[[WMG: When the new movie comes out, the main antagonist will the strongest opponent Toriko has yet to face.]]
Frankly, the two series Toriko ever had a crossover with (OnePiece and DragonBall) had a movie that depicts the main villain as "the strongest enemy ever faced". Dragon Ball Battle of Gods had Goku fight against Bills and One Piece: Film Z had Luffy fight against Z [[spoiler:AKA Zephyr]]. Bonus points if the main villain [[spoiler: ends up becoming friends with Toriko and co at the end]].

[[WMG: This is a satire of the BigEater tendencies of shonen heroes.]]
Eating a lot is his most major personality trait. Creating the [[ToBeAMaster world's best feast]] ''is his entire motivation.'' This has got to be a LampshadeHanging.

[[WMG: Toriko will fight a cannibal.]]
With a show this food-obsessed, you know one of the bad guys will at least imply cannibalistic tendencies at some point, maybe with a taste for Gourmet Cells.
* It will most likely be Komatsu or Rin that the cannibal kidnaps, prompting a rescue by Toriko and anyone else in on it. Komatsu to lure out Toriko, Rin because of her Gourmet Cells.
* Already happened. Grinpatch wanted to eat both Terry and Toriko, but decided that they aren't tasty enough yet.

[[WMG: The Bishokuya has caused [[OverNineThousand Hyper]]-Hyperinflation]]
The "expensive" food ingredients you see in the manga are actually worth their Real Life counterparts, it's just the Yen just dipped its buying power so badly. The more common "cheap" ingredients are just sold in such a low price (in relation to the current inflation) because of new innovations in food making.

[[WMG: Zebra will have super-hearing.]]
Each of the four kings seen thus far has a different superhuman sense. Toriko has a super keen nose, Coco has super-vision, and Sani has his touch. So by process of elimination we can assume Zebra will have superhuman hearing.
* Confirmed as mentioned by Toriko in chapter 121. Though we will have to wait (if he is to ever show up) to see it in action.
** He has.
*** Not only can he hear things at absurd distances, but he can pitch his voice over tens of kilometers so that he sounds like he's standing right next to the person he's talking to.

[[WMG: Toriko will turn down GOD as his main dish.]]
GOD is the super-ultra-special ingredient that changed the world. The problem is that it will probably taste so absolutely fantastic on its own that Toriko won't be able to put it in his full course meal. Why? Because none of the other foods in his full course meal will be able to go along with it, because it's just too good. Thus, the story will probably end with Toriko turning down the idea of using GOD as his main course and instead end with an TheAdventureContinues type ending where he and Komatsu set off to find an ingredient better suited to being his main dish.
* {{Jossed}}: Toriko will find GOD and Komatsu will cook it so they can share it with the rest of the world.

[[WMG: Toriko and Komatsu will have a child. Komatsu will became a better chef that Setsuno]]
Toriko's son/daughter would wish to make a menu who can beat his father's menu, and Komatsu's daughter/son would wish to be a better chef than her/his father, and the only way to make that is work together with the son/daughter who helped their parents to made the ''best'' full course menu/ to be ''the best chef in earth''. One has to be male and the other female because it could be more funny that way. Because Toriko's son/daughter wish to made a better menu, he/she would ''never'' put anyone of his father's dishes in his/her menu. Rin could be Toriko's wife.

[[WMG: "Gourmet Cells" are a type of "Super" Stem Cell]]
This is what gives them their amazing adaptability, vitality, and a virtually "omnipotent" potentiality. Unlike normal stem cells, they change into "normal" cells, but still keep their adaptability and ability to change and "evolve". Since I assume stem cells also extent to plants, since they're found in all multi-cellular organisms, this explains how Toriko was able to release a scent that relaxed insects after being attacked by so many of them: his cells were adapting as a defense mechanism, and due to "nigh-omnipotent" potentiality, it mimcked the scent of trees in a forest.

[[WMG: The series takes place in the same universe as ''Literature/{{Zoofights}}'']]
It's mentioned that the IGO sponsors both horrible mashups of various creatures and arena combat of said creatures. Considering the ridiculously high power level of most of the beasts in the series, it can be assumed that is is simply ''Zoofights'' in the far future.

[[WMG: Sunny's mother is none other than [[{{WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic}} Princess Celestia]]]]
It's a strange coincidence that Sunny has the same hair style as the Princess of Equestria.

[[WMG:This is the Earth of Franchise/DragonBall, thousands of years in the future, and Toriko and many others in the show are descended from Goku]]
Someone wished on the dragonballs for the world to be full of wondrous and unbelievable gourmet foods. All the most powerful characters appear to be very big eaters. The Gourmet Cells were mentioned to have a good chance of killing you, rather than giving you power, so it would stand to reason that only those with Saiyen blood can handle them. The gourmet cells give them access to their saiyen power, minus the Oozaru form. Additionally, Zonge is descended from [[{{Main/ButtMonkey}} Hercule Satan]]. Because it's too funny not to be true.

[[WMG: Midora, the leader of Bishokukai is actually Sunny's father]]
A guess based solely on the fact that Midora seems to be able to control his hair just like Sunny.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: Zonge is one of Monchy's Quintuplet Siblings]]
I can't have been the only who thought of the resemblance between Zonge and Monchy when I first saw the latter. Even if Monchy wears a Sumo Mask, I have a bet that when it comes off...

[[WMG: Toriko will learn "Spoon" from Master Chin]]
It is a given, because Master Chin actually wants to teach Toriko the secret food technique of the Shokurin Temple. It will also complete his "Silver ware set", finally adding the "Spoon" to the "Knife" and "Fork".

[[WMG: Ichiryuu has a teacher in place for every single one of the Heavenly Kings]]
Sani was taught how to use "Instinct" to control his touches at 100% efficiency by Guemon. That was his weakness, and he was sent there by Yosaku. Now, Toriko has been sent to Master Chin, in order to learn the Secret Food Technique: "Spoon", and "Food Honour". Toriko normally is a glutton, so this would be his "weakness".

[[WMG: The series is a {{Alternate Timeline}} for {{Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs}}]]
It explains the strange food climate.

[[WMG: Toriko takes place in the Hunter x Hunter world, in [[spoiler:Hunter x Hunter's far future.]]]]

The recent chapters of Hunter x Hunter show that [[spoiler:the human world is only 30% of the whole world. Toriko takes place in the far future, where the unexplored world has become the Gourmet World, Hunters have all become Gourmet Hunters, and there is world peace because of the events shown in Toriko's flashbacks]]

* Not to mention that the map of the Human World looks a lot like Hunter x Hunter's and a few monsters (like the burrowing amphibian with the strawberry-like antenna it uses as bait) have appeared in both works.

** Jossed. [[spoiler:''Toriko'' is set in the far, far future of Earth, by billions of years.]]

[[WMG: The Four Beast is [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCP-682]].]]

It's a monster that adapts and is virtually indestructible. Not to mention it eats humans.

[[WMG: The ingredient for God is a human being]]

It has been stated that the Acacia discovered GOD from the Nitro and it's been implied that Nitro eats humans. God is known to have all the flavors in the world so what if the ingredient for God is the human with the most evolved Gourmet Cells (by eating foods of every flavor) during the Gourmet Solar Eclipse. Since Acacia was the human with the most evolved Gourmet Cells, he was the ingredient for God during the last eclipse. He was exactly feeding the world leaders his own flesh (what could have more flavor than someone who has tried all the flavors in the world), without letting it them know it was cannibalism. This taboo is why he kept the ingredient for God a secret. This explains why the Nitro have been assisting the Bishokukai, they're helping Midori evolve his Gourmet Cells so that he will become the ingredient for God.
* {{Jossed}}: [[spoiler: GOD is apparently Blue Nitro.]]

[[WMG: Starjun is actually Midora's son.]]

Cause they look similar, and why not?

[[WMG: The Nitro are not all evil.]]

They apparently have been responsible for many advancements in human civilization and the one in Vegetable Sky didn't attack Toriko and Komatsu. Why would they make humans, supposedly a form of prey, more advanced and therefore more capable of fighting back?

[[WMG: Knocking Master Jiro [[spoiler: is the real boss of NEO]].]]

Not only this fits the obvious pattern of Acacia's pupils and major organisations [[spoiler: as well as NEO's members' noticeable tendency to be seemingly goofy and harmless when under cover]], it also explains why he now seems to be distant from Setsuno.
* {{Jossed}}: [[spoiler: Jiro isn't a member, actively fights against NEO, and Joa is actually Frohze's reanimated corpse and the leader of NEO.]]

[[WMG: Terry's AmbiguousGender is being purposely done.]]

Specifically, it's leading towards a GenderReveal once Toriko enters the Gourmet World and finds the pack of Battle Wolves there.

[[WMG: The Four Beast's master is [[spoiler: Dark Chef Joa.]]]]

Compare the shadowed figure in [[http://www.mangareader.net/toriko/207/17 chapter 207]] to the one at the end of [[http://www.mangareader.net/toriko/240/15 chapter 240]], which is specifically stated to be [[spoiler: Joa]]. What's more, [[spoiler: Teppei appears with him at the end of chapter 240, suggesting some sort of hypnosis or somesuch implanted when he was knocked unconscious by Joa's mere presence in chapters 207/208 - after all, there's no way Teppei would willingly work with someone like that.]]

[[WMG: The [[spoiler: God of Chefs Frohze, AKA Dark Chef Joa, has become 'evil' because Acacia sealed away "Center".]]]]

[[spoiler: God of Chefs Frohze, AKA Dark Chef Joa, has become 'evil' because Acacia sealed away "Center", the Hors d'oeuvre of Acacia capable of bringing the dead back to life... because he'd fallen prey to some sort of disease or complication of the Gourmet Cells and didn't want Frohze to just revive him because Center might actually only [[CameBackWrong partially revive]] whoever it's used on. So, she is doing what she does to gain God, Center, reunite with Acacia and transcend the world she already knows everything about.]]

[[WMG: The Nitro seen in Sky Garden will play a role in the future.]]

It seems to be special compared to the other Nitros. It's able to keep its temper in check, it wears clothing, and it even has plumage.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, chapter 308 reveals that it is the eighth member of the Blue Nitro Gourmet Nobility, Pair.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Kuriboh is a double agent.]]]]

[[spoiler:When Ichiryuu finds out Kousairou has volunteered to guard the Cooking Fest, he then goes to Kuriboh and asks him to accompany the Gourmet Hermit. Additionally, when the Tokage comes to pick up the various members of NEO, Kuriboh appears to flash step away rather than be picked up like the others. With NEO out in the open and the Oth biotope is serious danger with the defeat of Ichiryuu, he may well have decided that it was more important to return to his true side.]] This may also explain his poor showing against [[spoiler:Setsuno]]; He didn't want to properly fight an ally, so he took a fall.
* [[spoiler: confirmed by Joa.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Frohze]] is still alive because of CENTER]]
It was stated by Chin that CENTER is capable of reviving the dead if it is eaten by them, but we have not heard the effects it would have on a person who ate it while still alive. In that case, CENTER probably activates a certain period of time after the individual's death, effectively reviving them as well as revitalizing their bodies to a younger state if they died of old age. After [[spoiler: Frohze]] was revived, [[spoiler: she]] went on to become Joa, hiding her true identity.

[[WMG: Joa is [[spoiler: the daughter of Acacia and Frohze]]]]
After all, she [[spoiler: ate Acacia's Full Course, according to Jirou and Setsuno]] and claims to be [[spoiler: the owner of Frohze's knife. It's not a stretch to think she inherited it from her mother, or just took it.]]

[[WMG: "PAIR", the soup ingredient of Acacia's Full Course, is Nitro saliva]]
This WMG assumes that PAIR is one of the Blue Nitro. Just like how Yun's saliva was the key ingredient needed to recreate Century Soup.

Jossed, it's actually [[spoiler:part of Monkey King Bambina's body.]]

[[WMG: Joa is simply [[spoiler: Frohze's Gourmet Cells completely controlling her otherwise dead body.]]]]
Particularly due to the fact that [[spoiler:the various character 'intimidations' are actually the sort of... 'roar' of the Gourmet Cells themselves, and Toriko even has outright conversations with -his- Gourmet Cells. As such, it can be presumed that Midora's obsession with giving the dead Frohze a ton of Cure Water revitalized the dead body, and the Gourmet Cells inside of her(which operate at 100% since she shared Acacia's Full Course with him) reawoke, the 'spirit' of them taking over her body and seeking more delicious tastes(of which Frohze herself already ate EVERY KNOWN INGREDIENT ON THE PLANET). It's also helped by the fact that Coco's own Gourmet Cells knows the truth about the planet's core(telling him that he was neither qualified to enter and that the area of bedrock he'd found wasn't the right entrance to the planet's core). So it IS Frohze, but it ISN'T Frohze!]]

[[WMG: The Nitro are PlanetLooters]]
[[spoiler:They sent the meteorite w/ Gourmet Cells to Earth to make it more appetizing. The Nitro wait until certain species manage to reach the top of the food chain, infusing them with the essences of all of the ingredients on the planet, then harvest them and leave the planet a barren husk.]] This also explains their BizarreAlienBiology, they really ''are'' aliens.
* [[spoiler:Them being aliens is confirmed. In fact, at least the Blue Nitro are from a parallel universe.]]

[[WMG: Knocking Master Jiro has met the King Battle Wolf and befriended it]]
One of the Eight Kings is a Battlewolf, and in chapter 302 we learn that he is named Guinness. Knocking Master Jiro has an extremely powerful attack called Guinness Punch. And he uses a Knocking tool called "The Wolf King's Fangs" to perform it. So what if the King Battle Wolf is capable of using Knocking, and Jiro learned his most powerful techniques from him after he befriended him?
* [[spoiler:CONFIRMED. He hasn't just met Guiness, he was ''[[RaisedByWolves raised]]'' by him.]]

[[WMG: Kaka is a Blue Nitro and TheMole]]
Unlike Chichi she is absolutely ''never'' shown with her mouth open (Blue Nitros' are instantly recognizable by the fact that their mouths open vertically); she ingratiates herself to the team soon after Komatsu manages to invent a better method of preparing one of ingridents from the Acacia's Full Course than the method known to Blue Nitro; there was a suspicious vacant seat on the Blue Nitro council shown to us; her power level seems to be higher than the current state of the Four Heavenly Kings (on the virtue of actually being able to see what Bambino did to them), therefore way above normal Red Nitros; and her attempt to backtrack after Toriko pointed out her LackOfEmpathy during the brief discussion on the motives of saving Komatsu in Ch.301 indicates conscious duplicity.
* [[spoiler:Kaka being one of the Gourmet nobility is Jossed in chapter 308. The missing seat belongs to the Blue Nitro Pair, the same one that met Toriko and Komatsu in Sky Garden.]]
* [[spoiler:Kaka being a Blue Nitro and possibly TheMole confirmed in chapter 313. Toriko and the others take measures to hide the proper method of cooking Pair to her and she is shown opening her mouth vertically]]

[[WMG: PAIR is an ingredient that [[spoiler:bridges the realm of the living and the dead.]]]]
[[spoiler:Komatsu's heart was seen suspended in that alternate world that Toriko had seen during the initial bout with Monkey King Bambina - and the Four Kings see Komatsu's heart -again- after his body swallows PAIR and wells up in the hole inside his chest. Additionally, Toriko is able to observe Bambina dancing with the ''original'' Bambina's spirit by using Pair as a looking glass.]]
* Confirmed

[[WMG: Black Hole Whale is why the meteorite vanished in the Black Triangle of Area 6]]
This is less than a guess than a declaration based on our first image of the Black Hole Whale. Its skin looks a lot like a meteorite's stony body, and we know that the Black Hole Whale can absorb all matter and light. In other words, the Black Hole Whale probably completely absorbed the meteorite (which was the size of the moon) before it ever impacted the planet.

[[WMG: There is a third Appetite Demon inside [[spoiler:Toriko]]]]
During Midora's flashback arc, we learnt that Midora was born with the scars on his face, and we can see those same markings/scars reflected upon his Appetite Devil. However, when you look at Toriko's Appetite Devil - [[spoiler: both of them]] - it does not have the same scars as Toriko does on his face, and he has had those scars since he was an infant, just like Midora. Red has no influence on Toriko's physical appearance, while [[spoiler:Blue]] is responsible for Toriko's hair colour. That only leads to the conclusion of [[spoiler:a third Appetite Devil]] that is the one who Toriko shares his scars with.


[[WMG: The [[spoiler:"enhanced vision" Toriko got when sniffing AIR was actually a glimpse into the far past.]]]]
It's known Toriko's sense of smell can go back years upon years, decades upon decades - best shown when he figures out the hidden location in the 1st Biotope simply via sniffing the ground. [[spoiler:When sniffing AIR, he gets the sudden sight of space, but attributes it to AIR explosively increasing his sight for just a moment, although he's not sure if that's the case either. What he actually saw was a vision of the far, far, FAR past, when the Gourmet Meteor was hurtling through space(or being transferred possibly, as the Blue Nitro might've done it) before it had hit the Earth itself.]]

[[WMG: Toriko and co will eventually face an ingredient with a capture level of over 9000 .]]
Because why miss an opportunity to use that joke?

[[WMG: Komatsu's Gourmet Cell Demon is actually [[spoiler:Froese as a Food Spirit.]]]]
Seriously, it's obvious that he received PRO TIPS from her on how to prepare Acacia's Main Course, which only she would know.

[[WMG: Starjun has two demons]]
In chapter 361, it is revealed that Starjun was born with his scars. As seen with Toriko and Midora it is possible for an Appetite demon to influence their host's appearance. Since Starjun's demon does not those same scars that must mean he has another one with the same scars.

[[WMG: Neo's Gourmet cells have cancer]]
Near the end of Don Slime's ill-fated battle against Neo, Pair confirms that Neo's cells are somehow different from normal Gourmet Cells. This implies that Neo's cells have suffered some sort of mutation. Real cancer is disturbing enough -- imagine what Gourmet Cell cancer must be like. This might be the reason Neo is nearly impossible to kill and so damn hungry all the time, to the point that his appetite defies death itself. Heck, when Neo manifests itself in its latest host, it even looks like a bunch of tumors.

[[WMG: Acacia is a [[spoiler:well intentioned extremist all along]]]]
[[spoiler:While his present mental state is unclear at best, he certainly did create NEO(the organization, not the demon) and cooperating with the blue nitro for some reason, so he couldn't have been a spotless saint all that much. However when I examine his actions so far, I am quite convinced that his goal is noble in nature, for example: His alliance with the blue nitro and personal connection with Pair suggest that they have similar goals, namely the sealing of Neo, the fact that even in such an unstable state Pair is still willing to trust him to not deviate from this goal kind of paint him as a trust worthy individual, much different from the heartless backstabbing monster of a man his confrontation with Jirou seems to show. Further more his fight with Jirou can also be seen from a different light: Jirou is neither skilled enough nor powerful enough to stop Neo, Acacia clearly shown that in the fight, but most importantly he shows Jirou was certainly not mentally ready to fight Neo - Jirou was simply too nice, from the fact that his knocking only try to restrain to the fact that he waste time demanding an answer from his enemy, Jirou shows he's in no position to do what was required of him, namely killing Acacia in cold blood. The fact that he killed Jirou by annihilating his body was also of suspect, Neo will always try devour its prey both to get satisfaction from their emotion and material, not to mention that it most likely consume their spirit as well so that anything it eats can no longer be resurrected, and therefore destroying Jirou's body would only serve to free his spirit into the spirit world where Ichiryu is, completely countering Neo's modus operandi in both its back story and its fight with Air and Don Slime. Further evidence lies in the past when Acacia was living with his companion and sons, if he was really a monster from the beginning why would he pretend to be a saintly man with noble intensions in the first place? It is not like he could use his sons for his plans, the most he got out of them was tricking Midora into reviving Froese and installing deep cover agents into their organizations, which in the grand scheme of things don't seem that important, not to metion he could have done most of them by himself anyway, at the end all it did was creating three demi-gods all of which are against his organization. So no, I don't think he fake those tears, oh and Froese clearly loved and sympathized with him, try do that when you are evil to the core.]]

[[WMG: Neo exist in [[spoiler:both the physical and metaphysical plains]]]]
Neo's appetite is completely irrational if it is purely a [[spoiler:physical or even energy]] existence, for even a black hole can't swallow a [[spoiler:supernova]] instantly without disrupting the planet it's on, but if half of its existence is [[spoiler:metaphysical]] then almost all of its power can be explained: It could consume enormous amount of energy and material in an instant, it could actually be sated by [[spoiler:metaphysical concepts like fear]], its mass changes freely and seemingly able to regenerate better than majin Buu, an ability that is actually quite rare in this manga([[spoiler:Ichiryu got defeated when his body was poke full of holes by hungry space, Jirou needs healing water to regenerate his missing hand, and use of Life to survive decapitation, most of the powerful beings in this setting only uses techniques such as Enbu ,damage knocking to transfer/cull/freeze damage or reviving items like heal water to regenerate, or just being hardy enough to tank world scaring attacks]]), and the fact that anything it consumes [[spoiler:cannot be revived.]] [[spoiler:This theory also explained what Ichiryu found in the depth of the spirit world, that mass of organic looking thing could be Neo's other half, with the material, energy and spirit of every being it consumed in its life time trapt inside yet accessible to Neo at all times, giving it massive energy and material reserve not to mention storage space for much more. Of course all demon in the Toriko world has both physical and metaphysical aspects, but Neo seems to be the only one currently that could not only exist in both at the same time but still connected to each other.]]

[[WMG: Acacia and Neo [[spoiler:are separate beings in the current story line]]]]
[[spoiler:In the current story line, Acacia and Neo is seemingly acting in turn rather than as one single being. It seems very clear when one is in control simply by looking at the whose face was shown, who was speaking at the moment, and how they were individually addressed by name by the blue nitro. I look back at the time when they kill and ate Air, it was Acacia's face doing the eating, and then he seemingly warning the blue nitro that if it is not constantly feed it will lose control and eat them as well which was almost immediately proven when Neo's pieces shoot out from its body clearly without Acacia's input. The fight with Don Slime is entirely done by Neo, shown by having Neo head eating Don Slime, Acacia is nowhere to be found yet as soon as Pair comes into the scene Acacia surfaced once more. The fight with Jirou was entirely Acacia, note the technical fighting style, and not eating the opponent after the fight. My theory is that Acacia is currently having priority control of the body, and can control it at will as long as he keep Neo sated, but keep in mind that this is most likely temporary and taxing explaining why Acacia is not in control all the time. Of course Neo is currently incomplete, so maybe Acacia will no longer be capable of control as it fully awakens by the Full Course, whatever it maybe this is likely Acacia's last stand.As of the newest chapters however, Acacia seems to be completely corrupted by Neo's influence, although they still speak to each other a telling sign that their still separate beings, it seems they goal is now aligned, therefore the good Acacia maybe no more at this point in time leaving only his appetite behind as an ally/puppet of Neo.]]

[[WMG: Toriko will pick Nitro as his Meat Dish]]