!!''Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun'' and the ''Film/MenInBlack'' movies occur in the same universe.
It's not just the similarity of premises - DennisRodman is specifically mentioned to be an alien in both settings. Although, okay, it's Rodman. He could be two different types of alien at once.

!! Could it be?
* We have an central character, utterly incapable of blending in to human society, convinced of his own vast intellectual superiority, whose quirks and oddities make him difficult to live with, who finds the complexities of human interaction to be completely perplexing, and who teaches physics at a university where even other strange people think he's an oddball. And having discussed [[Series/TheBigBangTheory Sheldon Cooper]], we now move on to Dick Solomon. could it be that this character influenced the creation of Sheldon for TBBT?