[[WMG: Scarlet the mysterious waif is really Pink the necromancer!]]
It all makes sense, scarlet is a shade of pink and Scarlet used necromancy. Pink's a necromancer, so....
* Proven to be wrong.

[[WMG: Pink lied about accidentally making a Death Knight]]
When Sun comes to her asking about Roland, she claims that she'd only picked up a nice fresh corpse from the execution grounds. She had no way of knowing it had a powerful enough obsession to become a Death Knight. Except that when Sun later reads about the process of making a Death Knight, there turn out to be some pretty deliberate steps required to make one.

[[WMG: Or alternatively, Roland wasnít the true Death Knight]]
It's just like how {{Literature/Harry Potter|AndTheDeathlyHallows}} [[spoiler: wasnít the true horcrux]]. I mean, come on, he is practically a being made out of darkness yet he was nicer than Grisia. (Although to be fair, being nicer than Grisia isnít that much of an accomplishment.)