[[WMG: Jack [=MacFarland=] is a smarter manipulator than he appears]]
In one episode, he states that his mum and Karen pay for half his rent each; Will states that he pays for half, too. This means that Jack's getting 1.5x his rent every month without doing a day's work! He leeches off Will to no end in terms of accommodation, food, and legal bills; he leeches off Karen for everything else. And yet, neither of them notice. Jack is a LOT smarter than he seems. You could hand wave Karen not noticing because she's permanently either high or drunk; but Will is a lot more savvy and should see through something like that... Unless Jack is a master manipulator. (From the looks of things, he's a ManipulativeBastard on par with [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami.]])
** The only one that isn't aware of the situation is Jack's mom.

[[WMG: Jack and Will are lovers, Will just denies it.]]

Every once in a while, they bump uglies, Will freaks out, denies it, everyone else goes with it because he keeps them sane.

[[WMG: Karen (or rather, Walker Industries) owns Grace Alder Designs.]]
It explains why Grace is still afloat despite a) having time to spend all day practising her reactions b) a poor economy (as pointed out by Karen when Grace tried to get a loan from her to expand into the office next door) and c) having an assistant who rarely (if ever) actually assists. It also explains a) why Karen never cashes her pay-checks (she'd be taking money from her own company, which is unnecessary) b) why Karen pays Grace the Christmas bonus, and pays for the health coverage and c) why she never assists: she already owns the company! As for why: if Grace Alder Designs folds, Karen has nowhere to go during the day to get away from the kids, and Karen does seem to genuinely enjoy "working" for Grace.
* I wouldn't rule it out entirely but there are in universe explanations for all those things. Karen's connections keep Grace in business (mentioned in the first episode and shown repeatedly) so odds are she has time to work on her faces because she's doing a few job for a lot of money rather than a lot of jobs for a little money. For Karen's part she has a frequent and enjoyable place to go to to get away from Stan and the kids and she absolutely adores Grace. This way she gets to spend the day with someone she likes without any real responsabilities, she's not lacking for money so what little work, and her important connections, are a free service which further helps Grace. Karen doesn't need to work for Grace, for either money or a place to be away from home, she can do that anywhere, she wants to be with Grace.
[[WMG:Will and Grace was actually written by conservative Christians trying to discourage young and impressionable gays.]]

Let's see: Will and Jack are gay,but rarely go out and DON'T cruise. They date...but only "normal-looking gays" never any club kids or freaks.
The most funny character is a nominally bi woman who also never "indulges" her bi tendencies.
Who is also married.
At the end of the show,only the straight woman gets a "happy ever after."

Traditional story lines....nominally traditional gender roles....no over-the-top or outrageous behavior (well..not very much.)
Would a gay writer have written this trite show?
If he were also Born again....!!!

** I'm sorry, what? It's not only the straight woman who gets a happy ever after. All the characters do. Will ends up with his life partner and a child, as does Grace and Jack and Karen live out their days together, rich and old. Everyone got a happy ending.
** And they go out cruising a lot too; Jack mentions it every other episode.

[[WMG: Grace and Karen were banging off-screen for a good portion of the series.]]

* They made out a ''lot''. And there was the time Karen made the remark about "red hair on my pillow and lesbian porn in my VCR. And that one episode where they kissed goodnight before going to sleep.

[[WMG: Will and [[spoiler:Vince]] got married.]]

* Not a very exciting WMG but since they had a child stayed together for at least 18 years after the end of the show, and New York legalised gay marriage last year, it seems like it would make sense.