutely ''nothing''! Granted, she steps in at the end and demotes Diamond Tiara, but it's all too little, too late. [[CallBack Again]], so much for bringing cheer to ponies.
*** Double that one for me. Cheerilee wasn't just too hooves-off, she was ''completely absent'', and this was made explicit. A school newspaper being student-run isn't supposed to mean that the students are left unsupervised, especially if the students are prepubescent. Plus letting Diamond Tiara run things was pretty much leaving the fox to guard the henhouse. And while I'm at it, can I ask why Featherweight is promoted in the end? He shows absolutely no ability to handle the position, as he's essentially a drone for Diamond Tiara, doing what he's told and enabling blackmail as a result. You know who should have been put in charge? Aside from, well, Cheerilee? ''Truffle''. He was shown to be the only one who took the paper seriously during the meeting.
** That's nothing. Even Rarity, of all ponies, passes it off as harmless fun until she's gossiped about, even when her own friends are clearly distressed by all the gossip (not to mention Twilight pointing out that it's wrong). Worse, ''she'' is the one who [[MoralMyopia calls out Sweetie Belle for violating everyone else's privacy by being all like "You didn't like it when I snooped through your saddlebag"]]. So, basically, Rarity purposefully snoops through her sister's belongings, ignores that the gossip is upsetting everyone until her privacy is invaded and then [[MoralDissonance has the gall to act like a moral figure]] when she finds out that the CMC were involved instead of learning her lesson about this whole mess. [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere You know what? Excuse me for a moment]]... [[WallBanger bang]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Bang! BANG!]]
* In the finale, TheBadGuyWins. During her victory, Queen Chrysalis gloats on how Twilight was the only one to have noticed her through the disguise, while the others were ignorant of all this. Applejack apologizes and Twilight only tells her that "she fooled everyone." Except... She didn't. Chrysalis, for the duration of her disguise, had BitchAlert and ObviouslyEvil signs flaring over her with her jerkass behavior, sinister glares, and even doing a VillainSong complete with EvilLaugh ''in the middle of a freaking wedding''. The other Mane Five may get leeway due to not really knowing Cadance, the disguise, but it doesn't explain Celestia, who is ''related to Cadance'' (although they're not ''actually'' related, she practically knows Cadance since foalhood), and how fooled she was. It seemed that the only people who got "fooled" are the ones holding an IdiotBall.
** Speaking of Chrysalis, her statement about Shining Armor's love being so great that it let her, an EmotionEater overpower Celestia. It wouldn't be so bad if one could infer they were roughly equal power level and it tipped the scales in her favor, but the way she said it came across as though she was completely out of her league without it. Implying a character whom we never met before despite his crucial position in a main character's life and never seen interact with his beloved except via flashback and abusive doppelganger has this nigh-unstoppable love for another character who we never met before and yet has a crucial position in a main character's life and has a massive criteria for MarySue-dom in FIM circles comes across as CharacterShilling of the highest order.
** The fact that Chrysalis wasn't expecting to win against Celestia in the first place. So she planned to sabotage the shield and bring the changelings down upon Canterlot, just to have the extremely powerful Celestia banish them in one go? Some brilliant plan that was.
** Oh, and the spectacularly bad performance of the army. The army's on high alert and expecting an attack, and they lose the capital in like 10 minutes (not even). The ''Mane 6'' put up a better resistance than they do. Here's hoping that that's actually supposed to be a character flaw on Shining Armor's part. He may be a nice guy, a powerful warrior and someone you'd want fighting by your side, but he's a [[GeneralFailure terrible commander]].
** That, and with the increased security, it never occurred to Celestia to employ the Elements of Harmony until ''after'' the invasion begins, even though she did it before with Discord. Instead, she just skimps out, decides to have a wedding despite this massive threat, and decide not to inform Twilight of this until just before the invasion begins. A lot of tension with Twily might have been dropped if she had been explained all this beforehand.
** If there's anything in this episode that comes off as irritating, it's that Celestia [[WhatTheHellHero immediately jumps to "Cadence's" defense upon hearing Twilight's claim that "Cadence" is evil]] and [[DisproportionateRetribution abandons her]]! Celestia, this just in, she's your [[TheSmartGuy most faithful student]] who has [[MoreHeroThanThou saved Equestria TWICE when you couldn't]]! How can someone who trusts their student with their life and knows their achievements perfectly well come to the conclusion that they're dishonest!? And then after that, you simply tell her to trust in her instincts when all you've ever done to 'encourage' her was doing the ''[[BrokenAesop exact opposite]]''!
*** Even [[WithFriendsLikeThese Twilight's friends]] have the gall to [[EtTuBrute abandon her]]! First of all, they've known Twilight longer than Cadence (not to mention that if not for her, they wouldn't even be together nor would Equestria be peaceful) so it makes no sense for them to trust "Cadence" more than her. Second, [[AesopAmnesia what happened to the lesson they learned]] [[AFriendInNeed about not laughing off your friends' problems]] back in "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E3LessonZero Lesson Zero]]" ?
**** Even more stupider? Rainbow Dash's element is ''[[UndyingLoyalty Loyalty]]''. Hm... Loyalty towards a pony you've known for a a decent while or [[TheDulcineaEffect loyalty towards a pony you barely even met before]]? It's not even ConflictingLoyalty like when Discord broke her.
** It's honestly sad how much hypocrisy can be found from the supposed "good guys" if you just pay attention to the conflicts in the episodes.
** Perhaps even worse, the [[ArentYouForgettingSomeone other Mane Five]] contributed very little to the plot outside of laughing off Twilight's concerns, abandoning her and the battle with the Changelings, the former two [[BrokenAesop breaks both Lesson Zero's aesop and the series overall aesop]]. Instead, the focus was put on Twilight, Shining Armor and Cadence while the other Mane Five were [[DistressBall captured]]. Heck, the recap page for the second part even notes how one of them barely has any lines. At least we know what inspired those newer "Twilight saves the day, the other five do nothing" episodes that came up later.
*** This can also be a Wallbanger in the regards that is the second SeasonFinale, and yet instead of giving the main cast a chance to shine like in the other finales, they instead get bit parts that could otherwise be glossed over.
* Also from the finale, the reveal of Shining Armor's existence. He is revealed to have had a very crucial role in Twilight's {{Backstory}}, being her ''closest friend'' as a filly, and somehow, they only grow apart when Twilight left for Ponyville (which is in naked-eye viewing distance from Canterlot, mind). What makes this really wall-bangy is that, Twilight doesn't forget about her teacher, Princess Celestia, whom she can visit at any time on a quick train ride to Canterlot, but she somehow forgets that she misses her brother, ''her own family and closest friend'', whom she can ''also'' visit at any time on a quick train ride to Canterlot.
** Making this even ''more'' of a wallbanger is that she reacts to the news regarding Shining Armor in such a big deal that it almost seemed weird that she ''never'' brought him up at any point. No wonder some people found his appearance to be an {{ass pull}}.
*** And upon finding out about her brother's wedding, she's pissed off that Armor didn't tell her in person about it. Um, Twilight, I hate to break this to you, but SHINING ARMOR HIMSELF DIDN'T INVITE YOU TO HIS WEDDING AT ALL. Celestia did on his behalf. Now, this may seem like a trivial detail to nitpick on, but given how Twilight's reacting to the news- or really, how she was given the news- why wouldn't she make note of that? Why was she not offended that her brother wasn't even the one to get in touch with her? That strikes this troper as far more offensive than being told about his wedding via written correspondence rather than spoken.
** So Twilight is incredibly close to her older brother, and apparently knows her old babysitter Cadance better than anyone since she's the only person to see through Chrysalis - but she had no idea that the two of them were dating? Really? It's made even more {{egregious}} when the IDW comics telling the story of how Shining Armor and Cadance became a couple came out.
*** Even more of a wall-banger is how no one seems to notice that Cadence's magic is a different color than normal (real!Cadance has light blue-ish magic; fake!Cadance was using green magic). Since MLP operates on a color-coded magical system, where each magic-user uses one distinctive color of magic and it doesn't seem like any pony's magic has really changed colors over the series' run (at least not notably; correct me if I'm wrong on this), HOW DID NO ONE NOTICE THAT CADANCE'S MAGIC WAS SUDDENLY A DIFFERENT COLOR AND TAKE IT AS A SIGN SOMETHING WAS WRONG? Twilight and Armor know her better than anyone and have seen her using her powers before; shouldn't they have noticed her magic just suddenly turned green?
*** Made even more confusing by the fact that apparently, the comics and stuff like novels are non-canon to the show... and yet some are. What?
**** The writers of the comics claim that the comics are canon unless the show proves otherwise. Which isn't really how it works, but either way is overthinking it. You're safe ignoring the comics entirely.
* A common defense to stuff like Chrysalis' green magic, This Day Aria, and even Shining Armor's derp eyes is that they're just for the [[DramaticIrony benefit of the audience to tell them that something is wrong]]. This would be a valid defense... if they hadn't have several characters point out a very similar thing happening twenty five episodes back, that case being the Discorded ponies being gray.


[[folder:Season 3]]
* The mission briefing in "The Crystal Empire". Both Luna and Twilight have a point: "What if Twilight fails?" If King Sombra taking over the Crystal Empire would have dire consequences for the rest of Equestria, wouldn't Celestia try to do something like she did previously with Discord and Chrysalis? No, she stays behind in Canterlot Castle and treats this as a test for Twilight to allow her to advance in her mage studies, and she sends her and her friends risking their lives for the sake of Equestria once again, ''without the Elements of Harmony''. I'm sorry, but the stakes are ''way'' too high for you to be fooling around like this, Princess. And seriously, what kind of ruler are you?
** Expanding on this a little: the point of the test makes Celestia look bad. Celestia was trying to teach Twilight that [[TheNeedsOfTheMany helping others needs to come before your own personal desires]]. The problem is that by not treating this situation with the seriousness it deserves, Celestia is putting Twilight's education �something she cares about very deeply� ahead of the safety of everyone else. Celestia comes off as a teacher who fails to obey her own lesson, which coming off of Season 2's finale, which has her teaching her student about not giving up on her instincts despite calling her out for said instincts, seems to be a habit for her.
** Not only that, but the condition Celestia instills on Twilight the condition that only she must help. Twilight's studies revolved around friendship. Heck, her studies actually began when Twilight realized she ''needed'' her friends to help her. Again, coming off of Season 2's finale, in which it [[BrokenAesop breaks an aesop]], though instead of an aesop that was in an early episode of the same season, this time it breaks the aesop of the ''Series Premiere'', if not the premise of ''the entire series''!
** Another wallbanger? King Sombra. You have one of the few truly evil character in the series, and what do the writers do? They make him the most pointless, boring, and utterly one-dimensional bad guy in the series? About all he does is growl incoherently, garble "Crystals..." occasionally, and act as a [[AdvancingWallOfDoom slowly approaching "Wall 'O Shadows"]] towards the heroes. Even his defeat was utterly anti-climatic. Yes, it was pretty awesome to see Spike get a chance to shine, but that doesn't excuse how utterly easily this so-called "major" threat to the Crystal Empire (and possibly all of Equestria) was defeated. The Diamond Dogs in their utter incompetence took more effort to take down. Sombra was supposed to be a bigger threat than even Discord and Nightmare Moon combined. Instead, he was just an utter waste to the point where you could hypothetically '''remove''' any mention/scene involving him and it wouldn't change the overall plot of the episode.
*** Right there with you - Sombra's patheticness somehow cancels out the first bullet point ''and'' makes it worse, since the episode does such a poor job of explaining what the stakes really are. MLP is admittedly rather handcuffed by the fact that it can't show the bad guys getting away with ''too'' much evil, but Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Chrysalis all had defined personalities to compensate. With Sombra, they decided to make him a being of pure threat level... but all he really does is [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotHeinous growl and make black crystals grow over everything]]. In a way, it sort of makes sense that Celestia would pit Twilight against such a weaksauce villain, since it's supposed to be a ''test'' where there's no real danger of the bad guy winning, but that just opens up another can of worms...
** Still another? Twilight sings a big, grand song about how she's not prepared for her mission. Except all she has to do is go to the Empire, check and see if everything's okay, and figure out ways to protect it. At this point they don't even know King Sombra has returned! All they know is for whatever reason, the Empire returned. Nothing about this mission screams 'Impossible Task', but everyone treats it like it is. Not to mention that if they were so worried about this, why not bring the Elements of Harmony? Would've been a big help. But of course, this would require consistency.
** Luna's general hostility towards Twilight in the opening scenes. Glaring down and scowling at her. The same Luna who is supposed to be very grateful to Twilight for freeing her from Nightmare ''and then again'' for helping her be accepted by her people in Luna Eclipsed.
* Too Many Pinkies. Apparently, even though, ''everypony is my friend'', Pinkie has never ever before had to choice between two activities from two different friends and suddely goes mental trying to choose? Really?
* One Bad Apple. When Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed comes to visit, she [[TookALevelInJerkass becomes a bully]] after [[AlphaBitch Diamond Tiara]] and [[NumberTwo Silver Spoon]] antagonize the CMC. As time goes by, Babs' bullying worsens to the point where the CMC decide to [[TheDogBitesBack get revenge on Babs]] only to [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone realize what they've done and feel guilty]] when Applejack tells them that [[FreudianExcuse Babs was bullied back home]]. The CMC come to the conclusion that they're the bullies while Babs [[KarmaHoudini gets off scot-free]] and [[HeelFaceTurn befriends them]]. The problem here is that while the CMC did nothing more than plan revenge against them and set up a trap, Babs went as far as helping to steal the CMC's clubhouse and kicking Apple Bloom out of her bed, clearly making her the antagonist yet she becomes TheWoobie once Applejack informs them of Babs' bullying problem and the CMC end up claiming they were bullies for simply wanting to get revenge.
** What's frustrating is that they believed they had become bullies even though they hadn't. What they did do is potentially endanger Babs but at no point did they acknowledge that as being a problem. It's kind of messed up the priorities this show seems to espouse; namely being a bully is the worst thing ever, and nothing you do can compare to being a bully. You could almost ''kill'' someone, and the show wouldn't hold it against you, but pick on someone? Harbingers of the apocalypse are more forgivable than you.
** Not to mention how instead of a "Revenge will get you nowhere" type of moral, the [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop aesop]] becomes [[SarcasmMode "Trying to protect yourself against a bully makes you a bully yourself"]]
* ''Magic Duel''. Fluttershy getting repeatedly ignored by her friends when she discovers the Alicorn Amulet reference in the book, and then "getting volunteered" into doing the dangerous mission. For crying out loud, this is rude �not funny� and they're supposed to be her friends, not strangers who don't care about her. It's not like she was inaudible or had her voice drowned out by any other noises. And why would ''Rainbow Dash'', the biggest daredevil in Equestria, and ''Applejack'' and ''Rarity'', who have proven before that they won't shirk when danger comes to call, endorse ''Fluttershy'' going out, especially when ''Rainbow'' is supposed to be her fillyhood friend and should know better?
* Peewee's absence in ''Just for Sidekicks''. Spike adopting him at the end of ''Dragon Quest'' was a beautiful moment, and a key turning point in his growth as a character, and now all of a sudden we're given a yarn about Spike ''giving him away''? The phoenixes flew off and left ''no trace'' of where they could be, so unless Spike somehow located them, there's ''no way'' Spike was able to find the parents and return Peewee.
** Speaking of ''Just for Sidekicks'', Spike ate all his gems that are ingredients for his cake in the beginning. So he got gems from Mane Six by raising their pet. However, he wasted almost all the gems thanks to their pets except for one. And what happen it the end? [[spoiler:He ate the last gem before he can make that cake. Haven't you learnt your lesson in the beginning?]]
** Angel Bunny being an utter KarmaHoudini throughout the entire episode. Throughout the episode, he basically acts like a complete SpoiledBrat towards Spike and the other pets getting them into all sorts of trouble and nearly getting Spike caught at the end. And, how does Spike handle this? He promises to fluff Angel's tail and Angel is suddenly "nice" (if you can even call it that) again. Yes, Angel is supposed to be stubborn and moody. But, not since ''Putting Your Hoof Down'' has he been this much of a {{jerkass}}.
*** Angel was more of a jerk than usual in this episode. Spike was being selfish and a bit of a jerk, but this was just abuse.
** At one point in the episode, Zecora accuses Spike of being greedy just because he's being paid to babysit pets. Zecora? That's not being greedy. What Spike is doing is called a "job". Yes, he sucks horribly at it (mostly due to him being more concerned with baking a cake than with animal care), but at least he's working for his payment rather than just randomly hoarding gems.
*** For me, that line alone ruins an already terrible episode for me. The [[FridgeHorror implications are horrifying]]. [[UnfortunateImplications Spike can now have his money/source of food taken away from him because of his race- and not only is it legal in Equestria, it is ''justified''. Wow. Just Wow.]]
* ''Keep Calm and Flutter On'' could be easily renamed ''Wall Banger: the Episode''. The premise is already a big [[FlatWhat flat what]]: Celestia orders the Mane 6 to free Discord, a MadGod of chaos and evil (not to mention one of the few entities she herself fears) and wants them to reform him? ... Does she remember that the last time he got free he nearly destroyed the kingdom and psychologically broke (and then [[MindRape mind raped]]) the Mane 6? Is she stupid or what? If this was not enough, who's the one chosen to do this task? Twilight Sparkle, the only unicorn in the land with enough power to have a chance to keep him in check? Pinkie Pie, the one who has the most in common with him, appreciates his wacky antics and may actually bond with him? No, it's Fluttershy, the one that runs away crying if you call her a doofus and is afraid of her own shadow. The Mane 5 leave her alone with him the whole episode (stupid by itself since the Elements of Harmony work only when all together, AKA Discord could just turn Fluttershy into a chair and make the Elements harmless), and what is her strategy to reform him? Get him in her home and let him do whatever he wants (like he wasn't ''already'' doing whatever he wants), including devastating her house, mistreat her friends and pets, and try to manipulate her against her friends, but she keeps smiling and defending him as if she developed StockholmSyndrome toward him (we just need Fluttershy trying to justify missing teeth and a black eye and it would be perfect). After this idiocy, he causes the flood and she dumbly promises never to use her element against him, that means that ''he WON, he is now totally out of control and can once more ravage Equestria!''... but luckily the authors drop an [[IdiotBall idiot ball]] on him and he reforms anyway, despite that he had no reason to reform and never showed a single hint of genuine conflict for the entire episode, apparently because the local PuritySue was the only friend to him... what? Aside from being abused by him, what did she do to conquer him? Did they do something together? Do they have something in common? It doesn't make sense. And anyway, why reform Discord? Why [[VillainDecay castrate]] the most dangerous villain in the show?
** The end of this episode was another example of a classic wall banger that continues to deliver. When Twilight achieves something? She often gets a well done, you're awesome, you saved the universe from Celestia and everyone else for good measure. When Fluttershy wins the day (granted of course that all she did was irrationally deny common sense), on the other hand, the ponies are congratulated plurally and no-one points out that it was thanks overwhelmingly to one of them that they got wildly lucky when Discord randomly decided that after an indeterminate amount of time gleefully playing the [[MagnificentBastard Magnificent Bastard]] and loving every second of it, having just one delusional friend in a world of people that hate you is preferable to clearly being the most capable and nigh-undefeatable villain in this universe, bar none (Chrysalis basically winged it and got unbelievably lucky irrespective of her defeat, Sombra misfired in every sense except his visual design, and every other villain is piecemeal). [[TeachersPet Celestia's Pet]] indeed.
** Another Wallbanger here is that this marks a point at which the show almost parodies it's own attempts to demonstrate just how unstoppably awesome friendship is, tainting the philosophy it tries to promote in the process. It was awkward enough in a FridgeLogic way when applied to Luna, and one could at least make the case that her transformation into the Nightmare was at least partly unwilling or unexpected. Discord gets a pass for basically being an unrepentant sadist when it raises a DoubleStandard over antagonists who weren't offered a similar redeeming moment (Chrysalis, Sombra) or who caused less damage (Gilda, Diamond Tiara). It's achieved by Fluttershy having such delusional confidence in her ability to impress this villain that she seemingly does everything in her power to enable him to win, and the writers respect our discretion so little that this suicidal move happens to work out on a whim. UnfortunateImplications or what?
* The episode ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E12GamesPoniesPlay Games Ponies Play]]'' just suffers from a dull and predictable comedy of errors plot, as in "[[Theatre/TheComedyOfErrors is a humorous play that involves mistaken identity and has a happy ending]]". It has already been done and this one adds nothing new, and the happy ending is way too forced, especially since Miss Harshwhinney's complaints are spot on, and the only difference between what happened with her in the Crystal Empire and elsewhere is that the welcoming intended for her happened to the random rube, and in fact she gets treated like crud by the random passers-by who splash her.
** The characters as they were written are, for the most part, portrayed at their most brainless and grating.
* When you consider the backstories of how the Mane Six got their Cutie Marks in ''The Cutie Mark Chronicles'', it becomes apparent that problems begin to appear in terms of the ponies switching "destinies" in ''Magical Mystery Cure''. While Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's changed "destinies" remain true to the cause of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's Cutie Marks respectively, the rest have issues, with the biggest problem being Rarity with Rainbow Dash's destiny. Besides the fact that weather is pretty much supposed to be a task for Pegasi to begin with, Rarity's changed destiny as a pony controlling the weather has absolutely nothing to do the actual origin for Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark (which involves her going so fast that she made a Sonic Rainboom).
** It's a minor gripe, comparatively, but still, the pacing... The episode hurries its way through the key conflict, and then dedicates more than a third of its runtime to the denouement.
** The whole "alicorn" plot should've been something done as a series finale, not some 22-minute [[AssPull half-assed]] piece of shit plot that seems to shove "Alicorn Twilight" into what seems to be a normal episode otherwise. Especially after the relatively exciting major episodes like ''Return of Harmony'', ''A Canterlot Wedding'' or even ''The Crystal Empire''. And they want a major event go like this.
** There's a number of {{DarthWiki/WallBanger}}s to be found in Magical Mystery Cure, but perhaps the most grating is that Applejack apparently abandoned her family to starve.
*** And that her family is so incompetent that they can't pick up Applejack's slack even a little, even though Big [=McIntosh=]'s share in Applebuck Season is something like twice what Applejack handles.
** It seems more than a little unfair that Twilight gets to ascend to alicornhood while her friends —who, might I add, were not only victims of Twilight's incompetence, but instrumental in creating the new magic� receive no comparable recognition. Apparently, being honest, loyal, kind, generous, and funny (and being co-learners of the friendship of magic for three seasons) counts for little when you're not also magically [[ReadingsAreOffTheScale Off The Charts]] and a favourite of the princess. Oh yeah, plus [[BecauseDestinySaysSo Destiny Said So]].
*** It seems to break the "balance" of the Elements of Harmony as well. Before that we used to have two members of each race of ponies representing one of the elements, but now we have an all-powerful demigod and five regular ponies.
*** The whole upcoming Rainbow Power plot (aside from also being a new toy-line) seems to be designed to give the other five relevance by most likely granting them [[Franchise/SailorMoon Sailor Senshi-like powers]] that they can call upon when in need. The biggest problem with this? Twilight is also going to receive the same power-up herself, making her even more powerful and focused on than before while the rest keep [[CantCatchUp lagging behind forever]]. The ''exact same thing'' was a massive problem in ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' to the point where the other Senshi could do very little without Sailor Moon saving the day. And with the backlash that Alicorn Twilight receives (and still does), there is no chance of any of the rest getting to her level and Rainbow Power was probably conceived as a replacement.
** There's a huge problem with the whole "cutie mark switching" plot aspect. To put it bluntly, cutie marks don't work that way. Not once prior in the series does it ever mention a pony ''must'' do whatever his/her cutie mark represents. By that logic, Cheerilee would've been a florist or gardner instead of a teacher. And, no, the whole "but it changed their destiny" aspect doesn't excuse the whole concept.
*** Likewise, the idea of Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity being horrible at their "jobs" after their cutie marks have switched is also a major DarthWiki/WallBanger. For one thing, a cutie mark symbolizes one's special talent or an aspect of their personality that makes them shine as an individual. For another thing, and going with the above statement, even if a pony ''must'' do what their cutie mark says, why would the main heroes suddenly be horrible at their jobs if their destinies are switched? When Applebloom got the "cutie pox" in Season 2, her main conflict was that she was really good at the numerous talents from multiple cutie marks, but she couldn't stop doing them. And, even then, that was a disease and not really her real talent(s). This episode, however, contradicts how cutie marks work in general all for a forced "conflict" that's so easily resolved it may as well not have happened in the first place.
** Even more difficult to stomach is the fact that Ponyville is presented as being incapable of surviving without the Mane Six around to do their jobs. None of the pegasi clear the clouds Rarity keeps misplacing, none of the Apple family lift a hoof to correct Pinkie's errors, and everypony in town quickly becomes an angry JerkAss because Pinkie isn't around to keep them in a good mood. They don't even seem to notice that the girls are acting wildly out of character, and simply complain because of the errors they're making. What are the writers trying to say? That ordinary ponies are hopeless and self-destructive idiots who can be beaten by three confused girls?
*** In relation to the above, the implications suggest that this would mean that the [[FanNickname Mane Six]] must be absolutely '''perfect''' at their jobs or else society falls apart. That's right. Nevermind all the Pegasi working at the rainbow factory, never mind Mr. and Mrs. Cake balancing both their business work and raising twins, never mind the fashion star ponies like Hoity Toity or Photo Finish, or, heck, forget about the rest of the '''entire Apple Family'''. Nope. Only the main characters are apparently competent enough to do their jobs. Not to mention that it completely ''ignores'' the main cast has made mistakes before regarding their special talents.
** Rushing the plot was bad enough (this ''should'' have been a multi-part episode), but what was the final piece for Alicorn Twilight? "Created new magic"? Where in ''any'' part of the series was that mentioned as being a big deal? Since online the writers said this episode was written well before production started, they could have sprinkled hints about this at least in the third season. But it instead comes out of nowhere as a big AssPull. So in short, Alicorn Twilight isn't a bad concept, but the justification for it finally happening ''suuuucks''.
** The fact that Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia [[KarmaHoudini aren't called-out once for their actions]] (Twilight being essentially rewarded for them doesn't help) is a huge DarthWiki/WallBanger. Yes, Twilight does feel guilty for ruining her friends' lives. But, that doesn't excuse that not once do any of them have a WhatTheHellHero attitude towards either her or Celestia. Nor does Twilight ever get upset at Celestia for the whole fiasco.

[[folder:Equestria Girls]]
* The trailer revealing Spike's counterpart is a ''dog''. Think about it for a moment. In the main series, Spike is sapient/sentient, can fully understand another species' language, can read and write, understands the basic concept of monetary value, can use tools, etc. You'd think that this would mean Spike's counterpart should at the very least be a small child (considering he's just a baby/toddler in the main series). But, nope, instead he's a dog. This basically means that Spike is at best a second-class citizen and at worst nothing more than a '''pet'''. UnfortunateImplications doesn't even ''begin'' to cover how wrong this is.
** This also raises another wall banger in the form of a major PlotHole regarding how the portal works. Ok, so, if a pony crosses the portal, he/she becomes a human. Fine. If a dragon crosses a portal, he/she becomes a dog. Which is pretty dumb, but, ok, that's what they want to establish? Fine. But, here's where the confusion sets in. What would happen if the reverse were to happen? For example, if a normal pony from the human world were to cross over into Equestria, would it suddenly become a human? What about a normal dog? Would it transform into a dragon upon reaching Ponyville? Or, heck, what would happen if Winona were to jump through the portal and reach the human world? Would she transform into a fire-breathing dragon and wreak havoc upon the people at the high school? And that's not getting into other characters such as Gilda (a griffon), Iron Will (a minotaur), or even Discord (a draconequus). What would happen if they crossed the portal? Or could they not cross it at all for whatever reason? What exactly determines who becomes what when passing through? Is there anything that prevents one species from changing into another? There are so many questions surrounding how the portal works in changing species yet nothing is really clearly explained.
* I didn't like the movie very much but one point was frustrating: Sunset Shimmer, a former student a Celestia, steals Twilight's Crown (note: [[PlotHole The movie will never try to explain how could she know about Twilight having the crown and be there at the Crystal Empire that very night despite the fact that she's stuck in world that opens once every thirty moons]]) that she accidentally throws in the portal. Later we learn that Human!Fluttershy had found the crown and turned it over to Principal Celestia who keeps it in her office as a trophy to the Princess of the upcoming Fall Formal dance. So what do you think Twilight is going to do? Claim legitimately her own crown? Make up an excuse to have it (if she doesn't want to mention the pony land)? Sneak into the office when Celestia would be absent? NO! She's going to compete against Sunset Shimmer for the title of Princess of the Fall Formal! [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E16ReadItAndWeep What Rainbow Dash dares to do for a book]], Twilight doesn't dare to do for saving Equestria. Fortunately, [[IdiotPlot Sunset Shimmer is also too dumb for not stealing the crown from Principal Celestia despite being portrayed as a shameless cheater.]]
** Sunset Shimmer's very presence in ''Equestria Girls'' is a Wall Banger. She's Princess Celestia's former student, who was selected (as revealed by IDW) nearly the same way Twilight was, even implying that Celestia was originally intending Sunset to become the bearer of the Elements of Harmony and the new princess of Equestria. This implies that Sunset is an incredibly powerful at magic, possibly even Twilight's sole equal if not ''superior'' at magic thanks to her entering serious magic studies at an earlier time. This premise indicates a great candidate for a villain of a season premiere or finale, finally showing a unicorn that Twilight can truly duke it out with who isn't powered by an amulet or has been turned to shadow. But she is introduced in ''Equestria Girls'', where there is no magic normally, so Sunset and Twilight can never have the confrontation they deserve.
* The amount of Plotholes, inconsistencies, and things that just aren't explained.
** Despite Celestia saying that Sunset Shimmers was her former student, [[RememberTheNewGuy Twilight had apparently never seen or heard of her, because Celestia has a rather bad tendency to not mention these kinds of things.]]
** Sunset Shimmer had allegedly stolen the crown before, but doesn't think to try and steal it back with no explanation as to why she can't.
*** Didn't Celestia put it in locked safe? That would explain why neither Sunset or Twilight could get it. After all, Sunset stole school's "crown" to replace element in bedroom, Celestia just made sure it wouldn't happen again.
** Twilight is asked what an element of harmony does when it's brought into another world, and doesn't know because apparently [[YouDidntAsk Celestia never thought to inform Twilight]] [[WhatAnIdiot despite that she is a holder of the element, and she is going into another world to reclaim it]] (For the record, it's not given a clear explanation either.)
** Twilight literally dismisses what could have resolved the entire movie's conflict.
** There is no explanation as to why the humane 5 never thought to confront each other about the mean texts and emails.
** Luna falls for very poor photoshopping skills... Heck, it wasn't even photoshopping skills. It was just Twilight cut out of one picture and put in another!
** A potential plot point of Flash Sentry/Brad being Sunset Shimmers's ex is mentioned... and ''[[AbortedArc never brought up again]]''.
** Twilight never shows romantic interest in anyone yet [[OutOfCharacterMoment goes ga-ga whenever]] [[RelationshipSue Brad/Flash Sentry]] [[StrangledByTheRedString is onscreen]].
** Sunset Shimmers tries to destroy a ''portal'' with a sledgehammer despite the crown clearly coming through means independent of her earlier. She also ''needed'' that portal to take over Equestria.
*** She later reveals that she was bluffing... But that just raises another issue... Given the above, why did anyone fall for it?
*** Even if she did try to break the portal with a sledgehammer, [[FridgeLogic wouldn't the sledgehammer just go right through the portal?]]
** Twilight says that Equestria will do just fine without her despite that it's clearly established in-show that they ''need'' the elements of Harmony.
** Somehow, Twilight and Sunset Shimmers manage to activate the element of magic without the others being nearby.
** Pinkie Pie manages to guess ''exactly'' what's going on, but the only explanation the viewer is given for ''that'' is [[ScotchTape that it's Pinkie Pie]].
** The movie drops copious amounts of fanservice just to hide the amount of stuff that is just flat out ''not'' explained.
** Rainbow Dash asks what hands are ''despite saying "On the other hand" during the show'', amongst many other instances where the characters say stuff like "Give me a hand", "The task of hand" etc in the show, not to mention her favorite character's arch-nemesis ''has'' hands.
*** Not to mention Spike, who she's almost always around, has hands.
** Sunset Shimmer says she doesn't understand the first thing about friendship despite that ''we are told she used to be Flash Sentry's girlfriend''.
** The heroes forgiving Sunset Shimmer for all the crap she put them through, which ranged from bullying to attempted murder.
*** The sequel [[AuthorsSavingThrow rectifies this]] by clarifying that the "attempted murder" part was beyond Sunset Shimmer's control, her demonic form was a case of her being possessed by her own inner darkness and the trauma of going through that motivated her HeelFaceTurn.
** Sunset Shimmer [[InformedAbility is brought up to be an]] AlphaBitch [[InformedAbility yet it's pretty clear we see]] ''nobody'' wanting to be anywhere ''near'' her apart from Snips and Snails.
** Despite her AlphaBitch status, Sunset has no way whatsoever of actually enforcing her authority over the rest of the school. Everyone is just randomly afraid of her for no goddamn reason.
** A potential conflict that couldn't be resolved with Twilight not holding the IdiotBall is brought up and quickly swept under the floor before it can go anywhere.
** Twilight never asks her five friends to come forward and vouch for the fact that she clearly wasn't there. The fact that Flash Sentry is the one who bails her out and does nothing else important or of note in Twilight's quest other than that one moment, fans began to accuse him as being written in at the last minute.
** Since when do they allow preteens (such as the Cutie Mark Crusaders) in high school?!
** I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be freshmen in this universe. There are photos of other characters in the school and the yearbook that show them looking around the same age as the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
** Despite never fully registering as a student at Canterlot High and never attending ANY of the classes, Twilight Sparkle was able to sign up for Prom Princess and won. THAT DOESN'T WORK! You cannot simply reward someone the title of Prom Princess if they are not a member of the school. She spent most of her time in the hallways and library! Couldn't they have shown a few scenes of taking classes to cover this plot hole?!
*** Also, where is Sunset living, and how did she register despite having no apparent existence on the other side?
** Considering the Elements of Harmony had spent the last thousand years lost in a forest and disguised as five concrete bowling balls, and the Element of Magic didn't even exist as a material object, how did Sunset Shimmer even know it existed or what form it even took?
*** Well, in her comic backstory she is shown researching various forbidden books (including one on elements, which, because of their importance to saving Equestria, [[WhatAnIdiot shouldn't really be forbidden]]) five minutes before being exiled, but it's not exactly canon. Still, I guess it's the best explanation we'll ever get.
** Unless there is something I missed, there is no mention of a human Twilight in this universe. It is clearly shown that each of the other Mane characters have pony and human counterparts living independently of each other. Unless Twilight is some higher being that only has one "soul", then there should be two Twilights existing in this universe during the film; one of them being pony Twilight converted to human Twilight and the other being the human Twilight that naturally exists in the human universe. If Canterlot High has counterparts for every pony in Equestria (as far as we're concerned), then shouldn't the real human Twilight be in this school as well? This idea is never addressed in the film and makes this universe's operations all the more confusing.
*** There is a throw away line by Pinkie that she noticed a girl and dog looking exactly like Twilight and Spike somewhere in the city. Still could've been explained better though.
*** There definitely aren't two Sunset Shimmers running around, however, and there really should be, because otherwise, there's one Sunset Shimmer attending Canterlot High and another lying in a shallow grave somewhere because her doppelganger from the world of magic ponies murdered her.
* A WallBanger related to this is how the comic, a completely unrelated publication is covering this story. So the comic as a whole isn't canon to the show... but ''this'' comic is Canon to the show? And is this comic that's related to the movie canon to the comic? Then does that make the movie canon to the comic?! [[MindScrew WHAT?!?]] If you have to resort to supplementary material to explain what your movie didn't, that's just bad writing.
** Another WallBanger towards the comic itself: In the movie, Brad is mentioned as having been Sunset Shimmer's ex boyfriend. This is never shown in the comic made ''specifically'' to fill in the movie's plot holes. Then why even have that line in the first place?
** Not only that, but the comic simply goes out of its way to show Sunset Shimmer being a complete asshat, causing the people who ''didn't'' buy her [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]] to use it as evidence.
* I don't think ''Equestria Girls'' is as bad as plenty of people say it is, but I agree with the above poor 'photoshopping' PlotHole. You have to be '''''extremely''''' sheltered from a computer in order to fall for THAT... [[FridgeHorror Which might make sense considering it's]] [[SealedGoodInACan Lu]][[SealedEvilInACan na]].
** Even if this is a HighSchool themed story and adults must be useless, Luna falling for it makes her look like a complete [[WhatAnIdiot idiot]].
* When the human ponies transform into their Anthro forms, they gain actual pony ears, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy get actual wings, but instead of actual tails, they gain hair extensions (except for Sunset Shimmer's demon form). Aside from making no sense at all, this is the last show you'd expect to deliberately walk away from giving them tails in a transformation (considering the various and sometimes unique uses of the ponies' tails in earlier episodes).

[[folder: Season 4]]
* Whoever thought it would be a good idea to make a "Character meets her idol and learns a lesson about herself" plot out of Daring Don't really ''really'' needed to be smacked - not only did we have this previously (The Wonderbolts), but the episode itself just feels like a carbon copy of that episode of ''HeyArnold''... but with a few legitimately interesting action scenes. If I had to pick apart one thing that stood out at the most, apart from the [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot perfectly good plot wasted]], it's the fact that Daring Don't is a real character... meaning the ''dozen or so'' adventures ''actually happened'', and her main antagonist happens to exist. [[FlatWhat What.]] How on ''earth'' can Daring Do have all sorts of adventures, especially against an antagonist such as this, and ''[[FacePalm nobody has EVER noticed this]]''?!? I mean, surely, you'd think that the ponies she fights would realize "Wait a second, somepony is writing a book about us... and it's by this. Let's ''expose her''." Her ''entire masquerade'' relies on the villains she fights not reading books. \\
As for the plot that could have been done... Rainbow Dash for the first few minutes obsessively talks about how much she can't wait for the new book to come out, much to Fluttershy's annoyance. She shows many traits of CreatorWorship (as does Twilight) and would really ''really'' get on peoples' nerves. She comes off as a stalker... in fact, this can actually be made into a very powerful {{Aesop}} about FanDumb and HypeBacklash... An {{Anvilicious}} Aesop? Yes... but [[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped in this day and age and with this particular fandom? The harder it's dropped... the better]].
* Power Ponies: So we have [[FridgeHorror a comicbook store that sells comics that trap their reader inside]] and nopony thinks about the implications? The Mane six just laugh at Spike's cluelessness?
** Here's a wall banger that occurs earlier in the episode; Mane-iac immobilizes Rainbow Dash with her "hairspray ray of doom". So what do the others (sans Fluttershy) do? [[TooDumbToLive They run right towards Mane-iac]] and [[WhatAnIdiot get immobilized too]]! Even Twilight, the [[TheSmartGuy smart and sometimes level-headed pony]] who has been shown to solve problems before, is [[IdiotBall dumb enough to do this]]!
** Also, [[CowardlyLion Fluttershy]] is too scared to fight back, even while her friends are being incapacitated by Mane-iac. [[spoiler: In fact, she doesn't react until Mane-iac hurts a bug.]] She has [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipisMagicS1E7Dragonshy stood up to a dragon antagonizing her friends in a previous episode]], so it's boggling why she didn't anything here. Sure, Fluttershy is a FriendToAllLivingThings, but she is [[MamaBear not above intimidation to defend her friends]]!
* Bats!: Even though the second half came out of left field, the episode was good. However, with what happened in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E10SwarmOfTheCentury Swarm of the Century]], you'd think Twilight Sparkle would know better than to repeat something that failed before without any corrections, especially now that she's a princess. What happened? Also, Fluttershy's tone of voice sounded rather cocky during the journal entry. If you ask me, more emphasis should have gone to Applejack's lesson instead.
** Not to mention that during the song, Twilight immediately took Applejack's side of the argument along with the Mane Six. Considering this was a two-sided conflict, and that Twilight is known to be [[TheSmartGuy smart and, generally, mature]], why didn't she just come up with a compromise to satisfy both sides of the argument instead of just using a spell? OutOfCharacterMoment doesn't even begin to describe her characterization in this episode.
*** That said, the transition from the first half to the second half was a TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot. The opening conflict featured good usage of grey morality that created realistic tension between the group, dropping that so easily is bad enough, especially given the lame second half, but it's made worse by the fact that it's solved essentially through brainwashing. Subjects not conforming? Take away the biggest part of them...
** In addition, there's Applejack's InformedWrongness. Every argument Fluttershy makes against getting rid of the bats is just so weak and many point don't even make sense logically, while A.J's plight is very understandable. And yet we're supposed to side with Fluttershy and A.J is "punished" for her actions by having to sacrifice her prize apple (and even ''that'' shouldn't have been necessary, what happened to Twilight's immobilising spell seen just a few episodes ago??)
* Rarity Takes Manehattan: Suri Polomare stealing Rarity's dress designs - and she went unpunished for it! The [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E8RarityTakesManehattan episode recap page]] (at this time) claims that Suri will eventually fail in the fashion industry under the KarmaHoudini entry. I disagree as that's mainly conjecture. Compare what happened earlier in the episode when Rarity was not early; Prim Hemline was quick to berate her. Or contrast what happened to Lightning Dust in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E7WonderboltsAcademy Wonderbolts Academy]]; she was outright expelled! At the very least, I expected to see Suri get a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech thorough tongue lashing]] from Rarity, one of the other Mane Six, or even Hemline herself. But nothing! While this episode was good overall, Suri getting off relatively easy was just annoying.
* Pinkie Apple Pie: Pinkie Pie goes on a trip with the Apple Family to Goldie Delicious's house because she believes that she's related to them (they're all earth ponies, after all), but at the end [[spoiler: it's never revealed if Pinkie Pie is really a 4th cousin twice removed of Applejack and Apple Bloom because of a page being smudged, but they still consider her an Apple to the core whether she's related to them or not. I know that the whole point of the episode was that sometimes really good friends may feel like family to you, but it flies into the face of the episode's premise. If Pinkie Pie believing that she was Applejack's cousin was the whole reason why they even made this trip in the first place, then they could at least reveal that. How the Apple family felt towards Pinkie after the trip means very little otherwise in my opinion. Keeping it vague just for a lesson about friends feeling like family is just very lazy writing.]]
* Three's a Crowd: Why did they feel the need to bring back Flash Sentry? Even if for a small cameo? It's not like he mattered, or even solicited a response from Twilight (which would've been even worse since at that point they'd be forcing that ship down our throats) But I guess we need to pander too that small group of fans that genuinely want him back so he can make Twilight end up an OOC ditz that loses all composure.
* Filli Vanilli: Pinkie Pie was just terrible this episode, it was grating the first time she played InnocentlyInsensitive, but almost every line of her dialogue is her being completely oblivious to her friend's feelings, and it was irritating. Not to mention it played out as borderline sadistic, the way she almost revelled in Fluttershy's uncomfortable feelings. Who the hell in real life does that besides jerks and bullies?
* Spike's treatment in general in both this and the previous seasons. Being a clueless, idiotic ButtMonkey doesn't even ''begin'' to describe him. Power Ponies was a nod towards his feelings of uselessness and being left out compared to the other six and the Crystal Empire gave him his moment to shine... only for things to just [[StatusQuoIsGod go back to the way they were after this, if not even worse than before]]. There's a reason people threw [[TheScrappy Cadance to the wolves]] upon hearing that Spike wasn't invited back to the Crystal Empire.
** Spike is not a) female b) a pony or c) a part of the group tied together with a special destiny, so that leaves the writers with very little to do with his character. His crush on Rarity has been mostly downplayed if not outright dropped since season three, and compared to earlier seasons he seems to be more distant than ever to Twilight. He'll likely be left even further behind after the advent of Rainbow Power.
** Not only that, but most of the Mane 6 have a certain goal. Rarity wants to break into the fashion world, Rainbow Dash wants to become a Wonderbolt, Applejack has a farm to run and so on. Spike doesn't have anything like that. It's no wonder the writers don't know what to do with him.
** On top of that they completely disregard Spike's character traits. He is Twilight's personal assistant and regularly takes care of housework, librarian duties and chores, yet for the sake of the plot, he will become clumsy and incompetent. He is attentive enough to snark about everyone's mistakes, but he will cling to the IdiotBall as soon as the spotlight is over his head, ot top of being screwed over by contrivances and used as a servant.
* It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: Twilight's very last minute AssPull of the transformation spell. Not only because it shows how far above and beyond now she is compared to her friends and just about everyone else, but this was '''''Fluttershy's key episode''''' and the ending was spotlight stolen by Twilight's magic to save the day. This didn't happen in the previous three key episodes (Rarity Takes Manehattan, Rainbow Falls and Pinkie Pride), where the ponies acted and figured out things on their own.
** Another example: Spike is the one who loosened the leaf that sets off the episode's inciting moment (the part of the plot where conflict begins). It had to be done by something, but dang it, Hasbro, don't you think you've been abusing Spike just a little too much? Then, the way the Breezies reject his apology appears to be PlayedForLaughs. What?
** They actually don't reject his apology, they don't really say anything, they only yell at him because he pushed Fluttershy into them when he gives her a hug.
* Somepony to Watch Over Me: Applejack is concerned about leaving Apple Bloom at home by herself. To make a long story short, she repeatedly gets in Apple Bloom's personal space by baby-proofing everything and gushing over her despite the fact that all this is annoying her until she goes out on a pie delivery route to prove she can do anything by herself. The problem is that Applejack seems to come off as an overprotective stalker with no regard for her ilk's wishes rather than someone who cares about their safety, and of course, all of this is intended for comedy when there's clearly nothing amusing about someone getting repetitively bothered by their elder sibling.
** Not to mention Applebloom has been through way worse than falling off a table without provoking this kind of reaction. Like falling off a waterfall, or nearly getting turned to stone by a cockatrice. Let's not even get into the stuff she did with the Crusaders on a regular basis. Where was Applejack's overprotective attitude there?
* For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: In one scene, Scootaloo's lack of flight is still being played for laughs, despite an entire episode beforehand portraying it as a serious issue. The fact that Sweetie Belle has advanced to the point of being able to easily use magic, while Scootaloo still is nowhere near close to being able to fly, hammers it in even further that she's probably grounded for life. And we're still supposed to find it funny when she keeps struggling and failing?
** ''Flight To The Finish'' deliberately left Scootaloo's flying situation ambiguous, and it is most likely the only episode we will ever get about it. This means that she will be left in that state for the entirety for the rest of the series, but the writers simply didn't take Sweetie Belle into account when planning this. When Sweetie is now levitating things around and Scootaloo's wings still can't get her off the ground for any decent length of time, it really doesn't appear ambiguous at all.
* Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3: An otherwise really good episode, but just Three Questions: Didn't Rainbow already go to the Academy? Shouldn't she already be a Wonderbolt? And how can someone who's based her life around the Wonderbolts not know anything about their history? If she just watched them, okay. But as big a fan as she is, it's ludicrous. Oh and above all else, Dash explaining that while she's flying, she's basically omniscient. Just no. You can have peripheral vision, but what Dash can do is just a stupid way to resolve a plot in under 2 minutes.
** And why would she even want to join them after [[BrokenPedestal what happened at]] [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E10RainbowFalls Rainbow Falls]]?
* Inspiration Manifestation: A great Episode except for one detail: Rarity forgot everything she did while under the spell... what the hay... First you could clearly see that all the changes would fit her preferences (a fancy party instead of a Foals Birthday party, crystals) so she can't be just possessed by the spell, second they missed a good opportunity to give Rarity some CharacterDevelopment by making her realize that sometime she has to balance pragmatic and Artistics, and third Trixie was [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E5MagicDuel also corrupted]] by an evil [[ArtifactOfDoom Magic Item]] but she has to remember all the things she did back then... DoubleStandard much?
* The season 4 arc feels like a mess - it feels like something had to be changed during early production, like the writers wanted to put in a horizontal narrative but Hasbro [[ExecutiveMeddling vetoed it]] (for [[ContinuityLockout Obvious Reasons]]). But with no buildup, foreshadowing, or even the characters acknowledging that they're looking for PlotCoupons, it seems almost like the revelation of the {{MacGuffin}}s being right under their noses all along (a la TheMarvelousLandOfOz) seem like it comes out of left field - and almost ''painfully'' predictable, even by the standards of a children's show.
** That is just the beginning of how ''painfully'' predictable the two-part finale was. Between the summary of part two pretty much making it clear that the plan to have Discord capture Tirek was going to fail, the need to the resolve the "mystery box" storyline, and the fact that toys featuring the Mane 6 in their "Rainbow Power" forms were out ''months'' before the finale, most older viewers can pretty much predict was going to happen from the get go, with the only real surprise being a G4 version of Scorpan (as those familiar with G1 had deduced that the main villain in the finale will be Tirek via the ads for it).
** Another dumb moment of two-parter was the plan to have the other alicorns transfer their magic to Twilight. While the idea does make sense (as Tirek would be unaware of Twilight's ascension to becoming an alicorn), when you consider that Twilight with the power of all four alicorns was able to fight a "Ponyville and Discord-fueled" Tirek to a stalemate, wouldn't it been smarter to, instead of having her go into hiding and put Ponyville in jeopardy, have Twilight perform a surprise attack of Tirek while he's trying to drain the other princesses' magic (especially when the only other creature Tirek could drain magic from is Discord, and that alone wouldn't match the power of four alicorns)? [[WhatAnIdiot It's no wonder]] Twilight had to rely on Rainbow Power to finally defeat Tirek.
*** Moreover, how is it that Twilight+Celestia+Luna+Cadence evenly matches Equestria+Discord? Discord was already established as being nigh unbeatable unless the Elements of Harmony were invoked.
*** On top of that, it's amazing that, even though she knows ''full well'' that Tirek can drain her power and everyone else's (and those of the other princesses) to get powerful, she [[IdiotBall doesn't think Tirek will take the transferred power from Twilight]]. Again, it's a lucky thing that [[DeusExMachina Rainbow Power]] exists.
*** This problem is even worse, in that any analytical person could realize how easily these problems could have been explained away in ways the fandom would fully be content with, such as having Tirek mention not understanding how to control chaos magic, or having Celestia say she believed Discord would betray Tirek, which would make it possible for Twilight to strike back if she hid away properly, or having Celestia mention how Discord was able to immobilize the Princesses easily should they try to fight Tirek.
** Another problem with this two-parter is that it gives Twilight most of the action while the other Mane Five do relatively little. While the Mane Six had to get captured and have their power drained in order for the plot to work, having the Mane Five [[DistressBall become borderline useless]] has already gotten old, not to mention that it undermines the show's premise and [[BrokenAesop Aesop]]! Time will only tell if the show keeps this up even after the introduction of Rainbow Power.
** The way Tirek discovers where all the princesses' magic went is idiotic: he sees a stained glass window of Princess Twilight, to which they had transferred all their power. Given that their entire plan revolved around Tirek not knowing that a fourth princess existed, you'd think they'd destroy that window or something instead of just leaving it out in the open where he can see it.


[[folder:Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks]]
* Continuing off of the issue from the first film that there's no "transition" rules between the two dimensions: how did the Dazzlings get their pendants? Apparently, their strife-causing singing is a fully natural ability to them as sirens, but as humans, they have to use their pendants to use it. So... does that mean that when the sirens were banished, their natural abilities were separated from them and put into their pendants? How come Sunset and Twilight didn't get these sort of pendants when they crossed into the human dimension? Why did they have to use a completely separate object to use it? In the words of WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic... Explain, movie! EXPLAIN!
* The fact that they are running with the idea that Sunset Shimmer was once evil, but has now turned completely and perfectly good. First off, they already tried to have an evil character suddenly turn good before (see the Wall Banger for "Keep Calm and Flutter On" above), and even then, they still kept their narrative integrity by: a) trying to mitigate it in said episode by showing that he'll "mostly" be good, and b) further mitigating his reformation in his next appearance by making him a semi-manipulative and still heavily mischievous [[TheImp imp]]. Here, they just go "hey, Sunset was once evil; now she's good and has friends!" Then, the movie proceeds to beat you over the head with that fact by having the entire school treat her like crap as she deserves and having the main characters annoy her by referencing her previous actions. You can't even use the excuse that the Elements of Harmony suddenly turned her good; Luna at least had the excuse of being accidentally corrupted by her own dark magic. Sunset was a megalomaniac even ''before'' the Element of Magic corrupted her into being worse. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it would have made ''more'' sense for Sunset to just be EasilyForgiven and for the whole school (and narrative in general) to just act like they forgot about the whole ordeal. At least it wouldn't suffer from the contradictions that it already does.

[[folder:Season 5]]
* ''The Cutie Map'', along with being implied at the end of season three (see above) shows that a pony's talent comes from the cutie mark itself, despite some earlier episodes saying the exact opposite of it being an outward expression of something they already have. Losing it means also losing the talent associated, as Twilight could hardly do any magic, Rainbow Dash couldn't fly fast or well at all, Rarity had no fashion sense, Pinkie was very subdued, Fluttershy couldn't talk with animals and Applejack lost her strength (which also means the fanon of Earth ponies having super strength by default is wrong, it was part of her talent). This means the entire "do what you're good at" philosophy about getting a cutie mark is incorrect, because whatever cutie mark (and thus, talent) a pony receives seems to be solely due to BecauseDestinySaysSo and has nothing to do with what they were good or bad at beforehand.
** A good example of this is Fluttershy, who received her supernatural animal befriending talent ''directly after meeting them for the first time'' after being knocked off a cloud. There was no indication that she was emphatic towards animals beforehand, and the fact that she lost it temporarily when her cutie mark was gone shows that the talent came directly from the mark and not herself.
*** Also not helping the Cutie Mark matters is the fact that one of the writers of the episode is M. A. Larson, the same guy behind ''Magical Mystery Cure'' (with him pretty much throwing the "true reasons" for the ponies' Cutie Marks out the window when it came to the swapped Cutie Mark aspect).
*** It also gives a fair amount of FridgeHorror in regards to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Going by these episodes, they really are not truly talented in ''anything at all'' until they actually get their cutie marks that will determine who and what they will be for the rest of their lives. No wonder they are so desperate to get them.
*** Although there is the FridgeHorror that the staff not only removes the cutie marks, but the talents themselves and the cutie marks are just a good representation of that.
* In the same episode: Say you're a group of experienced adventurers who've repeatedly dealt with villains using several kinds of mind-control and power-draining magic. You enter a village where everyone is giving you [[StepfordSmiler creepy smiles]] and boasting about having had a defining aspect of their souls drained by the Leader. Who boasts that you'll probably never leave. The last time anything like this happened, your god-queen rightly saw it as a threat even to herself, and had you deploy DragonBallZ levels of violence. Do you back off to send a warning (because you didn't think bringing your messenger was important), then return with royal guards? No? Okay. The Leader invites you to her lair and picks up an incredibly dangerous artifact she claims gives her this power. Do any of you immediately disarm her, knowing she's an immediate god-level threat? No? Not even the gal with the amazing speed and impulsive personality does this? Okay, after more adventuring you get your marks back and corner the Leader. Do you beat her into two dimensions, lock her in a magic-draining prison, and ''then'' lecture her about friendship? No? Then congratulations, your entire party is holding the IdiotBall.
** That's not all. So the Mane Six all have their Cutie Marks taken away. Of course, Twilight Sparkle decides that someone ought to pretend to have accepted Starlight Glimmer's philosophy in order to find out how to get their Cutie Marks back. Who is it? ... [[ShrinkingViolet Fluttershy]]. Yes, the pony who [[ExtremeDoormat is very passive most of the time]], the most timid of the Mane Six and so much more gets sent out and the others all agree on this plan. [[SarcasmMode Some friends you five are]], [[WithFriendsLikeThese not remembering how easily intimidated and how much of a doormat she is]]. And this isn't [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E5MagicDuel the first time this happens]] (with said episode also being written by M. A. Larson).
* ''Bloom and Gloom'' goes back to the original way cutie marks are portrayed, with Luna explaining that they don't change who you are and that it's a confirmation of who they always were inside. Despite the season premiere and Magical Mystery Cure directly contradicting this in almost every possible way. While it is a nice attempt at an AuthorsSavingThrow, the writers clearly need to pick one interpretation and stick with it rather than changing things willy-nilly to fit their plot demands.
* ''Appleoosa's Most Wanted'': The ending. So Applejack found out that the CMC ran off and that Trouble Shoes didn't kidnap them like the others thought and she makes them clean up after the rodeo as punishment. Sounds reasonable... but isn't she forgetting something? Specifically the fact that she left Braeburn in charge and that he ''[[AdultsAreUseless fell asleep on the job, allowing them to escape?]]'' He even tells her this and she angrily reacts to this, so shouldn't he be partly at fault and in hot water for it too?
** And after the last two entries complaining about this exact thing, this episode changes how cutie marks are supposed to work ''yet again''. Apparently, now a cutie mark can appear at random while you still don't know what it means, and it forces you to constantly act out the associated talent. Come to think of it, are we sure Troubleshoes isn't just a victim of Cutie Pox?
* ''Party Pooped'': The Yak ambassadors smash almost all Ponyville property--even Twilight's castle (royal turf, mind you)--as DisproportionateRetribution for "imperfections," finally vowing war on Equestria for--get this--Spike faking playing an automated piano! And not only does everypony feel they themselves are to blame (instead of, you know, charging the Yaks with destruction of both public and private property), but do the Yaks truly feel they can beat magical demigods (Twilight, the Rainbow Power, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor, Discord, etc.)?!
** It's a pretty low-quality episode overall. Enforcing the horrid cliche that "foreigners involved in diplomatic receptions are always jerks", along with portraying the greeters as being in the wrong (for... what, exactly? not being psychic?), with the Yaks [[KarmaHoudini never receiving any punishment]] for their jerkassery. AnAesop that comes somewhat out of left field with no foreshadowing whatsoever. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking And what the hell kind of name is "Yakyakistan"]]? (On the positive side, at least it is the only Pinkie-centric episode in a long time wherein she is neither insensitive nor TooDumbToLive).
** You know what the worst part is? They ''could'' have given us a decent moral that turned (partial) blame on the greeters, or at least Twilight. Twilight held the diplomatic banquet to ''feed her own ego'', not because either nation genuinely seemed to ''want'' friendship/diplomatic ties. Think of the moral we might have gotten: "Friendship made for selfish reasons isn't friendship at all, and can sometimes blind you to the fact that some people simply aren't worth being friends with."
* ''Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep'': So apparently the Tantabus can spread to other people's dreams if somebody "infected" with it sees that other person in their dreams. So having any dream affected by it carries a large risk of it spreading. Additionally, the more people's dreams it affects, the more power it gains. So does Luna warn the Mane 6 about this major risk when they try to stop the Tantabus? Nope, she waits until they have failed to stop it and Pinkie Pie has already seen every resident of Ponyville in her dream, at which point it is too late to stop it.
** Luna revealing she created the Tantabus, for the sole purpose of continually punishing herself, for appreciably the rest of her life. All because, she still has guilt, over her past actions. 1. There is a difference between living with an emotional scar for ever and purposely stopping any chance of healing. 2. {{Fanon}} aside, the only damage she was shown doing on screen was attacking her sister and plunging the world into darkness, for only a brief amount of time, neither did any damage, beyond her first attack damaging her relationship with Celestia which was hinted to already be during some major fallout. This essentially means Luna [[spoiler: decided to create her own eternal nightmare, that could become a threat to others, just so she can soak in her own self hatred and guilt forever.]] This could have been helped, if they had mentioned the most personally devastating and long lasting effect of her actions: her relationship with Celestia. And the episode could have been focused on them forgiving each other once in for all, while letting the audience see their relationship at a deeper level. But instead, they cut Celestia out completely, in favor, of focusing on Luna actions in general, despite the audience only having a bare minimum knowledge of what she did to think she deserves this fate. Oh and how is this problem resolved? Twilight gives her a little speech, about forgiving yourself. So yeah.
* "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows": Why didn't Cadance and Shining Armor tell Twilight that they were going to have a baby? It's really hard to justify why they did this.
** Even worse when you consider Cadance and Shining Armor didn't tell Twilight that they were getting married until ''the day before the wedding''. There also isn't any reason for them to defend why they keep withholding huge news from Twilight.
* ''Scare Master'': While this episode was okay for the most part, the scene at Pinkie's party where Fluttershy is terrified of absolutely '''everything''' that is offered to her for completely ludicrous reasons is utterly cringeworthy. She's afraid that taffy might glue her mouth shut so she can't scream for help? Seriously? Even if this episode is yet another "Fluttershy needs more confidence" episode, regressing her character to season 1 levels of nervousness like this is just pathetic.
* "The Cutie Remark Part 1 & 2": I get everyone raising a storm about Starlight Glimmer being reformed, but to me the real problem was how much was changed by preventing the Sonic Rainboom. I get that things would have changed because it didnt happen, but I find it hard to believe that the Mane Six never would have become friends just because the Rainboom didnt happen or that someone else couldnt. They became friends before they knew about the Rainboom, and just commented on it as a happy coincidence that further strengthened their connection as friends. But now they tell us that all of Equestria DEPENDS on them becoming friends via the Rainboom! That Celestia has no contingences just in case Twilight WASNT the unicorn she was looking or that others could rise up to challenge and wield the Elements?! Isnt there anyone else who can do this?! What about Sunset Shimmer, couldnt Celestia just fish her out of the alternate world (which, in my opinion, she should have done in the first place) and continue her training? Or perhaps train Twilight regardless of whether or not she hatched Spikes egg? If Equestrias safety and continued existence is entirely dependent on these six ponies, these six specific ponies, becoming friends when theyve face at least FIVE apocalypse level threat in around the past two to three years, I am astounded that theyve lasted a thousand with just Celestia around.


[[folder: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games]]
* Abacus Cinch attempts to have Canterlot High disqualified from the Friendship Games for using magic, only to be told by Celestia that reporting a school for such things would make her sound crazy and impossible to believe. Wait, so there has been, on three separate occasions, large-scale supernatural events with absolutely nothing to hide them, and yet TheMasquerade is still firmly in place in the EQG world? That's hard to believe, especially since none of the Humane Six make attempt to hide their magic (apart from keeping it from the Sirens in ''Rainbow Rocks''), proving that keeping magic a secret is not a concern. Surely at least one of the students must have used their smartphone camera to take a picture or video of some magic happening. The motocross race especially seems like a moment where at least one person, if not several, would be recording a video when the man-eating plants appeared from interdimensional portals. So even if Abacus Cinch did report Canterlot High and got taken for a madwoman because of it, there would be plenty of evidence supporting her claims of magical events.
* Related to the above, how the hell did Crystal Prep ''not'' already happen to be aware of the existence of magic when it appears someone already snagged video of Rainbow going pony at some point between the first and second films, which Rainbow herself showed to Pony Twilight on her cell phone during ''Rainbow Rocks''. For that matter, why does human Twilight not have knowledge of this, give her big Wall Of Crazy that was shown in both the stinger to ''Rainbow Rocks'' and then in ''Friendship Games'' proper? This goes from FailedASpotCheck straight into TooDumbToLive territory, given that Cinch is apparently aware of the rep that CHS is growing, and the fact that Twilight is able to get energy readings from at least half a city or more away!

[[folder:IDW Comics]]
* The Good, the Bad and the Ponies: A lot things are wrong with this issue.
** There's this bull, Longhorn, who is terrorizing a town with his posse, and we're not talking kiddie things, we're talking assault, vandalism, and extortion. The Mane 6 are in town, and you'd think Longhorn's in for a serious smack down, since Applejack and Rarity kicked their butts in a previous comic, and now they've got the whole team (minus Spike) to deal with them. Nope! Not only does Longhorn defeat Applejack, but Twilight feels so uncomfortable in using her magic against a non-magical citizen, that she stands by and lets Longhorn smash her friend into a building. So, Twilight's apparently so obsessed with MindOverManners that she won't throw up a barrier to keep someone from assaulting one of her best friends? And even if she's that obsessed with personally not using magic on a non-magical citizen, she's one of the rulers of Equestria, can't she call in the Royal Guard to do so? It's not like she'd be abusing her authority to get back at someone who cut her off in traffic, she's in a town full of ponies who can tell about Longhorn's long list of crimes. She's personally witnessed these crimes first hand.
** Something else worth noting about Twilight not wanting to use magic on anypony who isn't a monster is that an earlier issue of the comics {The first issue of the "Friendship Ahoy" arc} actually did have her use magic on hostile ponies who tried to kidnap her and harm her friends. Yet all of a sudden she has a bizzare and nonsensical moral code out of nowhere about "Not wanting to abuse her power", even as the bulls hurt her friends and subjects.
** It gets worse, since in the next comic, Longhorn uses some legal machinations to get the deed to Rancho Bronco. This is despite Longhorn openly and blatantly doing a multitude of crimes that should by any right get him thrown in jail. Twilight can't do anything about these papers, and when Rainbow Dash tries to tear them up, Twilight scolds her for doing something illegal. Because apparently, Longhorn's assault, vandalism, extortion and since the beginning of the last issue, arson, don't count. One can understand not wanting to break the law, but how is he able to waltz town with these papers without getting laughed out of court given his multiple blatant felonies?
** Then they decide they're going to stall Longhorn, which, among other things, involves tying up the notary, impersonating him, and getting Longhorn to sign a document in disappearing ink. Because apparently, it's not okay to destroy a notarized document, but assault, kidnapping, and fraud are all fine?
** Then we get to the last part, where the Mane 6's plan comes to fruition. With Longhorn's document held up by the aforementioned fraud, Twilight was able to get Rancho Bronco declared a historical site. Furious that he's been outmaneuvered, he smashes the building. Twilight, finally, decides that because he had destroyed a "historical site" (but not for holding Rarity hostage just before), she was now free to imprison not only Longhorn, but his entire gang with the building he just smashed with magic. Assuming she reinforced it with her magic so Longhorn can't just bust out, ''now'' is the time she decides to use magic? And not just that, but by the idiotic train of logic these comics have been following, she's also able to imprison Longhorn's entire gang, despite Longhorn being the only one to smash the "historic site"? So, now there's guilt-by-association? Don't misunderstand, they were a gang of violent thugs who deserved to be put away, but they deserved to be put away for their actual crimes, as opposed to something someone else did, because all this leads to a very disturbing look into Equestria's justice system, one that will not protect you in the face of danger and only applies its protections to certain kinds of property, and that you could get arrested because you hang out with someone who broke an ill-prioritized law. Plus, this whole thing invalidates Twilight's concerns about using magic against non-magical beings, since she used magic to imprison them in the end.
** And then, after going through those two comics filled with out-of-character moments, infuriatingly bad writing and completely bonkers logic, we finally get to know what happened to Chili Pepper... just kidding, he isn't even mentioned in the second issue; the very last frame of that comic, were it turned towards the town in the distance would likely show it burning after the bulls gave that "prison" a gentle push and exacted their revenge upon the town. It's as if Andy Price and Katie Cook were specifically told to make the story as nonsensical, unsatisfying and grotesquely written as possible to see if fans would still eat it up.
* Twilight inexplicably not being able to use her power to deal with threats to Equestria is a running theme in the comics, since it happens again in ''Root of the Problem''. The fact that Twilight refuses to take decisive action against either the deer or the minotaurs strains credulity when one group is an active threat to Equestria (albeit one with a legitimate and credible complaint), and the other is conducting its business in open defiance of royal orders and taking hostages. It can't even be justified as an unwillingness to abuse her power, because if she ''is'' respecting Well-To-Do's right to do business, arranging for his entire operation to be overrun by an uncontrollable stampede, and for him to be ''eaten'', seems like a funny way to do that.
* And let's talk about Fiendship is Magic, plus the original Chrysalis and Nightmare Rarity arcs. Hey, did you know that all bad people are born kicking puppies and [[YouCantFightFate can't do anything to fight it no matter how much they want to]]? It's true! Ask the alien ghost demon, since Nightmare Moon was definitely that and not an extension of Luna. Ask Chrysalis, who was just kind of magicked into being and started gleefully draining ponies' life force. Ask Sombra, who feared his own implied future for years, only to pull a complete 180 the second he found out that he was a ''different type'' of alien ghost demon. Why are there so many alien ghost demons anyway? Where are they all coming from?