[[WMG: Drew's middle name begins with an A.]]
Just to make the PunnyName complete.

[[WMG: Potential areas to visit in a sequel.]]
It'd be boring if the second game just revisited the same cute, zany, and evil areas as the first, even if it did bring back the Malevolator and Cutifier (and even make a Zanifier) to play with their identities. The best thing to do would be to introduce new areas of the cartoon world to visit, based on other types of cartoons. How about...
* Anim-edo, the anime land. You might have to fix (or disable) a HumongousMecha or help out a MagicalGirl.
* Gross Point, the GrossOutShow land. Probably an ally of the Malevolands.
* Monochropolis, the old-timey 1930s cartoon land.