[[WMG: Animals don't just rule the island; they are almost the planet's entire population.]]
That's why Billy wasn't all that surprised when his driver was a sentient frog. Everyone in the world is a sentient animal. It's almost like it's...a WILD WORLD!!!!
* {{Jossed}} by the fact that Billy, at first, assumes everyoneís a person in an animal mascot costume. And thatís not even getting into the fact that [[spoiler: the gyroids turn humans into animals which isnít a common occurrence considering Billyís reaction to that fact.]]

[[WMG: The island is an extension of Franchise/SilentHill]]
* Aside from the usual Yahtzee take, when Tom sends up the flare a '''siren''' goes off and everything gets '''red'''. Before coming into Camp,the Cap'n's car is enveloped in ''thick fog''. We've been in the ''Fog World'' all this time, which is why none of the residents seem particularly monstrous, [[CaptainObvious aside from being animals]]. Afterward, however...
** Therefore the Gyroids are artifacts from Franchise/SilentHill, whether they be placed there by The Order's God or were dumped there because [[TooSpicyForYogSothoth they were too potent even for multi-versal demon worshipers.]]

[[WMG: Billy didn't cross because his favorite animal is man.]]
* Humans are animals, too. And he says he's "not the same Billy".
** Wait... Are you suggesting that humans can cross into humans? That'd be awfully redundant...
** {{Jossed}} by [[spoiler: the anti-box ending, in which Billy turns into a rabbit.]]

[[WMG: Animals turn into more gyroids.]]
[[WMG: Animals turn into humans.]]
* [[FridgeHorror Which means they'll all eventually drown]].
** Unless the Gyroids somehow make it back to shore...
** [[HilariousInHindsight Funny enough, the games themselves debunk this.]] Gyroids are more common and can show up more once it has rained, so being put in water would canonically let them back to be dug up.