Roleplay/TwilitOverture has one of the most convulted, MindScrew - prone plots to ever exist in the realm of fiction. Try to guess at Andre's true designs here!


!! Between the 1.0 and 2.0 campaigns, Niccolo [[DealWithTheDevil used up the rest of his souls and lost his own to the devil.]]
* Niccolo's appearance is considerably more sinister and emaciated then it once was. According to Seven's vampyre senses, he hasn't been turned into a Vampire or Crosspyre, and he isn't undead. DemonicPossession seems like the most likely cause of this change; the chains around his neck and connected to his guns are a sign he has become a servant of the devil.

!! Between the 1.0 and 2.0 campaigns, Niccolo joined Anheim.
* After obtaining his new outfit and an actual ranked ability, he [[HelpYourSelfInTheFuture traveled back in time in order to save himself in the Paint Realm as well as give himself the ranked ability that would allow himself to escape.]] He then traveled back to his own time; eventually, the events speculated above happened.

!! Niccolo has become a Servant of Dracula.
* The abilities he's utilized thus far in his reappearance are unlike anything he had as a [[HunterOfMonsters hunter]]/[[TheGunslinger gunslinger.]] Being a Servant of Dracula would explain his ability to create illusions, trap Avrick in a painting, and other strange phenomena.

!! The Numbers are parts of Dracula
* The hero from the story of Dracula cut the body of Dracula up into several parts. The Numbers that have been encountered so far all fit Vampire-like aspects.

!! After the 1.0 campaign ended, [[MadDoctor Xivlan]] went on to kill Faustiles and become leader of Faustes.
* He's retained Faustiles' original goal of constructing a god, but plans to use it to slaughter humans en masse instead of whatever its original purpose was.
** '''CONFIRMED''', or at least the part about becoming the leader of Faustes. ''ALL HAIL LORD XIVLAIN!''

!! The God that Faustes was trying to create is already finished.
* Fausteles knew the amount of time he had left alive down to the exact minute, so it is remarkably unlikely that he would have allowed his creation to go unfinished. This is also supported by the fact that he commented that the production of such god was ahead of schedule, and would be completed soon.

!! Fausteles is the only person capable of controlling the god.
* He wanted to make sure that his work was destroyed before his body was found, as he commented in his recorded message. He also mentioned that he laughs at the futile attempts of the unknown attacker to try to use his means of control.

!! Fausteles is actually [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld much older than he seems]]
* He commented that the spot in which he hid his recorded message was once his family's estate where he used to launch boats. Above the cave, not even supports for a house were visible, possibly indicating that a house was destroyed and subsequently stripped or totally eroded in the time it took for him to grow old enough to die.

!! Alternatively, after the 1.0 campaign ended, [[MadDoctor Xivlan]] eventually grew BoredWithInsanity.
* He leaves Faustes, pulls a complete HeelFaceTurn, and joins Anheim. He also [[CharacterDevelopment outgrows his prejudice/obsession against/with humans.]]
** '''JOSSED.''' He is now the new leader of Fausteles. Repent, ye sinners.

!! "The Employer" was Patch.
* He survived having one of his arms burned off, and had it replaced with a magical robotic one by [[UltimateBlacksmith F]] in exchange for working with Anheim once again.
** '''JOSSED'''. "The Employer" has been confirmed to be Zekaiv.

!! [[DeathDealer Card Shark]] is actually a [[AntiVillain strangely motivated]] NeutralGood character.
* His methods and [[{{Jerkass}} attitude]] are a natural result of the [[CrapsackWorld Crapsack]] WorldOfBadass that is Twilit Overture. As [[TeamMom Solace]] is beginning to learn, in a world like this killing is frequently the only option.

!! The current [[OldMaster wisest and most powerful]] [[WhiteMagic Daysong]] in the world is an [[OmnicidalManiac omnicidal]] [[WingedHumanoid Lehran]] who's been modified into having the [[AngelicTropes likeness of an angel]] and developed a [[DarkMessiah Messiah complex.]]
* It's entirely reasonable to expect that Andre wishes to further prove that [[LightIsNotGood Light Can Be As Evil As Dark]] (as if [[KnightTemplar The Inquisition]] didn't already have that one down pat); the potential for such a character to [[BreakTheCutie break]] [[NeutralGood Solace]] is quite high.

!! [[LimitBreak Ranked Abilities]] are slowly bringing about the TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
* While it has been shown that using a ranked ability always drains ''something'' from the user, the sheer power of said abilities seems to exceed what an individual could reasonably provide. It's possible that every time a ranked ability is used, it drains a little power from the world itself. And even if ranked abilites don't cause the end of the world in that manner, they're still strong enough to simply blow it to pieces bit by bit.