[[WMG: We all live in Tobuscus's iPhone.]]
Which means that the purpose of life is to watch Tobuscus's Lazy Vlogs.

[[WMG: Toby is a Time Lord]]
Toby has mentioned in an older lazyvlog that he's been told he looks like David Tennant. This is a subtle hint that he is a Time Lord. It also explains why the entire audience can fit into his phone- it's bigger on the inside.

[[WMG: Toby is actually very intelligent]]
Rumors are soaring around the internet that Toby is actually very smart. A genius, even. The thing is, he is a but of a goof. Think about it. He never shows a true lack of intelligence, he just seems goofy and forgetful sometimes.
* in one of his minecraft videos, he even goes as far as referencing Edger Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado." Sure he was walling a pig in a cave, but still, the guy is obviously {{obfuscating stupidity}}
* Toby would seem to be a perfect example of a really smart person with ADD, who's learned to focus his talents into things that he can do well whilst having the attention span of a flea on crack.
* Or he's just a really talented actor and successful at pulling the wool over the eyes over anyone under the age of 16.