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* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotPolitical
* WhatDoYouMeanitsNotPolitical

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Sonic 2 Dimps Edition

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* "Oh my God, this the future! Note to self: Arlen has been renamed 'Fartland.'" "Wait a minute, this isn't the future, this is the past! Bill's gonna trip over that pot hole!" "Nancy, if there's anything you want to do now, for the love of God just do it!"


[[WMG:The wraiths are combinations of the ghosts of Pikmin killed in the previous games -- or something like that]]

[[spoiler:The "family" (though the two instances we see are pretty different) isn't introduced until ''2'', which begins with the only known Pikmin being five Reds, Yellows, and Blues each, which already gives some implications that many of them died down between the two games. So even if ZeroCasualtyRun[=s=] are considered canon, there's that to suggest their deaths. The wraiths bear somewhat humanoid shapes, even though the only creature coming close to this native on the planet is the Pikmin themselves. The Waterwraith specifically only targets Captains over Pikmin (though this could be attributed to AI limitations) and it seemingly follows them specifically down the cave, and the Plasm Wraith holds an odd want to keep Olimar with it.]]

The Waterwraith in particular raises some suspicion, both due to its only known weakness being a member of the Pikmin family and its location containing the highest amount of Bulbmin in the game. It probably hid out in Submerged Castle deliberatley to try to limit Olimar and Louie's arsonal so that there was less of a chance the team would fight it off.

One last thing to note, before the later two instalments color-coded the ghosts, in the first game the Pikmin ghosts were a pale blue, somewhat like a more opaque color scheme that the Waterwraith has.

* SequelHook:
** This was even present in the first game, if only slightly: the best ending includes a brief scene with [[spoiler:several Onions, all except for maybe a blue one bearing colors of Pikmin not seen in this game. Of course, given how Purple and White Pikmin do not have Onions in the second game, and how the Onion's design was changed (possibly from evolution) in the third, this bit of possible foreshadowing seems odd in hindsight]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse What happened to [[spoiler:the numerous, other-colored Onions]] seen in the best ending of the first game? Especially since none of the new Pikmin introduced in the second have Onions, and the third game changes their design? Or the Purple and White Pikmin at the end of the second, given how they weren't even ''seen'' at all in the 100% ending sequence among the Pikmin crowd?
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse
** The first game's best ending had [[spoiler:a number of Onions flying up in space. ]]

* The Waterwraith. It '''A''': Is a humanoid creature in a series where the only other humanoids ([[spoiler:before the Plasm Wraith comes in]]) are the Pikmin themselves and where humanity has been confirmed by WordOfGod to have died out, and '''B''': Doesn't leave a ghost when it's killed. Nearly every other enemy in the series (''including'' [[spoiler:the illusions created by the Plasm Wraith]]) leave ghosts when killed. So that really adds to the big question one might have about it: what the hell ''is'' this thing?

[[WMG:Every page on this wiki will eventually mention the Poochie episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'']]

And I am only adding to the list with this WMG. Man, Poochie is like one of those memetic [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCPs]] or something.



[[folder:Warp that Aesop]]


* General:
** [[NakedPeopleAreFunny Naked People are]] [[FullFrontalAssault Psychopaths]]. Well, more like naked men. Nudist women can be (but are not always, especially when dark powers are involved) perfectly normal people.
** Things happen when you own a cat. (As lots of plots are kicked off or finished by cat-like or cat-themed people; Nepeta, Felicia, Steven Universe, Schrodinger (by accident)...)
** Jumping into a river and being carried by it [[ExactWords is a life-changing event.]] Something to ride on optional.
* ''Crconikals'' universe:
** General: [[GodwinsLaw Blame Hitler]] for most of your problems. Or any other dictator. That one guy who hacked into your MMORPG? He works for Hitler. Your former ally suddenly unleashed a weapon on the country? It's because he started working for Hitler. Your trump card fighter got blown up? Hitler's flunkie did it. Some annoying guy moved into your city? It's because Hitler didn't have ''enough'' bad guys out for them to fight. Got falsely accused of something? Not Hitler-related, but instead caused by a secret underground alien leader.
** ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'':
*** Orgies fix everything.[[note]]''Dave's Hangover'': No they don't.[[/note]]
*** HardWorkHardlyWorks and your job can easily be replaced by some random rocker who basically got lost and hired off the street.
* ''This Story is Sexist!'':
** Your life becomes better the moment you decide to kill your boss. But it's okay because your boss was secretly planning on invading and destroying another country anyway.
** Any slightest imperfection or annoying trope in a work of media will ruin it permanently. Including this one.[[note]]Actually, if you subtract "permanently" and some hyperbole, this kind of ''is'' what the more medial humor is about.[[/note]]
** Going with comparing their Earth/Hell to our countries, you will not find love outside of foreigners.
** And going even further, foreigners (and some Americans too) don't really mind nudity. The irony is that this is the point of more than one joke in ''Crconikals'', where every non-American country has no anti-nudity laws, and even some of the American characters (the entire Rainbow Crew, possibly Alucard, Felicia and the other catwomen if you factor in ''New Super Dale Gribble U'', etc) don't really hold anything back.
** If you're poor, just become a vigilante. Life will turn around... eventually.[[note]]On the flip side -- and more accurate to the story itself -- heroes are doomed to live in poverty unless a miracle drags them out, while being a criminal almost garuntees you money.[[/note]]
** (This overlaps with Andrea from ''Total Zeksmit'') If you, somehow or someway, have advanced body durability/healing powers, the only possible thing you can do with it is get into life-threatening situations to save others. Or to put it in more real-world terms, if you're built for the military, join it no questions asked.
* ''Everburn'' and just about every ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' work he's written: Everybody you will meet is a lot more/will become a lot more competant and awesome than [[ThisLoserIsYou you]].
* ''Total Zeksmit'':
** Reality TV is the best way to make friends. Whether you play in it or are even its host or show staff.
** Cosplaying as Homer Simpson is a good career choice in the long run.
** Hosting a talk show is all about pissing people off. (Although Ezekiel seems to ''actually believe this'', [[spoiler:that or his was plotting Geoff to be fired all along. Which seeing as this is Ezekiel, is unlikely]])
* ''496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems'':
** Polgamy fixes everything.
** Racism is okay as long as it's being used in a Satanicish ritual to summon a deity.
** The older generation is the superior one, while all the younger generation accomplishes amounts to useless bitching in comparason. (This story goes by the thought that pre-scratch = original ectochildren. So, the post-scratch trolls and (thanks to their dreamselves) post-scratch humans are the ones doing much more than their pre-scratch counterparts).
** The only good way to enjoy a video game is by deciding not to play it the proper way at all. Tear it apart and summon a massive GameBreaker. Because games are evil and doing this is the proper way to ensure good for the future of mankind.
** Does this enemy seem to be impossible to take down? Don't worry, just wait for them to accidentally make some way or thing with about equal power to them that you can use against them.
** Listen to the homeless. They always have great advice.[[note]]Okay, John is the ''only one'' who calls Nepeta a hobo (and [[YouKeepUsingThatWord that's still not technically the right term]], since a hobo is a wanderer and Nepeta has an established cave/hive), but still.[[/note]]
* ''Dave's Hangover'':
** AIIsACrapshoot can happen if you robot build under the influence. Don't drink and robobuild, kids! It could mean the difference between life and hundreds of deaths!
** Making intentionally shitty movies is a great way to get laid. In fact, you'll land yourself in a bed with dozens of women without even trying!
** Alcohol can turn your life into an action movie! ...With a little extra "action" beforehand, wink wink nudge nudge.
** And alcohol can also excuse any and all actions taken. Acted up in a plane? "I was drunk." Burned everyone's clothes? "I was drunk." Unleashed a killer robot on everyone? "I was drunk." Bam, instant forgiveness.
** Smaller boats are a better option than larger boats. With the former, you don't have to worry about evil mechas, giant sea monsters, getting shipwrecked on a deadly island, etc. Bad crap is drawn to the bigger boats.
** Getting a tattoo on your ass could save your life in the future.
** Get rid of the first four words in the bullet point directly above this one. That is also true, depending on how your butt is. (This also applies for ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' at least.)
* ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'':
** Trust nobody. Everyone you meet is either a jerkass or a psychopath. Including your own child.
** Let your inner instincts get the girl/guy of your dreams for you. Just trust your subconsious, because it's always right.
** Alcoholics are either violent sociopaths, idiot vigilanties who could endanger the place, or overall people you want to avoid.
** Rich people are jerks. (The Lalondes, Striders, and Harleys are all ridiculously rich. The former two pairs of kids are outright villains later on, while the latter... Jake is nice, but Jade's douchebaggery more-than makes up for the both of them.)
* ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'': The only way homeschoolers can make friends is by manipulaing them. Because that would lead to a turn of events where they'll all be after the same guy.

I try not to have two series go in a row. Since one of these is six-sided and they are all come from different works of media, this isn't too easy. (And I broke this rule by having two battles with EENE characters, and in fact the former one is EENE Vs EENE so)
* The first rappers in SBIG[[note]]Not counting Clint Eastwood or the raps Jade and Kanaya did in SJAHJ[[/note]]: Gumball Watterson (''Gumball Vs Satan'') Vs Conker the Squirrel (''Technically'' a ShowWithinAShow in ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'', but it's pretty much 100% drawn from his canon game)
* They've got into a battle before; also opposites: WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse (A CompositeCharacter of his CSU, DC, and ITTWTI selves) Vs [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Carl]] [[OriginalCharacter Stevens]] (''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'')
* {{Badass}}es who are a part of a really large army and from GPF's original fiction: Eoflitt Swyyx (''Blue Sun'' and its related series) Vs Duck Prince (''This Story is Sexist!'')
* First two published stories: [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Eddy]] (''The Eds' [=EDventure=]'') Vs [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Edd]] (''Zombie Attack!'')
* Plot Hijackers: [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Ezekiel Smithy]] (''Total Zeksmit'' with a small dash of ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'' so that this makes more sense) Vs [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Nepeta Leijon]] (''496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems'') [[spoiler:Vs [[WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball Carrie Kreuger]] (''Gumball Vs Satan'' and all of the derivatives from that incarnation) Vs [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Lee Kanker]] (A composite of every time she's been the BigBad) Vs [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Rip Van Winkle]] (mostly ''Crconikals'', but she mentions her ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' self) Vs [[WesternAnimation/BrandyAndMrWhiskers Mr. Whiskers]] (''Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers'')]] '''(Mid-Season Finale)'''
* Opposites who have fought in their fic: [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Dale Gribble]] Vs [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Felicia]] (Both ''New Super Dale Gribble U'')
* Bispectacled extras-turned-sidekicks with an army of clones: [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Jade Harley]] (CompositeCharacter of every work where Jade was the second (except for ''Sweet Jade and Hella John''), mostly regarding the CD, and ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'') Vs [[WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Connie]] (''I Thought Those Were the Ingredients'' and sequels; nods to ''Desert City'')
* Good Vs Evil Blonde Battle: [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Bobby Hill]] (''Everburn'') Vs ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' (''naruto the guy with the ninja'')
* "Pimps": [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Harold McGrady]] (''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'', a little bit of ''Total Drama Race'' thanks to [[AccidentalPervert its]] [[TheNudifyer ending]]) Vs [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Dave Strider]] (''Dave's Hangover'')
* "Just to get it out of the way"/animated sitcom dads who have been refered to a lot in GPF's history: [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Homer Simpson]] (Incarnation(s) unknown) Vs [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]] (Incarnation(s) unknown, but seems to involve the Fox Crew in a way) (Upcoming) '''(Season Finale)'''

Future planned battles include:
* People who are written to piss the readers off/Pikmin Fan's personal Scrappies: [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Elroy "Lucky" Kleinschmidt]] (his {{Badass}} dark arts version from ''the Hill King'') Vs ???? (likely Gamzee Makara)
* Made something invovling Alucard now, draw comparasons later: [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard Badguy]] (''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'') Vs ????
* The entire Intervention Group is planned to rap at some point, and something will be done with the full-blood Crystal Gems.
* ''Maybe'' an EvilRedhead battle (or AntiHero for the former): Kathy (''Total Zeksmit'') Vs Jib (''Ed, Edd n Eddy's Awesome Edventures'')

Heavily subject to change, except for the first one and the concept of "Green Witch, Orange Witch."
* Piloting to Hell: Duck Prince, AKA superhero Darren Detonation, faces some economical issues when his previous roommate in Starpoke Apartments moves out. In addition to his ongoing battle against his witch rival named Witchita, he finds out that his new roommate is a demon named Red -- who intends on bringing a lot more from where she came from, both good and bad.
* Even Dark Things Have Shadows: A strange crowd of burgulars start robbing both Starpoke's residents (now composed of 360 demons as well as Duck) and Witchita, they each race to see who will crack down on the people responsible first. This serves as introduction to Witchita's minions.
* Why Lies Hurt: After finding out in the previous episode that Witchita plans to launch something called a "Pearl Comet", a large space station which can crash into a point on Earth to be used for financial gain, Duck and the demons with him find themselves against a building powered by lies.
* Nudity: A sculpture seeming to date to the renaissance era causes a big change in media. However, more than enough clues point to there being something fishy about this...
* Hell Vs Hail: Red's normally kind-hearted experimental split-off/sister comes up to Earth for a visit. Unfortunately, while she's caring to Hell's residents, to Earth she isn't nearly as generous. (This could also be either the season finale or the start of the next season.)
* Green Witch, Orange Witch: Odd events happening in the Amazon and the Great Pyramids of Giza lead a handful of the demons (and Duck) to explore each of those locations. Unfortunately, it turns out that the causes of both of them are ultimately friends of Witchita, and the three witches gather for a major showdown. '''(Season Finale.)'''


[[folder:I Try Not to Intervene...]]

Originally thought to be an April Fools joke, ''Calliope's Back Story'' is one of the many fanworks of ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' by Great Pikmin Fan, and probably the strangest one that isn't an outright StylisticSuck fic.

!! This

* TheAce:
** ''Jane'' of all people, having a total of ''four'' [[WeaponOfChoice Weapons of Choice]] ([[{{BFS}} the Crocker Blade]], a feather that can double as a whip or rope, and her usual array of spoons and forks) -- all of them being very powerful. Not only that, but she's shown as a running gag to have a large number of talents, leading to some chapters where she's useful yet others where she lacks a common skill to make up for it (such as a complete innability of swimming).
* BreatherEpisode: Chapter 4, which comes in between the introduction of the story's to-be KnightOfCerebus and the start of the fic's first real arc. It's just weird fun going up against an expy of someone from the author's earlier badfics, and overall feels a lot closer to a number of other "silly"-type fanworks.
* DudeNotFunny
** While HUC's Alucard ''barely'' manages to avoid coming off as [[{{Eagleland}} a negative American stereotype]], his {{expy}} in this story has more than a few accusations of being a not-so-friendly metaphor on the country's stricter censorship views on nudity than to violence. Pikmin Fan replied to that as follows:
--->Was I trying to make him an American stereotype? Intentionally, no. Subconciously... well, just be thankful it's about the media censorship and not the number of things that are like a hundred times more controversial.
*** Like his first appearance in the author's works but not like his second, Joey once again feels more like just a spiteful TakeThat at a portion or two of the fanbase than a more legit antagonistic character.
* [[OurProductSucks Our Story Sucks]]: The trailer for it at the end of [[spoiler:''Total Drama Race'']] is a pretty normal trailer, something a little unusual for the signature "end one story with a [[TheStinger stinger]] giving a semi-cryptic preview on another" in his continuity... but then the second half is [[NoFourthWall John watching the first half on a computer]] and reacting ''very'' negatively to the premise. It eventually gives him a heart attack, and the AuthorAvatar walks in, sighs, lifts his body, and walks away talking about "needing to order yet another one."
* ProductionForeshadowing: The entire story itself had its concept mentioned by means of a ShowWithinAShow in one of Fan's earlier works, if a little... different. (Namely, it was way more focused on the status quo and )
* WalkingSpoiler:
** [[spoiler:Caliborn, for the fact that he is present in this story and thanks to the extremely long subversion (Straight play if you consider GPF's history and think of Joey as the "old villain". Subversion if you consider canon and think of Caliborn as the main villain) of HijackedByGanon where he ''seems'' to be the real villain with Joey as a front, but Joey eventually re-jacks the plot from him]].
** [[spoiler:The "lettered" versions of the cast. They don't show up until after Dan dies, are heavily linked to a major plot development, and they are the key to finally leaving the jungle area, which also breaks the status quo that the story had held since]].
** In a similar vein, [[spoiler:everyone's male counterpart. Not only are their existances supposed to be surprises, but the reasoning too. Joey ends up making OppositeSexClone[=s=] of everybody, but for the sole purpose of keeping them knocked out in test tubes while he drains out their energies]].
* WhamLine: This is probably the ''only'' work in the ''Homestuck'' fandom or at least the first where the line "[[spoiler:Your name is John Egbert]]" is a '''''major''''' spoiler. Out of or especially in context.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Originally, there was an idea for a story called ''Rainbow'', which would either be a slightly more serious (but nowhere near {{Deconstruction}} levels) one set in the split timeline in ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals''. Then it was going to be a slightly more serious redo of HHC, basically HHC except written like a more legit story. While this idea did not ''evolve'' from that, it eventually "replaced" it.


[[folder:LOL as if I'll HAVE a base in the first place]]

* BaseBreaker: In short, this is what happens when you have a fic with GrayAndBlackMorality.
** Courtney, when it became clear sometime around a little before the merge that the story will be portraying her as one of the heroes, even though [[spoiler:she voted off Gwen. The point of that was to show that it's ''okay'' to play a little competetively in a competetive gameshow, and that her getting Lindsay and Beth to vote for Gwen was completely non-malicious and wouldn't have worked if not for Gwen constantly backhand-insulting Beth near the end of the challenge, while Eva used lies and harsh tactacs to achieve her eliminations]]. Then there's the entire issue with her boyfriend, which is just another can of worms alltogether for another reason.
** Beth. Some are fine with her, others consider her a DesignatedHero. It doesn't help that she prolonged an already tiring and somewhat pointless and poorly written conflict with her friends by randomly deciding that she ''should'' start hating Lindsay back and get Courtney to both alienate her.
** [[CatGirl Felicia]] gets this for... apparantly just existing. Even though her biggest role is within a spinoff/prequel competition where she's [[spoiler:voted off ''first'']], the idea of a contestant who is an {{Expy}} of a ''Darkstalkers'' character doesn't sit right, and it really raises the question as to why she's so ok with Ezekiel despite the fact that, unlike the TZ contestants proper, she got to know him when he was a lot more sexist and idiot than he was thanks to Justin not being there to straighten him out.
** [[FemaleMisogynist Zelda]]. It's generally understood that she's a TakeThat [=SJWs=] and showing off the faults in some of their worse logic. The question is whether she's ''funny'' as one, or if TZ is even the kind of story that even needs this kind of political stuff thrown in. Fortunately, [[spoiler:she doesn't last that long in ''Island'']].
*** The other part of her character -- which was also initially her only concept -- is probably more divisive. She's a parody of ''Island''/''Action''-era fanon. Or, that point in time where making Ezekiel into a {{Moe}} and having Katie and Cody become AscendedExtra[=s=] was ''really'' popular. She herself is, at first glance, a parody of fanon Ezekiel. This is either a just TakeThat at an OOC self-projection or it's spitefully shooting down a valid AlternativeCharacterInterpretation in a way that's probably even ''colder'' than the "zombie Ezekiel" play canon put on.
*** Near the end of the finale of ''Island'', [[spoiler:Kandi finally tries to do something by staging a huge rant where she calls Zelda racist for not talking about racial/[[FantasticRacism elemental classcial]] issues, basically taking one of her own methods and [[HoistByHisOwnPetard turning it against her.]] This leaves her speechless. Whether Zelda will improve in any way afterward is yet to be seen, as that happens close to the end of the chapter, she has not had any appearances after, and nothing -- not even a ''Side Stories'' update -- has been posted afterward]].
** Ezekiel himself. He's either entertaining in his own right, or TZ has such an extremely large and complicated world why are we focused on him? Some could argue that '''''anyone''''' would make a more interesting "non-TZ contestant" protagonist (''Side Stories'') or main host (the competitions) than him.
** Bridgette. Despite [[spoiler:losing just before the merge]], there's ''still'' tosses of her being a DesignatedHero and that the story seems to role with any negativity of her's, unless it's directed at Courtney. Yes, there was a whole "rock paper scissors" element around Bridgette, Courtney, and Izzy, where one was supposed to be a little more morally better than the other, except that this with Courtney seems to be the ''only'' time where Bridgette has been portrayed as NotSoAboveItAll.
* BaseBreaker:
** All of Team Multidate in general.
*** Let's start with the captain, Nepeta. The majority of the humor she contributes to the plot is very much... un-Homestucky in its feeling, which is either not a big catastrophy (how many fanworks ''are'' true to its exact form of humor?) or something really disrespectful and she's clearly turning it into a bad anime comedy. She's also the reason for the polygamy, which is just one part of the AudienceAlienatingPremise. And her "prank war" subplot with John just wasn't considered that entertaining and the equivillent of the Courtney-Lindsay-Beth subplot in ''Plains'' in terms of pointlessness and bad writing. This gets lampshaded when John of all people -- the only character who is a definitive [[TheScrappy Scrappy]] -- calls her out on how her wanting to move up from fodder to the big leagues just ended up turning her into a monster like Gamzee. She looks into a mirror, [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment sees herself as Gamzee in her clothes]], screams, and vows to tone down the act. Problem: She doesn't really.
*** Roxy, thanks to her over-eagerness in engaging in the project. It's either ''more'' of Pikmin Fan's completely unexplained demonizing of her by making her unlikable, or she's developing into something more CrazyAwesome than her canon instance and fits in perfectly with the feel of the story.
*** Terezi's manipulativeness has been compared to Justin's womanizing from ''Total Zeksmit'' (in fact, they are even considered "counterparts", as each show staff member has a corresponding TM member), except she's on here while Justin isn't despite the story's lack of monogamy because she's even ''more'' cold about it and seems to at times be toying around with emotions for no reason. While Justin may have a petty excuse for it (trying to best [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter Alejandro]]), it's at least ''an excuse''.
*** Meulin would normally be the least offensive out of the five, except that she's an [=A1=] troll. See below.
*** [[TheSixthRanger The fifth member]] would take the title of being the least offensive. [[spoiler:Dave. And he's really only on here because of [[ItsPopularNowItSucks Strider haters.]] Is he an interesting counter to TM and something of an OnlySaneMan or is this just a way to flood in Strider angst into an otherwise active group that interesting without him? To say nothing about how this means now often lying to John who, Scrappy as he might be, is still his best friend]].
** The Beforan troll's existances. There are some who wish it should only be ''190 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems'' (as with ''120 Reasons'' by Act 6 haters but that's not as worthy of discussing), finding a way to write them out of being on the meteor, or at least limiting it to Aranea and Meenah. Problem, it's that exact atittude of insisting they always be fodder that got Pikmin Fan to shove them in the main cast over even the Cherubim. Although since most of them have gotten some character development, the hate has gone down a bit.
** The dream selves. The fact that they are confirmed to be getting DivergentCharacterEvolution and the concept of them will be explored way more deeply than canon did hints at repeating the most controversial things about Acts 5 and 6. Namely, multiplying the chat-handle-using cast. This is either a great plot point to shake up the otherwise monochromatic happenings on the meteor or shoving even more characters in a fic that already had too many. (Note that many who hated this idea also fall under the crowd of hating the [=A1=] troll's inclusions.)
*** It gets worse: By the end of Act 1 Act 1 -- which is really early in, '''dream selves can split off and make more alter-egoes'''. As in, in the form of even ''more'' characters. The population of the meteor might multiply like rabbits even though nobody's actually having sex.
** Duplicate Meulin herself, who is viewed as either an interesting antagonist with some good SerialEscalation involved, or a ReplacementScrappy to Lord English who is overpowered and seemingly given so many abilities to try to [[TheWorfEffect Worf]] him. (By terms of power; they do not exist in the same world.)
* BaseBreaker:
** Joey, since this marks his third appearance and his first one in a "long, serious fic" (KFTZ was StylisticSuck and ITF is a short story). He's... well, basically liked or disliked for the same reasons as Duplicate Meulin from ''496''. Some are sick of him, not liking his sexual harassment (calling him worse than ''Cronus'' since he's actually cutting off articles of clothing -- in the name of combat, but still) and find his bickering with Caliborn to be obnoxious. And there's the problems of him being a VillainSue, overpowering Caliborn (who, given [[HotterAndSexier the]] [[SubvertedTrope AU]], would be very fitting as an antagonist) and sapping away the title of main antagonist from him not unlike how some Marty Stus sap away the title of main character from the hero[[note]]In fact Pikmin Fan even did a parody of this, with Carl from ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'' stealing the spotlight from Alucard[[/note]]. This, or he's a new and fresh take on a BigBad after the author's previous ''Homestuck''-centric adventures lacked one (The main villain of ''496'' is a copy of Meulin who acts like Lord English but with less personality, ''Dave's Hangover'' doesn't even really have an overarching villain, the entire Decathalon's was pretty generic borderline [[MonsterOfTheWeek Monsters of the Week]]), and this is by far the deepest exploration of HumansAreTheRealMonsters done with the concept of his character. [[spoiler:It ''really'' doesn't help that Joey was intended to be the main villain all along; his overthrowing of Caliborn being thought of long before writing the story hasn't even started. With this in mind, as well as the maker's dislike of reusing canon villains as the antagonist, it just shakes things up all the more when Joey actually ''dethrones'' him]].
* BaseBreaker:
** Witchita, mainly due to the sheer number of DracoInLeatherPants-itizings that ''insists'' that she's a lot more redeemable than she really is (yes, the story has been implying that she'll undergo a HeelFaceTurn, but it's not going to be anything instantainious) and those who pair her up with Duck and treat this hypothetical relationship as not having any problems. Add in very unpolite haters into the mix, and a character who would originally just have some fans and haters is practically a walking controversy storm. She is stated to be an {{Expy}} of the author's ''Homestuck'' fan fiction's IneffectualSympatheticVillain[=/=]deliberate BadassDecay-subjected Vriska, yet Fan accidentally managed to replicate one of the original purposes of the ''actual'' Vriska.
** Duck suffers from this but to a lesser extent. The fact that he's ''so'' obedient to the law (moreso than [[Literature/SoapTheLostElement Woat]]) to the point of bordering on LawfulStupid makes him a borderline annoyance compared to the demons, who almost have their own [[StealthPun spectrum]] of morality. There are some who wishes that he would just be an extra while the 360 takes the spotlight, while others find him being the central character and his interactions with the demons to be a big point of the story.
** Out of the 360, Blue is either pretty cute and entertaining and her better heart makes for a good contrast with the cynic and overtly devoted Red and Green respectively, or an annoying potential AuthorAvatar of Fan who belongs more in a bad anime than TSIS's world at all, let alone being one of the most major three demons. The fact that her color slot (''pure'' blue) is the one Pikmin Fan says that any rainbow is not a real rainbow without, as well as that [[MakingASplash her "element"]] not counting the obvious fire/raw plasma is the favorite of Pikmin's classical elements does not help matters at all, at least when it comes to the avatar accusations.



Already happened:
* ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'': Chapter 2 of ''The Eds' [=EDventure=]''.
* ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'': ''Swyyx Project'', also sets the standards for how MSPFA[=s=] will do this (while it would be more fitting if there was additional pages detailing the future work, this has its "'''THE END'''" link to a gif where Jade talks about the story itself, then it suddenly goes to a preview image of Eoflit).
* ''Carl Stevens Universe'': Season 4 of ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals''.

Works that have ended but will retroactively have a preview added to them :
* ''Zombie Attack!'': ''naruto the guy with the ninja''.
* ''Kids Fit the Trolls'': Uh... chapter 2 of ''Movie Day''? It's the only story that I can really consider "appropriate" to this.

Future plans:
* ''Movie Day'': This will be unique for now in that the trailer is not after the closing AN, but instead the final preview that the Eds see before watching the movie. Fic itself is... ''Curse'', maybe, although that might make sense if it was what was being previewed in KFTT. (Since those two are supposed to be hosted on the same website.)
* ''Act 5 Vs Act 6'': I could be trollish and make the trailer one to ''Kids Fight the Zombies'', trollish because these two fics will be out on the exact same post. Actually, this isn't that bad of an idea, since KFTZ is not revealed to be called that or about a zombie story, so when someone opens the spoiler containing it, they do not expect to read the story that was just trailer'd back in [=A5VA6=].
* ''Kids Fight the Zombies'': This could be the actual trailer (I don't feel like giving two legit trailers in one story). Trailer itself will be for... I want to say ''Dave's Hangover'' but I don't know... TSIS? ''Soap'' if it isn't out by then? It probably wouldn't be out by then.
* ''Total Drama Race'': ''Calliope's Back Story''.
* ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'': Re-write Trilogy?
* ''Soap'': TSIS season two?



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