[[WMG:Carter will turn out to be The Twelve's TokenGoodTeammate]]
Or at least an AntiVillain
* Yep, as shown in "The Twelve".

[[WMG:Lawrence Grey will be back...as Zero/Fanning's familar]]

Jude Cripp was a sweep, and ended up being TheDragon to Babcock. It's likely that Jude went through the same MindRape that Grey did, we just didn't see it first-hand. It's possible that all the sweeps went through something similar. Doyle might even show up as Anthony Carter's familar, even though Wolgast saw him die. He wasn't killed in a way that was as graphic as Richards.
* Confirmed!

[[WMG:Amy is the keynote speaker at the Third Global Conference on the North American Quarantine Period.]]
She should probably still be alive in 1003 a.v.

[[WMG:The residents of First Colony met the same fate as those in Homer, Oklahoma.]]
The occupants of both towns vanished almost without a trace. It's possible that once they'd all lost it, they were taken by the virals to a place like Haven.
* Confirmed.

[[WMG:Demo Jaxon is alive]]
Given that they NeverFoundTheBody, much in the same way as Theo.