!![[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter]] is a [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]].
* How would he get all that stuff in ''Skating Retards'' and ''Total Chaos''?
* He may have a teleporter machine.
** And how did he get that, then?!
*** [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 The Engineer]] built one for him.
* Then how does Peter get the money for all the stuff he found?
** Everything's a lot cheaper nowadays.
* ''Brain-Sucking!'' made Peter dash off "to everybody" as Franchise/TheFlash.
!![[WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland Chris Maclean]] and [[WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce Meatwad]]'s talk show in ''Toonville in the Making'' is the main plot of the fanfiction.
* Considering their segments are the ones shown the most, this may be confirmed.
** Although this may be true, other things are focused on in ''Toonville in the Making'', like the Harold vs. Everybody chapters.
!![[WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends Lumpy]] is [[Series/DrakeAndJosh Crazy Steve]] in disguise as a moose.
* His insane behavior is pretty much all the evidence you need. He is also "voiced" by Jerry Trainor, who was Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh.
!!Toonville is on a planet located near Earth.
* A planet that was never discovered in the solar system, too.
** {{Jossed}}. Lordryu confirmed Toonville and other universes are on an alternate Earth.
*** And then ''that'' got retconned in favor of Toonville actually being a country next to the United States.
!!The reason for the deaths on ''Final Procrastination'' were because...
* ...of the house fire in the party from the original show's ''The Pizza Problem.''
** Even though some of the people in that episode said they never even avoided a disaster, they probably forgot about that.
*** Plus, a couple of the people who ended up on ''Final Procrastination'' died in ''The Pizza Problem.''
*** One of the partyguests who appear in ''Final Procrastination'' probably had a vision like in the actual ''Film/FinalDestination'' movies and got everybody else who appeared in the above New Series episode out, leaving everybody else most likely dead.
*** Hmm... that could make a good plot for a new Final Destination parody, perhaps a full-length movie on Fanfiction.
!!The original Toonville series (season 1 and the discontinued season 2) and its non-existent later seasons and movies are non-canon.
* Maybe there's barely a reference to an original episode in The New Series and other Toonville-related fanfictions.
* There were at least two episodes from the original episode that were remade and/or changed.
!!Toonville is actually AllJustADream or a book written by someone who supposed to be Lordryu.!!
* Technically, Toonville is a fanfiction, which is like a book, except made by a fan.