[[WMG:[[Videogame/SuperMarioRPG Culex]], Creator/SquareEnix's ''other'' world hopper, will appear]]
He is apparently searching for a new world to conquer, but he can't survive in the Mushroom Kingdom. Being on a Nintendo platform doesn't hurt.

[[WMG:[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Yu Yevon]] will make a surprise appearance.]]
The fans will naturally go [[FlatWhat what]], but be [[EnsembleDarkhorse unexpectedly pleased]] by his actual portrayal in the game, [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap making him more than a joke and a disappointment in the eyes of fans.]] Bonus points if Square-Enix keeps his "tick with a glowing eye" form.
* I can actually see that happening.

[[WMG: The game is gonna be part of an AlternateContinuity.]]
Self-explanatory, really, considering the game's art style and premise[[note]] (alongside the fact that [[EpilepticTrees probably]] SE wanted this game to be part of the ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' canon, but the idea of a Dissidia game on a Nintendo console [[ScrewedByTheLawyers was a no-go]] [[ExecutiveMeddling for Sony]])[[/note]], but there's still the question about ''how'' this game came to be. So, [[@/AlexSora89 my]] guess is that this game spun off from a custom quest (read: playable fanfic) from ''VideoGame/Dissidia012FinalFantasy'', since that game's Japanese version [[RegionalBonus allowed people to share their quests online via Mognet]]: one where a villain, most presumably [[AxCrazy Kefka]], got [[RealityWarper reality-warping powers]] from Chaos and used them to turn the heroes into their [[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsCoded avatar]] versions, as the game's quest editor allows players to include them into their speech bubbles. Square found out about that quest, decided AscendedFanon was a good idea and the rest is history. Or this game simply makes all of the heroes' avatar versions seen among the avatars in ''Dissidia 012'' an AscendedExtra. Either way, this is the theory.
* Sony is in contract with Square but they don't own them. They only control games made for their own consoles, they have no control over what Square does for other companies, and they likely couldn't care less what they do with Nintendo as long as Square still makes "them" money.

[[WMG: Three heroes, one villain]].
Each game will be represented by those numbers, in order to avoid the fandom backlash Dissidia 012 experienced after VII got three heroes (only Cloud and Tifa were actually playable, but Aerith counts anyway, and of course Sephiroth was the villain) whereas some slightly less base-breaky games got diddly-squat (all VI and IX got where additional stages, both of which were the ''smallest in the game'')...or is this too much wishful thinking?
* It ended up being two heroes per game, except (surprise surprise) ''VII'' which also got Sephiroth. ''IV'' got three characters as well. ''VI'' has the most in-game songs.

[[WMG: The exclusive characters for Theatrhythm were originally planned for Dissidia but got cut out]].
They just couldn't figure out how to make ol' man Cid fight.
* This makes sense, likely they were put in as an apology or at least nod to the fans who wanted more characters.
Or just the fact that the 2D characters in Theatrhythm are much much much easier to program than full 3D characters with backstories and voice acting thus they were able to fit as many as they wanted.

[[WMG: The cast of Bravely Default will appear in another Theatrythm game]]
* Considering it's a spinoff of a Final Fantasy game, it's only a given.

[[WMG:''All-Star Carnival'' will be ported to consumer platforms.]]
* Likely candidates for porting will include the UsefulNotes/PlayStation4 and UsefulNotes/PSVita (due to Sony's platforms being traditional choices for many ''Final Fantasy'' games) or possibly even the UsefulNotes/NintendoSwitch (as the first two games are on the UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS); all of those have the twin sticks necessary to perform dual slide notes. It might not be the ''exact'' same game due to the fundamental design of ''All-Star Carnival'', but it will at least use a lot of the same mechanics (rainbow Criticals, dual notes, CoOpMultiplayer, Medleys, [[HarderThanHard Transcendence]] difficulty, etc.)

[[WMG:The acronym "BMS" is a ShoutOut to ''VideoGame/{{beatmania}}'' simulators.]]
For context, "BMS" is the term used to refer to charts in ''beatmania'' sims.