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First thing first, beware spoilers.


[[WMG: Lee lied in chapter 52.]]
He hasn't [[spoiler:actually killed Xing]] and he knows exactly what Yue has been up to until today; he's simply bluffing and deliberately pushing Yue's BerserkButton to get him to fight all out [[strike:[[BloodKnight because Lee's just that crazy]]]] because if he won against Yue in other circumstances, he would forever wonder if Yue didn't maybe just let him win and forever think that [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter Yue was actually better than him until the end]]. His destroying the palace shows this war is not so much about him getting to be the Emperor than just getting revenge on and besting Yue.
(I may have thought about this a bit too much.)
** As of chapter 56... [[spoiler: the part about killing Xing at least is '''confirmed to be a lie'''.]]
** The part about wondering whether or not Yue is better than him seems to be true.

[[WMG: Ryu Hwan is from Bairong.]]
So far, all characters with Korean-type names (Eun Ryu, Eun Won, [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Visul/Bi Seol]], etc, have been from this country (with the exception of Vi Hyung Ran), with everyone else having completely different names. The clothes and architecture style seen in his flashback in volume 11 look Bairong-ish, and for that matter, the guy looks like Eun Ryu.
* [[EpilepticTrees Alternately]], in the same flashback, look at the magic sigil... The triangle in a circle? ''that's Prithvi, the Doberg family emblem.'' And then a little later in the same volume, Tarras also uses a similar-looking magic circle, that looks completely different from the one Tasha used in volume 1 to summon Xing. So... maybe the combination of {{Badass}} + ButtMonkey status is inherited from Tarras?

[[WMG: Sorella is a balancing force for exceptionally powerful witches]]
This is a bit of a stretch, but as implied by South during her chat with East, except for East, none of the other Great Witches has a Supporter. However, in place of a Supporter, South has a Sorella named Poene, who acts differently from her. So based on this, I speculate that while most witches have Supporters, they do so to complement their power, thus allowing them to reach their full potential. However, for the Great Witches who are already way too powerful, they seem to have no need for a Supporter. However, what if a Supporter is not just a complementary force but also a power stabilizer? Look at South, who is very powerful and [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity is clearly very unhinged]]. So they somehow creates for themselves (or have their power create for them) these Sorellas, which act as a counterbalance, both in power and in other aspects such as personality.

[[WMG: Varette is related to Edea Florence, specifically being her ''Sorella''.]]
Okay, this guess takes a few things into consideration:
* Edea Florence is Tasha's mentor, and as the White Witch, is one of the most powerful witch ever to exist.
* Varette is a powerful and ruthless witch who controls shadows.
* Tasha regularly dreams about a much more amiable, if quieter, Varette.
* Instead of a supporter, a very powerful witch may instead have a ''Sorella'', who is something of a second personality. In South's case, her Sorella, Poene, has a distinct personality on her own.
Speculation time:
* Poene is a partial opposite of South: Calm and not so trigger-happy. This may mean that Sorellas are different from their 'parent' witches in an opposite kind of way. Now compare Edea and Varette: Edea is the so-called White Witch, while Varette uses darkness. Quite an opposite.
* Halloween was given by Edea to Tasha, and he values Halloween dearly for being a gift. This implies that Tasha values everything Edea has or gave to him as priceless, and that he somehow dream of a kinder Varette suggests Varette served Edea in some way.
* There's the term golden contract, which binds an individual, going so far as giving said bound individual a FakeMemories to allow them to serve their master better. There is a possibility that Varette served North under this golden contract, which somehow explains why Varette in reality is far different from Varette in Tasha's dream.
So, to round up the speculation: Varette is Edea's Sorella.

* Looking at the situation surrounding Etwal, East's Sorella, seems like the theory of Varette being Edea's Sorella is about to get jossed. See below for updated speculations.

[[WMG: Varette is Etwal.]]
She's actually East's Sorella, just brainwashed by North and takes a new name/identity as Varette. North, South and other witches attack East, during the attack it is revealed that the person everyone thought was East was actually Etwal, East's Sorella, and gets captured in the end by North. She also looked almost identical to Varette right off the bat.
* This also helps explain why Tasha occasionally dreams of a friendly Varette. What truly happens is that [[spoiler:because Tasha is West's reincarnation, that Tasha's dreaming of Varette is actually West reminiscing about East, or rather, Etwal.]]

[[WMG: The reason North needs Tasha is to resurrect West.]]
So now that we know [[spoiler: Tasha is West's reincarnation,]] maybe that's how North intends to use him if she gets him. Going along a bit with the theory above, and considering something mentioned in an earlier chapter, maybe North needs Varette and Tasha to bring back west. By sacrificing them, or something like that.

[[WMG: Edea Florence is related to West]]
Tasha and Ryuhwan have practically the same fighting style, and we have been told that they inherit those combat tricks from Edea Florence. However, we also know that Ryuhwan is also an apprentice of West. Now consider a few things:
* Edea Florence is defined by the color white.
* West also appear to wear white.
* When using Moirai's Confinement, Tasha's power manifests, among other things, as magical snowflakes.
* As East notes, West's power can manifest as snow.
Taking into account that [[spoiler:Tasha is a reincarnated West]], some guesses can be drawn:
* Despite having two masters, Ryuhwan's fighting style remains the same as Tasha's, no matter how much better he is. This means that Edea and West most likely teach the same things.
* Edea may have taken Tasha in under her wing because she knows West, [[spoiler:and thus trained Tasha not simply to increase his powers, but make him strong enough to prepare when he eventually finds out who he truly is.]]
Heck, it may be that Edea is West's Sorella; we know that while a Sorella may behave differently from her main witch (we know Poene acts differently than South, for one), she likely possess the same type of spells/powers as her main witch, as Etwal and East can attest.

!Impossible crossovers

[[WMG: Witches gain their powers from the Witches of the ''Franchise/WhenTheyCry'' series.]]
The witches all wear elaborate clothes, summon "Supporters" (very powerful Furniture), and their expressions reminded me very much of Beato and Maria. The Witches of When They Cry probably are aware of this and are entertained, if they did not set up the whole thing from the start for kicks.