[[WMG: Stefan is going to double-cross Rebekah]]
[[spoiler:Rebekah now wants the cure to ram it down Klaus' throat and turn him human again. But who's to say that Klaus won't immediately die as rapid aging descends on him? Or if that doesn't happen, at best he'll only be alive for another fifty to sixty years. Either way, once he dies, so do all the vampires who share his bloodline, which includes Stefan himself, Damon, Caroline, Tyler and Elena. Stefan will deceive Rebekah in some way, and keep the cure for whatever he wants to use it for.]]
* Not necessarily. We haven't seen (or perhaps I missed it) any evidence that werewolves die of old age and the cure won't stop him from being a wolf. In addition we don't really know what effect curing Klaus or Klaus dying as a mortal will have on the rest of his line. It's possible that curing him counts (for the curse) as the elimination of the vampire line and will kill all his spawn or it may sever the link entirely and his death afterwards won't do anything. It's also possible, actually very likely that Klaus was bluffing about being the original of their line. I don't care what any of them say I don't believe that all six originals (including quite possibly their father for some period of time before he turned good) that they have any way of confirming who sired anybody past a generation or two and it's all but certain that Klaus didn't sire Katherine for obvious reasons.
* And jossed. Rebekah double-crosses Stefan when she finds out there's only one dose of the cure.

[[WMG: Silas is being haunted by Jeremy]]
He keeps talking about how he wants the cure so he can die. Jeremy is telling him he needs to die.
* Jossed: Silas said he defeated the Hunter's curse in minutes

[[WMG: Silas has/had a brother.]]
[[spoiler: And Damon is his Doppelganger.]]
* Jossed.

[[WMG:Elena is Katherine.]]
Elena looks exactly like an immortal vampire from the 1860s, and survived a car crash that killed both her parents. The simplest explanation is that she actually is the vampire, and "Elena" is just her cover identity. As for the sun, maybe she just has an earring that protects her.

[[WMG: Lexi is an Original.]]
* A) She is [[EnsembleDarkhorse so popular]] that the writers will want to bring her back, and flashbacks alone aren't enough for that.
* B) [[RuleOfCool It would be awesome.]]

[[WMG: The First Woman is Klausís mother and the First Doppelganger is his sister.]]
Klausís mother was [[Literature/NightWorld a witch who became a vampire by drinking babyís blood]]. She was a [[OurVampiresAreDifferent lamia]], a vampire who could have babies and she turned Klausís father into a vampire as well. Her daughter was a [[IdenticalGrandson doppelganger]] because she was a girl. Klausís sister had a baby with a human and that diluted the lamia blood, so the next doppelganger turned up some generations after, increasing in generational span until Katherine, and then Elena.

[[WMG: The "ghosts" are in fact the [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer First Evil]].]]
They share the exact same attributes as the First - incorporeal, can only appear as dead people. In 3x06 Vicki attempted to become corporeal, the First's exact plan in Buffy. Vicki's plan seemed oddly OOC, far more on the evil side of the spectrum that alive!Vicki was. Explanation: it's not Vicki, it's the First Evil playing on Matt's insecurities.

[[WMG: Tyler or Caroline will die in the Season 3 finale]]
Now that they have set up a very good reason why one or both of them would betray the others and save Klaus one of them has to go. Either Caroline simply because Klaus get bored of her saying now triggering Tyler to want his vengence no matter the cost or Tyler because Klaus doesn't like competition. Either way unless some third option presents itself one of those two isn't long for this world.
* Partially Jossed. [[spoiler: Everybody believes Tyler is dead and in addition his body was taken over by Klaus. I know having your soul stuffed way way down while someone else controls your body and everybody who loves you thinking your dead isn't quite the same as actually being dead but it ranks rather close.]]

[[WMG: Bonnie's Dad is white]]
Katerina Graham is half black and he's not a warlock and we've never seen him
** Jossed. Rick Worthy plays him and he is black.

[[WMG: Shane killed his own wife and child to complete the first dozen sacrifice to bring Silas back]]
He mentions in an earlier episode that his wife and son were killed a while ago. And in episode ten, he fervently says that when Silas is raised, he will "bring back everyone" who died for him to be released. The only way he can be so sure about his family coming back to life is if he arranged their deaths to begin with.
* Jossed. Shane's son died in an accident, and his wife - a witch - tried to use expression to revive him, but her powers ended up consuming her.

[[WMG: Elijah is the unknown competitor in the race for the cure]]
He's been missing since the start of the season, and while he can't stand to be near his siblings (according to Kol), that doesn't mean he's not been keeping an eye on them. Subsequently, he notices Klaus' activities in Europe, learns that he dug up the Hunter's Sword and realized that Klaus is searching for the cure. It doesn't take long for him to discover that the recently turned Elena is the reason, so now he wants the cure strictly so Klaus doesn't make any more hybrids that will pose a threat to the vampire race. Either that or he's got a witch who can replicate Esther's binding spell, so that when he finds the cure he'll use it on himself, thereby curing the rest of his siblings and giving them back their humanity (even though that begs the question of how he got Elena's human blood to begin with).

Plus, we've seen every other Original on the show now, each with their own reason for wanting the cure. It's strange that Elijah - the one who always has his own agenda/code - wouldn't participate.
** [[spoiler: There's another Hunter on Isle Silas with a completed Mark of his own, who's out to protect Jeremy and kill anyone who's looking for the cure. Add that, plus the unknown person who came looking for the tombstone and was compelled to mutilate/kill himself rather than say who he worked for, and this seems likely.]]
* Jossed. [[spoiler: It was Katherine]]

[[WMG: Katherine will be the one to help Elena transition]]
Stefan is still not so good around human blood, and Damon makes a poor mentor. The originals will probably be leaving town, and Caroline is dealing with her own problems. Katherine will swoop in and help her transition into a vampire -- not without an ulterior motive of course. She'll earn points with Stefan, and it never hurts to have another Vampire that looks exactly like you when you have as many enemies as Katherine has.
** Jossed

[[WMG: April Young is the cure]]
Since coming to Mystic Falls, she hasn't really done anything. She is a literal MacGuffin that's sitting right under the protagonists' noses. And like the Doppleganger, it's her blood that's the cure. The only problem is that if a vampire wants to be cured, they have to drain every single last drop of it, which will be a problem for Elena once she finds out.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Professor Shane is Silas]]
Making him immortal. He seems to know everything and living a long life is a good to do that.

[[WMG: Tyler is dead. Klaus caught up with him, and he's been listening to Caroline's voicemails]]
* Jossed.


[[WMG: Katherine wants the cure as a bargaining chip]]
She doesn't seem to miss being human all that much. My guess is, she'll use it to either a) force-feed it to Klaus and kill him, freeing her from his vengeance forever or b) use it to keep Silas in check. Katherine's too smart to risk the end of the world unless she had a back-up plan to make sure Silas doesn't turn on her.
* Confirmed.

[[WMG: Amara is still alive]]
[[spoiler: If she was truly dead, nature wouldn't have kept the Petrova doppelganger line going like it did with the Salvatore line. Once Qetsiyah killed her, a part of her consciousness remained in that tiny tube filled with her blood. And now that Katherine's taken the cure and has her ancestor's blood coursing through her veins, Amara is slowly being reborn through her, so she can finally give Silas the peace and salvation he needs.]]
* [[spoiler: Silas drained every drop from her, but she still has a heartbeat. ''Something'' is going on with the cure coursing through Katherine's system, where it's Amara or something else.]]
* Confirmed.
** [[spoiler:Well, actually she's dead ''now''.]]

[[WMG: Katherine's illness is a bad case of advanced aging]]
[[spoiler: Once a vampire being takes the cure, they become human...and then slowly begin to feel the weight of all the years they "lived". Their teeth fall out, their hair becomes gray and then eventually they simply turn to dust. That's what's going on with Katherine (and presumably Silas, unless the cure effects him and Amara differently).]]
* Confirmed.

[[WMG: In order to defeat Klaus...]]
Elena and co. will revive all of the Original family. Elena will obviously try to rescue Stefan, and will realize that she doesn't have the firepower to even hope to touch Klaus. So she will track down Elijah (probably using Bonnie's tracking spell - remember Bonnie needed Elena's brother's blood to find her, and now they have Klaus' (Elijah's brother) blood). Elijah is buried along with the rest of his family, so when he wakes up he will then revive all his brothers and sister. Cue [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown 6-on-1 Orginal-Vampire sneak attack]].
* Damon is the one who ends up undaggering Elijah who then un-daggers his siblings and cue the beat-down.
** It doesn't really defeat Klaus though.

[[WMG: Jeremy will end up taking the place of one of the Five.]]
[[spoiler: Since only potential vampire hunters and/or hunters can see the supernatural tattoo on Connor's arm, chances are that something will happen to one of these hunters, and Jeremy will end up taking his/her place and end up as a reluctant Dragon to season 4's BigBad]]
* Partially confirmed. He has the tattoo now.
** Confirmed as of episode 6.

[[WMG: Elena's blood issues are temporary.]]
Katherine has been shown not drinking from the vein and has had no problems.
* Confirmed: [[spoiler: It's a result of her being sired to Damon]]

[[WMG: Jeremy is going to kill one of the Originals.]]
[[spoiler: Shane told Bonnie ''when'' Jeremy completes his Hunter's mark, that she'll need his help. Why is he so confident that Jeremy - the newbie Hunter - will be the first to have a full tattoo? It's because Shane knows that once you kill an Original vampire, every vampire that shares their bloodline will die. Tens of thousands of vampires dying all at once from killing just one vampire is a pretty efficient way to get that tattoo completed. Shane probably has a white-oak stake somewhere, or one of the swords the original Five used, and he'll make sure it finds its way into Jeremy's hands so he can use it to kill whichever Original is [[BackForTheDead coming back to Mystic Falls.]] My money's on Kol, since he hasn't really gotten any character development beyond 'the crazy one.' Plus, he and Jeremy have prior history together. It would make sense for Jeremy to be the one to kill him.]]
** Might be moving towards confirmed. [[spoiler: They made a point of bringing Kol back to establish that a) Silas is enough of a threat to terrify him and b) to steal the last remaining white stake off Rebekah. A confrontation between him and Jeremy seems more and more likely.]]
** Elena comes up with the idea of killing Kol to complete Jeremy's mark, thereby getting Klaus off his back and [[spoiler: removing Damon's compulsion to kill Jeremy]], so this is pretty much going to happen at some point.
* Confirmed

[[WMG: Bonnie will become either TheDragon / BigBad (at worst) or a WellIntentionedExtremist at best]]
[[spoiler: She's tapped into serious dark magic to immobilize Klaus, and as of the third season finale, she helped him possess Tyler when Alaric staked his body. When Tyler!Klaus asks her why, she bluntly tells him that she did it to save her friends, and that she's "done letting all of you push [me] around." In the next season, she'll probably develop an addiction to dark magic.]]
* Jossed. [[spoiler: Bonnie's not looking to try dark magic anytime soon now that Grams has been punished in her place.]]
** Might not be completely jossed yet. [[spoiler: The 'magic' that Shane has her practicing has even more consequences than dark magic, but she doesn't know it yet.]]
** Confirmed as of 4x15. [[spoiler: She's going to help Silas bring back every supernatural from the other side, all so she can see Jeremy and her Grams again.]]
*** Jossed until 5x22. [[spoiler: Bonnie never planned to help Silas but her spell to revive Jeremy inadvertently freed Silas. In season five, as of the final episodes, Bonnie works with Silas to free her friends from the other side as he wants to be revived as well. However, she lets him get sucked into oblivion by the mysterious force that is destroying the other side.]]

[[WMG: Silas was in love with the Original Doppelganger]]
Klaus and Elijah was in love with Tatia (who came before Katherine). Stefan and Damon were in love with Katherine, and later Elena. Like Rebekah says Elena being on the island doesn't serve much purpose (even from a writers standpoint). Silas wakes up, mistakes Elena for the girl he loved... would give her a bigger purpose on the island.
** With the revelation that [[spoiler: Silas himself is the Original Doppelganger of Stefan, it seems likely that whoever his true love was/is, she might be Tatia's ancestor.]]
** Confirmed as of 5.03. Silas' true love Amara is the spitting image of Elena.

[[WMG: Caroline will develop feelings for Klaus.]]
It's as simple as that. When Tyler is revealed as still being alive he'll either come up with an explanation. Either the hybrids simply survived because they weren't vampires, and thus weren't subject to the same rules for some arbitrary reason or he'll reveal that Klaus somehow survived. From there it just writes itself until the truth one way or another comes out.
* Confirmed as of 5x11

[[WMG: Sage was sired to Finn]]
* She showed all of the signs of a sire bond.

[[folder:Unjossed and Unconfirmed]]
[[WMG: Things aren't as they appear]]
As of the Season 5 finale, [[spoiler:Bonnie and Damon]] are dead as the other side is collapsing. Most likely, Season 6 will see them return either mid-season or by the time of the finale. For the time being, however, likely [[spoiler:Liv]] will take [[spoiler:Bonnie]]'s place while [[spoiler:Enzo]] takes [[spoiler:Damon]]'s place albeit temporarily. Granted, both have ditched Mystic Falls, but they can always come back and that just may happen especially when guilt and debt play a role.

[[WMG: Matt is doomed.]]
The show doesn't hesitate to kill off supporting cast members and likes a body count for finales. Matt thinks that Caroline killed his sister, which makes him rife for being used by any number of villains, and he doesn't serve much of a role on the show other than being Caroline's love interest. He's got AlasPoorScrappy written all over him.
* He's not even Caroline's love interest anymore.
** As the series Normal, he's most likely not going to die.

[[WMG: Alternately, Bonnie is doomed.]]
The show has gone two seasons and failed to do anything with [[TheScrappy Bonnie]]. Matt could at least fill a [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Xander-esque]] role as the only real Normal on the show and now that [[spoiler:his sister is back]], he will probably get some more interesting story-lines. While Bonnie on the other hand has even less of a character than Matt, and it seems like she will be sidelined in her own romance storyline what with the return of [[spoiler:[[EnsembleDarkhorse Anna]] and Vicki]]. Plus, her new powers have made her [[TooAwesomeToUse too useful to use]], as she is basically a walking DeusExMachina now and so the show runs the risk of relying on her too much to easily solve plots. AlasPoorScrappy is more or less the only option left for her. Either way, [[AnyoneCanDie the show is bound to kill off another main character]] sooner or later, and Matt and Bonnie seem to be the most likely candidates.
* Not to mention that [[BlackGuyDiesFirst black]] characters seem to die a lot in the show
** Honestly if your last name isn't Salvatore, you'll die in this show. For a while being a Gilbert was safe but as of season four every single Gilbert we've met has died. [[spoiler: Though it is a show about vampires and not all of them have stayed dead.]]
** [[spoiler:As of Season 4 Bonnie has died but it didn't stick.]]
*** [[spoiler: Season Five finale shows Bonnie ''and'' Damon trapped on the other side as it is destroyed.]]
*** That failed to stick too. As did sending her to an inescapable prison dimension. [[spoiler: As of Season Seven Bonnie has effectively outlived Elena Gilbert. Bonus points, Damon could have saved Elena by killing Bonnie and he didn't even blink while saving Bonnie.]]

[[WMG: Elena will end up with a ThirdOptionLoveInterest.]]
Just to make the shippers squirm.
* Season 5 dangled that option, but it was a psych-out.

[[WMG: Klaus is Literature/TheGreatGatsby]]
Think about it - he was alive in the 20s, is fabulously wealthy but with a DarkAndTroubledPast. He didn't actually die at the end of the novel, he just faked his own death because his father was onto him. And Klaus is certainly into making big romantic gestures and wearing smart suits. That's why he's so attracted to Caroline - she reminds him of Daisy, but is also caring and strong (unlike Daisy).
* Which would be a giant middle finger to Stefan, considering The Great Gatsby is listed as his favorite book.

[[WMG: Klaus is responsible for creating Dracula.]]
Klaus has fought in every war since the battle's of Alexander the Great. In the fourteen hundreds he fought in the same war as Vlad Dracula in his human life. Klaus and Dracula heard of each other and met on the battlefield. Wanting what Klaus had, Vlad either had Klaus bite him or met a witch who was willing to turn him into a vampire like Esther did to Klaus.

[[WMG: Katherine Pierce is an ancestor of [[Film/TheDarkKnightRises Selina Kyle]].]]
They both like to dress dark and seductive. They are both better people than they seem, but have to look out for themselves.

[[WMG: Pastor Young blew up the council to summon Connor.]]

[[WMG: Atticus Shane needs the Five to kill vampires, and use their completed mark to find and free Silas, the REAL Original]]
[[spoiler: When a Hunter completes his mark, the resulting map leads to the actual resting place of Silas, who is - according to Shane's presentation of foreshadowing - the real first vampire to exist, but was sealed by Ketsia before he could change anyone else. The so-called 'cure' (and also 'weapon,' if Klaus is to be believed) is Silas himself: an insanely powerful vampire predating the Mikaelsons, whose goal will be to rid the world of the so-called Originals, killing every other existing vampire/hybrid as well, and then restarting the vampire race from his own blood.]]

[[spoiler: The reason Shane's been pushing Bonnie to perform magic is so she can be powerful enough to break the seal on Silas' grave. Not only that, but by tapping into dark magic to try and rescue Elena in the fourth season premiere, she set off the chain of events that will lead to Silas' return. The reason Shane would unleash an all-powerful crazy-evil vampire on the world is because the true purpose of the Five is to let Silas do his dirty work, and then kill him before he can make new vampires. He's keeping this to himself is because he knows the Hunters won't kill vampires if it means the end result is unleashing an evil that will kill innocents as well as vampires.]]

* Holy shit that actually makes sense.
** Confirmed, in a way: [[spoiler: Silas became a vampire when he got turned by Qetsiyah, and raising him is bad news indeed, but he doesn't want to get rid of the Mikaelsons.]]
** And considering the way [[spoiler: Kol - the AxCrazy Original - completely freaked the fuck out when Shane mentioned Silas' name, it's more than clear that releasing Silas will result in something horrible.]]
** Apparently, [[spoiler: Silas was technically not a vampire (or so he claimed), not needing blood to survive, but only to feed his powers. As a mortal, he was a sorcerer.]] He's pretty much Dracula.

[[WMG: Physical attractiveness is supernatural bait]]
The main cast are all rather [[DawsonCasting good looking]], which given the weird things that happens to them all, clearly physical good looks are a curse in the TVD universe. Vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, you-name-its never bother the ordinary looking residents of Mystic Falls.
* Except for the ones they kill.

[[WMG: Katherine will try to kill Elena to save herself from Klaus]]
Katherine's main motivation is clearly her own survival - she's ruthless about it, and will do ''anything'' to keep herself alive. Klaus has it in for her, since she delayed his plans to become The Hybrid by 500 years by turning herself into a vampire and depriving him of her doppelganger blood.

Klaus need's Elena's doppelganger blood to create more hybrids, which he is obsessed with doing. He is therefore obsessed with keeping Elena alive long enough to find [[spoiler:the supposed cure for vampirism, so that he can turn her human again and use her blood to make more hybrids]]. If Katherine finds out about [[spoiler:the cure]], she will try to kill Elena to make herself the only existing doppelganger, so that Klaus will be forced to keep her alive/not kill her if he wants to ever [[spoiler:make more hybrids]].

[[WMG: Silas and the cure are one and the same]]
Silas' power is to 'bring back the dead.' Vampires are basically undead. If ReviveKillsZombie applies in this universe, Silas' power will be like pouring a Phoenix Down on a ghoul re: vampires.

[[WMG: Caroline was playing Klaus]]
Think about it. [[spoiler: She was dying from a werewolf bite - one he inflicted on her, no less - and the only way to save her was by drinking his blood. Plus, Tyler would ''never'' leave Caroline alone with Klaus, much less when she's dying. They planned it together and placed their bets on Klaus' feelings for Caroline to make him do the right thing. She sees something human in Klaus, sure, but ultimately she was just saying what she thought to save her life.]]

[[WMG: Bonnie is descended from Qetsiyah and Silas]]
Qetsiyah didn't know she was pregnant until after she already sealed Silas away. It's why the spell to release Silas calls for a Bennett witch, as they're part of his line. It's also why the Bennett family of witches are highly regarded in the supernatural world: their ultimate ancestors are the world's first immortal being and the witch who was powerful enough to even grant the spell.

[[WMG: The tombstone is part of a back-up to stop Silas if the cure is stolen or destroyed]]
It contains the calcified blood of Qetsiyah. If anything happens to the cure and Silas goes free, it's going to be the critical piece in stopping him, but at a great price.
* Partially confirmed. Bonnie needs the tombstone to stop Silas from breaking the veil. And the apparent price? [[spoiler: ''Turning Katherine into a true immortal.'']]

[[WMG: The cure will be used to defeat Silas]]
But won't be used by any of the characters
* Partially confirmed: the cure is supposed to be used to defeat Silas.
** The cure was used [[spoiler:forced on Katharine.]]

[[WMG: Shane isn't dead]]
When Rebekah found him, he was just barely alive. She used her blood to heal him (assuming vampire blood can cure extreme blood loss), and now she has him in her pocket for whatever plan she has for Silas and the cure. We only have her word that he died on the island, after all.

[[WMG: Hayley and her family are Klaus' secret weapons against Silas]]
It'll tie up her character arc more neatly than just having her be used as a pawn by Silas and Katherine and then disappearing off the face of the earth. Since they're an ancient family of werewolves, chances are that they know of Silas and can be effective against him. So if Silas ever brings the other side, Klaus has a werewolf army to put between him and Silas and every other vampire that he's killed.

[[WMG: Anna stopped Mikael's heart]]
* She knew where Mikael was hidden. How would she know if she hadn't helped Abby with the spell.

[[WMG: Megan has a Gilbert ring]]
* It's hinted that she may be Grayson's daughter and thus he sought to protect her.

[[WMG: Katherine's going to embrace vampirism again]]
[[spoiler: Being a vampire gave her benefits to add to her cunning, so naturally she wants to be strong. Then there's the fact that her daughter is a vampire as well, and they do have five hundred years to catch up on. Katherine will become a vampire again so she can spend eternity with Nadia.]]
* This seems unlikely, both Katherine and Amara showed negative reactions to to vampire blood.

[[WMG: The Initiative is Alive and Well]]
What, you didn't think that just because Buffy beat them and their Frankenstein monster they would just stop trying to make better monsters did you?

[[WMG: The Whitmore Group isn't just looking to hunt vampires into extinction]]
They want to get rid of every other supernatural creature in the world. To that end, they'll make a witch drop the veil to the other side again so they can send their vampire hunting vampires to slaughter all the other supes. Of course, they obviously don't count on Silas or Tessa, who will use the opportunity to escape and join forces.

[[WMG: Elena's soul got sent to the Other Side]]
[[spoiler: But that doesn't mean she's going to stay there. The blood that the Travellers drained from her and Stefan will be used in some ritual that will bring her back and make them both truly immortal, bringing an end to the doppleganger line.]]

[[WMG: The last Doppelgangers are the key to putting the balance back into nature]]
What began with Silas and Amara will end with the last two human Doppelgangers that are alive. With their deaths, everything that has happened as a result of Qetsiyah, Silas and Amara's tragedies - the creation of the immortality spell, the Doppelgangers, the Other Side, the Originals (who were themselves created by an inferior version of Qetsiyah's spell), vampires, Hunters - will cease to be or suffer something equally cataclysmic. In any case, the Travellers and witches will use the upset to wipe out the Other Side and free the supernaturals to either move onto the metaphysical plane (where Jenna and Amara went) or the dark world (where Katharine got sent to).
* Semi-confirmed. The Travelers want to reverse the witches' curse on them rather than restore the balance in nature.

However, the end result - the obliteration of the Other Side as well as any magic that originated from withces - will be the same.

[[WMG: Qetsiyah isn't going down without a fight]]
She has spent two thousand years setting up the events of the last two seasons so she can keep the man she loves with her for eternity (whether he wants to or not). She is ''not'' going to let the Travelers destroy the Other Side and make Silas' and her souls wink out of existence.

[[WMG: Related to the above, the 'oblivion' that everyone got sucked into is a pocket universe that Qetsiyah created once the Other Side started falling apart.]]
Because like hell this show is going to kill off [[spoiler:one-third of its ongoing love triangle.]] Plus, someone as obsessive as Qetsiyah would never, ''ever'' let Silas go. Not after all the shit she pulled to even get him to the Other Side to begin with.

[[WMG:Elena is not the end of Amara's bloodline]]
Because come on,do you really believe that both Isobel and whichever of her parents was descended from Amara were both only children? Yes I know that it is possible but the show has yet to mention if Isobel was only child or if she had no cousins,hell we don't even know how many children Nadia had(only that she must have had at least one child). Also despite most of the Salvatore family being wiped out in 1864,both Zach and that other Silas doppleganger prove that some scrap of that family and therefore Silas's bloodline still exists so why couldn't the same have happened with Amara's bloodline? I propose that Amara's bloodine still exists and some of them are witches-because even if Amara wasn't a witch, Katherine's grandmother was a traveler witch and both Katherine and Nadia could use traveler magic as well so it's probably genetic-(but no more dopplegangers since Elena didn't-and probably won't- have children)and we'll meet them eventually. Maybe Davina from The Originals is one of them(she does resemble Elena after all) yes we've seen Davina's mother but that's it,the writers haven't given us anything about Davina's bloodline so it's possible.