'''Note:''' If you have not watched ''WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee'' yet, then there will be spoilers below! Read at your own risk.


[[WMG: Possible plot elements.]]

* For those who haven't seen it, the WebVideo/SuburbanKnights DVD has a [[TheStinger stinger]] where [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Mechakara]] reclaims Malachite's Hand. Based on comments from Linkara on his Twitter, this is going to tie into ''To Boldly Flee'' somehow.
** '''CONFIRMED!''' Part one does show [[spoiler: Mechakara with Malachite's hand after he captures Linkara.]]

From this, and the lines in the trailer, one might assume that there's going to be ''a lot'' of continuity nods to the other TGWTG shows. Based on the space theme, Lord Vyce's ship and the Angry Joe watchtower might show up at some point, and [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick Dark Nella]] was described as a "quasi-demonic intergalactic force of evil", so she might show up again as well (even though Dr. Block is in the teaser).

** Actually Dr. Block was instrumental in defeating her the first time, they are explicitly different characters. Even Lindsy was surprised.

As for the plot? It's probably going to involve a lot of running away and a planet blowing up (potentially via ColonyDrop from the Channel Awesome satellite), but other than that, it's not really possible to tell from the teaser alone. It also suggests that the Critic might have to perform a HeroicSacrifice at some point, but knowing the TGWTG cast, it'll be subverted in some way: he'll be easily brought back by Linkara's cloning technology, he'll survive, Ma-ti will do a BigDamnHeroes in some way, or something else.

They were looking for help in designing, modeling, and animating CG shots of a spaceship in space and doing other things, so this will inevitably involve a spaceship of some kind, possibly one that the Channel Awesome crew boards and spends a good amount of time on.
* '''Confirmed.''' The Critic fashions ''his house'' into a working spaceship!

[[WMG: The plot will be at least somewhat based on Film/StarTrekIIITheSearchForSpock]]
The ending to Suburban Nights involved the Critic and Linkara discussing ways to bring back Ma-Ti, and Linkara and Ma-Ti both quoted from ''[[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan The Wrath of Khan]]'' when Ma-Ti died. Also, the word "Remember" flooding the Nostalgia Chick's screen may be connected. The plot also involves the heroes on the run from the government.
* '''VERY confirmed.'''

[[WMG: Some of Critic's issues will be thrust into the forefront]]
The audience knows he has a mass problem with his job and a slight love/hate relationship with death. The rest of the crew don't, mostly because he never tells them anything. With all the "final journey" stuff here, and his WebVideo/SuburbanKnights-induced belief in his show that all actions have consequences and MiseryBuildsCharacter, he'll give up everything at some point but [[TenMinuteRetirement then will come back to save everyone else]]. And then he can put some of his shit to rest.
* And since ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights'', a lot of cameos and crossovers have had people finally calling him out for being a bit of a freak. Maybe the mass rise in sci-fi jokes aren't the only {{foreshadowing}} that's being going on.
** '''Confirmed'''. Or at least the "issues are important and everyone knowing" parts. He's also trying to deal with them like a grown-up this time around.

[[WMG: All the shots in the trailer are not in the movie and were just made ''only'' for the trailer, just like in the one for ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights''.]]
* Apart from a few segments, everything in the Suburban Knights trailer ended up in the film. So while a a few minor things may or may not be in the film from the To Boldly Flee trailer, none of it was made just for the trailer. And if your talking about the first teaser, the teasers for To Boldly Flee were vastly diffrent from the one for Suburban Knights and even then the group walk from the teaser of Subruban Knights did appear in the film, if played for laughs.
** Jossed. Was anyone ''really'' expecting this to be confirmed?

[[WMG: Malachite/Mechakara/Whatever-Villain-It-Is-This-Time is hunting them down]]
Let's wrack up the evidence: the title, Critic concernedly looking around his house, the suited men with guns and almost everyone looking either paranoid or guilty. Perhaps Linkara convinces them that his spaceship is safer, but turns out to be dead wrong with planets blowing up and such.
** Jossed. Terl wants Critic dead, but they go into space because Critic wants to save Ma-Ti and Spoony.

[[WMG: At some point, there will be a serious argument between the Critic and Linkara]]
The Critic will likely try to assume a leadership position and formulate some sort of strategy to stop the villain, but Linkara will argue against it, partly by claiming that he knows more about space travel or fighting super-villains.
** Possibly supported by their growing frustrations with each other in ''Franchise/StarTrek'' month, with Critic not wanting Linkara around and Linkara pissed off enough with the Critic to have a binder's worth of his mistakes.
*** {{Jossed}}. [[spoiler: By the time Linkara shows up, Critic's already gone into the PlotHole.]]

[[WMG: This is indeed the last journey of The Nostalgia Critic]]
After getting his ass handed to him in the Brawl, gaining and then losing a micronation in less than a week in WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} and finally losing Ma-Ti in WebVideo/SuburbanKnights, this will be the last straw for the Critic. After this movie is done, he will hang up his tie and quit reviewing.
* Although two things have been brought up - a [[http://techcrunch.com/2012/06/28/blip-original-content/ deal with Blip]] and [[http://blip.tv/chasingthemuse/interview-nostalgia-critic-conbravo-2012-6294495 this interview]] with [[WebVideo/WarningReadersAdvisory Derek the Bard]] - neither of them go out of their way to confirm or deny that ''The Nostalgia Critic'' series is continuing, only that Doug is.
** The article from blip states "The first partners Blip Studios has struck deals with already represent hundreds of millions of views through the Blip platform. They include Nostalgia Critic, a long-running series that features Doug Walker critiquing stuff like television and video games from the 80s and 90s". How does that not confirm that the Nostalgic Critic is not going to continue?
*** [[http://chezapocalypse.tumblr.com/post/31496547847/feels-nothing-more-than-feels Lindsay clarified that the deal had nothing to do with the content, just the producers should produce stuff regularly]].
*** [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/video-updates/36516-no-more-nostalgia-critic Confirmed...]]

[[WMG: The Critic character won't be retired altogether, but he'll be radically reinvented.]]
I can't imagine Doug would ever abolish the character entirely, but he's talked before about he has to work continually to keep things fresh -- retiring old memes, introducing new formats, that kind of thing. After more than four years, now, I imagine he might be looking for a more dramatic way to shake things up, especially in the wake of big changes in his real life, like his recent marriage. A new beginning might sound appealing. It also forms a nice trilogy of development for the Critic: Kickassia featured the Critic at the height of his power-hungry douche-ittude, Suburban Knights broke him down and shook him up, and To Boldly Flee would rebuild him new and better than before.
* [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/video-updates/36516-no-more-nostalgia-critic Jossed]]

[[WMG: The Guy in the suit is an [[Franchise/MenInBlack MIB]] agent...]]
And there's more than one of them. It works with the theme and ties into the WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick's Creator/WillSmith Month.
* Also, one of the reviewers is or is mistaken for an [[HumanAlien alien]].
** Jossed. They're from the government and there to shut the team down.

[[WMG: "Final journey" is [[ExactWords Exact Wording]]]]
NC is not quitting, nor even coming close to winding down, but this will be the last feature-length adventure plot he or the TGWTG crew be in (otherwise, where else does NC "journey" to? the show is more or less shot in a single room). Further anniversaries will be either another Brawl or a HyperlinkStory.
** This is possibly proven by the Fourth Year Anniversary photo sales as it was said that this might be the last big anniversary special.
*** "on this scale". You can't really go much more scale-y than space. They'll probably dial it down a bit, but fans have come to expect a week-long series and will riot if it goes back to a half hour thing.
** Whilst Holly has stated that there will be future anniversary specials, the part about the NC continuing on has been decisively [[spoiler:[[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/video-updates/36516-no-more-nostalgia-critic Jossed...]]]]

[[WMG: The 4th year will lead into the redesign of the TGWTG website that was promised to be happening sometime this year]]
Full credit for this piece of FridgeBrilliance goes to WebVideo/TheFilmRenegado, who brought it up [[https://twitter.com/TheFilmRenegado/status/217847909138440192 on his Twitter]].
* Given the recent announcement by Doug Walker about [[spoiler: WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic series ending, and new ventures beginning,]] possible at least.

[[WMG: One of the reviewers has been replaced/possessed by whatever the villain on the special will be]]
Place your bets!
* It would be great if an over-the-top villain like Dr. Insano possessed one of the other characters, since it would really give that reviewer a chance to overact!
* A couple of gloves, and Mechakara could easily substitute Linksy.
** Wouldn't be the first time that it happened.
** Confirmed! Mechakara takes Linkara's place, and later modifies WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick in a manner similar to [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Seven of Nine]] along with WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows as Franchise/{{Robocop}}.

[[WMG: There will be scattered cameos by TGWTG members unable to attend the filming proper]]
WebVideo/DiamandaHagan said on the TGWTG forums that she [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=40073&p=647428#p647428 "filmed a little something"]] for the fourth year. Additionally, the appearance of WebVideo/JesuOtaku might mean that [[WebVideo/WhatTheFuckIsWrongWithYou Nash]] may also have a brief cameo. Also, it only seems logical that That Sci-Fi Guy would make an appearance in a sci-fi story (especially considering his cameos on The Nostalgia Critic during Star Trek month.)
* '''Confirmed''' for [[spoiler: That Sci-Fi Guy, Welshy, Diamanda Hagan, Suede, Rap Critic and Handsome Tom]]
** And later, [[spoiler: Benzaie, Jillian, Nash and Mike J]]

[[WMG: [[WebVideo/WhatTheFuckIsWrongWithYou Space Guy]] will be involved somehow]]
It's set in space. Space Guy is from space (doy). And despite Nash not being present for filming, Space Guy was (nearly) always a green-screen role, so there's that little problem covered.
* ''Jossed'' - Space Guy doesn't appear, but Nash does.

[[WMG: The villain will be a reference to SOPA in some way]]
The second trailer hints at the government's involvement and a line about freedoms being endangered is mentioned.
* '''Confirmed.'''
** ''Doubly'' confirmed -- both the starting villain (Lame R. Prick) and (apparently) the Big Bad the Executor ([[spoiler: also known as Christopher Clod, head of the MPAA]]) are connected to it.

[[WMG: The film will be about the Critic finally doing something about being a loser.]]
He is put under house arrest by the government, and the second teaser implies that he is fully intent on driving into a black hole. He could be experiencing the worst state of depression he ever had.
* Confirmed. Aside from a few snags, he's actually being a good leader and being honest with people about what he's feeling. [[spoiler: Also, he finally finds his purpose as he absorbs the PlotHole]]

[[WMG: Creator/JamesRolfe will make another cameo.]]
Despite being more-or-less filmed concurrently with ''The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie'', James did pay Doug a visit to [[http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=346924232040711&id=127127037353766 film a cameo]] for the Nerd movie so its entirely possible that a brief cameo for ''To Boldly Flee'' was also filmed at the same time.
* [[spoiler:'''Confirmed'''.]]

[[WMG: Luke will get herself into trouble, and Film Brain will be the one to save him.]]
It's been a theory since the last anniversary - Film Brain returning the favor after Luke saved him from being hypnotized by the Cloaks.
* {{Jossed}}. They had their own separate plots.
** Actually, semi-'''confirmed.''' Not quite as dramatic as most were expecting, but Film Brain beams Luke onto the Executor's ship. Not a life-or-death situation (well, not for Luke, anyway), but still.

[[WMG: There won't just be one villain.]]
Instead, the sci-fi oriented villains from the site will be banding together to take down the Critic's team. We know that Mechakara, General Zod, Dr. Insano and Terl from Battlefield Earth will be appearing, so they might be some members of the villain alliance.
* Confirmed for the most part. Turrell and Zod both work under the Executor, and Mechakara allied with them for his own purposes [[spoiler: until he finds out they couldn't fulfill their part of the deal.]] However, Insano was there mainly for the critics to swipe his stuff. [[spoiler: And no one had considered that Ma-Ti technically was a villain]]

[[WMG: [[WebVideo/TheReviewers Space Lancer Steve]] will finally appear.]]
If there's one occasion where he'll be needed, this is it.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: There will be a threat to the video reviewers' livelihoods as an opposing force gets rid of all bad movies, shows, games, and comics in order to create a better world. They go on their mission to fight losing everything they review!]]
Most of the things these reviewers cover are seen as being badly made. What's the worst thing that could happen to their jobs? LOSING bad movies, shows, games, and comics! The agent's line "Smurfs 2 may have to be canceled" from the second trailer is part of a scene that explains this.

[[WMG: Ma-Ti is back as...]]
* A SpiritAdvisor / force ghost a la Obi Wan in the two [original trilogy] StarWars sequels.
* A vision in a dream Critic is having.
* Really Ma-Ti, who has survived somehow and has come back to Critic.
* The Spock to Critic's [=McCoy=], his memories and personality somehow alive within Critic.
** '''Partially Confirmed''' [[spoiler: His character has been transfered to Spoony's body.]]
* [[ComicBook/BlackestNight A Black Lantern]], used by the BigBad to strike at the Critic. The Critic won't know anything about Black Lanterns, which the undead Ma-Ti will capitalize on. It would fit, considering the sci-fi nature of [[GreenLantern the source material]] and the dark twist to his heart motive.
* Or just an illusion, created by the bad guys to either get the Critic so broken he's out of commission ([[TenMinuteRetirement something we've seen a bit of already]]) or to be their UnwittingPawn. Fans have noted that the voice sounded more feminine than Bhargav, and Critic isn't exactly the strongest when it comes to being manipulated.
* He isn't actually back; the Critic is just losing it [possibly from guilt].

[[WMG: Orlando Belisle Jr.'s character is...]]
* Malachite.
** A [[HeelFaceTurn redeemed]] Malachite.
** An unredeemed Malachite forced into an EnemyMine situation upon learning that [[spoiler:Mechakara has his gauntlet]].
** An [[LaserGuidedAmnesia amnesiac]] Malachite.
* A completely new character.
** Who is (considering the lab coat and the actor's martial arts skills) a BadassBookworm and/or MinoredInAsskicking.
** A scientist who is studying the weird thing in space and and possibly designed the spacedrive for the ''Exit Strategy''.
* Roger the Guardian Angel. He's back from the dead and pissed off.
** Possible Joss - Considering his newest Nostalgia Critic appearance, they appear to be on (relatively) good terms.
** Now completely jossed.

[[WMG: Critic's personality changes will be explained as influence from Ma-Ti]]
* When Ma-Ti died, his last action was to slap his hand against Critic's face. When he did this, he used the last of his power to turn Critic into a SoulJar, allowing Ma-Ti's essence to live on. This is why, since WebVideo/SuburbanKnights, Critic has been showing somewhat different personality traits. Whereas before he was almost 100% HatesTheJobLovesTheLimelight, now he's trying to get over that and seems to derive some pleasure from his work, which is Ma-Ti exerting influence over him trying to get him to live and enjoy life via ThePowerOfLove.
** That... hasn't... really been the case. He's always had good traits (loyalty, defending children, brave when it matters) and bad traits (temper, violent, refuses to tell anyone anything), even way back before the brawl. If anything's changed since SK, it's that he goes into dumbass GuiltComplex mode more.
** OP here, and I deleted the negative part about the Critic. You are right; it's just been a long day, and I was [=WMGing=] from a bad place.
*** And jossed. Ma-Ti is in Spoony's body and Critic's just been having a year long HeroicBSOD.

[[WMG: Mechakara will form a FiveBadBand.]]
* BigBad: [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Mecha]][[RoboticPsychopath kara]], who will use his experience fighting Linkara and ManipulativeBastard tendencies to war against Channel Awesome
* TheDragon: There will actually be [[CoDragons more than one.]] The first will be [[WebVideo/SuburbanKnights Mala]][[EvilSorceror chite]]-a DragonWithAnAgenda and TheStarscream who's allying to get back his gauntlet. The second, in order to counteract Malachite, will be [[{{Superman}} General Zod,]] [[EvenEvilHasStandards who wants to teach us a lesson about Christmas trees.]]
* TheBrute: [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment The Ultimate Warrior]], who will be a dangerous fighter thanks to [[GreenLantern his Red Lantern ring]] and bringing people to madness with [[InsaneTrollLogic insane rambling.]] [[Film/BattlefieldEarth Terl will join as well]], though his only use will be [[{{Fartillery}} farting nuclear bombs.]]
* TheEvilGenius: [[WebVideo/TheAngryJoeShow Corporate Commander]], who helps finance their actions. [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Dr. Insano]] will also join in the fun, helping to build inventions.
* TheDarkChick: [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick Dark Nella.]]
* SixthRangerTraitor: [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Douchey McNitpick]], who will try to be the BigBad, but fail [[BigBadWannabe miserably]] [[IneffectiveSympatheticVillain and hilariously.]]
* Mostly Jossed.
[[WMG: In relation to the above, we'll have...]]
...That Guy as a BiggerBad and ManBehindTheMan to Mechakara. It sure seems like what he'd do.
[[WMG: Film Brain's idol worship of the Critic will finally be broken]]
He's the one who tells Critic that if he goes into the black hole he'll never return, and what better for a BrokenPedestal storyline than to find out your fanboy!crushee is potentially looking to kill himself?

[[WMG: Some of the costumes are going to be worn by {{Evil Counterpart}}s]]
* It's extremely likely that Mechakara's pretending to be Linkara again, 7-of-9 Chick is followed by a guy in the same sort of helmet as the men in the field, Dredd!Critic is shown outside fighting while suit!Critic is only seen inside his house/ship, Spoony is dragged by guys in black suits and strapped to something making his eyes go white, Zod and Terl are in this being played by Doug and Noah obviously, plus the site has a hard-on for {{evil side}}s and {{shadow archetypes}} in general.
** {{Jossed}} - Dredd!Critic is explictly stated to just be the Critic in "battle armor" & the shot of him outside comes when the ship's teleporter isn't working correctly and accidentally beams him outside of the bunker Spoony was kept in.

[[WMG: The NegativeSpaceWedgie leads to the Afterlife, and they use it to bring back Ma-Ti]]
WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick's computer screen starts filling up with the word [[Film/StarTrekIIITheSearchForSpock 'Remember']]. The Critic is hearing Ma-Ti's voice. Film Brain makes the comment "If you go in there, you might not return." At least part of the movie will focus on them flying the ''U.S.S. Exit Strategy'' to the Wedgie so that they can use it to find Ma-Ti and bring him back, similar to how ''[[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd At World's End]]'' brought back Captain Jack.

[[WMG: Bennet the Sage will be just like Tetsuo]]
He'll breathe in space and have a choir going off whenever he uses his powers. He'll even shout "Kaneda!"

[[WMG: There'll be at least one segment where Critic won't appear]]
In some shots in the teaser, Phelous is sitting in the commander chair with Critic nowhere to be found, Doug said on Facebook that he got even skinnier from all the work so being offscreen for a bit would make it easier on him, and it'd still be mainly Critic's story, just a chance for the other reviewers to take a turn in the spotlight.
* While he has yet to be absent from an entire segment, large portions of segments have kept the focus on the other reveiwers. Most notably part 5, which mainly focuses on Snob and Film Brain.

[[WMG: Oancitizen is playing some sort of cosmic being like the Beyonder]]
I noticed in the teasers that he's never actually with the crew. His shots are just him floating in space while playing with stars, confronting Luke Mochrie, and he only wears his Yoda ears in his actual home. I wouldn't be too surprised if he was flown into Chicago just to do green-screen shots.
* Somewhat confirmed by an entry on Kyle's twitter: "My role is a very subtle nod to Tarkovsky's Solaris. I play THE VERY EARTH ITSELF."
** Assuming it wasn't sarcasm, of course...
* Jossed as of Part 7 - He's just himself.

[[WMG: The men in the suits will be {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s believing they're doing the right thing]]
...okay there's no evidence for that, but with Doug's penchant towards GrayAndGrayMorality (or blacker), it's worth throwing out there.

[[WMG: The Critic will pass the DespairEventHorizon.]]
Ever since WebVideo/SuburbanKnights he's shown to be falling apart and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his job. By WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee, something will set him off to the point that he'll go into the NegativeSpaceWedgie/commit suicide.
** Let's see what happens to him just from the trailers. Ma-Ti is blaming him for his death, Terl wants him to die painfully, suited guys are putting him under house arrest, his friends and crew are getting assimilated, he seems to think he's never done anything good in his life, he's getting consumed by the blue thing, there's a lot of nods to there being a choice, and it looks like he's talking to ''[[TheUnfavorite Film Brain]]'' about how reviewing life sucks. Even if he doesn't actually have suicidal tendencies this time, nobody would be able to blame him if he did.
* Confirmed, if not before WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee began [[spoiler: then definitely by Part 7]].

[[WMG:Spoony will sacrifice himself in the Critic's place by jumping into the anomaly]]
[[WMG:Spoony will die saving the ship, ala Wrath Of Khan]]
* '''{{Jossed}}''': Anything involving Spoony's character being written off like this has been thoroughly busted by everyone involved in the production, including Spoony himself.''To Boldly Flee'' was filmed long before Spoony's departure from TGWTG, and everyone has stated that there were no changes made to the film because he left.
** Hell, Spoony never had much of a role besides DistressedDamsel anyway. Most of Noah's energy went into Turrell.

[[WMG:Series/KamenRiderFourze or Series/PowerRangersInSpace will be referenced at some point]]
Because space.
* Maybe even Wheatly or the cores will make an apperence
* Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger might get referenced as well

[[WMG: All the crossovers Critic's been doing lately are leading up to this movie]]
* Not that it'd be bad if they were just enjoyable {{fanservice}} and friends taking the opportunity to work together, but with everyone getting a go with him (not like that!) and the teaser making it look like the days of leading through Nazis are long gone, it's a reasonable theory.
** Or, with the addition of Doug letting his facebook fans decide next week's episode subject, they're a way of making people keep on thinking that it's the end of the Critic (as probably only a minority know about the blip deal). Tick off all the crowd-pleaser boxes, as it were.
** Jossed by Linkara, who's said the Critic's crossovers are just a way to split the workload for the weekly NC's in half so Doug can spend the majority of his time editing the anniversary stuff.
** But confirmed by Doug at Shadocon, as he told everyone that the character was going to be gone soon, so if they wanted to get a crossover with him, "come and get it now".

[[WMG: WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows's face will finally be shown to the audience]]
* Given how his insecurity is set up in Part 3, it seems likely that he might show it to somebody, if not the audience.
** Semi-Confirmed. He shows his face to Lupa and Seven of Eleven, but not the audience. According to the latter's reaction, it's absolutely terrifying.

[[WMG: Spoony and Linkara's current storylines will both wrap up here.]]
* 1. Linkara's is already linked to WebVideo/SuburbanKnights, and his magic being de-powered is awfully convenient if this is a straight-up sci-fi. His ship is also explicitly still working, and exists in the same universe as Angry Joe's station.
** {{Jossed}}, by Linkara. He has already confirmed that his current storyline is set after ''To Boldly Flee''. However, they do (Coincidentally or not) tie-in to one another, with [[spoiler:everyone viewing Mechakara's behaviour as in-character for Linkara, effectively serving as {{Futureshadowing}} for Linkara's [[HeelRealization current arc]] on ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'']].
* 2 Spoony is coming to the end of his Black Gate story, which goes all the way back to the first Warrior crossover between them which was the genesis for several characters in both series.
** {{Jossed}}, Spoony wrapped up the Black Gate plot before the first part of ''To Boldly Flee'' was released, and it leads into his ongoing meta-plot, not this.
* 3 Both have been treading water story-wise for weeks. This is normal for Spoony's usual slow release speed, but comes off as playing for time for Linkara.
** '{{Jossed}} by Linkara, his current plot is partially dependent on when other people are free.

[[WMG: WebVideo/JesuOtaku will be treated as a ButtMonkey]]
She's dressing up as [[GenkiGirl Ed]][[CloudCuckooLander ward]] and her Twitter hints that she's playing this role, which the other reviewers will find annoying.

[[WMG: There will be a VillainTeamUp...]]
...between Malechite and Mechakara. However, this will lead to them turning against each other, possibly in a power struggle of some kind. [[EvilVersusEvil Let the]] [[PassThePopcorn games begin!]]
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: This film will restore the Critic's desire to review]]
He ended his review for Film/ScoobyDoo with a recreation of the ending of "All Good Things", the GrandFinale of ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration''. In ''To Boldly Flee'', Critic will be found to have stopped doing reviews, and will be brought out of a TenMinuteRetirement to help save the world. The adventure will somehow restore his love of reviewing and he will don the hat and tie once again with renewed vigor. Or venom.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: The events of the Film/ScoobyDoo review will start the events in the special]]
During the review, the world was nearly destroyed by the film and it was clear that it was causing rips in space and time. The fact that all three versions of the Nostalgia Critic were interacting with each other is bound to cause some [[TemporalParadox time paradoxes.]] The resulting paradoxes will cause a more permanent rip in space, resulting in the weird anomalies seen in the trailers. Not only that, but Critic questions his life again and is confronted by Roger about the end of the world [[spoiler:which he eventually saves, and Roger leaves him with the lines "I will see you OUT THERE," which one can interpret as meaning "outer space."]] By the end of the review, Critic appears to try and really be friendly for the first time but still has some thinking to do, which may continue in the special.
** Plus Critic says "the sky's the limit" in the poker game, which is just too perfect {{foreshadowing}} to be coincidental, and if he's imitating Picard here then he's sure to imitate Kirk in the special.

[[WMG: They went the space route so they don't have to worry about filming outside so much.]]
After what they went through with WebVideo/SuburbanKnights, SOMEONE had to suggest this.

[[WMG: The mysterious opposing force casts some spell on various reviewers so they turn into sci-fi villains against their will.]]
The villains that some of the cast play could be Spoony, Critic, etc. being brainwashed and part of the Critic's tasks involve somehow bringing them back to normal.
* [[FridgeLogic How would Critic bring himself back to normal?]]
** He'll FIND A WAY.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: The MIB guys are working for Terl and the other villains]]
And putting Critic under house arrest is just a way of making him easier to kill, as it looks like he and Chick narrowly escape getting blown up twice.

[[WMG: The story will end with a scene homaging the final episode of Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion]]
It's perfect. The Critic is in a dangerous place mentally and this "save Ma-Ti" situation isn't helping. With all the other dangerous stuff going on, the Critic's mind will be pushed to the limit. This, stacked up with his own low self-esteem will lead to a final moment of inner introspection (be it in the giant void seen in the trailer or in a battle in his own mind) where he finally learns to love himself, his job and the people around him. Culminating in everyone in the mini-series in a circle clapping and "CONGRATULATIONS" by all.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: The Big Plot Twist of the movie will be that Dark Rob is the main villain]]
The villain in the trailer appears to be Rob Walker channeling his Emperor Palpatane again.
* Technically Jossed. The Executor is just a Palpatine Expy.

[[WMG: Chick will be the first to be assimilated]]
Her costume is the most borged out of all of them, the first trailer had her in normal clothes looking terrified at something we don't see, her computer goes crazy in the second trailer, her BlackComedyRape-filled obsession over Todd will be prominent, the third trailer had her holding a scary looking drill and Lindsay said "Lupa will fall. They all do" on facebook. Something will bring her humanity back though.
* Confirmed in Part 3.

[[WMG: Terl was supposed to be protecting Psychlo in ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'']]
And Critic distracted him from overseeing everything by bitching about the movie. That's why he wants revenge for his "life getting destroyed".
* Or, probably more likely, he's a NeverMyFault dick who wants to take his frustrations out on the last human he had a conversation with.

[[WMG: Comicron 1 and Linkara will pull a Big Damn heroes.]]
* Linkara's been stuffed into a closet for the moment and Mechakara has taken his place, at some point the Critic's space-house will be severely damaged and Comicron 1'll swoop in to save the day.
** I'll go one better: He'll open communications with Terl or Zod, and when they put him on-screen, he'll be in his [[Franchise/StarTrek Starfleet]] uniform with ''Series/{{Ironside 1967}}'''s theme playing, just like in [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic his crossover review on]] ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection''.
** Original WMG person here. I'll go one better. He'll start blasting his Theme Song through the speakers of both ships Tony Stark style.
** Either that or he'll pull a Han Solo -- "You're all clear, Critic, now let's blow this thing and go home!"
*** This one is partially {{Jossed}}, since the Critic is no longer on board the ''USS Exit Strategy''. However, he could still rescue the other critics during a Death Star run.
** Linkara just escaped from the closet and he reads TV Tropes. Here's hoping that, if he does pull a BigDamnHeroes, he'll reference the TropeNamer. Come on, how can you have a sci-fi special without Series/{{Firefly}}?
--> '''Linkara''': We arrived just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
--> '''Iron Liz''': BigDamnHeroes, sir.
--> '''Linkara''': Ain't we just?
** Or, he'll go with all of the above, and be criticised by the others for trying too hard.
** Comicron-1 is also a good possible method of getting Oancitizen close to the action, and would explain why he only shows up on viewscreens in the trailers.
*** {{Jossed}}, Oan literally travels by OffscreenTeleportation.
** Or get shot at by the Exit Strategy while trying to pull a BigDamnHeroes. After all, they know Mechakara is still out there somewhere, and it's been proven that the crew can't tell the two apart.
** He's going to save the day Battlestar Pegasus-style.
** Based off of a clip in the fourth Channel Awesome Dance Spectacular, which was briefly posted early, this seems likely.
*** [[spoiler: Confirmed]]

[[WMG: "The Hole" is a literal PlotHole.]]
Judging by the first part of the series, they seem to be setting this up--especially with that whole discussion of "inconsistencies." Appearances suggest The Hole is affecting the very fabric of reality, rewriting it in ways that are not concurrent with the previously established canon. This is why the impossible security footage of Ma-Ti and Spoony exists, why the characters are suddenly proficient in fields they have had little previous involvement in (deep-space observation, subconscious neuroimaging, etc.), and why Terl is still alive despite being on a planet that had its very atmosphere exploded. In order to prevent the universe itself from unraveling, Team TGWTG will have to seal the portal, i.e., fix the plot hole, [[StatusQuoIsGod which will ultimately undo all of the action of the film.]]
* Actually Terl being alive is not a plot hole. His Psyclone that was in Spoony's Wing Commander review is likely the Terl we're seeing here.
* Confirmed by Insano in Part 2

[[WMG: In reference to what LAG was saying about a character living on in another body, Ma-Ti, in this film, will be played by someone else!]]
A good way to get around Bargo leaving Channel Awesome.
* Considering that new footage of Bhargav has already been shown in the special, this seems unlikely.
* Curiously, this WMG is confirmed by the credits, despite the above. Rob Walker provides Ma-Ti's voice in all subsequent scenes.

[[WMG: Terl and the Executor are going to somehow force Spoony to become Doctor Insano.]]
They discuss "turning" Spoony, presumably to the dark side, to both stop him from revealing the information about the Hole that he has in his subconscious from Ma-Ti and to gain a powerful ally. [[{{Webvideo/Kickassia}} Spoony has become Insano before]], albeit it was more voluntary then. It could happen again. Plus, Doctor Insano actually appears in the second trailer for a split second, so it's a guaranteed that he'll make at least some sort of appearance in the special.
** Possibly partially {{Jossed}} as Insano has appeared and explicitly stated he and Spoony are different people... but did so saying Spoony transforming into him in ''WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}'' was due to The Plot Hole. Thus, as The Plot Hole is still around it could still happen.

[[WMG: Sci-Fi Guy isn't really dead.]]
They NeverFoundTheBody, and all we see is an exterior shot of a house getting blown up. For all we know, Sci-Fi Guy's internet connection got knocked offline when the house next door was vaporized, he realized the shot was meant for him, and he went on the run.
* Either that, or in reference to the Plot Hole Theory above, he is really dead but will come back with no explanation.
** [[spoiler: Confirmed at the very end]]

[[WMG: Paw's Space Research Committee are the alien hunting equivalent of the Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}.]]
Joe is essentially the Venkman of the group, while Paw is like Ray or Spengler (though personally Ed Glaser reminds me more of Spengler). They're basically like Ghostbusters meet Franchise/MenInBlack.

[[WMG: Paw will be the one to out Mechakara to the others.]]
It's been established that Paw doesn't watch Linkara's videos, and Linkara hangs up on him as soon as that becomes apparent. So, when Mechakara shows up among the other reviewers and using the same 'hot plate' excuse he did in Linkara's ''Ultimates 3 #5'' review, Paw will reveal that he went back and looked at the ''[=AT4W=]'' videos, and then make the connection.
* [[FridgeBrilliance This is somewhat helped]] by the fact that upon interrogating Paw about his show, Linkara actually revealed who (and what) Mechakara was. Out of all the people involved in this, the only other one who's even ''met'' Mechakara is Spoony, who...conveniently enough...is ''not'' in his best state of mind right now. Theoretically speaking, ''somebody'' has to see through the ruse sooner or later, and right now Paw's the only one who knows even remotely enough to do that.
** Actually Spoony met Mechakara, during the Blackest Night review. Mechakara converted Spoony to Black Lantern Spoony as a ploy against Linkara
* Either him or CR. Anyone else see the way he looked at Mechakara during part 2?
* Paw explicitly mentions that Linkara reviews comics in Part 3, which could mean he's feeling guilty and is now paying more attention.
* {{Jossed}}, Paw has nothing to do with TheReveal.

[[WMG: The voice in Spoony's head is Ma-Ti, but the force typing to the Chick and the Critic isn't.]]
"Why did you abandon me, Critic? Why did you leave me to die?" That's what the words on the Critic's screen say, but...they're ''not true''. Not even ''remotely''. The Critic never ''abandoned'' Ma-Ti. He was with him till the very end, and Ma-Ti died swearing friendship to the Critic, not spiting or resenting him. Whoever's sending those words can't be Ma-Ti. More likely, it's one of the villains looking to undermine the Critic by attacking his lingering sense of guilt.
* As the actual scene of the death was shown at the beginning, and The Last Angry Geek mentioned the friendship line, this is very likely.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: A former contributor will return]]
Just like WebVideo/ThatDudeInTheSuede did for WebVideo/SuburbanKnights. Possibly Little Miss Gamer or That Chick With The Goggles.
* Doubtful, Suede was on a hiatus, he didn't actually leave the site.
** Little Miss Gamer cameod in The Blockbuster Buster's review of Phantom Menace, and if I recall Goggles had real life problems that made her leave. The same problems didn't stop her from voicing the Magic Gun [[spoiler:Margaret.]]
*** Goggles was still on the site when she voiced the Magic Gun in Linkara's ''Silent Hill: Dead Alive'' review.
* No TGWTG contributor, but [[spoiler: WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd returned for a scene with Critic. And I mean the character: James Rolfe did do roles in Kickassia and Suburban Knights but they were not as the AVGN.]]

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic's review of ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'' really ''was'' responsible for the destruction of Psychlo via NarrativeCausality.]]
As mentioned in his third Fuck-Ups video, he misinterpreted the exact cause of the planet's destruction while reviewing the movie. However, in his effort to satirize it, he and Spoony-Terl presented the planet as it worked according to his interpretation, where a simple lit cigarette easily wiped out the entire civilization. This would not have happened if he hadn't reviewed the movie and thus made the planet conform to his criticisms in that manner. (That said, Terl is arguably foolish for not noticing that his current portrayal also wouldn't exist if not for the Critic, though this may also be seen as RageAgainstTheAuthor.)

[[WMG: Next Nostalgia Critic review]]
The first Nostalgia Critic review, after To Boldly Flee, will be a crossover with the Nostalgia Chick and they will review The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
* [[spoiler: {{Jossed}} as of now, with the Nostalgia Critic series ended, but there's still opportunities for specials.]]

[[WMG: The Last Angry Geek will be defeated and replaced by Oancitizen as the group's plot advisor]]
Considering that he's wearing Yoda ears and is already very knowledgable with literature and movies, this would make a lot of sense. It also explains why he doesn't join the group in their travel to space; he doesn't want to share the same fate. Not to mention how [[{{Foreshadowing}} he even says he'll probably die when fighting the enemy]] in Part I!
* Confirmed in Part 7.

[[WMG: Linkara will be rescued by his landlord.]]
The "Rent Due" sign is funny, but seems a tad random. While the others are off fighting Terl and Zod, Linkara's landlord will come to evict him and help him out of the finger trap so he can go help his friends. He'll still get evicted, though.
* Unlikely, Linkara mentioned in a post on Spoony's forum that he put that post-it there because he realised he would have noticed Mechakara through the peephole.
* It might be a small case of LyingCreator though. Whilst what Linkara said might be true (and makes sense), the theory of his landlord finding him could still apply.
* A bigger problem is that the note is a full foot above the peephole on the door. It doesn't come ''close'' to covering it.
* Jossed, Part 2 has us hear the police at the door before Mechakara is teleported out due to the Plot Hole. Therefore, it's safe to bet that the police broke down the door, did a sweep of the area, and found Linkara in the closet during the search (if he isn't still unconscious, that is). Then, he probably informs the police of what happened, finds out about what's going on with the others, and goes in Comicron 1 to help them.
** I wonder if Mechakara was setting Linkara for a fall. Mechkara spree of killings might have been a way to get Linkara in trouble with the law, and preventing him stopping Mechkara. That explains why the poice were there.
*** Considering that would mean the police arrest Linkara thinking "It must be him, the guy in a chinese finger trap & locked in a closet! THE FIEND!", they were probably called after someone heard the struggle between Linkara & Mechakara, or they had Linkara (And the other potential targets) under surveillance in case he was attacked next.
* Josssed. Linkara was seen managing to escape the closet on his own.

[[WMG: Lupa will catch Mechakara assimilating The Chick]]
* Hence the Seven of Nine look for her in the trailers, she's not fully assimilated, and Lupa using Ripley's famous line in the trailer.
** {{Jossed}} - Film Brain nearly walks in on it, but mistakes the noises for the two of them having sex. However, Lupa ''does'' realise that something's not right.

[[WMG: Next Atop The Fourth Wall review]]
Similar to the theory above, the first Atop the Fourth Wall after the anniversary will be a Neutro comic.
* Two problems: 1) The review schedule through September has already been posted, and 2)Neutro only appeared in one issue of one book.
** Linkara has changed the schedule before (often as a result of the comic not being as bad as he thought it was), and he has stated that there will be more Neutro in the future.
*** Except he probably meant in the context of his show using Neutro, not a Neutro comic - Kind of hard to review something that doesn't exist.

[[WMG: As The Critic goes to his heroic sacrifice later in the movie, before he leaves, he will turn to the last person he sees]]
who is begging for the critic not to go through with it. And he will say, "Goodbye. And by the way, my real name is Doug Walker."
* {{Jossed}} when the moment passes in Part 7 without this occuring.
* In Part 8, [[spoiler: a separate "Doug Walker" character appears]].

[[WMG: Critic/Chick will be addressed to some degree during the Love Triangle subplot and will possibly be canonized albeit briefly before the return to Status Quo/Critic's Heroic Sacrifice]]
* It has been stated that: Nostalgia Chick will never get Todd, The Critic and The Chick have slept together at least twice and The Critic is in love with her and that the Chick may possibly be aware of it. Also their relationship, whatever it was, was around way before The Triangle existed. Someone, possibly Todd will ask the Chick about her and the Critic or have a throwaway line about thinking she was with the Critic. This will wake her up to the reality she's been avoiding since the beginning and she and the Critic will have a heart-to-heart about it. Also was The Chipmunk Adventure review filmed before or after To Boldly Flee? If it was after then perhaps they broke up or if it was before they at least have tried to date but most likely her feelings for Todd got in the way.
** Filmed after, but canonically took place before this series. And it might have been decided that they're [[BetterAsFriends Better As Flirty Friends]], seeing how the Part One conversation went a lot better than the painful-sounding one in Chipmunk adventure.

[[WMG: Terl and the Executor will turn Spoony to their side by bringing back the original Spoony.]]
* In the finale to Spoony's Final Fantasy X review, the original Spoony and the clone Spoony were merged together. Terl and the Executor will somehow cause the clone to regain the original Spoony's personality, and possibly his Black Lantern powers.
** The clone already ''has'' the original's personality.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: We're going to see Jaffers again...]]
Sort of. (It's a dark theory but,) As he was punched into space by Malachite, ''the USS Exit Strategy'' is going to fly past his corpse floating through the cosmos.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Orlando's character will become the next Ma-ti]]
I'm not sure, but I don't think they've told us his name so it'll be easy to assume the role. This could also be funny on a meta-level since another of his characters was the one who [[YouKillItYouBoughtIt killed Ma-ti in the first place.]]
* Jossed

[[WMG: Suburban Commando is going to be referenced down the line.]]
It only seems inevitable. Here's some possibilities: Judge Critic's costume will probably have a protective cup (as both Dredd and Shep Ramsay's did before), somebody was probably "frozen today!," "It's Afterburner!"
** I propose that Spoony will use the line, after being freed from 'cardboard freezing'
*** {{Jossed}} completely

[[WMG: God is the BigBad of the movie.]]
That Sci-Fi Guy ''was'' struck down for being wrong.
* Jossed

[[WMG: There will be at least one death with every episode.]]
* {{Jossed}} - No one dies in Part 3.
** Possibly not jossed, if you want to hold onto a glimmer of hope. Mechakara is a robot wearing the dead skin of an alternate universe's Linkara. It's possible that Part 3 did feature Nostalgia Chick's death, and Seven of Eleven is actually a robot wearing her skin.
** Though they DID mention the Red Shirt effect. And with ''Phelous'', of all people!

[[WMG: [[Series/LostInSpace Dr. Smith]][[note]]and his legion of spiii-ders[[/note]] will make a cameo.]]
* He wasn't in WebVideo/SuburbanKnights, but this special is Sci-Fi themed.
** {{Jossed}} by way of RealLifeWritesThePlot - The make-up is too much of a hasslefor just a cameo.

[[WMG: Ma-ti's character was actually released from Spoony in Part 2]]
Think about it: Loads of glowing pink magic-y stuff going around making stuff all weird? Could be a side effect of pure concentrated heart!/character flying around. Perhaps Linkara finds a way to collect the Mati-ness and bring it to the gang when he catches up with them?
* Jossed. It's shown in Part 3 that Ma-Ti is still inside of Spoony. And even arguing with him.

[[WMG: Critic will be the one to become the new Ma-ti in the end]]
Him going all glowy in the trailer is Ma-ti basically joining up with him. Bhargov has been stated to no longer be part of the site, and the "new" footage of him could have been shot last year. So it could be instead of Bhargov coming back, Critic will just... y'know, end up with a "free-loading Indian man" in his head.
* Jossed

[[WMG: CR is on to Mechakara]]
* He seemed suspicious during Mechakara's "you lose, I win" speech, and did not cheer with the others when he was done.

[[WMG: Chester A. Bum will free Spoony.]]
* a) Obligatory cameo, and b) Prick and co. stole ''his'' box to put Spoony in.
** {{Jossed}} - He's freed by Sage, Phelous & SadPanda

[[WMG: Now that TheOtherDarrin is a plot point, we're seeing it happen more often.]]
Example A: [[spoiler: WebVideo/JesuOtaku as [[Anime/CowboyBebop Radical Edward]]]]
* Not necessarily; that could have easily resulted from either the machine she and CR were building or just as general craziness created by The Hole.
** Possibly, but it's mighty suspicious that when they're talking about characters going from actor to actor, and not long later [=JesuOtaku=] starts acting like Ed. I think the key will be in the rest of the, for lack of a better term, cosplaying critic, whether they act like themselves or their characters. [[WebVideo/TheAngryJoeShow Angry Joe]] refers to himself as Snake in a trailer, but that's not necessarily indicative of anything.
* More or less Jossed, seeing how it happened only to JO.

[[WMG: Jesu Otaku is going to return to normal at the end with no explanation]]
She will, however, act like she has the mother of all hangovers.
** It's pretty much a ForegoneConclusion that all the critics will return to normal either during or after the special since they have all made videos since To Boldly Flee was made
*** Partially Jossed - She is returned, but there is a reason.

[[WMG: In the very end, the only one to remember any of the adventure will be the Critic himself.]]
Having come full-circle from a BadBoss to a hero willing to sacrifice, he'll take on the memories after collapsing the plot hole and keep them to himself so his friends can go on with their lives. After all, he's the Nostalgia Critic. [[CatchPhrase He'll remember it so they don't have to.]]
* Jossed. Both Webvideo/JesuOtaku (in her Manga/HighschoolOfTheDead review) and [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Holokara]] (Marville 3) referenced it. To quote Holokara "If this is outer space... where is the PlotHole near Europa?" [[spoiler: Also, Critic technically doesn't make it out alive.]]

[[WMG: Nostalgia Chick is going to be cured of her Seven of Eleven thing]]
She will, however, retain cyborg abilities and (inexplicably) something of a robotic personality. Mechakara based her on Seven of Nine, leaving the collective while retaining traits and abilities is practically inevitable.
** Partly [[spoiler: confirmed. No sign of the ''personality'', but she does retain at least one of the abilities]].

[[WMG: Gort's Identity Possibilities]]
The character appears to be helping the critics and seems to be its own agent. The question remains: Who is it?
* Significantly: The character is introduced before the characters learn anything of the plot, so basically every single site-reviewer introduced so far can be ruled out.
* Could be [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd James Rolfe]].
** Oh PLEASE let that be so.
** It would make for a pretty neat twist, and it isn't too out of the blue considering how James makes some kind of appearance in every special.
** [[spoiler:'''Confirmed'''.]]
* Considering he hasn't even cameoed yet, Oancitizen is starting to sound likely.
** ''Film/TheDayTheEarthStoodStill1951'' is ''just'' pretentious enough that Oan might cosplay from it.
** If this is true, someone will reference the Keanu Reeves remake and he will be offended.
** {{Jossed}} - Oancitizen is [[spoiler: Yoda]], evidenced by the official signed photo released before the special started. And it is very likely that Gort will be someone special.
* How about he's The Executor's back up man? His minion after he [[spoiler: put Turrell under Zod's control.]]
** Jossed for the moment - [[spoiler: He does save Critic's life in Parts 4 & 7.]]
* Perhaps he's a literal DeusExMachina?
** His character's name will literally be Dues X. Makina. ...... yes, he'd be Japanese.
* Spacelancer Steve
** Because it would be awesome and why not?
* Sci-Fi Guy
* Jaffers
* Linkara
** Nope, still locked in his closet at the time, as seen in Part 5.
* Critic from the future.
* He's either Ask That Guy or Chester A. Bum. If it's bum, looks like this is what all that change was going to.
* Dan Rizzo aka That Aussie Guy ! He has become an unperson on the TGWTG site. But time has passed and recently, Sad Panda made jokes about him in his first anniversary review. Given how Sad Panda 'stole' the Lamp reviewer joke, maybe he has done some Rizzo joke for a reason. Maybe he wants to redeem himself?

[[WMG: Mechakara will accidentally reveal himself by doing something completely out of character.]]
* He had gotten away with acting like a creepy cyborg that talks about nothing but killing the team but when he mentions that he likes 'One More Day', everyone will realize something is wrong.
** That's such a horrible opinion it HAS to happen.
** {{Jossed}}, he's revealed when part of his face is blown off in an explosion.

[[WMG: Todd will reveal his face.]]
* After he confesses his love to Lupa, she says she can't share his feelings because of how he hides his face, she can't be confident with someone who isn't confident in himself. This will eventually lead Todd to take off the mask and reveal his face to Lupa.
** Alternate: Todd revealing his face to Chick will be what makes frees her from the hive mind.
*** Confirmed in Part Six.
** Also, the audience will not see Todd's face. The camera will cut to behind him as he unmasks so that the mystery for the audience remains. Afterall, he is Todd in the Shadows. It's his whole character that we never know what he looks like.
*** Again, confirmed in Part Six.

[[WMG: The Plot Hole is also the Blagole.]]
The Gatekeeper will be at the center of it, thus allowing pretty much all of Spoony's main characters to appear in the film.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic's "crappy" self from the end of "Film/TheGarbagePailKidsMovie" review will show up at some point]]
With the trailer claiming that he will take his final journey and the existence of the Plot Hole, it would make sense that the movie would reference the one time he (supposedly) died.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The USS Exit Strategy, aka the Nostalgia Critic's house, will be destroyed.]]
* Much of the film is a reference to the third Star Trek movie, in which the U.S.S. Enterprise was destroyed. Also, the last pre-To Boldly Flee episode of Nostalgia Critic (aside from crossovers with Phelous and Maven of the Eventide) ended with a parody/homage of the final Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. The first Star Trek: The Next Generation movie, Generations, had the Enterprise NC-1701-D destroyed. With both of these in mind, and recent [[RealLifeWritesThePlot changes in Doug's life]] to consider, it wouldn't be surprising if this film writes out the house the Nostalgia Critic has filmed in for the past two years.
** Extending this, the destruction of the U.S.S. Exit Strategy will be more on par with the destruction of the original Enterprise in Search For Spock, mainly in that the critics will commandeer Turrell's house-ship like the Enterprise crew took over the Bird of Prey. In the end, Critic will keep it as his new house when he returns to Earth.
* ....[[spoiler: [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse Maybe?]] It didn't make it very clear what happened to the USS Exit Strategy. We saw Insano hold everyone up to get his stuff back, the ship zoom around, and then cut to Luke saying that's that.]]

[[WMG: A member of the cast will be murdered by Terl]]
* In keeping with the Search For Spock motif, at some point Terl will take prisoners and have one of them executed. In the trailers, there is a brief clip of Critic taking a step back towards the Captain's seat and starting to fall to the floor. Their ignonimous death will lead the Critic to cross the DespairEventHorizon and will lead to Critic flying the ''Exit Strategy'' into the Plot Hole in an attempt to PutRightWhatOnceWentWrong.
** Confirmed ''partially''. Turl does in fact take prisoners and have one murdered...but said prisoner happened to be Phelous, So it pretty much turned out okay.

[[WMG: The big climax of the movie will be a reset and go back to Status Quo]]
* ... which means everything will get back to normal, Sci-Fi Guy will live again, everyone will loose the memory of the big universe secret (if there's one) and after Todd and [=NChick=] hook up during the adventure, they will forget everything and return to their previous interactions (she stalking him and Todd freaked out).
** Jossed

[[WMG: Oancitizen will be some kind of "Force-ghost"]]
* Which also connects with his critic-nirvana during the crossover with WebVideo/JesuOtaku.
** As of Part 7, he is just himself.

[[WMG: Linkara ''won't'' turn up again until after the plot is resolved]]
* Probably with Linkara turning up ready to help, only to be dismissed since they've already dealt with everything.
** Possibly {{Jossed}} since in Part 5, he freed himself, which indicates that he is going to play a role in saving the day.
** We've already had "Gort" save the Critic twice before, so odds are he'll do it a third time, which means Linkara lost the opportunity for a dramatic save. And if we can't have that, we might as well get an anticlimactic comedy moment instead, with Linkara all psyched for a major space fight, only to realize there's nothing left for him to shoot at.
*** Jossed - [[spoiler: He shows up just in time to save the crew.]]

[[WMG: Going through the hole will shatter the fourth wall for good]]
* In the style of ''Film/BlazingSaddles''. They'll meet their actors working on the film and Critic will punch Doug for writing his life as hell.
** [[spoiler: Confirmed - he does meet Doug Walker, but he doesn't attack him.]]

[[WMG: Ma-Ti is responsible for the whole anniversary special, in every way imaginable, unintentionally though]]
* I watched again the Battlefield Earth review. It begins when Critic decides to make a clip show, until he's stopped by the first clip he shows... where Ma-Ti forces him to do something much better, which turns out to be the review of a movie he had been asked to do very often. He does; that brings in the character of Terrl. At the end, Terrl's planet explodes indeed, but because of another Psyclon who lit up a cigarette. It wasn't the critic's fault in any way- oh wait, I digress. Now, To Boldly Flee says the Plot Hole created all Plot Holes in all past videos and reviews, and possibly the future ones too. But, wait a second; it's never explained how Ma-Ti could have a different dialogue in the clip show before the review of Battlefield Earth... It's just too fantastic and technically impossible. Which would mean it's a plot hole, thus created by the Plot Hole. Which was triggered by Ma-Ti's funeral. That also technically means Ma-Ti basically caused the entire story behind To Boldly Flee, because hadn't it been from that plot hole in the first place, Critic would never have met Terrl and would never have gained him as an enemy. Which would then mean that To Boldly Flee would never have had a reason to be made. I sense some ultimate [[FridgeBrilliance Fridge Brilliance]] here, and possibly a plot detail that might prove of extreme importance in the following parts...
** Semi-Jossed, [[spoiler:Ma-Ti was responsible for everything, but it wasn't unitentional.]]

[[WMG: Critic's pain will turn him into either an evil Judge Dredd or an UnwittingPawn]]
* Parts 1 and 2 established pretty clearly that he desperately wants to be a good guy and is miserable enough to ignore everything nice he's already done, we see from Snob's scene that the bad guys are trying to convince the crew to betray the others, the Dredd shooting bit is the only scene that has him outside, and Critic/Dredd are not particularly similar personalities. (Unlike, for instance, how Chick and 7of9 both try to be ice queens because human emotions are scary.)
** {{Jossed}}, at least as far as him becoming an evil Judge Dredd - Dredd!Critic is explicitly stated to just be the Critic dressed as Dredd.

[[WMG: Lord Vyce will make a cameo.]]
* Outside of the fact that he is very much a sci-fi themed villain, when we last saw him, [[spoiler: he was now a being made of data, floating through the vast emptiness of space swearing revenge against Linkara.]]
** Jossed

[[WMG: Ask That Guy and Chester A. Bum will make cameos]]
* Since they did in the last three anniversaries, it's almost a guarantee.

[[WMG: The schedule delay was intentional and will somehow factor into the movie.]]
* At the very end of Part 2, the last thing the Executor says is [[spoiler:that he's sending a new master for Turl]] to keep him on schedule, even though no schedule has been mentioned or referred to at any point in their conversations. Either the Executor or the Plot Hole is responsible for the delay on the movie parts.

[[WMG: Cinema Snob will join the bad guys and try to turn Luke but Luke will eventually bring him back again.]]
* After playing out the relevant scenes and dialogue from Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Her name was Luke at the time, why would they waste that?
** And considering the fact that she's going to dress up as Luke Skywalker, based on the trailers, as well as Oancitizen dressing as Yoda, this seems fairly likely.

[[WMG: Phelous has a piece of the Allspark embedded in his head.]]
Combined with his [[TheStarscream Starscream]]-like behaviour in Part 3, his [[spoiler:constant death and rebirth]] would mirror that of Starscream in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated''. And it would fit the sci-fi theme of the special, to boot.
** {{Jossed}}. He's a RedShirt, he says himself that once a red shirt dies another takes its place which is himself and his "takeover" of the Critic is simply in response to his treatment in the previous anniversary specials.

[[WMG:The Mysterious Space Man is turning the reviewers into famous characters so they'd be endowed with enough skill to prosper!]]
* Who appeared at the beginning of Part III when CR had his daydream about building the machine? The Space Man! He's helping them by having them build a machine that alters their minds and gives them skills they'd otherwise won't have! This already happened to JO, who now has the genius level intelligence to invent weapons that they use in Part IV, and it will happen to more reviewers!
** {{Jossed}} in Part 5, the machine allows them to see into people's dreams. Plus, several reviewers are just making a WholeCostumeReference & aren't being transformed (The Critic, Sad Panda, 8-Bit Mickey, Film Brain & the Last Angry Geek come to mind), whilst the people who ''are'' being transformed have (Excluding JO) been assimilated by Mechakara.

[[WMG:CR will expose Mechakara by asking him if he wants to a crossover review]]
* A combination of the above [=WMGs=]. CR! will tell Mechakara he's planing on doing a WebVideo/FamiliarFaces on a character from Comicbook/TheBoys and when this is all over, he can do a crossover with him. Mechakara will say that he'd love too, and that The Boys is one of his favorite Comic series.
** {{Jossed}}, he's unveiled as part of a chain reaction set-off by Lupa managing to break Todd free of his assimilation.

[[WMG: When Luke goes Skywalker, Cinema Snob will be her Darth Vader.]]
* With the connection Luke made between the critics and family, and her dressing and fighting as Luke, and her mentorship under Snob, it makes sense that [[spoiler: Zod, Terl, and the Executor will turn Snob into a Vaderlike figure, tempting him with a way to continue on even after criticism has run his course, much like Palpatine tempted Anakin with a way to save Padme from death. That said, since Luke is....well, [[TheDanza Luke]], she'll find a way to bring Snob back, much like Vader was brought back by his love for his son.]]
** Pretty obvious as of Part 5, as Snob is being seduced to the Dark Side in a nod towards Anakin's fall to the Dark Side in Episode III, with the same dialogue being used; plus the DVD cover art shows him with Vader's helmet.

[[WMG: Chick/Sevenofeleven will attempt to assimilate WebVideo/MarzGurl, only to be stopped half way by Lupa, leaving Marzgurl as The Major.]]
* It would explain Chick with the drill in the trailer and why [=MarzGurl=] is playing a robotic character. Plus, Lupa uses the line "Get away from her you bitch!" so that could mean both parties are female, or she didn't feel like paraphrasing.
** Whilst still possible, the scene with the drill is from [[spoiler:Todd's assimilation]].
** {{Jossed}} after Part Six, Lupa's line is in reference to WebVideo/JesuOtaku. [=MarzGurl=] isn't touched.

[[WMG: Nostalgia Chick was not assimilated.]]
* She was tied up, tossed in Mechakara's closet, and replaced by a robot double. The others will find her once they destroy Seven of Eleven and grieve for her loss.
** How does that explian the drill noises we heard?
*** Building/finishing up with the robot duplicate?
*** And what loss?
*** Believing her to be dead. Either from destroying 7 of 11, thinking it's really her, or believing Mechakara killed her and replaced her with a robot double. Then they'll find her and realise she's fine.
** Continuing with this theory, 7-of-11 will try to kill the BoundAndGagged Chick after all usful infomation has been extracted from her. Lupa, having put 2&2 together to make 4, will then burst in all Ripley style and give out the famous line from the trailer.
** {{Jossed}} in Part 5, Mechakara & Seven of Eleven outright state their plan is to assimilate the rest of the crew.

[[WMG: The final showdown will involve the two house ships transforming into giant robots]]
With all the other sci-fi movies and shows being referenced, why not throw Transformers in there as well?
* And to win the final battle, someone will push a red button that [[Film/MightyMorphinPowerRangers will simply kick Terl and Zod's robot in the crotch]].
** Part 7 shows that [[spoiler: The Nostalgia Critic's car has an Autobot symbol]], so it's pretty likely.
*** Jossed - The one sci-fi franchise that they don't reference, unless you count the Michael Bay jokes.

[[WMG:Part 8 will feature a Book End to the "Star Date... Thursday" gag in Part 1.]]
* Because Part 8 was originally going to be released on a Thursday, and the post-ScheduleSlip release still puts it on a Thursday.
* {{Jossed}}, however the Executor describes Snob completing his FaceHeelTurn & the death of WebVideo/TheLastAngryGeek as "All in all, a successful Tuesday" in Part 6, which would have been released on a Tuesday if not for the ScheduleSlip.

[[WMG: Critic is going to get captured at some point]]
* Terl wants his death, the trailers suggest he'll be separated from the rest of the crew, he has a history of it in his own show and attractive {{Distressed Dude}}s seem to be a trend [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall in]] [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment this]] [[WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob special]].
** Jossed

[[WMG: When everyone arrives at the Plot Hole and finds "Ma-Ti", it won't actually be him.]]
* I don't know who it'll be, but it'll be a parody[=/=]ShoutOut to ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier'' where "God" was actually Sybok's negative traits or something.
** Variation: an earlier WMG is that there are two "Ma-Ti"s giving different messages. This will be the fake one playing on Critic's insecurities, the other is the one arguing with Spoony and is real.
** [[spoiler: Jossed.]]

[[WMG: Linkara will refuse to help Nostalgia Critic (at first).]]
* Linkara contacted the Exit Strategy to see if they are okay and after reviewing the footage he became enraged at the fact that his friends and fellow critics couldn't tell an obvious robot duplicate from him. After a long rant about how he had been through enough drama with Kickassia and Suburban Knights and how that he had saved the universe from the Enity he ended with a huge 'F*ck You!' and turned off the com link. Then in a scene similar to Han Solo saving Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, Linkara will pull a big heroes moment and saved NC.
** Can't see it - if anything, he'd want to prove that he's nothing like Mechakara & everyone should've really figured out that it wasn't really him on the ship.
** [[spoiler:{{Jossed}}, by the time Linkara makes it, Critic's gone in the hole, and Linkara is more than happy to play the target.]]

[[WMG: The Last Angry Geek will face the Cinema Snob.]]
* He'll die as he predicted, but force Bradakin to become Snob Vader, and Luke will have to redeem him in part 8. This will mirror the whole Star Wars saga, and has been set up since Brad and Luke became "friends" in part 1.
** {{Jossed}}, Last Angry Geek dies fighting the Executor in the same manner as Mace Windu's death against the Emperor (Because an assumed ally turned on him because he believed that he needed the person he was fighting alive. Snob only puts on the Vader helmet after the Executor throws coffee in his face to burn him.

[[WMG: Lupa will free Todd from Mechakara's control by an AnguishedDeclarationOfLove.]]
* Which she will almost immediately admit to be completely false, after (or possibly before) he snaps out of it.
** Not quite, she says she'll go on a date with him if he fights back.

[[WMG: Critic needs to go into the PlotHole because he *is* a continuity error.]]
* Not saying he's a bad character or anything, Doug's made sure of that, but the suicides, the unexplained recoveries, the extreme past he's built up, ingesting insomnia pills like candy with no effect, being the DesignatedMonkey that the universe seems to loathe no matter what happens? People ''have'' said he would have died long ago in the real world...
** [[spoiler:Jossed more or less, Critic went into the PlotHole and ended up confronting Ma-Ti to apologize, and then he ''became'' the Plot Hole to keep it stable.]]

[[WMG: Angry Joe and WebVideo/MarzGurl will be assimilated as well eventually.]]
* Since both Marzgurl and Joe's costumes in the trailers are based on Franchise/GhostInTheShell and Franchise/MetalGear respectively, can be possible, since [[spoiler: Nostalgia Chick and Todd have been transformed into technological characters]].
** First of all, this makes no sense - None of the Snakes ''are half-robot'', so why would Joe be assimilated into an organic character? Secondly, {{Jossed}} as of Part Six - [[spoiler:Mechakara's deception is uncovered & he beams off the ship]].

[[WMG: If "the Plot" is supposed to be [[StarWars the Force equivalent]] and the Executor is Emperor Palpatine, bad writing will be TheDarkSide.]]
* This would go with the StarWars parallels, and may explain the Executor/[[spoiler:Christopher Clod's]] preference to [[spoiler:bad]] arts-just as how Palpatine was [[TheAntiChrist the avatar of the Dark Side]], the Executor is a human manifestation of bad writing itself(or, if you will, the Dark Side of the Plot). This is why the Executor hired Terl and is trying to destroy critics everywhere. Terl is from a bad movie, of which the Executor loves. The critics would motivate writers to work on and improve their films, and [[EvilHasABadSenseOfHumor he can't have that]]. The Plot Hole intrigues him because its generally what helps empower bad writing. [[HiddenAgendaVillain His goal?]] True to his nature(Evil Has Bad Taste?), the Executor desires nothing more or less but to destroy good culture and storytelling itself, leaving nothing but BileFascination-worthy fiction to bask in. In essence, the degradation of humanity's very artistic nature.
** [[spoiler: This seems to be more or less true from what I'm seeing]].

[[WMG: The Terl we see is a clone.]]
* Given that Spoony revealed in one of his reviews that Terl has a number of "[[IncrediblyLamePun Psychlones]]" after the Nostalgia Critic blew up his planet, this seems kinda obvious to me.
** Or maybe it's the real one and it's just another disturbance in the plot.

[[WMG: Critic going into the Plot Hole will SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong]]
* Critic going into the Plot hole will be like when [[Film/StarTrekGenerations Picard went into the Nexus]]: it will be a place outside the space/story-arc continuum, where he will meet an unlikely ally. They will then use the Hole to go back in time to stop the event that created the Hole in the first place.
** [[spoiler: Kinda confirmed. Going into the plot hole presented him with the choice to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong or go into the real world. He chose SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong (namely, getting Ma-Ti's forgiveness) and then became the plot hole.]]

[[WMG: Chick is still in love with Todd]]
* Despite the fact she now knows what he looks like, she still finds the mask sexy.
** {{Jossed}}, the second she saw his face, she was so disgusted that she 'broke up' with him.

[[WMG: There will be a parody of the final battle in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'']]
Luke Mochrie will face off against the Cinema Snob, convince him to kill the Executor, and then the Snob will be unmasked and have his HeelFaceTurn.
* Bonus points if it turns out [[LukeIAmYourFather the Snob is Luke's father.]] It doesn't have to be true, but it's too good a line to not be used.
** To be honest, many of us would prefer that they use the "Luke, I am your father" line in a context relevant to [[Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway his actual father]].
*** Snob theory jossed and Colin theory confirmed! Luke makes a "like my father before me" comment, which explicitly refers to everybody's favorite Canadian improve comedian.
*** Which isn't exactly ''Film/CitizenKane'', in the Executor's opinion.

[[WMG: In response to Terl [[spoiler:revealing he lied]], the Executor will bring forth [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} a T-1000 type enemy.]]]]
Knowing how stupid Terl is, [[GenreSavvy it would make sense to make a contingency plan]] for when [[IdiotBall the Psychlo reveals]] [[spoiler:they don't know anything about Malachite's Hand.]] The T-1000 parody fighting Mechakara would fit the fact he's a Terminator Expy(comes from a different plane, a killer robot with a flesh covering and not to mention appearing in the review of a ''Terminator'' comic) and link to ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay''. Given the T-1000's habit of deception, it would be somewhat fitting for it to be played by the Last Angry Geek. And, if they milk the parody factor, [[FanNickname C-1000]] will end up being good(either a glitch or [[TomatoInTheMirror thinking he's the Last Angry Geek]]), since Mechakara can't fit that role. And, to both draw parallel to the Terminator's defeat and to play with the outer space theme, Mechakara will be killed off by being thrown into ''Io.'' Hey, they're in orbit around Jupiter, Io [[LethalLavaLand is volcanic and suffices as the pit of molten steel]], and I'm pretty sure that if anything is going to override Mechakara's JokerImmunity it would have to be crashing 11 miles a second into a volcanic moon. And just to make sure, the Executor's Death Star will not explode, but [[ColonyDrop crash straight into Io]] [[EarthShatteringKaboom obliterating it]], since we need to make sure that [[NightmareFuel Mechakara]] is [[NoKillLikeOverkill completely and utterly]] '''[[DeaderThanDead GONE.]]'''
** Doubtably, both from the things pointed out on the YMMV page and perhaps the greater problem: why wouldn't Mechakara be finally dealt with ''in the series that spawned him'' -- IE, Atop the Fourth Wall?
*** They could still have the same happening, only with Mechakara ending up exiled in a lost planet somewhere, or literally lost in space.

[[WMG: Linkara and Comicron One will arrive with a ''The Undiscovered Country'' reference]]
* It would fit with the Star Trek referencing, and of the 'one starship arrives to save another starship' scenes in the movies, First Contact has the drawback that it was the ''main'' starship of the movie that arrived to save the day (and it would be ''hilarious'' to see [=JewWario=]'s reaction when he hears Linkara say "Fly her apart then!")...
** Partially confirmed - Comicron-1 promptly opens fire on Terl's ship after it arrives, with Linkara noting his intention is to give the enemy something else to shoot at instead of the Exit Strategy, however the closest thing to a reference to ''The Undiscovered Country'' is Linkara wearing a Starfleet uniform.

[[WMG: At the final battle, Zod will unleash his kryptonian powers at last]]
* Because we really need to have a LetsGetDangerous moment from these two, having Zod use his powers to go in a FoeTossingCharge across the Critics would be a pretty good way to do that, and then someone (probably Linkara making a BigDamnHeroes moment) will finish him off with a piece of Kryptonite.
** He doesn't even need that. Kryptonions are still completely vulnerable to magic.
** {{Jossed}} - Spoony stated on his forum beforehand that Zod will never use any Kryptonian powers during the special, and as of the ending, he didn't.
** In that case, he's going to be asked why he didn't use [[ForgotICouldFly his Kryptonian powers]]. He's going to say "Ah crap!" As for why his invulnerability didn't kick in... PlotHole!
*** {{Jossed}}, it's not clear if Terl even KNEW that Zod had kickass powers.

[[WMG: Mechakara will kill Terl]]
* Where else would Mechakara go after finding out he'd been tricked? He probably won't kill him until the end, after whatever hijinks the critics and villains will get into.
** [[spoiler:Mechakara did appear to have every intention of killing both Terl & Zod, and most likely would have if the grenade he'd swallowed earlier hadn't gone off. However, Sad Panda is the one who detonates the grenade]], [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation so it's up to you which applies]] - {{Confirmed}} because [[spoiler:Mechakara's intent ''was'' to kill Terl & he ''was'' the one who brought the grenade]], or {{Josssed}} because [[spoiler:Mechakara didn't ''actually'' kill anyone, it was Sad Panda detonating the grenade]].

[[WMG: Spoony will dress as a Franchise/FinalFantasy character in the final battle]]
* Either [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII Squall]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Tidus]], or [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Snow Villiers]] since their respective games have Sci-Fi elements.
** Cloud's a possibility, but I doubt he'd dress up as Squall or Tidus since he already did that on his own show, and he might save Snow for his ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'' review.
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: The last part will be 40 minutes long]]
* This both is a nice bookend to the 40 minute part 1, and seriously, they have a Ton of things still to clear up in The Plot.
** Rob already said, after Part I was uploaded, that the last Part would also be around 40 minutes.

[[WMG: Film Brain will save everyone]]
He now knows that Nostalgia Critic's walking into a trap, and he knows he sent luke to the bridge of the death bomb. Thus, he's the go to person to set things right once they start going wrong for the USS Exit Strategy. (and you know they will) There will probably be rescue, reveals, and other things, and most importantly, he might save The Critic through a montage of all the positive comments Nostalgia Critic videos get. (I'm especially hoping for that [[MomentOfHeartwarming comment from the peru earthquake]] to make an appearance.)
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: Jew Wario will save the day]]
* With a barrel roll.
** Or he'll be prevented from saving the day by not being allowed to do a barrel roll.
** {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: The ending will be a reference to the ''Star Trek'' reboot]]
* With Terl & Zod's ship being dragged into the Hole as it closes, and Critic & Terl playing the roles of Kirk & Nero respectively, with Zod would having an OnlySaneMan reaction to Terl refusing Critic's offer of aid, asking why he would be that stupid as their shipis destroyed. Alternately, Comicron-1 will turn up & open fire on the enemy ship as Terl & Zod bicker over accepting Critic's offer.
** {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: Spoony ''won't'' make a WholeCostumeReference]]
* As he's already had one in the role of Terl.
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: The Plant In The Corner will be destroyed in the last episode]]
* And ultimately lead to the destruction of Terl's ship. Well [[RunningGag it was the only thing tying the room together]].
** {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: An epilogue will play during the end credits covering events after the voyage.]]
* Critic will do some revamp to his reviews that [[LifeImitatesArt will be included in Doug's succeeding NC videos after Part 8 is online!]]
** {{Jossed}} The credits is simply alternative takes for the executor's death scene
[[WMG: All the odd appearances of Ma-Ti in Channel Awesome videos, especially in the Critic's, are explained by Ma-Ti being the Plot Hole at the time and merely guiding everyone owards the events of this movie.]]
* Ma-Ti appears in the review of Junior, where he says, dressed as a Judge, that Critic will have to pay for his crimes against humanity... something the Critic himself quotes in To Boldly Flee.
* Ma-Ti appears in a recording from a past episode at the beginning of the Battlefield Earth review, and the recording suddenly speaks to Critic. Recording!Ma-Ti is even the one who tells Critic to review Battlefield Earth for his 100th episode. In that episode, Critic meets Terl...
* Ma-Ti appearing the Hell out of nowhere in WebVideo/Kickassia can be explained by it actually being PlotHole!Ma-Ti, who wouldn't have had to travel all the way from Chicago to Molossia to talk to Critic. However, him telling Critic to "stop being a douchebag" can be viewed as Ma-Ti trying a final thing to see if the Critic is redeemable:
** If Critic stops being a jerk to te other contributors, Ma-Ti would realize his plans were wrong, that Critic can change, and thus that there isn't a reason to enact revenge.
** If Critic doesn't change, Ma-Ti realizes that Critic will never change and the Channel Awesome universe deserves to die.

[[WMG: The Critic is going to become mortal again with no explanation.]]
The guy fused with a plot hole, unexplained phenomena are kind of expected.
* Alternatively, he regains his corporeal form and justified it with "I'm one with the Plot Hole, and the Plot Hole is now one with the universe, therefore I am one with the universe. Being one with the universe effectively makes me God, so I can do whatever the hell I want. HA! Anyway, this shitty film..."
* [[spoiler: Not any time soon, apparently. While Doug Walker left the door open for specials, the Nostalgia Critic series is done.]]
* [[spoiler: Jossed. His return is seen in The Review Must Go On.]]

[[WMG: Spoony will be back on the site]]
* The ending basically confirmed it.
** The entire movie was filmed long before Spoony's departure, though. It's just a...weird coincidence at best that things played out the way they did.
*** There's nothing stopping a reconciliation.
*** No, there isn't, but my point is that it will really have nothing to do with the events of the movie or the implications of the ending.
** Based on Spoony's commentary, it's not likely that he'll be back on the site.

[[WMG: The critic in doug's house was the real thing]]
* During the scenes doug filmed alone, the critic ''really'' came to our world, and ''really'' had to take that decision. And the only way to communicate and help the others was to film the scenes we saw.
** Even if it didn't ''really'' really it would be great if the TGWTG talent and Doug treated the situation as real.

[[WMG: This is not AVGN's first time in the real world.]]
In the Creator/JamesRolfe's ''Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}'' review, he is shown sharing the screen with the Nerd.

[[WMG: The Critic's actions in the final part of To Boldly Flee are going to come back to bite him in the ass.]]
* While he may be at peace now, remember, The Critic has gone through quite a lot of shit in his life. No offense, but something tells me that this could backfire easily.
* [[spoiler: Not if Doug Walker ending the series is any indication]]
* [[spoiler: Ah, but he's said the Critic will quite likely return in specials so who knows?]]
** Mainly? It would just seem like a gigantic dick move to do that to him.
*** I'm not saying that it would be undone period. Rather, I'm thinking that someone would see [[spoiler: The Critic's merging with the plothole and essentially becoming God]] as THEIR chance to become all-powerful if they can [[spoiler: Sever the Critic from it]]. It might be Insano, or Lord Vyce, or [[WebVideo/DiamandaHagan a certain dictator who once came back from the dead and declared herself a "fucking goddess; someone who would be pissed to learn that some idiot now supersedes her.]] [[AGodAmI And who would decide that Critic and the rest of Channel Awesome are LONG overdue for some retribution.]]

[[WMG: The cat that got hit off-screen by Snob's lightsaber was Lloyd.]]
They needed a cat extra and as an experienced actor, Lloyd was on hand to help his buddy.

[[WMG: If Critic had decided to leave the house, for the real world, nothing would have happened]]
Doug told the Critic that he had grown as a character to the point where he was dictating how his character would react to certain situations. However, it has actually gone far farther than that. The TGWTG universe started with the Critic but other characters belong to their different actors/writers. This means that one character leaving would not harm the universe as a whole because the other characters don�t rely on the Critic to survive. At most Doug�s interpretation of their different characters would have died but the characters themselves would have continued to exist.

* The Writer said that the loss of ''any'' character would do it, but Lord Kat, Goggles, and others had already left at this point and Spoony was gone by the time it came out. Critic is actually a fairly minor player in the shared universe, his series has almost no over-arching story beyond the specials compared to WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment and WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall which cross over so much they don't even make sense separately.
** It would probably affect things in the middle of the story. You can't have a main character up-end and walk away in the middle of it.
*** It would probably result in Doug and Rob scrapping the script and starting again, which would indeed delete the fictional universe, but would replace it with another one where their previous memories were still intact. The ethics of such an action can be argued in multiple directions.
*** Spoony has made cameos for angry joe and Linkara. So WebVideo/TheSpoonyexperiment is still part of the Awesomeverse.
** As far as [=LordKaT=], Goggles, and Spoony go, I think there's a fundamental difference there. Like if the actor quits or gets fired, only the actor is gone, but the essence of the character is still there, like how Ma-Ti survived beyond Barghav. But if the character ''himself'' literally gets up and leaves the entire fictional universe, everything collapses.
* Why not a multiverse theory? In the one we saw, yes, Critic is the one that it centers on, but in some other universes, it could be Chick meeting Lindsay Ellis, or Linkara meeting Lewis Lovhaug.

[[WMG: Chester will try to take over.]]
* The first Nostalgia Critic review will start off with Chester A. Bum trying to do a Nostalgia Critic review only to be interrupted by NC.
** [[spoiler: Jossed via the Nostalgia Critic's series being cancelled. But there's still the possibility of a special.]]

[[WMG: Chronologically, The Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Mindfucks takes place shortly after ''To Boldly Flee''.]]
* He is the plot hole, might as well put his powers to the test.

[[WMG: ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights'' was what made Doug decide to retire the Critic.]]
The [[TroubledProduction production was grueling and fueled with problems]], it put Doug in a depressed state for a short time, and he must've realized that if he keeps making reviews every week ''and'' even more epic specials at this rate in the future, he'd tire himself out. Not to mention how he knew he would get married next year, and many changes were happening to the site... everything seemed to point to this decision.

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic will do a crossover review of Film/BrideOfChucky with Phelous]]
He'll [[LampshadeHanging lampshade hang]] how he's supposed to be merged with the plot hole, and Phelous will go all meta on him, whatever that means.

[[WMG: The fifth year anniversary will be...]]
* Probably something small, that would likely be filmed on the cheap at [=MAGFest=] to ensure both the maximum amount of producers and minimal travel expenses paid by the company.
* Another brawl
* A HyperlinkStory that features a handful of reviewers in each segment.
* You got to remember that Channel Awesome leased a studio. They can now do pretty much anything.
* A [[TheMusical musical]]. Makes sense given the oddly (sans music reviewers) high amount of singing talent in nearly all of the site's members.
* '''The Great Critics War:''' Now that the Nostalgia Critic's place is empty, many reviewers will try to take his position as the leader of the site. Ultimately forming three factions (Team TGWTG, Inked Reality, and BlisteredThumbs) who will have one last brawl.
** Team [=TGWTG=] will obviously be led by the Chick, since the the Critic himself encouraged her, and Inked Reality will be led by Linkara, by far the most prominent of that team. Hard to tell with BlisteredThumbs but chances are it would be Angry Joe.
* Doug Walker AsHimself leading the Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses crew.
*** Add in [[spoiler: WebVideo/JesuOtaku's]] new split personality and we have a team member who can't pick a side (though they have no idea they switching sides)...
*** This seems like the most likely possibility given the hints that have been going around

[[WMG: Everything was orchestrated by WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd.]]
* Ever since the brawl ended, the Nerd has been pulling strings to ensure the ultimate downfall of the Nostalgia Critic, [[DisproportionateRetribution just to get back at him for the burn the Critic made against him in the review of]] Film/MortalKombatAnnihilation. To wit:
** He could potentially have been the one who (anonymously) alerted the Critic about the existence of Molassia, thus kickstarting the events of WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}
** He made a cameo as Board James to throw suspicion away from himself while the group was planning to rebel against the Critic
** He could potentially have allowed the Critic to obtain the video cassette that would make him buy into the chain letter map Malachite sent; kickstarting WebVideo/SuburbanKnights
** He hijacked the ancient spirit that gave the group information about the ring that'd have an effect against Malachite; making the group (and the Critic especially) root for and encourage Ma-Ti battling Malachite in his ultimately last struggle
** He was calling to the Critic to reach the plot hole even before he went into space
** He supplied [=JesuOtaku=] and CR with the machine that would allow them to communicate with Ma-Ti and the plot hole
** He prevented the Executor's forces from killing the Critic, so he could still reach the plot hole
** He stopped Turrell from blasting the Critic to pieces so he could freely enter the plot hole
** He ultimately gave the Critic the idea to make the plot hole bigger, so he'd make his HeroicSacrifice
* While disjointed, the last appearance the Nerd makes could him be playing the Critic for a fool (like he did when he originally taunted the Critic before their fight in the Nerd's basement); acting like a good sport while secretly reveling in the fact that the Critic would soon be gone for good. Given how the Critic doesn't question how the Nerd somehow found a way to warp between the worlds, it's possible that the Nerd didn't even start his trek as Gort from the Critic's universe, but from the real world instead.

[[WMG: Critic is now this universe's [[spoiler: [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Madoka.]]]]]]
Spoilers for ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' follow, please be advised. [[spoiler: When Madoka wished for witches to be erased from existence, she essentially wished herself to be a god as a result, [[AbstractApotheosis becoming the embodiment of hope]] (god, why is that trope so hard to spell) and comes to save the Puella Magi when they're on the brink of despair before they become witches. A popular fanon theory (and one the director Akiyuki Shinbo believes) is that she takes them to a magical girl valhalla. With becoming one with the PlotHole and essentially becoming the universe, Critic takes on this role here. He goes around to stabilize plot holes before they can destroy the universe again, and serves as a guardian of sorts to those that point said plot holes out. He could possibly even take them to a critic's valhalla when they pass on. In fact, one fanfic [[http://tgwtg-fic.livejournal.com/689761.html suggested that very thing already.]]]]
** Well, if the CuthroatIsland review WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick did is any indication, Critic certainly WANTS us to think he's a god. [[spoiler: Even if he's a muppet.]]
*** Not how the conversation goes. She ''asks'' if this now makes him God, but he dodges the question with a 2001 reference.
*** Actually, he's more like Tetsuo, the character Sage referenced and cosplayed as in Part 8. In the film, AKIRA, The character, Tetsuo, [[spoiler: becomes super powerful and unstable, eventually turning into a giant blob of energy and teleporting away where he BECOMES A UNIVERSE. At the end of the film, he states to his new domain "I AM TETSUO." This is is what the last scene was referencing.]] Also Madoka's ending's been used in [[Anime/SerialExperimentsLain Serial Experiments Lain]] back in the 90's.

[[WMG: With the Critic gone, command of the TGWTG.com critics will fall to Linkara.]]
* He ''is'' the last of the Three Smuckheads left.
** More likely to be WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick, keeping the nostalgia name alive.
*** I second this, Linkara is technically head of the Inked Reality part of Channel Awesome, I think.
*** Somewhat confirmed in the "Cutthroat Island" review. While in the Plot Hole, the Critic tries to persuade the Chick to take over.
** Alternately, it could be The Other Guy. Possibly as a figurehead.
** The special seemed to be setting up Marzgirl as the next natural leader.

[[WMG: The TGWTG tagline will change]]
When Doug starts his new show the tagline for the TGWTG website will change. With the Critic gone, it will no longer be the "Home of the "5 Second Movies" and �Nostalgia Critic"." instead it will be something like "Home of Internet Critics and Utter Insanity."
* I think I heard a rumour of a complete site redesign, as Spoony quite rightly points out in his commentary of ''To Boldly Flee'' the thing is a bit of a mess to navigate.

[[WMG: That Si-Fi Guy really did die in the explosion]]
And the Critic used his Plot Hole powers to save him.
* Now THAT sounds like a plot hole.
** Not totally. Rob said that a deleted scene had Spoony dying and Critic bringing him back to life.

[[WMG: Spoony will return]]
Not to the site proper, and not any time soon. He'll come back as the Big Bad of the ''sixth'' year anniversary. That'll be long enough for it to actually be surprising(like Suede's return in ''Suburban Knights''). Also, Noah mentioned that one of the reasons he decided to leave was disagreeing with the business decisions Channel Awesome were making, including these large scale movies (where the reviewers had their expenses paid but were not otherwise compensated, meaning he lost money in the end because of the lost productivity). Channel Awesome has stated that this will be the last big one, with future anniversary specials being much smaller in scale. That might give Spoony the appeal to make a one off comeback.
* Somewhat unlikely given what he said in his commentary. According to him the reason he left is that he realized that his suspension had had no effect on him at all, since the majority of his fans watch his videos on his own site he wasn't actually getting anything out of the partnership. He is still appearing in crossovers though and says he still has a good working relationship with the management, so it isn't entirely ruled out.

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic will return to review Avatar]]
The site's 10th Anniversary special will involve the remaining members returning to Europa for a special material. After the special, on the exact anniversary date of the site, The Nostalgia Critic will return to do a video of Avatar, currently the highest grossing movies of all time.
* Highly unlikely as films reviewed by Chester A. Bum are on the Nostalgia Critic's blacklist (films that Doug will not review as the Critic).
** Well, exceptions have been made before, and the movie would be considered nostalgic by 2019.
*** Even more unlikely because Doug knows full well people got tired of him bashing it constantly. That's why he explained both that and ''Film/DistrictNine'' on his "Top Ten Films I Hate But Everybody Else Loves".

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic will still do reviews for TGWTG [=DVDs=]]]
Pretty self explanatory.

[[WMG: CR! will do a WebVideo/FamiliarFaces on a character from To Boldly Flee.]]
And the character will be...CR!

[[WMG: The leadership of the TGWTG crew will fall to WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick.]]

[[WMG: The Critic will not appear in the next anniversary special... Doug Walker will take his place.]]

[[WMG: The Critic will not appear in the next anniversary special... a new character Doug creates and plays in the future, possibly having to do with ''Demo Reel'', will take his place.]]
[[WMG: Benzaie is not the translator.]]
He anticipated that the weapons Executor and Terl purchased for their armada are gonna be used against the critics and knocked out the real translator. So he knocked out the real ones and took their place. Hence why he spent most of the tutorial doing the Benzaie rap in his undies. It also explains why the default interface language for the french translator is also in french.
[[WMG: The WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick will rebuild [[spoiler: Mechakara]]]]
Hasn't anyone seen [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HARDAC His Silicon Soul]]? [=NChick=] shouldn't be left alone with too much [[LockingMacGyverInTheStoreCupboard technology]].

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Mechakara]] will ''[[DemonicPossession possess]]'' the Nostalgia Chick.]]
[[spoiler:Mechakara]] has had a habit of possessing technoloy he can interface with to come back from the dead. As of WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee, the Nostalgia Chick is [[spoiler:a cyborg due to Mechakara]] and that this is [[spoiler:'''[[KnightOfCerberus Mechakara]]''']], it would make sense for him to get a new body by [[NightmareFuel possessing her.]]

[[WMG: Creator/MaraWilson will take a journey similar to that of the critic herself over the next several years.]]
Her appearance with WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick makes me think that she could very easily become a site contributor herself (not sure how frequently), and she would definitely be awesome in anniversary specials. Now, they've said that TBF was the last really big special they'll do, but I personally suspect that this will turn into something of a SevenYearRule. Even if the fanbase doesn't turn over, eventually they'll want something big again, and eventually enough time will have passed that the same basic premises can be done without seeming too much like a rehash, but it'll take time to build up. And, for that build-up to happen, we need someone whose journey we can follow. The two most obvious would be [=NChick=] and Linkara, but they're already both fairly good people. However, Mara would be perfect: she's evil, but with signs of humanity. So, for the next anniversary special, we're back to a brawl (although called something else), this time instigated by Mara as an antagonist. For the next anniversary special, with her having contributed for two years building popularity, she takes on the role of a VillainProtagonist, in a pseudo real-world story like Kickassia. For the next year, she takes a major role in another fantasy-based quest like Suburban Knights, in which she'll show some signs of humanity. All of this will lead up to a space adventure that will be not a rehash of TBF, but a direct sequel to it, in which the Critic returns to physical form and he and Mara have to work together to save the universe, yet again (...and, yes, this Mara Wilson does meet the real one...).

[[WMG: The TGWTG ''Characters'' Now Have a Conduit to the Real World.]]
The Awesomeverse now has a wonderful opportunity to get meta in that the existence of the PlotHole means that reviewer characters have a way to interact with their real world counterparts and vice versa. Disgruntled characters or villains could achieve their goals by going after the ''writers'' directly. TGWTG talent could also be made to experience the Universe they have created. Might be a good way to comment on how the Awesomeverse works and why D List Internet Celebrities have access to magical artifacts, spaceships and SCIENCE.
* Or what D List Internet Celebrities that have access to magical artifacts, spaceships, etc and frequently save all of reality would think of their RealLife counterparts that...um...don't.

[[WMG: Nostalgia Critic's presence in [[spoiler: the real world]] didn't actually happen.]]
Rather, [[spoiler: Only the parts where he calls Nash for assistance, apologizes to Ma-Ti, and merged with the Plothole actually happened.]] The rest of the Critic's scenes [[spoiler: talking with Doug]] are in fact his way of coming to peace with himself. As for [[spoiler: Gort!Nerd's appearance]] there are two possibilities:
* He's definitely, undoubtedly real, and assists the Critic after finally learning to respect him.
* He was another illusion of the Critic's mind, and the scenes featuring him represent the Critic finally [[DareToBeBadass becoming enough of a Hero to fight]] [[TrueCompanions for his friends no matter what.]]

[[WMG: The Nostalgia Critic is preventing the universe from becoming too unstable.]]
By all rights, [[spoiler:the entire universe becoming a plot hole]] should completely destroy any sense of logic or physics. The reason why the Channel Awesome universe hasn't succumb to chaos is because of the Nostalgia Critic-[[spoiler:after merging with the universe]], he's effectively become God. With this power, the Nostalgia Critic is preventing the sheer non-logic of the plot hole from completely overwhelming the cosmos.

[[WMG: Zod isn't dead.]]
Since Kryptonians can survive being shot frequently or can survive in space, their only true weakness is Kryptonite. So, possibly, Zod might've survived the explosion.
* Confirmed by the review of ''Film/ManOfSteel'', he's alive, and for no explained reason has superpowers even he didn't have any in the crossover.

[[WMG: Had the Nostalgia Critic fully entered the real world, it would've been destroyed as well.]]
Think about it-the Nostalgia Critic, a fictional character, suddenly exists in RealLife as a physical entity. Effectively a bunch of matter would've come out of nowhere, violating the [[EquivalentExchange conservation of mass.]] And, while we haven't seen it happen yet, breaking one of the greatest absolutes of our universe would've been bad. ''Very'' '''very'' '''[[RealityBreakingParadox BAD.]]''' The only reason why reality didn't break down when he entered the room was because the nearby plothole altered the laws of reality-an effect that ended outside Doug's house.

[[WMG: The Other Guy and others faked a death for the Nostalgia Critic]]
If they can remember he existed, why couldn't other people? And wouldn't other people wonder where he disappeared to? So The Other Guy and probably some of the other reviewers conspired to fake his death (Cause really, would YOU believe 'he absorbed a plot hole and became the universe'?), probably making it look like suicide with a note and turning it into NeverFoundTheBody.
** Possibly jossed in WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall. Douchey [=McNitpick=] refers to the Critic as having left the site and retired, although that may mean that's he's refused to accept the Nostalgia Critic's death.

[[WMG:The Nostalgia Chick's temporary assimilation is responsible for her change from reviews to video essays.]]
For those who don't know, Lindsay Ellis is no longer the Nostalgia Chick, but has a new series called "Loose Canon" where she analyses how various characters from mythology or famous works are portrayed in different media. She also has a number of other video essays, that still contain her dry humor, but are overall far more analytical than her work as the Nostalgia Chick. What caused this shift? Her temporary assimilation. After being freed from Mechakara's collective, she retained enough of her implants to perform "I'm a Distraction" flawlessly. With her new ability to assimilate vast quantities of data effortlessly, Lindsay Ellis found herself assimilating more information than she knew what to do with. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Insaino, recommended organizing the information into a new video series, and Loose Canon was born. Her more analytical personality no doubt is a result of her time as a drone as well. No one can undergo assimilation without at least some permanent effects on the personality as well as the body.

[[WMG:The Plot Hole created a biometric duplicate of the U.S.S. Exit-Strategy, resulting in a full-on Franchise/StarTrek parody version of the ship and crew.]]
Which means that a few shipmates remain identical to the originals, but most have been altered to specifically parody aliens or other aspects of the "Star Trek" universe. The crew of the duplicate Exit-Strategy appears thusly:
* TheNostalgiaCritic is still a human, since humans in the "Star Trek" universe are notorious for thinking their values and opinions are superior to those of other species, which fits with the Critic's character.
* [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] is now an Android, of [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Data's]] design. This allows him to essentially be both the perfect Starfleet officer (as Linkara would be), and a human database on everything in the "Star Trek" universe (as Linkara already is). And it now makes even more sense for him to have an evil robotic twin, as Data had one too (Lore).
* [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Seven of Eleven]] is in the process of regaining her human identity as [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick Lindsay Ellis,]] with the help of the ship's doctors T'Lisa and T'Nella. In the Collective, Seven of Eleven assimilated vast quantities of data related to famous fictional characters. She now works in the Exit-Strategy's Canonmetrics Bay, where she monitors fluctuations in various canon universes that the ship encounters (such as the Franchise/MarvelUniverse, the realm of Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon, and so on).
* WebVideo/{{Phelous}} is still a [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries redshirt]], but it's even worse. He is a Trill/Vorta hybrid, who is joined, who also happens to hold the deadly rank of Crewman and sport a red-shirted uniform. As a joined (half)Trill, Phelous has not only experienced many gruesome deaths, but is haunted by the consciousnesses of several past hosts sharing his brain (some of whom are psychotic murderers, others of which are just super obnoxious characters who interrupt his thoughts with things like "Duyeeee!" and "My god!"). Being half Vorta, Phelous has a never-ending supply of clone-bodies, leading to even more immortality. Plus, his eyes are very wide and striking, certainly inherited from his Vorta parent. Being only half-Vorta however, he doesn't worship the Founders; he just heckles them. Add to that the curse of the redshirt, and you have....well, a pretty believable explanation for Phelous in a nutshell.
* {{Sage}} is still a [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Betazoid and ship's counselor.]] And he's still just as useless in both endeavors.
* WebVideo/ObscurusLupa is El Aurian ([[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Guinan's species]]), being the only one able to sense changes onboard that no one else notices. Also, only someone with powerful mental abilities would be able to put up with all the horrible movies she's reviewed, and a nut like Phelous. When Seven of Eleven criticizes Lupa's "slutty" red hair, the latter chooses to cover it with an even more attention-grabbing alien hat (a-la Guinan).
* WebVideo/MarzGurl is Andorian. Why? Because even when everyone's an alien, [=MarzGurl=] still has to stand out as a tad ''more'' "alien." As a human she stands out with cool hair; in space, she can stand out with cool hair, cool skin, and cool antennae. Plus, Andorians have a militaristic side, which fits with her persona in all the movies (especially "Kickassia"). [=MarzGurl=] is Chief of Security.
* WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob is a Romulan posing as a Vulcan. Like most of his species, the Snob secretly loves violence and has a healthy sexual appetite, but must conceal it under his logical, snobbish, pompous Vulcan mask. He reaches points of BecomingTheMask, and like a real Vulcan, sometimes comes close to losing his sanity.
* WebVideo/{{Benzaie}} is a human, and the token "foreign" character (from the perspective of the American audience "Star Trek" is aimed at). He [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries constantly points out that the French "invented" this or that, and his accent is now a tad exaggerated.]]But he also loves to remind everyone that at least he doesn't have [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration a British accent.]][[Series/StarTrekVoyager He even goes on a French vision quest]] [[MagicalNativeAmerican to ask for guidance from his ancestors,]] Napoleon, Joan of Arc, and Andre the Giant.
* Luke is a [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration human and (identifying-at-the-time-as-a) boy genius]], hence why she hangs out with who she thinks is a Vulcan. Shut up, Luke!
* [[WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows Todd]] is a [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Breen]]--you know, the species that never removes their helmets, and no one has ever seen what one looks like.
* [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]] is a joined Trill, whose most recent previous host was a mad scientist. Like any proper Trill, Spoony has an ample amount of past-host-related-angst to fuel compelling story arcs.
* WebVideo/FilmBrain is a Fernegi. Look at how he acts in the movies. He's a Ferengi. He even has the psycho eyes and grin. His ears don't look too Ferengi normally, but huge Ferengi ears would be fitting for the character who eavesdropped on the mutiny in "Kickassia" and rushed to tattle on everyone.
* WebVideo/JesuOtaku is [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Ocampan.]] Small and meek in appearance, untold powers ready to emerge if only triggered (in this case, with electrocution)? Sounds Ocampan to this troper. J.O.'s transformation into Ed from "Cowboy Bebop" made him into a higher entity, in a sense, at least in terms of scientific intelligence. On a more serious note, one could arguably compare a person coming out as transgendered to Kes's choice to allow her powers to emerge rather than continuing to attempt fitting in with the Humanoids.
* WebVideo/AngryJoe is a Klingon. Because...duh.
* [[TheGameHeores 8-Bit Mickey]] is a [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Human/Klingon hybrid. He attempts to control the raging Klingon within him, and keep to his technical human engineer side, but isn't always successful.]] Don't call him short.
* Paw is a Vulcan. He wanted to be one anyway, if his Vulcan-eared headphones are any indication.
* [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick Elisa]] is now T'Lisa, and Paw's mate. She is also one of the ship's doctors.
* [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick T'Nella]] is another doctor, and Vulcan. She finds both T'Lisa and Seven highly illogical, but is herself prone to breaking with her sanity and turning evil (a common Vulcan trait).
* [[TheNostalgiaCritic Malcolm and Tamara]] are both [[Series/StarTrekDeepSPaceNine Founders]] (Changelings). They take so many different forms its ridiculous! Malcom is a very important Founder, his fondest form being his black-and-red suit and Santan-like demeanor. Tamara meanwhile likes to use her shape-shifting powers to disguise and spy on people, and then report on all the weird sights she's just seen for the first time.
* [[TheGameHeroes Handsome Tom]] is the same as before, but with a Commander Riker-esque beard.
* WebVideo/TheRapCritic is a hologram, and as such, is able to quickly analyze the lyrics of any rap number within seconds, and rip it to shreds.
* WebVideo/{{SadPanda|QAndA}} is from a race of highly intelligent pandas, and is one of the only non-humanoids aboard. Hence why he's sad.
* WebVideo/ThatScifiGuy is a joined Trill/Vulcan hybrid and former Borg drone. Because he can.
* ThatChickWithTheGoggles is now a female [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Geordi La Forge]], and the Chief Engineer.
* LittleMissGamer is another hologram, of the sort who can't leave the holodeck. She is in charge of making sure the holodecks run smoothly. Not surprisingly, she spends most of her time tirelessly battling rogue holograms, photonic aliens, and all other manner of holodeck malfunctions that crop up.
* TheNostalgiaChristian is now the Nostalgia Bajoran. Holding the Sacred Orbs to the same standards as all other space anomalies.
* Ma-Ti posed as a human, but was a Q all along. How else would he be able to randomly appear out of thin air, as he literally does in "Kickassia," and seems to the rest of the time?