[[WMG:Randy's father is the 7th Angis of Ouroboros.]]
One of Randy's monikers is "Son of the War God." One of the only unnamed characters so far who would match that description is the 7th Apostle, who's said in 3rd to be an even better swordsman than Loewe.
* Jossed by scans. Say hello to Arianrhod!

[[WMG:Alternatively, Randy's father is the 4th Angis.]]
The WMG says itself. Explanation: The 4th Angis has the same speech pattern as Randy's. Assuming that it's "family habit", it isn't too far-fetched to assume that Randy's father speaks like his son.
* Jossed by Ao: [[spoiler:He's [[BusCrash been dead since before Zero started]]]]

[[WMG:In the sequel, our party will pull off a four-member Combo Craft.]]
How to improve on the already awesome S-Crafts and Combo Crafts from Zero? By making all four members of the SSS unite for a super awesome double Combo Craft!
* Sort of. Burst is more a special mode than a C-Craft but it kind of works out the same in the end.

[[WMG:Everything past the battle in IBC is a dream.]]
I always think that the ending is really far too happy to be true, i mean KeA just accept her origin so easily and went to school with the whole squad as her parents? That's too unrealistic. So i think that some part after the battle in IBC is a dream, it's so obvious even in the first part of the game we're shown to Lloyd having a dream about the last fight. That dream, is the reality. The fact is, Estelle and Joshua never appeared to help Lloyd and the others, as the result KeA was taken away and Randy, Tio and Elie died. Everything is KeA dream, because she can't accept the truth even right now, KeA is still in the sphere keeps dreaming about the good times and with her own ending. In the real word, Lloyd as the only survivor still tries to find and rescue KeA, and this is Ao no Kiseki plot.
* That would also explains why it is called ''VideoGame/ZeroNoKiseki'', bacause it led to "Zero", the ending is "Zero" or "Never happened", Ao no Kiseki is the real game all along.
* Nautrally, completely {{Jossed}} by Ao itself. The reality of the situation is even ''crazier''.