[[WMG: In the possible third game, they will include a ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' reference.]]
With a mecha like Six Majin, even if it's possibly before, they cannot possibly miss the chance to do a Gurren Lagann reference, mostly involving [[spoiler: merging with a space base to make an ''even bigger'' robot]], and they'll probably throw in a reference to [[spoiler: Simon's speech after Kamina died]] with Joe making (or trying) to make a big speech about why the BigBad can't destroy Movie land and possibly, Earth.
* That would be a huge effing robot. Seriously, Six Majin already merges with a friggin' shuttle that makes a robot bigger than most planets, Six X Six Majin. If THAT combined with something, like a space station as big as the sun...
* Given that the Dark Kaiser dwarfed everything in the solar system sans the Sun itself, this is not impossible.

[[WMG: Scott Pilgrim is Joe's and Silvia's son.]]
Though he's more of a slacker than a fanboy like his father, his universe could arguably just be what movie was to Viewtiful Joe.
* Actually, Scott's Dad, Vincent, was already given a semi-backstory of having adventures in the 70's. But we know nothing about his mom, and Joe's sister was given henshin powers at the end of Double Trouble...
* Jasmine being Scott's mother could work.