[[WMG: The universe is based on Marvel and the DC Animated Universe]]
Given how its a crossover of japanese superheroes come together with new adventures its not surprising.

[[WMG: Sailor Moon is the universe's equivalent of Superman]]
I know, even though Goku is a Superman expy, Sailor Moon is one since some of the OCs are base on Darkseid and Lex Luthor.

[[WMG: The Demons of Makai/Meikai have relations to Onimusha]]

[[WMG: Pairing theory]]
In a yet-to-be-written installment, [[TomBoy Rika]] [[ActionGirl Nonaka]] will get together with not Takato Matsuki, but [[TheChick Zoe]] [[FauxActionGirl Orimoto]]. Because as near as I can tell, it honestly seems to be what the author's planning, crack-shippy though it is.

[[WMG: Dawn of Chaos pays a big tribute to Dissidia Final Fantasy]]
Think about it, an ultimate showdown between the forces of order and discord.

[[WMG: The Prophet/[[spoiler:Millenniummon]] is the same being in two timelines.]]
Due to the recent announcement in Chap 30 of Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux with two timelines (one is [=WoP=] original, and the other is the main one that follows [=WoP=] Redux), one reader wonders if there is only ONE Prophet existing (to further Harbingermon's warning in Chapter 55 of Dawn of Chaos).

[[WMG: Himura Tsubasa and Phillipe Sagara are the Elric Brothers.]]
Himura's the hotheaded one, while Phillipe is the shy one.

[[WMG: Either Kaiser Ghidorah or Gamera is Shao Kahn.]]
Because he wants to become the Elder God once he gets the Romulus Source.

[[WMG: The mysterious Ora Guardians might be the Guardians of the Universe from Green Lantern.]]