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[[WMG: The {{Juggalo}}s are a sizable religious cult in this universe.]]

Why? Because [[AllMythsAreTrue the spirits of the Dark Carnival are real.]] Though they're far too fringe to be considered a mainstream religion, their followers make up a group almost as large as [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos the Cthulhu cult,]] and they're classified as religious terrorists in some parts of the world. Oliver Haddo tried to recruit them into his group at one point [[note]] Presumably, he learned about the Carnival when he was doing research for his essay on the Great Old Ones [[/note]], but they just trashed his headquarters and showered him with Faygo.
* Or perhaps they're a SpinOff of the Hi Hats street gang.

[[WMG: The [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Weyland-Yutani Corporation]] is this universe's version of the Apple Corporation.]]

Because if you're going to become an all-powerful MegaCorp with a monopoly on space exploration, what better place to start? In ''Century: 2010,'' they'll appear in the background as the manufacturers of an [=i=]Pod / [=i=]Phone analogue that shows up everywhere. It wouldn't be 2010 without one, after all...
* Alternatively Apple could become Aperture Science. The timelines don't quite work out, but both companies, founded by gaunt, eccentrically brilliant men who died before their time because of a painfully slow disease, have a fondness for manufacturing powerful computers with user friendly, smooth, white designs. After all, what's Siri for the [=i=]Phone but a less powerful, less homicidal version of [=GLaDOS=]?
* Alternatiely alternatively, [[Series/TheMiddleman Fatboy Industries]] and their uMaster technology.

[[WMG: The [[Creator/IsaacAsimov MULTIVAC]] is this universe's version of the iPod/iPhone]]
Before it was the universe's greatest supercomputer, it started out its life as an all-purpose entertainment storage device that everyone on the planet wound up owning. It'll show up in ''Century: 2010'' when it's still in its "entertainment device" phase.

[[WMG: [[Literature/SprawlTrilogy The Hosaka Corporation]] is this universe's version of Microsoft]]
They started out as one of the world's first big software corporations before eventually making the brain-interface computers used by cyberspace cowboys to jack into the Matrix. They're also the manufacturers of a video-game console called the "[[UsefulNotes/XBox X-Deck]]", which eventually evolves into the ever-popular Simstim deck.

[[WMG: At some point, the team travels to America and meets [[Film/DollarsTrilogy The Man With No Name]]]]
Well, it ''is'' supposed to be a CrisisCrossover of all fiction, and it's dabbled in everything from Victorian Adventure novels, to 1950s spy serials, to Creator/JackKerouac, Creator/HPLovecraft, and Creator/CharlieChaplin so far. It seems like Westerns would be a logical step. The Man With No Name is one of the most iconic heroes out there, and he'd probably still be alive (though [[BadassGrandpa aged]] and possibly [[RetiredBadass retired]]) by the 1890s. At some point, when the League was really strapped for cash, they tracked him down to steal the cache of gold that he wrested from the Confederates in ''Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly''.
* Perhaps his real name is William Munny. Alternately, he's another immortal who has appeared as many variants of the "Man With No Name" archetype through the years. Or he's a time traveler whose real name is [[Franchise/TheDarkTower Roland Deschain]].
** Or [[spoiler: that portal in the top room of the Dark Tower]] actually sent Roland into a parallel Earth, where he decided to forget his quest and spend his life wandering through the West. He doesn't have a name because [[spoiler: the portal erased all memory of his previous life]], and he genuinely doesn't know his own name.

[[WMG: Alan Quatermain becomes Alan Moore]]
I sat around and this just came to me (way too much time on my hands). In the Leagues universe all fiction is true and is actually a biography of true events right? And also all books in our universe was written in the Leagues universe too right? Well then this series has to also exists in the League's universe, but most of this stuff was secret government missions, so no one would know what happened, and because of the Ingsoc years, its thought that all these people really were fiction. So then only a person with first person knowledge of these events would be able to write them, and considering that Alan Quatermain is both immortal and apparently dissapears after the epilogue of 1969, it is possible that he took up a pen name, grew a beard, and began to write these down as comics. It also explains why in the first two volumes, Quartermain was an Author Avatar for Moore, becuase in this universe he is him.
* Jossed; [[spoiler: Allan dies at the end of Century 2009, with a funeral vaguely reminiscent of his burial in the film.]]

[[WMG: Mars, in this universe, eventually becomes known as [[Franchise/{{Dune}} Arrakis]]]]
I doubt this was intentional, but still...the outfit that Gullivar Jones wears in the second volume reminded me a lot of a Fremen stillsuit, complete with a gasmask and Arab-inspired robe/burnoose combo. Combined with the various Middle-Eastern motifs in the Mars scenes (hell, the book opens with Gullivar riding a flying carpet), it seems more than a little bit reminiscent of ''Franchise/{{Dune}}''. Then again, if TheInvisibleMan and Creator/HGWells' [[Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds martians]] both exist in the same universe around this time, it's a pretty safe bet that ''Literature/TheTimeMachine'' exists as well. It's entirely possible that one or more of the characters could have used it to visit the future that Frank Herbert described in the Franchise/{{Dune}} books. And Gullivar and John Carter ''did'' mention the Molluscs performing genetic experiments during their time on Mars. Maybe the Sandworms are the descendants of one of these experiments.
* The existence of the The Time Machine was confirmed in the Story Allan and the Sundered Veil, in which he fights alongside Allan against [[spoiler: Lovecraft's Great Old Ones]], so the theory definitely works.
* It may or may not have been intentional, but Jess Nevins also noted the connection in his annotations for Volume 2, mentioning that Gullivar seems to be drawn with eyes that are a lot bluer than the other characters in the series, possibly in reference to the Eyes of Ibad exhibited by users of the Spice. You're not the only one who noticed it.
** Same passage also notes that Gullivar could well be a FictionalCounterpart of Lawrence of Arabia, which Paul Atrides also was for Frank Herbert. Is it possible that Paul here is a fabricated identity created by Gullivar?
* As for chronology problems, they were mostly glossed over in the case of ''1984's'' Ingsoc government, so why not here?

[[WMG: Jonathan Harker wasn't necessarily the bad guy in his marriage with Mina.]]
In the ''League'' universe, Jonathan Harker has apparently discarded Mina and divorced her because of his disgust with the severity of the injuries she received at the hands of Dracula and her now being "soiled" goods. But in the original novel ''Main/{{Dracula}}'', Jonathan is a more loyal, caring and loving husband than this later coldness would have us believe. So why did Jonathan and Mina split up?

It's worth noting that everything we hear (what little we hear) about the breakdown of Mina's marriage comes from Mina herself. Mina is not only bitter about her marriage, but is also noticeably neurotic and insecure about her injuries. She wears the long scarf twenty-four seven to obscure them; she is touchy about any mention of her history (both about her divorce and before); and, when she realizes that Allan has seen her scars after their night of passion, she automatically believes the worst about his reaction, so much so that she treats him coldly until he manages to convince her to let him hear him out.

It's possible that Harker wasn't disgusted by Mina's injuries at all -- or, at least, wasn't as disturbed as Mina would have us believe. But Mina, already sensitive to the point of neurosis about her injuries, managed to convince herself that Jonathan felt that way about her. Then she treated him just like she did Allan; and, since Harker had hidden his own traumas at the hands of Dracula, he ''didn't'' force the issue. The resulting lack of communication eventually poisoned the marriage so badly that divorce was the unfortunate conclusion.

[[WMG: Even if Jonathan WAS the bad guy in his marriage to Mina, it wasn't her scars that caused it.]]
Mina had once been a relatively proper Victorian woman, but her harrowing experiences with Dracula left her emotionally unavailable, and also quick to pick a fight and defend herself. Jonathan had been raised with a blinkered view of how a woman should behave, and when she began to deviate from that, he found it hard to articulate his real displeasure with her, and settled on using her scars as the excuse.
* She noticeably became hugely aroused when Alan licked her scars, similar to the way a Vampire Bat will lap up blood after the initial puncture with its dry tongue - an implication that she is familiar with the feeling, and that she finds it a turn-on. Possibly she developed her complex out of sexual guilt about how much more sexy the Count was compared to good old Jonathan?

[[WMG:At some point the League will meet other immortals]]
[[Franchise/{{Highlander}} Scottish immortals who ritualistically chop off the heads of other immortals]]. One of whom looks a lot like Jimmy...

[[WMG: The Franchise/JamesBond character in Black Dossier is not the same man who appears in the Bond novels and movies.]]
As in the original ''Casino Royale'' movie (and one of the theories on the WMG/JamesBond WMG page), the name is passed on to whatever agent currently holds the 007 rank.
* He's certainly not Pierce Brosnan. But it's possible that he's Roger Moore.
* It could be the James from the novels. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen doesn't pay much attention to the continuity of the films, just classic literature.
** But they do use characters from movies -- for example, Hynkel from The Great Dictator.
*** Yes, but there does seem to be a distinct preference for the original versions of various characters, regardless of which medium they first appeared in. Hynkel first appeared in his movie, Bond did not.
* Seeing as it is set in 1958 and he's just returned from Jamaica, it would place him within the timeframe of the book, set in 1958. The film was set in 1962. This Bond also resembles the novel Bond.
* I'm inclined to agree. On the other hand, Sean Connery's Bond as he appears in the film version of ''Goldfinger'' can be found in Century 1969.
* Alternately, Bond bathed in the life-restoring fire from ''Literature/{{She}}'' just like Alan and Mina did, and he remains an active secret agent from the 1950s up to the 2000s. Considering how iconic the character is, it would make sense to have him remain an active player in the series through several successive decades (unlike a lot of other characters in the series, his popular exploits aren't confined to a single brief time period).
* 2009 makes it clear that that Bond was supposed to be Connery (and his final fate is a fittingly Moore-like response to his role in the movie. The various other Bonds that appear in 2009 cover the rest of his incarnations, right up to Daniel Craig.
** Close. Connery actually shows up, sans-hairpiece, as one of the movie Bonds. It's implied that the original James Bond is the one from the Fleming novels.
* This troper wants to believe that the original, literary Bond is the David Niven incarnation, as he's Bond for Casino Royale. After that his nephew (Jimmy!) takes over, and goes on to become the Sean Connery-incarnation Bond. (Still haven't worked out film vs. book chronology entirely, but it's a start).
** Actually works out pretty well, if we assume several incarnations were in the field at once (and remember, we see both Daniel Craig and Roger Moore together in Century: 2009).
** And Daniel Craig also lived through the events of Casino Royale... because... uh- it's a simulation organized by M, based on the earliest 007 case, to test him? Maybe?

[[WMG: Lazenby was, in this universe, the only Bond who was actually a decent human being]]

Only actual martial artist to play Bond, so presumably more of a threat in a fight. Plus, Lazenby quit being Bond after his agent warned him that such a misogynistic character couldn't survive through the liberal seventies- misogyny is one of Moore's major complaints against Bond. Plus, he may have married Emma/ Tracy, so he's obviously not as much a bastard as Connery!Jimmy.

[[WMG:The [[{{Dracula}} Van Helsing]] of the League universe was either a member of or a founder of [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer The Watchers' Council]].]]
"A bookish academic who is also an expert vampire-killer." Did I just describe Van Helsing or Giles?
* The Watchers' Council was technically founded in ancient times. Van Helsing was either a member or worked alongside them. He was so influential that he helped turned it around.
** Moore has stated that he wants to use ''Buffy'' for the last chapter of Volume 3, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was canon.
* Van Helsing's (allegedly) Dutch, while the Watchers originated in Africa. Is it possible the organization switched custody during the Boer Wars? It'd be pretty typical Moore to blend popular culture with controversial history.

[[WMG:The pool of immortality is the remains of a crashed [[Series/DoctorWho TARDIS]].]]
Though it usually grants straight-up immortality, some people who bathed in it do die & regenerate. Alan died of old age before becoming "A.J.", Ayesha went from being African to Asian at some point, ina turned blonde (although her scars remained, possibly due to being supernatural). It is said to be something that fell from outer space, so it's as good an explaination as any. We know The Doctor exists in the Leagueverse, as his TARDIS shows up briefly in Black Dossier & NTA makes a brief mention of the Silurians, connecting them with The Creature from The Black Lagoon.
* Mina's blondness is in fact an effect she created via a wig or dye or something. In her adventures post-fountain, Pre-Dossier, she retains her brunetteness.
* Jossed by the first issue of LOEG: Century - [[spoiler: it's a product of a [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey black monolith]]]]
* Mina's blondness nature have been denied on Century Issue 2. She just dyed her hair blond, and now she's back being a brunette, though her color is a bit more of red than before (maybe she just died a little red, or its just color issues).

[[WMG: Franchise/{{Superman}} in this world is Canadian.]]
The creators of Superman apparently based Metropolis partly on Toronto and partly on Cleveland, Ohio. And when Mina and Allen went to America per Black Dossier, they didn't visit Metropolis. Because it was in another country. Therefore, our Big Blue Boy Scout is secretly... a Canuck. Don't ask me about all the Superman knockoffs this world must have, though.
* Would that make [[AmbiguouslyJewish him]] a [[TwoferTokenMinority Twofer Token Minority]]?

[[WMG: Orlando is an ancestor of [[Series/{{Torchwood}} Captain Jack Harkness]].]]
Just as Orlando surpassed his father Tiresias in gender-bending, Jack will surpass Orlando in immortality and promiscuity.
* Unfortunately you forget that Jack got his revivication abilities from Rose a.k.a. the Bad Wolf Entity, he did not inherit them like Orlando.
** Orlando didn't inherit them either, he got them from the Ugandan pool with a smashed monolith.

[[WMG: The world of the League is actually the Land of Fiction from the [[Series/DoctorWho Second Doctor]] serial "The Mind Robber"]]
Pretty straightforward. Note that when the Doctor bumped into Lemuel Gulliver, he was incapable of realizing that his world was "unreal"- he couldn't perceive the Master's robot guards. So clearly the whole League-verse is just a [[TechnoBabble constructed reality located adjacent]] to the Whoniverse, and none of the fictional inhabitants notice any of it. If you need any further proof, the First and Eleventh doctors can be seen in Century: 2009, looking as if they're involved in something serious- definitely getting involved in some new Land of Fiction- oriented adventure.

[[WMG: The various "higher powers" - the gods and the Great Old Ones and whatnot - will one day evolve into the Arisians and the Eddore from the Lensman series.]]
Hey, en't no one else around to do the job.
* For this to take place, the Lensman timeline has to start fairly soon- requiring that WorldWarThree break out. Eep!

[[WMG: The Elder Gods belong to the same race of beings as the [[TheLordOfTheRings Ainur]]. ]]
The Sorns exist on Barsoom, suggesting that it is the same world as [[Literature/TheSpaceTrilogy Malacandra]]. Numenor is mentioned in ''That Hideous Strength''.

[[WMG: Voldemort will make a LawyerFriendlyCameo as the BigBad in the final volume of Century.]]
If by the time the series catches up to the modern day Oliver Haddo, i.e., every dark wizard from British fiction, isn't referred to by some variant of "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named", this troper will eat his hat.
* If not Voldemort, then Harry Potter himself definitely will. King's Cross has already been established as an important locale, so it's not unlikely that we we'll see a black haired young man with a familiar scar on his forehead walking along in the background.
** For what it's worth, Moore already featured parody versions of Harry Potter and Dumbledore in the ''Smax'' miniseries.
*** Also, Hogwarts is already in, at least by implication - Century includes a mention of 'the franchise express' departing from Victoria Station. So if the train's there, presumably so are all the characters.
* Tom Riddle appears as himself but he isn't an avatar or expy of Crowley until he ends up possessed by Haddo's spirit.
* Indeed cleared in 1969 - Tom Riddle is the latest host to Oliver Haddo's spirit.
** In fact, based on what we now know of both Haddo's soul and Harry's origin story, it's possible that a grown-up ''Harry'' could be the villain of the third installment. Consider - Haddo's soul passes through three hosts, choosing a younger body to live longer. Harry had a portion of Riddle's essence, hence his Parseltongue. Little bit of misdirection in the final book, and oh look, Haddo has given up his previous body for a younger one, and gets to carry out his endgame.
** [[spoiler: Roughly confirmed. While Riddle's not the BigBad, Harry is although he hasn't held true to Haddo's goals as of yet.]]

[[WMG: In another LawyerFriendlyCameo, [[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan Khan Noonien Singh]] will appear as a descendant of Nemo ]]
WordOfGod states that a Sikh terrorist descended from Nemo will appear in the final volume. There are few other Sikh villains said to live in this time period that would fit.
* I... I think my head just broke from how cool that would be...
** Is it possible the terrorist is [[ComicBook/VForVendetta V]]? I don't know how the years mesh up, but being a Sikh (or a known descendant of Nemo for that matter) would be enough to get someone sent to the camps.
*** That would be wonderful, but in the Graphic novel, V died in 1998 bringing down Norsefire with him. Though, if the image of 2009 in Century: 1969 is anything to go by, it's likely that old regimes die hard.
*** Not so. A cursory inspection of the collected ''V for Vendetta'' shows V to be alive and well at the end of the story...
* Apparently josses by Century 2009, where the descendant is revealed to be the unremarkable "Jack Nemo."
** But this could still work; if Little Jack takes the nickname Khan (after Shere Khan, a famous tiger from his home country), he could be Khan No-name, the Sikh.

[[WMG: The Golliwog is the same race as the creators of the [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey TMA Monoliths]]]]
* He has already been stated to hail from a "dark matter dimension" and made of a material that completely absorbs light. Since the first issue of Century has him sailing to the moon, we may see him make a connection to his home world via the monoliths.

[[WMG: By the final issue of Century, Emma Peel will become the next "M"]]
* In the Black Dossier she was offhandedly referred to as "Em," and we know that she will eventually rise through the ranks of British Intelligence. If the Bond-as-codename theory is correct and the League follows this theory, the Bond of the final volume will be Daniel Craig's incarnation, who answers to an M played by Judi Dench. Emma could fit this role nicely.
** Alternatively, the role of M will be taken by Malcolm Tucker. After all, he seems to run everything else in British government.
** [[spoiler: Confirmed]] in ''Century: 2009''.

[[WMG: The future of the League-verse will be the future described in ''Literature/TheTimeMachine'' which would appear after the events in Creator/AynRand's ''Literature/AtlasShrugged'', Huxley's ''Literature/BraveNewWorld'', and Creator/FritzLang's ''Film/{{Metropolis}}''.]]
Morlocks, the Time Traveler, and characters from ''Metropolis'' have already appeared in League canon. The future in ''The Time Machine'' was, according to Wells, the result of trillions of years of class division (Metropolis) and division of labor (Brave New World) brought about by industrialism and capitalism (Atlas Shrugged).
* Then the ending of ''Metropolis'' was a PyrrhicVictory.
* All of this works except for ''Metropolis''. It's already canon that the titular ''Metropolis'' is actually Berlin in the early 20th century. The robot Maria was a member of the German league as early as the 1910s, as established in Black Dossier.
* If we're talking about dystopic and apocalyptic fiction, thought, ''Film/MadMax'' could easily fit.
** I'd like to imagine that the Mad Max dystopia is isolated in Australia. The reckless driving may also be what finally kills the last of the Liliputians
** Mad Max happened long before the other dystopian stories.
* All of this will probably be in the far future... and both ''Music/{{Danger Days|TheTrueLivesOfTheFabulousKilljoys}}'' and the [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Mushroom War]] probably has something to do with Orlando.
* ''Film/THX1138'' also takes place in the future. But it happens a century after ''Brave New World''. Apparently, some kind of nuclear war happened since then, which resulted humanity to live underground. After the end of the movie, THX chose to live above the surface and mingled with any surviving humans and became [[OurFounder the founding father]] of the Eloi society.
* Actually, it does not seem hard to picture Atlas Shrugged happening sometime after World War II. Jet planes are described as a technology that is relatively new and television is described as a novelty rather than something commonplace, putting the technology level at the 1950s. Also, there is mention to "People's States" in South America and Europe, capitalism as we know it is an ideal from the 19th century, and countries around the world are seeing big-government Marxist statism ... fitting in with the establishment of Ingsoc and Big Brother in Britain.

[[WMG: All, and I mean ALL, of the Post-Apocalyptic forms of work (comics, manga, films, literature and music) will be depicted, or exist along, after some kind of nuclear war]]
* From ''Music/{{Danger Days|TheTrueLivesOfTheFabulousKilljoys}}'', to ''Literature/TheStand'', ''Film/MadMax'', ''ComicBook/YTheLastMan'', ''Literature/IAmLegend'', DesertPunk, and even some zombie stuff, it will all coexist in a post-apocalyptic world, and all would be like turfs and gangs, all divided into a big nothing world, desert and destroyed.

[[WMG: While female, Orlando was Freya from ''Series/{{Merlin 2008}}''.]]
* Well, it's already stated in Black Dossier that he boinked the magus, so... there it goes.

[[WMG: Franchise/{{Batman}} will only become active in the 1960s]]
Its a widespread factoid that the first Batman story cribs its story nigh-word-for-word from a Radio/TheShadow story. So, here goes: all the adventures that are specific to GoldenAge Batman are actually Shadow adventures. Batman will start sometime in the 60s, and be accompanied by some twit kid who says "Holy invisibility!" a lot.
* In the Wold Newton timeline, Batman's Golden Age adventures and the [=LoEG=] are canon. The 60s Batman could be Dick Grayson and 60s Robin is probably Bruce Wayne Jr.
* Batman would start being active in 1939, when he first appeared.

[[WMG: The History of the Batman]]
* Contrariwise, there have been multiple Batmen throughout Gotham's lifetime. First was Bruce Wayne, who continued his vendetta of crime with a child sidekick named Dick Grayson, sooner later replaced by Jason Todd when Grayson became Nightwing. However, Bruce Wayne [[ComicBook/ADeathInTheFamily would suffer from a mental breakdown after Jason Todd was murdered by]] ComicBook/TheJoker, forcing him to retire.
** After Bruce's forced retirement, Dick took on the role with his side kick Bruce "Damian" Wayne Junior. This Batman was the one we saw in the '60s, more light-hearted and [[Series/{{Batman}} hip]], but over time, he couldn't handle the heavy stress work from being Batman, he gave the title to his recently resurrected brother, Jason Todd.
** Bruce would return to his identity as Batman during Grayson's second run (without Grayson's permission or knowledge) after a psychotic episode, [[ComicBook/TheDarkKnightReturns with Batman employing destructive and homicidal tactics in criminals, including the supposed murder of the Joker. He was later stopped by a fellow Justice League member and faked his death.]] After his fight with the Man of Steel, he began becoming more and more delirious, [[ComicBook/TheDarkKnightStrikesAgain having deep hallucinations and anarchistic desires. His reign of terror ended when his old sidekick Grayson appeared before him, and in a jealous hallucination, announced him as a coward and viewed him as his long-time nemesis.]] After Grayson defeated him, he had no choice but to place him in Arkham Asylum, where Bruce eventually died of old age, never cured...
** However, Jason Todd's tenure as Batman was noted for his heavily aggressive attitude, but he was later calmed by a young Tim Drake and lost most of his homicidal tenancies. [[ComicBook/KnightFall His tenure was short, for he was soon crippled (mentally and physically) by a South American Terrorist named Bane.]] He would later return to the anti-hero world as the Red Hood.
** His tenure was replaced by a certain Jean-Paul Valley, who was a poor choice in Jason's part and mentally unwell. This forced Dick Grayson to return as Batman and remove Jean-Paul forcefully from his tenure as Batman.

[[WMG: There would be space for ''ComicBook/VForVendetta'']]
* Alan Moore won't miss the chance!
** It would make a lot of sense if he did. One of the main conceits of the series is that the world of fiction is a strange mirror to our own world, and events in fiction run parallel to the world of fact, à la the Hitler/Hynkel doubling. At the end of ''V for Vendetta'', the film version at least, everyone in Britain marches on Parliament wearing V's mask. In real life, that iconic V mask has been used by the hacking group Anonymous as well as the Occupy movement around the world. The world of fiction in ''V for Vendetta'' spilled over to the world of fact. It wouldn't be out of place to see a protest featuring people wearing V's mask in the final volume of Century at all, even if the story *wasn't* set in a world of fiction.

[[WMG: [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Mr. Flint]] is another immortal from the Pool Of Life]]
* Meaning we've already ran into him as Creator/LeonardoDaVinci

[[WMG: Before the end of the 20th century, our heroes will live through some kind of nuclear exchange]]
A lot of fiction has been made based on the idea that there was some kind of atomic war in the three generations after UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. A ''lot''. If its coming, then we ought to see it sometime around TheEighties, since atomic war fiction before then tends towards potenially kick-ass after-effects (example off the top of my head - Asimov's "I, Robot" collection), while fiction during and after then points up potentially horrific side-effects (''Film/{{Threads}}'', ''Film/MadMax''), while also marking a rise in the number of [[Film/{{Commando}} guntoting g]][[Franchise/{{Terminator}} oons in pop fi]][[Franchise/{{Rambo}} ction]]. Maybe it ties into the ComicBooK/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths, maybe it doesn't. Whichever, our protagonists better [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_winter dress up warm]], and start watching out for [[ComicBook/YoungbloodJudgmentDay cyborg-versus-atomic-zombie brutality]]...

[[WMG: And ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} will be involved somehow.]]
* It's possible that Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy will be involved. In Black Dossier, Oliver Haddo pointed out that the number of Smarra (the harlot said to bring the end of the world) had a sacred number of four hundred and forty-two. If this is the case, the number forty-two might play a role in the Apocalypse.

[[WMG: Notes on world leaders]]
* From 1902 to 1910, the American President was [[Film/CitizenKane John Norton]], whose niece famously married a certain wealthy newspaper magnate.
* From 1933 to 1945, the American President was [[Film/GabrielOverTheWhiteHouse Judson C. 'Judd' Hammond]], a partisan hack who, due to a car accident, claimed to have been possessed by an angel and turned America into a dictatorship.
* From 2000 to 2008, the American President was [[Film/AnimalHouse John Blutarsky]]. In 2008 he was replaced by [[Series/TwentyFour David Palmer]].
* More likely it would be [[Series/TheWestWing Jed Bartlet, followed by Matthew Santos.]] Especially since The West Wing's rogue state of Qumar is going to play a major role in 2009.
** It should probably be added that at the time he was partially based on one senator Barack Obama, therefore lending himself as a perfect fictional stand-in.
*** The parallels to Obama are too perfect not to use. The final election as depicted on The West Wing between Arnold Vinick and Matthew Santos had eerie similarities to the real election between Obama and [=McCain=], [[http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/30/arts/television/30wing.html something which didn't go unnoticed by the American media.]]
*** The 2008 election was between [[Series/TwentyFour David Palmer]] and [[Series/CommanderInChief Teddy Bridges]].
*** David Palmer turns out to be president in Century: 2009. Which raises the question of what happened with the Santos election. (Assassination? Backs down in favor of Palmer? Maybe Palmer in the League-verse is candidate of a third party?)
*** Given that Santos had no V.P. (after Leo [=McGarry=]'s death on election night), perhaps Palmer was his V.P. and then Santos either quit or was murdered.
*** Or perhaps Santos was [[Series/DoctorWho killed by the Toclafane during The Master's invasion of Earth]], and Palmer (as VP) succeeded him.
** [[Film/AnimalHouse Blutarsky]] remained a member of the U.S. senate, alongside illustrious names like [[Series/{{Heroes}} Arthur Petrelli]] and [[Franchise/XMen Robert Kelly]].
*** Both of whom, incidentally, were ardent supporters of [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} The Kane Act]], which cracked down on super powered entities using their abilities to fight crime during the third term of Max Foster.
** In the Fifties, nuclear catastrophe was narrowly averted by President [[Film/DrStrangelove Merkin Muffley]], aided by an eccentric German scientist. The scientist later became Secretary of State under Max Foster.
** David Palmer never got to finish his term as President, as [[Film/TheUsualSuspects Keyser Söze]] infiltrated the US Congress under the alias [[Series/HouseOfCardsUS "Francis Underwood"]], and eventually managed to oust Palmer and [[PresidentEvil become president himself]].
** Keyser Söze eventually backed his long-time ally/protege [[ComicBook/LexLuthor Alexander "Lex" Luthor]] in a successful bid for the presidency.
** [[Series/TheWire Thomas Carcetti]] was elected President in 2024, after a long stint as Governor of Maryland. He presided over the war with [[Anime/TheAnimatrix the city-state of Zero One in Qumar]].
* Also [[Series/TheThickOfIt Tom Davis]] is almost certainly the British Prime Minister.
** All but confirmed - in interviews Moore mentioned writing dialogue for Malcolm Tucker at one point.
* Adenoid Hynkel's middle name was "Gloriana". [[Film/TheProducers You know why]].
** In that case, "Springtime For Hynkel" must be a Tony-award winning classic.
* [[VideoGame/NaziZombies Timothy Keagan, Max Foster, Fidel Castro and Robert McNamara once fought zombies in the Pentagon]].
* [[Literature/AbrahamLincolnVampireHunter Abraham Lincoln]] was the one of the first [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Male Slayers]].
* [[TheEighties The 80's]] saw way to US President [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoops_Apocalypse Johhny]] [[UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan Cyclops]] and U.K. Prime Minister [[Recap/DoctorWhoS25E2TheHappinessPatrol Helen A]][[UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher tcher]].
** Let's not forget the lukewarm and bureaucratic government of [[Series/YesPrimeMinister Jim Hacker]].
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_in_the_Streets Max Foster]] was [[Film/BlackDynamite a martial artist who once put out a drug that shrank black men's dicks]].
** He was also expose for the Water-Gateway Scandal by [[{{Film/Dick}} two teenage girls for his cruelty towards his dog.]]
* It's an outright fact that Timothy Keagan [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JFK_assassination was assassinated]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grassy_knoll#Grassy_knoll from a grassy knoll]], though it's unknown who the gunman that killed him was due to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_John_F._Kennedy_in_popular_culture the ludicrously large amount of gunmen at the mound who claimed responsibility for killing him]], some though suspect that a bullet didn't kill him but rather [[ComicBook/TheUmbrellaAcademy a mutant did]].
** Some even say that the gunman on the grassy knoll was actually [[Series/RedDwarf Timothy Keagan from an]] AlternateHistory [[WhoShotJFK who did it.]]
** Lee Harvey Oswald was actually trying to protect someone.
* Sometime in the sixties, several significant communist leaders [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus participated in a British quiz show.]] Among those present were Bordurian dictator [[{{Tintin}} Kurvi-Tasch and General Alcazar of San Theodoros]].
* [[Franchise/GIJoe Clayton M. Abernathy]] became [[Fanfic/TheElementsOfHarmonyAndTheSaviorofWorlds President in the early 2010s]].
* [[Series/SaturdayNightLive Right-wing folk singer]] Film/BobRoberts won the 90's election with over half of the votes, but only served halfway through the thirty days when he was outed by a [[BrotherSisterTeam brother and a sister]] [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS6E5SideshowBobRoberts from Springfield]] for using the names of the deceased as voters and [[EngineeredPublicConfession tricking him to confess by claiming he was]] [[Creator/RushLimbaugh Birth Barlow's]] [[ManBehindTheMan puppet.]]
* [[Literature/IfThisGoesOn Nehemiah Scudder]] was elected president of the United States in 2012. Scudder proceeded to establish a theocratic dictatorship with himself as its totalitarian First Prophet. Dissidents in the new "[[Literature/TheHandmaidsTale Republic of Gilead]]" were either killed or exiled to [[Film/EscapeFromLA a penal colony in Los Angeles]]. Scudder's oppressive policies towards women were notorious as Scudder made them act as sex slaves in the wake of [[Film/ChildrenOfMen the mass sterility epidemic]].

[[WMG: Harry Potter is the Moonchild]]
If Voldemort has received the Crowley expy and the Moonchild may still take decades to create, it only follows...
* Well, that couuuuuld make sense. However, as the last issue of Century is set on 2010, and Harry Potter is no longer a child (more likely, an auror, maybe), and the Moonchild is told to be born on the year of 2010, then the chances are harsh. Let's wait to see.
** Depends on how a Moonchild works - Harry could be the vessel for Moonchild-related energies that are summoned into him (and seeing as how Haddo has a variation on Crowley's "love is the law" phrase at the end of his treatise on the gods in Black Dossier, and how Harry is infused with his mother's love, it's certainly possible that he's undergone initial preparation (disclaimer: I know very little about Thelema or Crowley's novel ''The Moonchild'', so I could easily be talking out of my arse)).
** Regarding Potter and connections to Crowley - I doubt that Rowling studied much about the occult, despite accusations lobbied against her by certain religious groups. Mythology, sure, but not Crowleyan occultism. Still, one thing came to mind - Crowley's "Liber 777" describes how divine knowledge reaches humanity through the Sephirot in a path that resembles three backwards sevens, hence the title. It's possible that this Moonchild is meant to be a magical savior, connecting humanity to the path of the divine a la the ending to Alan Moore's Promethea. As such, it would make sense for Haddo/Crowley to mark his Moonchild with a symbol of *three sevens in the shape of a lightning bolt.*
** [[spoiler:[[http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/revealed-harry-potter-is-the-antichrist-7856662.html Confirmed]]]]

[[WMG: Brian is UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}}]]
From ''Film/MontyPythonsLifeOfBrian'', Brian is set like a messiah, just like Jesus. And, as we have seen through the comics that real life figures have been replaced by his fictional counterparts (The Beatles -- The Rutles, Adolf Hitler -- Adenoid Hynkel, Queen Elizabeth -- Queen Gloriana, Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones -- Turner Purple and The Purple Orchestra), it could make sense that Brian is the League's Christ figure (without replacing the names of "Jesus" or "Christ", as they were just translations of the real name of Jesus).
This is, of course, assuming that Jesus existed on real life, and I presume the League's universe would take Brian as a messiah (being humans too, they would, I presume). Don't start a flame religious war here, it's just a WMG that occured to me.
* This theory would only work if Brian was a Jesus stand in. But the film clearly states that Brian is not the messiah (he's a very naughty boy!) and he is not Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus himself appears twice in the film - once during the Nativity and once preaching his Sermon on the Mount. And in both instances Jesus was depicted in an orthodox Christian way. In the League universe, Jesus is likely still Jesus. Brian's cult probably sputtered and died soon after his crucifixion. Although a Gnostic-style cult centered around Brian might be interesting...
** A theory about Brian being the real messiah, and not Jesus, on the League's universe? That would be something.
** In this universe, it's probably more likely that [[Creator/MichaelMoorcock Karl Glogauer]] is Jesus.
*** Or the Caveman from "The Man from Earth." Or any other fictional version of Jesus.
* A statue in ''The Black Dossier'' seems to suggest that this world's equivalent of Christ is Literature/BenHur.
* If either of these guesses are true...why aren't either of their names being used when Commandment number 3 gets broken?
** Technically, they would still say "Christ" either way, since "Christ" just means "anointed". It's possible that the phrase "Ben-Hur Christ!"/"Brian Christ!" just never really entered the popular lexicon in this world, since neither of them really have the same ring as "''Je''sus Christ!"
** Orlando actually does say "Jesus Christ" when she recognizes Alan in Century: 2009.
*** The League-verse's Magi got it wrong (uh... twice). Or they just decided to choose Jesus over Brian because they didn't want to have to include Brian's mother in the New Testament (could you blame them?).
*** Of course, if Brian is the Messiah, that would make Naughtius Maximus the Christian God...
* The League-verse's Dr. Caligari is the one from the hallucination, not the actual psychiatrist. And we see evidence that the cop purgatory from Ashes to Ashes exists in the League-verse, not as a separate dimension. So maybe the fictional counterpart thing isn't 100% strait forward.

[[WMG: Franchise/KingdomHearts will get involved at some point.]]
I'd pay money to see this.
* Maybe it will be something of fiction? I think Moore would like to (maybe) depict the kids playing video games of varied forms.
* Oh, but could you imagine the red tape to get that through? I mean, O'Neill was able to get Disney/SnowWhite into a couple of frames in the Blazing World but I'd imagine anything remotely later would be more like a [[YouWannaGetSued Lawyer-Unfriendly Cameo]]. But if they could, maybe in the way the above Troper suggested, or in the inevitable space travel adventure, the allusions to the interconnectedness of those worlds their implications within this realm of fiction would be quite something.

[[WMG: The League will visit another planet.]]
* Moore has pretty much confirmed this...hopefully [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Ivalice]] will be the planet in question.
** A likely guess would be Mars, for a good poetic reason.

[[WMG: WebAnimation/YouTubePoop will get involved at some point.]]
* [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaCDiGames you've]] got to be kidding
** YES!
*** [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros No!]]

[[WMG: Referring to the above WMG Morshu will join the League.]]
It's unlikely, but if he did they'd never be short on rupees.

[[WMG: The Big Brother government will make a comeback in some form.]]
When Norton warps into 2009 we see a symbol on a guard's shield that resembles a similar logo on the door of the Ministry of Love in Black Dossier. The difference this time round is that the world is more like the [[Series/BigBrother reality show]] than [[Literature/NineteenEightyFour George Orwell's novel]].

[[WMG: The League will fail to stop the Moonchild - and this will be a good thing!]]
Anyone who's read Alan Moore's other work - Promethea in particular - knows that he's actually a very big fan of Crowley. Making him just a straight up villain seems far too simple a move for Moore to pull. In Promethea the "unending aeon" Crowley predicted brought down the world. Not the planet or humanity, but our destructive system of governments, bureaucracy, and everything that oppresses us. The Moonchild in this story might turn out to be the best thing to happen to the world, bringing down governments and allowing for pure freedom of imagination. So if the Moonchild is Harry Potter as others have said, Moore might be paying a huge compliment to J.K. Rowling!

Or he may just make Potter out to be a bastard. We know that he's done worse to [[Franchise/JamesBond other beloved characters.]]
* You've definitely got a point there, though it should be noted that most of Crowley's analogues so far have been villains in their original texts, [[MagnificentBastard magnificent bastards]] perhaps, but stlll villains. Despite this I'm still inclined to agree with you and think that the resistance to the so-called Moonchild is Moore's way of demonstrating society's fear of change, which has caused culture to stagnate and become repressed.
* Semi-Jossed; [[spoiler: Harry has basically been manipulated by Haddo all through his life in Century 2009, and is reminiscent of an incredibly spoilt brat with an insane level of power. However, Haddo's Moonchild isn't the apocalyptic being he predicted, but Haddo's decapitated head - taken by Harry - now predicts that Mina and Orlando will be the harbingers of a strange and terrible aeon in the Antichrist's place. So the Moonchild was meant to be pure evil, but wasn't quite all he was... Chalked up to be, to make a Bondian pun.]]

[[WMG: The UN unsuccessfully attempted to form an international League in TheNineties.]]
We know that Captain Universe answers to the UN to a certain degree, so even though evidence of the original 1898 league has been all but erased, the concept of putting together a team of 'Special' individuals is still present and may have been used to bridge international relations. The league would be helmed by an aged Captain Universe, with potential members including an overpowered anime/manga character (Take your pick, but I'm thinking [[Manga/DragonBall Goku]]; a delegate from Russia, a jaded product of the [[UsefulNotes/TheNewRussia collapsed Soviet Union]] and an African warlord, in line with the League's history of taking in monsters. The league is of course disbanded, possibly following their failure to prevent 9/11 or its fictional stand-in. I'm not too sure about the specifics so any other suggestions are more than welcome.
* Hum. [[Film/EarthGirlsAreEasy Mac]]? Stealing the identity of Dr [[Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossThe8thDimension Sidney Zweibel]] (who went into Witness Protection under the alias [[Film/TheFly1986 Seth Brundle]] and tragically vanished), he'd probably be useful as a techie for such a group. While gaining degrees under human pseudonyms - [[Franchise/JurassicPark Ian Malcolm]], [[Film/IndependenceDay David Levinson]] - and doing some "vacationing", of course.
* Film/{{Darkman}}. Fits with the "monster" thing.
* [[Series/{{Alias}} Anna Espinosa]], during her... wild years. Somehow.
* [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Sagat]], mauy thai expert and mercenary. He might have been persuaded to chip in in exchange for certain charges being forgotten.
* [[Comicbook/SinCity Marv]], badass on par with Creator/ChuckNorris (though not nearly as powerful.)
* [[Franchise/FridayThe13th Jason Voorhees]]. The League aren't averse to taking in invisible rapists, rampaging monsters, or terrorists in submarines -- they probably wouldn't lose much sleep over hiring a serial killer. With the right amount of brainwashing and/or mystical control, he'd be a good guy to have on their leash.
* An aging [[Film/{{Gojira}} Dr. Daisuke Serizawa]], who'd been presumed dead and in hiding since the 1950s, served as the team's science advisor, and used his experience with [[{{Kaiju}} unusual creatures]] to help the team battle supernatural threats.
* [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Jason Scott, Trini Kwan, and Zack Taylor]], a trio of [[RecruitTeenagersWithAttitude teenagers]] hailing from Angel Grove, California, joined after the League discovered them at a peace conference in Switzerland. They used their martial art skills and past experience with [[{{Kaiju}} monsters]] and [[HumongousMecha robotics]] to help the League battle extraterrestrial threats. Later, Jason had to leave the League when someone was needed to take the [[Series/PowerRangersZeo Gold Ranger power]].
* [[Anime/{{Tekkonkinkreet}} Black or the Minotaur]], either one really. If the theorized League led (presumably) by Phileas Fogg is any example, preteens have been in Leagues so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch that the ultraviolent Black might have ended up in it. Of course though, The Minotaur is apparently a separate entity so it's just as likely (if not more so) that he'd be part of this group, the League has no problem recruiting monsters into their group...and the Minotaur is even tough enough to fight professional alien assassins, assassins who pretty much take down all the threats to Snake wherever else they go.
* {{Deadpool}}, it may seem unlikely but he is pretty much an all around powerhouse, not to mention a complete nutjob, since the government has no trouble recruiting loonies (see Hyde or Griffin) he'd fit right in...plus they'd probably involve superheroes at some point.
* [[ComicStrip/{{Doonesbury}} Duke]], while a good deal of his schemes have failed in the past someone like him would probably either make a good member or handler for the group (he's not that much better than Campion Bond after all.)
* All their cases come from tapes produced by [[Series/KolchakTheNightStalker Carl Kolchak]], a Chicago reporter heavily involved with the supernatural.

[[WMG: Notes on companies, brands, and public figures]]
Moore has stated that [[Series/{{Lost}} Driveshaft]] and the actor [[Series/{{Entourage}} Vince Chase]] would be alluded to. What other brands, bands and actors would 2009 feature? Would teenagers pirate the latest [[Film/TropicThunder Kirk Lazarus]] movie on [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Aperture]] brand laptops? At night would they choose between take out at [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Krusty Burger]] or [[Film/{{Dogma}} Mooby's]]? Do fans gather in [[Literature/SnowCrash The Metaverse]] to argue over the latest episode of ''[[Series/{{Community}} Inspector Spacetime]]''?
* In this world, the fictional show ''Film/GalaxyQuest'' is probably their equivalent of ''Franchise/StarTrek''.
** Likewise, ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Cosmic Wars]]'' is the equivalent of ''Franchise/StarWars''.
* ''[[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Kiss Saves Santa]]'' is a popular holiday classic.
* ''[[Series/StargateSG1 Wormhole X-Treme!]]'' is a classic sci-fi series in reruns that spawned two spin-offs, ''[[Series/StargateAtlantis Wormhole:]] [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos R'lyeh]]'' and ''[[Series/StargateUniverse Wormhole: Total Perspective Vortex]]''.
** [[Series/MacGyver Angus McGyver]] worked as a consultant for the show for several years as a post-retirement job.
* Superhero comics are probably not that big a deal anymore, but with the anniversary of a few significant deaths coming up, studios are working on some [[Film/GreenLantern big]] [[Film/TheDarkKnightSaga budget]] [[Film/ManOfSteel biopic]] [[Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse films]].
** Though many young people still have nostalgic memories of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDHHrt6l4w&ob=av3e this particular cartoon series]]
** Pirate, military, romance, cowboy, horror, and SliceOfLife comics are still being published. [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Pirate comics are the most popular.]]
* Based on a series of documents leaked around a decade ago about a weird division of MI6 in the Victorian period, which quite caught the public imagination at the time, a few writers have tried [[http://sanctuary.wikia.com/wiki/The_Five_%28group%29 their]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Establishment_%28comics%29 own]] [[http://home.earthlink.net/~rkkman/frames/summaries/S13.htm take]] on the idea. Of course, no-one really cares about those stories anymore.
* [[Music/TheRutles Ron Nasty]] was shot in 1980 by a deranged gunman named [[Literature/TheCatcherInTheRye Holden]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Catcher_in_the_Rye#Controversy Caulfield]]
** Which has spawned [[http://home.pacifier.com/~dkossy/lightfoot.html a conspiracy theory]] in which Nasty's murder was actually caused by [[Creator/StephenKing novelist Richard Bauchman]] [[Literature/CharlieAndTheGreatGlassElevator and US Presidents Lancelot R. Gilligrass]] [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoops_Apocalypse and Johnny Cyclops.]]
*** Some variations of the theory accuse [[ScoobyDooAndTheWitchsGhost Ben Ravencroft]] instead of Bauchman, sometimes connecting it to Ravencroft's alleged ties to black magic.
** After the Water-gateway Scandal, The US Congress lowered the age of eligibility for presidency to appease the youth vote and they, in turn, elected Prez Rickard, a teenaged middle-american who was an idealist who pardoned Gilligrass and lead the way for better gun control laws.
* The biggest progressive rock band was Pink Floyd, named for the nickname of [[Music/TheWall its lead singer and songwriter Floyd "Pink" Pinkerton, who suffered from a temporary yet disturbing mental breakdown in 1980.]] According to press reports, he was in ill mental health and on drugs but pushed onstage, and he went on a wild anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic rant while apparently hallucinating that he was in some Neo-Nazi rally.
* [[Film/PulpFiction After a failed attempt at starring in a television show, Mia Wallace became one of Hollywood's biggest actresses with her breakout role in]] ''[[Film/KillBill Kill]] [[http://kottke.org/12/05/the-unified-theory-of-quentin-tarantinos-movie-universe Bill]]''. ''Film/FromDuskTillDawn'' is also fictional.
* "Creator/AynRand" was a pen name used by industrialist and philosopher [[VideoGame/BioShock Andrew Ryan]], who created another identity so that he could publish books on his ideas while hiding out in Rapture. He figured that writing as a woman would make his philosophy seem less threatening.
* [[Creator/StephenKing Nozz]][[Franchise/TheDarkTower -a-la]] is an iconic American soft drink, known for its distinctive red and white logo with the curly script and its ad campaign with the polar bears. That soft drink company that sent representatives to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus was actually the Nozz-a-la Company.
* ''Series/BigBrother'' is one of the most controversial TV shows in the world due to being named after the [[Literature/NineteenEightyFour Totalitarian Government from the early 20th century]].
** Which is really saying something when other contemporary shows include ''[[TimeTrumpet Celebrity Rape-an-Ape]]'', ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland'', ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether'', and ''WebVideo/SexHouse''.
*** But that does not even come close to ''Film/TheTrumanShow'', where a human being lived in an artificial island society unaware that his life was a television program and everyone around him was an actor. People were split on the morality of this situation: many enjoyed the show and even felt comfort from it, while others felt that this was a form of enslavement. Regardless, the program changed television history and made the reality show popular beginning in the 1990s.
** Reality shows based around ParanormalInvestigation remain popular despite the deaths of the Film/GraveEncounters crew and the [[Theatre/HalloweenHorrorNights Spirit Seekers]].
* [[WesternAnimation/CodeMonkeys GameaVision]] is a Video Game company known for it's infamous history during the Larrity-Era in the 80's.
* [[Anime/{{Tekkonkinkreet}} Kiddy Kastle]] is a theme park franchise and a known competitor of VideoGame/{{Thrillville}} and [[ComicStrip/FoxTrot Fun-Fun Mountain]].
* There is rumored to have been an episode of Series/DeadliestWarrior that featured TheMenInBlack vs [[Series/{{Torchwood}} Torchwood Institute]], but all records and taping of the episode were lost and the hosts and crew having no memories of the days during filming.
* [[Disney/WreckItRalph Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero's Duty and Sugar Rash]] are the hottest video games on the market and [[CrossoverShipping Fix-it Felix Jr and Sergeant Calhoun is a popular pairing between the fans.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Doug}} Pretendo]] is also a huge video game company, whose games and consoles are popular all over the world.
* C.C.'S Pizza is one of the hottest pizza joints worldwide and was founded by the ''alleged'' [[IdenticalGrandson Great-Great-Great Granddaughter]] of American Revolution figure Cameron Clemons or [[Franchise/CodeGeass C.C.]], who took a bullet for Washington during the Siege of Yorktown and 'died'.
* [[Film/TaxiDriver Presidential candidate Charles Palantine was almost killed by a crazed gunman named Travis Bickle]].
* Journalist [[Creator/HunterSThompson Raoul]] [[Literature/FearAndLoathingInLasVegas Duke]] was an avid critic of the Foster Administration.
* [[Film/BeingJohnMalkovich John Malkovich quit his acting career around 2000, but went on to become one of the most respected puppeteers in history]].
* [[Film/TheWrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson]] was the most popular American professional wrestler in the history of the sport, and helped make pro-wrestling what it is today. His feud with the [[ForeignWrestlingHeel "The Ayatollah"]] is legendary among wrestling fans.
* [[Creator/RayBradbury Cream Sponge Para Litefoot sneakers]] were a popular brand of shoes among teenagers in the 1920s. They enjoyed an unexpected resurgence in the 1990s, though, when they received a CelebrityEndorsement from famed basketball player [[WesternAnimation/{{Doug}} Sky Davis]].
* [[WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks Martin Luther King Junior, having been shot April 4th, 1968, went into a coma that lasted until October 27, 2000. He amassed a lot of great publicity, even a movie deal. Unfortunately, his comments on a talk show about "turning the other cheek to the enemy" caused uproar and him becoming a social pariah. He later tried to reinvigorate his image but he was so disgusted by modern black culture and the world turning on him, he gave out a huge rant and later left for Canada. This inspired many African-Americans to take up political activism and have improved on their culture. King later died in Vancouver, British Columbia at the age of 91.]]
* The Theory of Natural Selection was developed in the mid-19th century by naturalist [[Literature/AubreyMaturin Stephen Maturin]], who developed his notes on species differentiation while studying the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands during the Napoleonic Wars, when he served as a ship's surgeon aboard HMS ''Surprise''. Much to his dismay, his ideas on "survival of the fittest" were co-opted by many corporate leaders in the late 1800s, who adopted the philosophy of "[[SocialDarwinist Social Maturinism]]" to justify their ruthless tactics. After his death, his name was vilified by many fundamentalist Christians, who considered his scientific explanation for the origin of animal species to be heretical. This led to [[Theatre/InheritTheWind a much-publicized trial in the 1920s, when a schoolteacher in the small town of Hillsboro was arrested for teaching Maturin's theories, and lawyers Matthew Harrison Brady and Henry Drummond duked it out in the courtroom over his fate]].
* A popular, non-vampire themed media to spork is the SciFi novel ''[[Literature/TheIronDream Lord of the Swastika]]'' by famed pulp fiction writer and Hynkel supporter, [[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler A.E. Hilter]].
* The direct-to-DVD horror film ''[[Series/TheSopranos Cleaver]]'' developed a cult following in the late 2000s as a SoBadItsGood classic.
** Many would even consider calling it a modern ''[[WesternAnimation/MissionHill The Man From Pluto]]''. A Cold War allegory flick that went down hill when the director, Walter L. Ford replaced the lead actor, [[Creator/PaulNewman Paul [=McNewman=]]] with his boyfriend, a stagehand named Gus Duncz.
* [[Fanfic/TheElementsOfHarmonyAndTheSaviorOfWorlds A Kentucky woman wrote a series of children's books called]] ''[[Franchise/MyLittlePony My Little Horsey]]''.
** The books were later made into many animated series over many decades, the latest being [[Comicbook/MsMarvel2014 Magical Pony Adventures]]
** Said writer once punched [[WesternAnimation/{{Fillmore}} Vampirita]] author, [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Stefania Maddamne]].
* [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Adrian Alexander Veidt, multi-billionaire mogul]] [[Franchise/DocSavage and former protege of Clark Wildman Junior aka Doc Savage]] has bought out the failing [[ComicBook/TheBoys Vought-America]] and is currently giving the company a major facelift. No news has come out about what the new changes will mean or what the elderly "smartest man alive" is planning...
* The Disney Corporation, founded in the mid-20th century, is still one of the biggest forces in the entertainment industry; it was responsible for [[{{Disneyfication}} propagating many optimistic and happy retellings of supernatural events that happened in earlier centuries]]. The company was founded by a roughly human-sized ''Moreau sapien'' mouse hybrid from Eastern Europe who fled to America in the 1920s shortly before Hynkel's rise to power, narrowly avoiding [[ComicBook/{{Maus}} a brutal genocide of intelligent mice]] carried out by [[CatsAreMean cat hybrids]] loyal to Hynkel. The founder (who took on the Americanized name "[[WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse Mickey]]") made it big in Hollywood as an actor, and later founded his own studio with the help of a few fellow ''Moreau sapien'' expatriates; he named it "Disney" as a [[SdrawkcabName subtle tribute]] to his old friend [[Disney/{{Fantasia}} Yensid]], an aging European sorcerer who gave him magic lessons in his youth.
* In the late 1950s, [[Music/AlvinAndTheChipmunks failing jingle composer David Seville discovered three descendants]] of Doctor Moreau's experiments. Taking advantage of their child-like love for him as a father, Seville turned the three into a music group, recycling his rejected songs with minor alterations. The trio become a hit thanks to their unique style of singing with their naturally [[HeliumSpeech high-pitched voices]]. All three eventually died in six or so years due to their natural lifespan and Seville found it easy to replace them, simply speeding up his singing and cancelling all live tours under the pretense of desire for more privacy. The trio's popularity eventually vanished and Seville continued with failed attempts at a comeback until his own death.
* Irish writer [[Creator/JamesJoyce Stephen Dedalus]] is widely considered to be one of the most important novelists of the 20th century. In particular, his seminal modernist novel ''[[Literature/{{Ulysses}} Metempsychosis]]'' is a vital classic of Western literature (though it's famously [[ViewersAreGeniuses difficult to read]]).

[[WMG:Notes on Celebrity Scandals]]
* [[Film/{{UHF}} Beloved 80's children's TV host, Stanley Spadowski]] revived flank during a stand up routine, by calling a heckler [[FantasticRacism a Mutie!]]
* [[Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody London Tipton, Hotel heiress and]] [[Creator/ParisHilton star of the Reality Show]], ''The Suite Life'' reached real infamy for the leaking of a [[HomePornMovie video staring her and Todd St Mark]].
** Many talk show hosts such as [[Series/TheLarrySandersShow Larry Sanders]] took to calling her [[EmbarrassingNickName "London "Just the Tip" Tipton".]]
** She also had a rivalry with Teen Pop sensation Series/HannahMontana[=/=][[Music/MileyCyrus Miley Stewart]], daughter of [[Music/BillyRayCyrus Robby Ray]] and known for her infamous Hometown Breakdown.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Many children and parents were shocked when upstart children's entertainer and ventriloquist Arthur Crandall of ''The Gabbo Show'' called the children watching his show "Little SOBs" on (unintended) live television.]] [[Series/DancingWithTheStars Recently he has been on a reality tv show were celebrities compete in a dance contest.]]
** Speaking Springfield celebrities, famous B Movie star and beloved ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' alumni, Troy [=McClure=] was murdered by his wife, Selma Bouvier-[=McClure=], who at the time was strung out on drugs given to her by a friend of [=McClure=], [[Series/NewsRadio Matthew Brock.]] Brock was later punched out by another of [=McClure=]'s friends, [[WesternAnimation/TheCritic movie critic Jay Sherman.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}} 1981 saw Zazz Blammymatazz's lead singer, Leonard Rockstein AKA Doctor Rockso, caught by police officers having sexual relations with an under-aged girl.]]
* Newark-born actor [[Film/GardenState Andrew "Large" Largeman]] was one of the most recognizable sitcom stars of the 2000's, but his career was unexpectedly derailed when investigative journalist [[ComicBook/{{Superman}} Lois Lane]] exposed his connections to Newark mobster [[Series/TheSopranos Tony Soprano]], who helped him on the road to fame.
* The fans of the television series {{Supernatural}} were devastated when beloved actor, Misha Collins, was killed during filming of an episode along with several unexplained crew deaths. The network replaced Misha with [[VideoGame/SaintsRow Josh Birk of Nyte Blayde fame]], leading to a more intense rivalry of the two show's fandom.
* [[TheWildThornberrys Famed naturalist and former television host Nigel Thornberry]] [[Creator/TimCurry had suffered a major stroke in 2013, leaving him wheelchair-bound.]] Though his daughter Eliza has taken over his television series, her and the rest of his family have done nothing but give him the love and support he deserves, as well as many fans and other professionals of his field.

[[WMG: The regions in the Franchise/{{Pokemon}} franchise are the geologically warped remains of Japan]]
Personally, I blame a technologically top-heavy [[Literature/GulliversTravels Laputa]] around the latter half of the 20th century. Would you trust those [[TVGenius TV Geniuses]] with nuclear technology?
* Being a technologically-advanced nation of geniuses, Laputa becomes a nuclear country in the twentieth century (assuming it's still around?).
* Alternatively, [[http://fictiontimeline.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=104851148 the Pokémon regions is in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the United States]].

[[WMG: The Moonchild will be an AI]]
Specifically, [[Creator/IsaacAsimov MULTIVAC]], considering the themes of the work. [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Skynet]], [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GlaDOS]], the [[Film/TheMatrix Machines]], and [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey HAL 9000]] could be failed experiments by companies infiltrated by Haddo's followers after the repeated failures of the Film/RosemarysBaby strategy mentioned in Century:1969.

[[WMG:The League will live through the beginning of the Sixth World]]
However the lineline syncs up, by January 2013, [[TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}} The Sixth World has begun]]. This, along with a bucketload of plans that have been footling away in the background, leads to [[Literature/AnitaBlake vampires "coming out]] [[Series/TrueBlood of the coffin"]], just in time to join a load of magical beings emerging. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Haddo and Propero shout "Just as planned!" in unison, then sheepishly offer to buy each other a beer]]. This change to the social landscape resets the corporate dystopia that had been forming, but by the end of the 21st century it is right back where it was in 2008.

[[WMG: That wasn't Mary Poppins at the end of Century...]]
... that was Literature/ThursdayNext.

[[WMG: The League didn't just visit Series/TwinPeaks when in Oregon]]
It also visited WesternAnimation/GravityFalls...after all, another town full of bizarre occurrences wouldn't miss their attention, but then [[Series/TheStepfordWives again...]]

[[WMG: The League once encountered JustForFun/CandleJack]]
They barely managed to escape getting cau-
* [[color:white: Anyone else wish to try their luck?]]

[[WMG: There will be another LegionOfDoom at some point]]
The League has encountered one before, it's possible others existed as well.

[[WMG: Prospero will become a villain.]]
When reading the newest volume I noticed some rather odd things concerning Prospero.
* 1, he seemed to treat the League rather oddly, specifically as if he didn't need them anymore.
* 2, Haddo mentioned a 'strange and terrible new aeon' that Mina and Orlando heralded, and also mentioned a 'subtle game', John Subtle being an alias of Prospero.
* 3, He could have prevented the Antichrist the whole time, he mentioned scrying [[note]] Or looked into the future and saw[[/note]]Alan with Mina and Orlando when they faced the Antichrist, but if he could see the future then why didn't he just give direct instructions to the League back in the sixties? A lot of blood would have been saved otherwise.\\
Now as for what his motive would be I don't know, but in the Black Dossier it was said that the League was made to bridge the gap between mankind and the fairies, plus he also wanted the Shakespeare folio that said this...so maybe he's trying to bring back the faerie, but the question is...if that is his goal why would the faerie race's return be done with the amount of manipulation Prospero did?
* Not to mention, Prospero seems to have some kind of agenda concerning the black Monoliths from 2001 in Minions of the Moon. If Vol. 4 really does take the League to outer space, Minions seems like a major setup for that in retrospect.

[[WMG: The new Nautilus is a spaceship]]
Jack Nemo said that they might need his new Nautilus sooner due to the condition of the skies...so maybe that's what he meant, a way of Earth?

[[WMG: The League will now consist of...]]
Mina, Orlando, Emma Night, the Gally-Wag, and Jack Nemo.
* And it will be led by Literature/{{Hottie}}.

[[WMG: Many popular works of fiction take place in The Matrix]]
In is timeline, the war with Skynet ends with the machines withdrawing to build their own civilization in the Middle East, a massive, automated city called Zero-One. There are no humans for hundres of miles, save for the artificially grown ones used as batteries/cluster-computers by the machines and a rumored underground city. These cloned humans are fed an artificial reality to keep their minds active.
** Presumably, a young scientist named [[ComicBook/XMen Bolivar Trask]] had something to do with the technology that drives said machines' weapon systems (which is why they're still called "Sentinels" by the Zero-One period).

* X-Files is a strong candidate, since extraterestrials are commonplace in the League's reality. Maybe Mulder and Scully were actually "debugging" programs and didn't even know it. It would make sense that the machines limited their simulation to just Earth/Humans for a number of reasons, namely that it's just easier. So naturally, when a rogue program manifests as an alien/vampire/whatever, the system would try to cover it up. Just about any other alien conspiracy story would work as well.

* Remakes and reboots. For instance, if Golden Age Marvel/DC characters exist in the League universe, maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe/Dark Knight Saga happened in the Matrix. The movies establish that the Matrix was revised to more accurately reflect human history. In the League universe, that would make it a pretty interesting place! Maybe all the other versions of those character existed in past "versions" of the Matrix.

[[WMG: ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' will be involved at some point]]
Moore's made a VideoGame/DeusEx reference, plus mentions of the Mogul oil company and Tesco as portrayed in Time Trumpet are giving the impressions of corporations that secretly control more than we know...so this might not be out of impossibility...Hell, even Fu Manchu exists in [=TF2=] as well.

[[WMG: Charles Foster Kane will appear in the next story, and he wants the Pool of Immortality]]
In the description to the upcoming "Nemo: Heart of Ice," Pirate Jenny's voyage to the South Pole is financed by "An influential publishing tycoon, embarrassed by the theft of valuables belonging to a visiting Ugandan monarch." Other sources say that the opening scene of the story will take place in New York before going to Antarctica. Publishing tycoon in New York? Kane seems an obvious fit. Not sure who the Ugandan monarch could be, but the Pool of Kor is located in Uganda in the League 'verse. Perhaps Kane wants to delay his final word?
* [[http://www.topshelfcomix.com/catalog/nemo-heart-of-ice/820 Confirmed]], or at least the part about Kane.
** Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Moore was already planning this part back when ''The Black Dossier'' came out. The first time I read that one, I found myself wondering why the 1950s "M" didn't look anything like Creator/OrsonWelles, since we're told that [[Film/TheThirdMan Harry Lime]] was one of his many alter-egos. But if he was already planning on adding ''another'' famous Creator/OrsonWelles character in a future volume, it makes sense.
*** The other explanation is that the Harry Lime in Black Dossier is not the American version played by Orson Welles, but the British version from the novel. I'm sure Moore chose this version because making Harry Lime M is too perfect to pass up, but it would just be too hard to explain how an American racketeer became the head of British Intelligence.
*** OR... in the film The Third Man, the man who supposedly kills Harry Lime in the sewers of Vienna was the same person who played M first. Maybe Lime had his face altered to resemble his in order to infiltrate MI6? Wouldn't explain why Jimmy knows who he really is, or why he takes it so calmly, but still. Can't be a coincidence.

[[WMG: [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Marvin the Martian]] is a failed SuperSoldier created by [[Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds the Molluscs]]]]
They did perform "flesh mechanics" on prisoners during their time on Mars, so wouldn't they have tried to create a perfected soldier at some point? Marvin is probably the result of one of these experiments that was left behind on Mars when the Molluscs left to invade Earth. When he was finally found and awakened (presumably by [[Literature/JohnCarterOfMars John Carter or one of the Tharks]]) he decided to devote his life to finishing what his creators started. But since he was an imperfect specimen with an incomplete brain, he wound up wasting his time with inept attempts to ''[[EarthShatteringKaboom destroy]]'' Earth instead of conquering it.

It makes sense, then, that he'd spend so much time getting into skirmishes with {{Funny Animal}}s: in the ''League'' universe, most talking anthropomorphic animals (probably including WesternAnimation/BugsBunny and company) were the result of [[Literature/TheIslandOfDoctorMoreau Doctor Moreau's]] experiments. And who was singlehandedly responsible for the Molluscs' defeat in Volume 2? Doctor Moreau, of course. The poor guy wants vengeance on the "children" of the man that killed his creators.

[[WMG: The ''League'' verse's [[Film/CitizenKane Charles Foster Kane]] will have something to do with [[Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds the Molluscs]]]]
There must be some way of working Creator/OrsonWelles' ''War of the Worlds'' broadcast into the ''League'' universe in some way. Now Charles Foster Kane is going to play a big role in ''Heart of Ice'', so wouldn't he be the best guy to work it in? Maybe he's a history buff who's fascinated by the Mollusc invasion, and he'll do an "educational" radio broadcast about it that'll make everybody think they've returned. Or maybe he'll intentionally try to convince the world that they're back as part of some EvilPlan. Spin it any way you want. It could work.
* Maybe, since 1938 was, of course, [[Series/TheWestWing an election year]], he faked a Martian invasion as a false flag operation in order to ensure the reelection of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Can%27t_Happen_Here President Buzz Windrip]].
** In the newsreel after his death, Kane was briefly shown standing beside Hynkel, so that's certainly plausible in-universe...
* It's more likely that Kane's radio stations tried to warn the US of an actual alien invasion at Grover's Mill, New Jersey, but was brainwashed into doubling back on their report and claiming that it was a radio show. All as a coverup for the arrival of the [[Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossThe8thDimension Red Lectroids]]
* The Molluscs return with a twisted plot to turn everyone into Scotsmen and win at Winbledon. Kane's announcements are instrumental in saving the world.

[[WMG: "Heart of Ice's" lauded technological adventurers could be...]]
The Shadow, G-8 and Tom Swift. [[Film/IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade Prof. Henry Jones Sr.]] could be the archaeological adviser.
* Contrariwise, Doc Savage is among the adventurers...the era fits and he'd definitely be among the most famous of the 'technological adventurers.'

[[WMG: The visiting Ugandan monarch could be...]]
A relative of Allan Quatermain's friend Umslopogaas? Either that or a very, very young [[Film/ComingToAmerica Jaffe Joffer.]]

[[WMG: At some point, Moore will cover anime]]
And it will be [[WorldOfBadass epic]]! Japan would likely be technologically advanced, the military would feature giant robots in lieu of tanks, and there will be loads of [[{{Fanservice}} chicks]].
* And all of the technological advances will be the result of a constant state of martial law that begin back in the 1950s, when [[Film/{{Gojira}} Tokyo was destroyed in an attack by a giant ocean-dwelling reptile]].
** Furthermore, [[Manga/{{Akira}} an accident that came about as a result of these technological advancements resulted in the creation of a number of espers, who disappeared in 2019]]. Japan also gained access to laser weaponry and a KillSat by this time.
* Also, crowd-shots in Japan will be full of unnamed cameos by various "plainclothes" and "mundane" characters from Japanese media who explicitly live in Japan, including from hentai.

[[WMG: Notes on World War II]]
Some details on the Second World War are already covered in these books, but not much is really said (maybe Moore's saving it for a later novel?).
* [[Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse Howard]] [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Stark]] worked on the Manhattan Project.
** He also worked on [[Film/TheRocketeer a prototype jet-pack. Which was used by 1930's League member and childhood icon to Stark's son, the Rocketeer]].
* The European theater of the war ended when, according to official reports, [[Film/InglouriousBasterds a group of Jewish-American commandoes teamed up with a traitorous SS officer to kill Adenoid Hynkel and the top Nazi Party members in a burning movie theater (there are contradictory reports for why it was on fire, but the official story states it was caused by the explosives two of the commandoes had)]].
** This event happened, but it's unknown if the real Hynkel was killed, given his use of body doubles. He may have died fighting [[Comicbook/{{Hellboy}} the B.P.R.D.]] in 1952, or in 1963 while fighting [[ComicBook/FantasticFour the Fantastic Four]] under the alias Hate-Monger, in [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus a Somerset retirement home under the name Hyknel]] or just as history recorded -- in 1945, in his bunker. [[Film/{{Downfall}} After a terrifying rant]] [[MemeticMutation about his Xbox Live account getting deleted.]]
** The original Hynkel [[ComicBook/TheSpirit was killed after a failed attempt to infiltrate America]].
** [[VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D He had also been recorded to having been killed by an american solider, B.J. Blazkowicz, despite Hynkel's advantage of being in an armored battle suit with quad-miniguns.]]
* The ComicBook/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica were formed by Doctor Fate at the behest of the Blazing World so that they could subtly influence the course of the war. By directing the supers to punch the hell out of Nazi special agents, they prevented the special agents from tipping the balance of the war.
* [[ComicBook/{{Hellboy}} Lobster Johnson]] punched out [[Franchise/HarryPotter Gellert Grindlewald]].
* [[Literature/{{Worldwar}} A Race of giant lizards from Outer Space]], appeared during the middle of the war and invaded. They were most historically known for their invasion of the [[Literature/TheDraka Domination of Draka]].
* [[VideoGame/FreedomForce A time traveling Nazi nearly won WWII, losing only due to the efforts of Freedom Force.]]
* [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater The war was also ended with the help of the Cobra Unit.]]
* The famed adventurer [[Franchise/DocSavage Dr. Clark Savage Jr.]] was active in quite a few secret missions for the OSS, and served as a mentor, of sorts, to the archaeologist [[Franchise/IndianaJones Henry Jones Jr.]], who was involved in several similar missions. Savage wound up with severe PTSD after one mission went wrong, leading to his retirement after the war.
* Rabbi Loew and the Golem of Prague both actively contributed to resistance efforts in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.
* [[WesternAnimation/HeyArnold The Battle of the Bulge was won with aide of one, "Steely Phil", who tricked the Nazi soldiers in the area into eating all of his tainted canned meat supplies.]]
* [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Among the many, many occult related activities Hynkel and the Nazis were involved with, the plans for an artificial vampire army (AKA Order #666) was created on orders of Hynkel and spearheaded by an unnamed Nazi Major. Two teenagers working for the Hellsing Organization (Walter C. Dornez and a mysterious teenaged girl named "Girlycard") were sent to stop this plan in Warsaw, Poland.]] [[WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged "Girlycard" was also sexually involved with the teenaged Queen of England, particularly during the London Blitz.]]
* MadScientist [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers Doctor Barbara Blight tried to sell nuclear bombs to Hynkel (who was in his 'Chinese Doctor' phase at the time)]] only to be thwarted by officers of the TimePolice and both agents of [[Series/WhereInTimeIsCarmenSandiego ACME]] [[EnemyWithin and]] [[EvenEvilHasStandards VILE.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/PrivateSnafu A U.S. soldier gets killed for fouling up.]]
* In World War II, [[VideoGame/DinoDDay Adenoid Hynkel found a way to resurrect dinosaurs for use in the war effort.]]
* During the course of the war, the Nazi's continuously tried using ancient artifacts and advanced technology to help them win the war. Notable accounts include the many battles between [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Captain America and the Red Skull]], the uncovering of the [[Franchise/IndianaJones Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail]], as well as the back and fourth conflicts between [[VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D O.S.S. operative B.J. Blazkowicz]] and [[VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein the S.S.' paranormal division,]] [[VideoGame/Wolfenstein2009 lead by the Nazi]] scientist Deathshead.
** No, this is Alan Moore who satirizes subtext and makes a mickey of everyone, here is what happened. Adenoid Hynkel told a division to find ancient artifacts and advanced technology. Comicbook/CaptainAmerica was actually Tyrone Slothrop of ''Literature/GravitysRainbow'' fame, who spent most of his time having sex rather than adventures. Franchise/IndianaJones is a Fifth Columnist traitor who is tasked by American corporations to destroy evidence of their pre-war collaboration with the Nazis under the guise of "finding" ancient artefacts. Indy also makes a killing on the black market selling art stolen by the Nazis, where he collaborates with Napoleon Solo and Harry Lime. As for Castle Wolfenstein, well it was an advanced Nazi test-chamber where subjects were made to move like rats in an endless maze, satirizing game railroading and of no wider consequence and importance.
*** Or he'd just depict the super soldier program in a negative light.
* There are a few [[AlternateReality alternate timelines]] that [[Wiki/SCPFoundation certain organizations]] have discovered where [[GodwinsLawOfTimeTravel Hynkel won World War II.]] In one of these timelines, Hynkel [[Creator/DavidBrin created replicas of the Norse pantheon]] and [[VideoGame/WolfensteinTheNewOrder developed advanced robotics technology.]] These advances allowed for them to vanquish the Allies. The Nazis next embarked on a Cold War struggle with Japan, which [[TheBadGuyWins ended with their triumph]]in a brief war. However, overstretched forces and resistance efforts would compel Germany to [[Anime/JinRohTheWolfBrigade withdraw their troops from Japan.]] The Nazis also found themselves vexed by their inability to hunt down [[Literature/TheManInTheHighCastle dissident author]] and [[Television/TheManInTheHighCastle filmmaker Hawthorne Abdensen,]] whose works continued to inspire resistance to the Reich. Ultimately, the Reich's leadership was taken over by [[ComicBook/RedSkull Johann Schmidt]], who sought to restore global control by summoning an EldritchAbombination that ultimately [[Literature/TheLaundryFiles doomed this timeline's entire universe.]]
[[WMG: Notes on student massacres]]
* One of the most famous famous school shootings was the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck!_The_Carbine_High_Massacre Carbine High massacre]], which was done by Derik Harris and Derwin Klebold, a pair of Hynkel fanatics. This act having been influenced by the actions of [[Literature/{{Rage}} another deranged student]].
* The massacre also [[Film/TheFinal inspired a group of outcasts to try and torture their bullies to death]].
* The was also controversy over a failed massacre planned by a student known as [[Film/{{Heathers}} J.D.]] (who was also inspired by Derik and Derwin), as well as the events circling the death of a [[Film/{{Jawbreaker}} girl who was murdered in a prank]].
* There was an incident where a lunchlady [[ComicBook/HackSlash murdered the people bullying her daughter at school and made them into food]], she got killed though...[[SlasherMovie twice]].
* [[VideoGame/{{Bully}} Bullsworth Academy]] has one of the highest rates of bullying in America. But strangely no massacres have occurred there.
* Japan dealt with violence in schools by [[Literature/BattleRoyale sending teenagers into deathmatches]].
** This was partially prompted by an unsolved murder that occurred in the 1980's at [[VideoGame/YandereSimulator Akademi High School.]]
* And who could forget the Infamous [[Literature/{{Carrie}} Black Prom incident in Chamberlain, Maine]] where a menstruating student massacred the students and faculty with her telekinesis.
** This also caused a lot of trouble for [[ComicBook/XMen Mutant rights activists]].
* Less well known, but no less tragic, are the shootings at [[Film/{{Elephant}} Watt High School in Portland]], and the infamous case of [[Film/WeNeedToTalkAboutKevin Kevin Katchadourian.]]
* All of these pail in comparison to the most brutal and savage massacre in all the known history of ever! [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowling_Green_massacre The Bowling Green Massacre!]]
[[WMG:Notes on [[Literature/WorldWarZ The Zombie War]]]]
* There was a League sent to fight during the war. The Members were [[Franchise/EvilDead S-Mart employee Ash Williams]], [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Special Forces agent Jill Valentine]], [[Film/{{Zombieland}} a man codenamed Tallahassee, Florida]], [[Literature/PrideAndPrejudiceAndZombies Janet Darcy, Decedent of famed Zombie hunters]] [[Literature/PrideAndPrejudice Elizabeth Bennet and Fritzwilliam ''Mr'' Darcy]], [[VideoGame/Left4Dead Green Beret Vietnam vet, William Overbeck]], [[VideoGame/NaziZombies Former Nazi Scientist Dr. Edward Richtonfen]] and [[VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies Famed Botanist Crazy Dave]].
* Gave birth to [[Literature/TheZombieSurvivalGuide The Rules for Zombie Survival handbook]] by a Mr. [[Film/{{Zombieland}} Columbus, Ohio]].
* The Infamous Series/BigBrother season where [[Series/DeadSet all of the housemates and crew members either died or became zombies]].

[[WMG: All {{Funny Animal}}s are descended from [[Literature/TheIslandOfDoctorMoreau Doctor Moreau's]] experiments.]]
* Funny Animals like WesternAnimation/BugsBunny or MickeyMouse have become more advanced and successful over the years to the point that the 20th century was a turning point for the Beast-Men or ''Moreau-Sapiens'' and their integration into human society.
* Some animals though came from [[Animation/CatCity Planet X]], one of these being a [[ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}} small white dog]] whose parents came from the planet, and (similar to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._T._Barnum a certain showman]]) used his superior intelligence to play humans like kazoos. Earlier immigrants included the [[ComicStrip/{{Pogo}} the inhabitants of the Okefenokee Swamp]], who seeked to escape the crossfire of a [[AnimalJingoism war between cats and mice]]. Some of them though went off to start a settlement in the [[VideoGame/StarFox Lylat System]].
* There were also reports of a [[Webcomic/KevinandKell portal in the Bermuda Triangle that leads to an Earth where humanoid animals exist instead of humans]]. A few beings from this realm migrated to Earth (largely by accident) such people include ComicBook/HowardTheDuck.
* Might the League one day accept WesternAnimation/DangerMouse into its ranks?
** Or alternatively there will be a League of Extraordinary Gentle-animals.
* Possibly jossed in the Almanac with independent FunnyAnimals like {{ComicStrip/Pogo}} and the existance of [[Literature/AnimalFarm Manor Farm.]]
* And double-Jossed by the animal-people of Megapatagonia, including Sirapian Musketeer [[WesternAnimation/DogtanianAndTheThreeMuskehounds Dogtanian]].

[[WMG: Notes on the Future]]
* [[VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution Human augmentation is a controversial issue in 2027]], especially since some of the main ideas for it come from [[KingdomHearts an alternate timeline]] where [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist preforming alchemy on humans is a horrible taboo]].
* VideoGame/MondayNightCombat is the favorite sport of the [[ComicBook/LegionOfSuperHeroes 31st Century,]] [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Mom Industries]] being one of it's many sponsors.
* Eventually in the future, humanity was [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann forced underground through a dreary series of events until led out of it by the God of Evolution and his brother.]]
* The United Nations [[UnitedNationsIsASuperpower reforms into]] a [[OneWorldOrder United Earth Federation]]. Its military arm is the [[Franchise/TransformersGeneration1 Earth Defense Command]].
* NextSundayAD, [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 a mad scientist and his assistant would send two of their employees to their satellite to be guinea pigs in a strange experiment to discover the secrets behind the Blazing World hidden within movies.]] The satellite later vanished into the far edges of the universe and was not seen for quite some time. When it reappeared, the individuals that were on board the thing became aware of all fiction, their knowledge of reality on the same level as Andrew Norton.


[[folder: The Comic Part 2]]

[[WMG: [[Literature/AConfederacyOfDunces Ignatius J. Reilly]] (or a relative) ended up in either a League or the modern one]]
His author did refer to him as being like the modern Literature/DonQuixote, and Quixote did join the version of the League Prospero formed...

[[WMG: Notes on Apocalypses]]
* It's nearly impossible to reconcile the League universe with all of the works of fiction that end with the end of civilization, the planet, etc. Perhaps those stories are merely alternate timelines? It's possible that the outcomes of those apocalyptic stories were averted thanks to other elements of the League universe. For example:
** The [[Film/DrStrangelove Strangelove Missile Crisis]] was averted, thanks to the heroic efforts of the ComicBook/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica.
** [[Film/{{Melancholia}} The gas giant Melancholia]] was devoured by [[Comicbook/FantasticFour Galactus]].
** [[VideoGame/ShatteredUnion David Jefferson Adams]] was one of the candidates in the 2008 elections, but he lost out to the Palmer campaign. Everyone agrees that this was for the best.
** The [[Film/DeepImpact Wolf-Beiderman]] comet, or [[Film/{{Armageddon}} "Dottie"]], was destroyed through [[Series/StargateSG1 the careful work of the S.G.C.]].
** [[Manga/TwentiethCenturyBoys The Cult of Friend]] was destroyed by [[Manga/{{Monster}} Johan Liebert]], his reasons for doing being that he wanted to take the world over and not them (and he still failed in this.)
** [[Film/TheOmen Damien]] died in childbirth, as well as [[Literature/LeftBehind Nicolae Carpathia]].
*** Or, to add a bit of irony, perhaps they managed to kill each other before either hit puberty.
** [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion The Second Impact was stopped by]] [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina, God of Evolution]], [[CrowningMomentofAwesome who only used his bare hands to do so]].
*** [[Film/TheCabinInTheWoods The Ancient Ones]] suffered the same fate when they tried to destroy Earth. Though he also needed help from UsefulNotes/TheodoreRoosevelt, Creator/ChuckNorris and Creator/BruceLee...reportedly, the Ancient Ones died of [[TestosteronePoisoning testosterone]] [[DontExplainTheJoke poisoning]].
** [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] prevented the [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Vogons from destroying the Earth to make way for a Hyperspace Bypass]].
*** He also stopped the [[VideoGame/SaintsRowIV Zin Invasion, with help from a surviving Time Lord, The Boss, Leader of the 3rd St. Saints and then President of the US.]]
** [[Literature/EndersGame The International Fleet's Battle School cadets]] devised a strategy that repelled [[WesternAnimation/TitanAE the Drej fleet's attack on Earth]].
** Scientists at the [[VideoGame/HalfLife Black Mesa Research Facility]] successfully managed to develop [[Film/PlanNineFromOuterSpace solaranite bombs]], but Gordon Freeman stopped a potentially disastrous chain reaction with the help of the G-Man and [[{{Portal2}} Freeman's girlfriend, who loved to wear white tanktops and orange pants]].
** The Manga/HellstarRemina was destroyed or sent back to [[http://godofwarlover.deviantart.com/art/Remina-190053741 his master]] [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Azathoth]].
** A [[Manga/{{Devilman}} demon boy]] prevented Satan and the demons from ruling over Earth. The [=LoEG=] universe is the latest CosmicRetcon, and [[PetTheDog God feels Lucifer has suffered enough]].
* Suffice it to say that [[Film/TwoThousandTwelve 2012]] was a very eventful year. And as the year drew to a close, experts agreed that if [[ComicBook/FearItself the Asgardian God of Fear and his army of mecha-Nazis]] had not perished in the initial Yellowstone eruption, and [[Recap/DoctorWhoS28E11FearHer that strange man in the trenchcoat had not quelled the riots at the London Olympics]], and the geological upheaval had not been dealt with by [[TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}} the magic of the returning dragons]] ([[ComicBook/TheInvisibles aided, if eyewitnesses are to be believed, by characters from the popular "Invisibles" comic series]]) then the year would have been... worse.
* The rogue AI "[[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Skynet]]" was [[IncrediblyLamePun terminated]] by another rogue AI, [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS]], which was in turn defeated by Chell. Again. The A.I. later retired and became [[VideoGame/PokerNight2 the card dealer for a speakeasy.]]
** [=GLaDOS=] tried to rise up again, but was destroyed for good by the BenevolentAI [[Literature/WWWTrilogy Webmind]].
* During an folding experiment with technology reverse-engineered from [[Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross this giant, alien space ship that crashed on South Ataria in the year 1999]], an accident occurs and sends an USB flash drive with 10 TB of pirate-copied music, movies and porn to the Zentradi. The culture shock ends the Zentradi militarism and their adoption of culture allows them to defeat the [[{{Anime/Macross7}} protodeviln]]. Thus the First Space war doesn't occur, the zentradi don't [[spoiler: devastate the Earth surface]] and the first contact between humankind and the zentradi is peaceful and starts long-lasting and strong cultural, economic, military and personal ties.
* The world was nearly destroyed in 1999 when the monstrous creature [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger Lavos, which had collided with Earth 65 million years ago, was thwarted by a group of time-travelers]]. In addition to the crew of the ''Epoch'', they were aided by [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]], [[Literature/TheTimeMachine an Englishman using the pseudonym Alexander Hartdegan]], [[VisualNovel/SteinsGate a Japanese woman using the pseudonym John Titor]], [[Franchise/BackToTheFuture an American scientist who once made a time machine out of a DeLorean]], [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaCurseOfDarkness the Count of St. Germain]], [[Film/BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure two American teenagers]], [[WesternAnimation/TimeSquad a law enforcement group from the distant future]], and [[Franchise/MadokaMagica a "magical girl" named Homura Akemi]], among others.

[[WMG:Notes on Superheroes]]
* {{Superman}} [[MemeticMutation was a]] [[{{Superdickery}} dick]] early in his career, he mellowed out over time though.
** [[ComicBook/WhateverHappenedToTheManOfTomorrow After a harrowing battle with his greatest foe, he decided the world would be fine without him and relinquished his powers to live a life as a human]].
* [[Manga/{{Monster}} Johan Liebert]] became the rival of ComicBook/TheJoker, similar to how [[WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck Dr.Slug is Negaduck's rival]].
* A lot of modern superheroes [[SmugSuper are assholes,]] [[ComicBook/{{Empowered}} especially the Superhomeys]] [[Comicbook/TheBoys and knock off heroes by Vought-American]].
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Eagan_Holmes James Eagan Holmes]] is the founding member of [[WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond the Jokerz]].
** [[VideoGame/PAYDAYTheHeist Four men posing as Jokerz started the zombie war after a botched burglary]].
* The most feared supervillain on Earth [[Webcomic/SluggyFreelance is a rabbit]].
* [[Webcomic/AxeCop An]] [[AxeCrazy axe wielding]] [[BloodKnight psychopathic]] [[KillerCop ex-cop]] [[PsychopathicManchild with Werner syndrome]] is often compared to [[GodwinsLaw Hynkel]] in the Villain community.
* Few, if any, remember [[WesternAnimation/KimPossible the teenage girl who calms "she can do anyone" or something]], ever since her friends and family were slaughtered by a villain seeking revenge for a WorldDomination plan she foiled.
* The ComicBook/XMen got under fire by the [[Series/TheWestWing Bartlet]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_W._Bush Administration]] when they took in an [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_%28comics%29 Islamic Mutant]].
* The daughter of [[Anime/{{Yatterman}} Doronjo]] [[LegacyCharacter took up her mother's mantle]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_tsunami caused a natural disaster]].
* A controversial vigilante who [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rapeman rapes women for subjects like adultery, parental bondage through trauma, and other negative qualities]] was shot down by Japanese police officers after cornering him in a warehouse as he was raping a female police officer who took bribes. It was revealed that he was a high school teacher, his uncle was an accomplice (who was later arrested and serving life in prison), and was a type of "gun for hire". It was also noted that evidence leads that he was attempting to emulate a [[Film/HanzoTheRazor controversial samurai who would often rape female suspects in crimes.]]. Further evidence says that he regretted his actions, a possible sign of mental illness.
** The officers who were forced to execute him were local Tokyo Police Officers [[Manga/YoureUnderArrest Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa]], who were given a slight suspension for the death of the vigilante, but were nonetheless viewed as heroes by the public. Especially the victims.
* There were reports of a man from [[KingdomHearts Another world]] who apparently [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann died and became the God of Evolution]]. He founded a superhero group he named [[MythologyGag Team Gurren]], which has been described as a heroic version of [[Film/FightClub Project Mayhem]].
* [[ComicBook/XMen Arcade]] and [[ComicBook/ThePunisher Jigsaw]] are descended from [[LightNovel/{{Baccano}} Ladd Russo]].
* [[Series/TwentyFour President Palmer]] was born on [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Vathlo Island, Krypton]].
* A secondary objective that Loki pursues while [[Film/TheAvengers2012 invading earth with an alien army]] is to search for an object from Odin's treasure room that is [[ComicBook/TheMask currently aiding a psychopath's revenge missions]].
* [[Literature/{{Hottie}} A girl with pyrokinesis]] was born as results of a [[Film/{{Twins}} secret experiment]] carried out at a genetics laboratory to produce the perfect superhero, using sperm donated by six different fathers. The fathers were Creator/ChuckNorris, Creator/MrT, Advertising/SegataSanshiro, Webcomic/AxeCop, [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]] and ''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd''. The surrogate mother was [[{{Superman}} Thara Ak-Var]].
* [[HolyTerror Empire City's resident superhero, "The Fixer",]] has been the subject of great controversy as its been found that he has been racially profiling, assaulting, illegally detaining and interrogating anyone with an middle-eastern heritage, left wing political viewpoints or belonging to the Islamic faith due to diatribes to local reporters that he thinks a possible terrorist attack may occur. A few witnesses and survivors of his attacks have described his speech as randomly emphasising words, getting into racially bigoted rants against middle-easterners in the middle of interviews and his very childish black and white moral standings are possible symptoms of his post-millennium mental instability. After trying to assault a gay foreign-exchange student out for a night out on the town with her girlfriend [[InsaneTrollLogic under the impression all muslims are working for terrorists,]] many have condemned his actions such as New Jersey's [[ComicBook/MsMarvel2014 Ms Marvel,]] [[ComicBook/The99 islamic scholar and activist Doctor Ramzi]] and countless others. On the other hand, news publications such as [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Hector Godfrey of The New Frontiersman,]] [[UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers The Daily]] [[CaptainErsatz Brute]] consider him [[TheDarkKnight "The hero we need and the hero we deserve"]] which does nothing but add to what their critics claim the paper does such as appeal only towards neo-fascists, islamophobes and fringe right wing readers.
* The ComicBook/FantasticFour eventually became villains once they realized that their powers, ingenuity, and access to various multiversal technology and weapons made them virtually unstoppable. They cured their mortal enemy, [[ComicBook/DoctorDoom Victor von Doom]], of his disfigurement and removed key memories from his mind so as to keep him out of their way. An amnesiac von Doom is now only limited to his ability subtract heat and founds an archaeological organization known as ComicBook/{{Planetary}}. Once he regained his memories, a now benevolent von Doom rid the world of the Four and undid their murders of some of Earth's greatest heroes, such as the murder of an infant [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Kal-El]], the kidnapping and dissection of [[ComicBook/GreenLantern Abin Sur]], and the genocide of the [[Franchise/WonderWoman Amazons on Paradise Island]]. Von Doom eventually retired from his work in Planetary and adopted the identity of his former enemy, ComicBook/IronMan. Reed Richards, having renamed himself [[ComicBook/UltimateMarvel the Maker]] during these events, escaped his fate by swapping out himself with an alternate version at the last minute and [[WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty now goes on adventures around the multiverse with a version of a potential grandson while dodging attention from the Council of Reeds.]]

[[WMG:Notes on [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs Dinosaurs]]]]
* [[VideoGame/PrimalRage After Balsafas imprisoned the Primal Gods]], causing the near mass extinction of the Dinosaurs. The remaining surviving Dinosaurs migrated to hidden [[Film/KingKong islands]] [[Literature/{{Dinotopia}} and continents]] [[Literature/TheLostWorld1912 across the world]] and even [[Literature/AnonymousRex lived among Humans in secret]].
* Also, despite the effects of climate change, the Kingdom of civilized, philosophical dinosaurs at the North Pole remain, [[Webcomic/DinosaurComics even attracting a small number of humans of small stature and poor sense of scale.]]
* Out of all the Primal Gods, none were as [[GodOfEvil horrendous]] and [[MadGod maddening]] as [[Series/BarneyAndFriends Barr'Nae, the God of Imagination]].

[[WMG: Notes on Modern Cartoons]]
* [[Franchise/ScoobyDoo Mystery Inc. were a group of radical marijuana-abusing vigilantes dealing with perpetuated supernatural appearences. They also have a stolen Great Dane from a research facility.]] Although, they mellowed out in modern times and became television stars in a [[Series/GhostHunters television show that debunks supernatural occurrences]].
** They were all (save one) horrifically killed years later by [[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken an old man pretending to be]] [[Franchise/FridayThe13th a demented and powerful serial killer and survivalist found in an abandoned campground]].
** The group [[FollowTheLeader lead]] [[WesternAnimation/ClueClub the]] [[WesternAnimation/{{Fangface}} way]] [[WesternAnimation/WheelieAndTheChopperBunch to]] [[WesternAnimation/TheFunkyPhantom many]] [[CaptainCavemanAndTheTeenAngels imitators]], the most recent being the team called MysterySkulls.
* There are secret societies Moreau created that have been hidden by geography, which include [[{{WesternAnimation/Arthur}} Elwood City]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Ducktales}} Duckberg]], and [[WesternAnimation/TUFFPuppy Petropolis]]. Hell, he even had a secret underwater society [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants deep in the bottom of the ocean.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers An Eco-Terrorist group featuring five teens from around the globe and a demi-god]] have plagued {{Mega Corp}}s like [[WesternAnimation/WallE Buy N' Large]] and [[WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife Conglom-O]] during the ninties.
* WesternAnimation/GravityFalls is home to a genuine WeirdnessMagnet and a portal that [[Webcomic/KevinAndKell leads to a world of humanoid animals]] (plus one that leads to [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Yuggoth]].)
* In the desolate wastelands of Mexico, [[WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer there is a little schizophrenic orphan that travels the countryside fearless of any danger with nothing but her backpack and anything she can find or buy. This little girl also has a pet monkey and is constantly tormented by a rabid fox.]]
* Super-Crime is rampant in New Jersey, largely due to the incompetence of [[WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce three superheroes who happen to be mutated food]].
* Back in the 1980s, [[Franchise/GIJoe the Terrorist Organization of Cobra]] [[MythologyGag held its base in]] [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons the town of Springfield.]] When Cobra vacated its premises, the American Government spent much time trying to de-brainwash many of the youth and adults, [[CerebusRetcon but that lead to much of the town hysterical, prone to rudeness, low intelligence, violence, mood swinging and many other ailments]]. Three Elementary School bullies, [[http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Jimbo_Jones Misters J.J,]] [[http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Dolph_Starbeam D.S]] and [[http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Kearney_Zzyzwicz K.Z.]] were primed to be top Cobra agents if Cobra had won the war against G.I. Joe. The town's billionaire, Charles Montgomery Burns, was under heavy investigations by the US Government over his involvement in funding Cobra's activities [[MythologyGag (including the development of a "Sun Blocker" to somehow boost his Nuclear Power Plant business).]] [[TheDragon Waylon Smithers]] [[HeelFaceTurn later came forward to testify]] [[MoralEventHorizon against him, citing that Burn's actions "Crossed the line from regular, everyday evil to cartoon super-villain evil".]] Burns later died in a federal prison.
* [[UncleGrandpa There is a being of massive]] RealityWarper [[ThePollyanna powers with a perpetual sunny disposition and less than bright intelligence.]] He has no real name and [[FridgeHorror claims to be the relative of every single person on earth, though the answer to that question is better left unsought.]] His travels bring him to such places as [[Series/PeeWeesPlayHouse Pee-Wee Herman's home,]] [[Manga/SoulEater Death City visiting the anxious and shy Crona,]] [[ComicBook/TheJoker Joker's cell in Arkham Asylum]] [[Series/BreakingBad and science teacher/drug lord Walter White.]]
* WesternAnimation/BugsBunny is just one face of the being known as [[Film/SongOfTheSouth Br'er Rabbit,]] among with the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheWildThornberrys Donald "Donny" Thornberry]] eventually left his adopted family to live and train as a warrior among [[Literature/{{Tarzan}} the Great Apes of Mangani]], being only the second human ever admitted into Mangani civilization--after the legendary John Clayton, the Viscount of Greystoke.
* [[Literature/GulliversTravels The Land of the Houyhnhnms]] gradually evolved into the landmass known as [[MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Equestria]], and created new races, such as Pegasi, unicorns and Batponies. The downside is that the majority of the population decreased in size, save for a small handful of alicorns, the country's rulers. Equestria is extremely hostile to outsiders, going as far as to erecting [[FanFic/TheConversionBureau a barrier around their border that erases any trace of the outside world, including humans.]] Oddly, enough, much of Equestria's technology, culture, and language is derived from human cultures. Equestria even had it's own League, known as the Elements of Harmony, comprised of 6 friends: Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and their leader, Twilight Sparkle. Tragically, there was great darkness within the land, driving many of the inhabitants insane. This madness extended to the League as well. Pinkie Pie was secretly a [[FanFic/LettersFromADisgruntledFriendshipStudent drug addicted]] [[FanFic/{{Cupcakes}} serial killer and cannibal, mutilating ponies and baking their innards into baked goods]], [[FanFic/LilMissRarity Rarity became a sadomasochist and aided Pinkie in her dreadful deeds]], [[FanFic/{{Pattycakes}} Fluttershy became a perverted]] [[WebVideo/FriendshipIsWitchcraft cult leader]] that worshiped a being known as the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTheMovie Smooze]], [[FanFic/RainbowFactory Rainbow Dash was in charge of Cloudsdayle's Rainbow Factory, where unspeakable horrors were committed]]. [[Blog/DiscordedWhooves Applejack became an alcoholic sociopath,]] and [[FanFic/LettersFromADisgruntledFriendshipStudent Twilight Sparkle was a sex crazed, hateful, foul-mouthed, racist, manipulative, genocidal freak who lords over Ponyville with her magic.]] [[FanFic/PagesOfHarmony She eventually brutally murders her former friends in order to study the Elements of Harmony and preserve peace.]] Other horrible actions include the resident teacher, [[FanFic/CheerileesGarden Ms. Cheerilee, going on a killing spree masquerading as a school play]], Equestria's equivalent to [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] [[Blog/DiscordedWhooves becoming a sarcastic, womanizing, alcoholic, physically abusive asshole.]] Lastly [[FanFic/APuppetToHerFame famed musician Octavia secretly hosting a demonic entity, brutally killing her parents and trapping her within her own mind.]] Eventually, [[Fanfic/FalloutEquestria the nation reached a breaking point and used a form of dark magic known as Megaspells to obliterate a rival nation populated by zebras, utterly decimating the continent, and leaving society in ruin.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball There is a small portion of the Blazing World designed to appear as a suburban city, which houses a melting pot of various species and objects that all have the potential to be sentient. It shares its space with a pocket dimension known as The Void, where its literal mistakes are tossed into.]] [[WesternAnimation/{{Chowder}} It also neighbors a food-based city held up by a giant named Hunk]].

[[WMG:Notes on Religions.]]
* God goes under other names and forms, including [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Eru Ilúvatar]], [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist The Truth]], Film/MaryPoppins, [[Creator/DCComics The Presence]], [[Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} Wally]], [[Creator/MarvelComics The One-Above-All]], [[Film/{{Dogma}} Alanis Morissette]], and [[{{Series/Supernatural}} Chuck]].
** Sometimes he [[Film/TheBluesBrothers directly]] [[Film/TheBookOfEli assists]] [[GodIsGood people]].
** His true form is that of [[Series/StElsewhere an autistic boy staring at us through his snowglobe.]]
* Satan has a tendency to [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark dis]][[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy guise]] [[ComicBook/TheUmbrellaAcademy him]][[VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}} self]] [[ComicBook/TheAuthority as]] [[GodIsEvil Go]][[GodOfEvil d]].
** He also employs demons as [[Film/LittleNicky doub]][[Comicbook/{{Lucifer}} les]].
** Has a [[Series/{{Brimstone}} 1983 Detective]] and a [[Series/{{Reaper}} Work Bench Employee]] working for him as [[BountyHunter Bounty Hunters]] to capture escaped souls and return them to hell.
* [[ComicBook/{{Preacher}} Jesse Custer]] is a [[AllJustaDream delusional]] [[ComicBook/XMen mutant]] whose powers (and insanity) manifested after surviving a collapsing church.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy The Grim Reaper is bound to the service of two children]], though he and the other reapers are assisted by [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Soul Reapers]], [[Series/DeadLikeMe random souls of the deceased]], [[Webcomic/{{Jack|DavidHopkins}} the embodiment of wrath]] and [[Manga/DeathNote Shinigami]].
** The Reaper was in the service of [[Film/BillAndTed two excellent dudes]].
** [[Series/{{Supernatural}} He has several helper reapers]].
** He has a sister [[ComicBook/TheSandman who's there at the first moment of every human's birth and mingles with humans once a century]]. She's also the constant obsession of an [[ComicBook/{{Thanos}} alien conqueror]].
* Some demons [[Manga/BlackButler are bound to the service of men]] [[DealWithTheDevil in return for their master's soul]].
* [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd A robot named Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. v4.0 Beta]] [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch Bitch]] was made by [[Manga/DGrayMan The Black Order]].
* There is a growing cult that worship [[WarGod the Second Greek God of War, covering themselves in ash and would start random attacks on public places.]] They believe that carnage and random bloodlust will appease their God of War, hoping that he will return to the world of the living and lead them to take over the world.
* [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos Slender Man]] is the up-and-coming rival of Cthulhu.
* The Church of Latter-Day Makers, a small sect of Christian mystics founded by [[Literature/TheTalesOfAlvinMaker Alvin Maker]], holds considerable influence in the American Southwest.
** Which later gave birth to a new septic in Uganda called [[Theatre/TheBookOfMormon the Book of Arnold.]]
* [[Literature/StrangerInAStrangeLand The Church of All Worlds, founded by V Mike Smith]], gained a small but devoted following in the late 20th century, when they preached a utopian vision of a new world modeled on the society of [[Literature/OutOfTheSilentPlanet the Sorns]].
** Given the alien origins of the religion and the IRL relationship between Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard, it's likely that The Church of All Worlds is the League-verse's version of Scientology.
** [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark A young Colorado boy was thought to have been the reincarnation of V Mike Smith.]]
** [[Series/ThirtyRock The church had found yet another possible reincarnation of V Mike Smith, but unfortunately, it belonged to an utterly uncouth, loud, idiotic and inane EGOT winner. The church has gone on record denying Tracey Jordan had ever stepped foot in the church's recruitment centre]].

[[WMG:Notes on Aliens]]
* In the 21st Century Earth is often attacked by inept delinquents from [[WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce The Moon and Pluto]]. They weren't taken seriously until [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Boston_bomb_scare they tried to bomb Boston]].
* There are some aliens from higher dimensions that are unwittingly summoned by children with high willpower, [[WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends such beings are known as imaginary friends]], one of the more famous ones [[ComicStrip/CalvinandHobbes took on the form of a tiger]] and later on in life suffered a temporary change in personality and convinced his friend [[WMG/CalvinAndHobbes Calvin]] [[Literature/FightClub T.]] [[http://metaphilm.com/philm.php?id=29_0_2_0/ Durden]] to start a terrorist group when he grew up. The tiger is retired, his old self and is currently living with [[BabiesEverAfter Calvin's]] [[GenerationXerox children]].
* Though [[Literature/OutOfTheSilentPlanet the Sorns]] eventually died out due to Terran colonization of Mars, their legacy remains in the form of [[Literature/StrangerInAStrangeLand Valentine Michael Smith]], the son of a pair astronauts who was raised to adulthood by them.
* There is a {{secret war}} between the Greys, the Nordics, and the Reptilians. The Nordics are [[LawfulGood good]], the Reptilians are [[ChaoticEvil evil]], and the Greys are [[TrueNeutral neutral]].
* The universe is safeguarded by several different pan-species peacekeeping organizations, including [[ComicBook/{{Nova}} the Nova Corps]], [[ComicBook/GreenLantern the Green Lantern Corps]], [[ComicBook/AmalgamUniverse the Starbrand Corps]], [[WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand Star Command]] and [[Literature/{{Lensman}} the Lensmen]]. The Guardians of the Universe's title is based more on ego than fact: they don't guard the universe, just a fraction of it (which is the Local Cluster or just the Milky Way).
* Centuries after they were wiped out in the International Fleet's counterattack on their homeworld, the revived [[Literature/EndersGame Formics]] (derisively known as "the Buggers" on Earth) embarked out from [[Literature/SpeakerForTheDead their new home on Lusitania]] and colonized many new planets, including [[Franchise/StarWars Geonosis]].
* [[Franchise/StarWars Coruscant]], [[Literature/{{Foundation}} Trantor]], and [[Franchise/{{Dune}} Salusa Secundus]] all served as capitals of the Galactic Empire at different points in human history. All three planets were wiped from existence by the Daleks during the events of [[Series/DoctorWho the Great Time War]].
* The radical anti-alien organization [[Franchise/MassEffect Cerberus]] was formed by rogue [[Film/MenInBlack MIB]] agent Jack Harper--better known as "The Illusive Man" or "Agent I"--after the devastation of [[Literature/EndersGame the Formic War]].
* In an alternate universe, contact with the [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey Black Monoliths]] allowed humans [[Franchise/StarWars to become a space-faring civilization thousands of years early, and gave a tiny fraction of the Galaxy's species the ability to harness a mystical energy field known as "The Force"]]. At one point, the legendary Chiss military genius [[Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy Mitth'raw'nuruodo]] used a Black Monolith to break through to our universe, and became a major power-broker known only as "'''M'''".

[[WMG:Notes on the Supernatural]]
* Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies all behave [[OurVampiresAreDifferent differently]] [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent depending]] [[OurZombiesAreDifferent on species.]]
* [[Toys/MonsterHigh There exists at least one school where different types of monsters can enroll together.]]
** There are [[WesternAnimation/AaahhRealMonsters also]] [[WesternAnimation/MonstersUniversity schools]] where they learn how to scare humans.
* All Vampires and Werewolves (including Literature/{{Dracula}} and [[Film/TheWolfMan1941 Lawrence Talbot]]) can ultimately trace their lineage to [[Film/{{Underworld}} the Corvinus clan]].
* [[Theatre/{{Hamlet}} Denmark's Elsinore Castle has had a reputation for being haunted since the Middle Ages, when four Danish nobles were supposedly murdered there in a fencing match that took a bloody turn]]. As such, it was a frequent hangout for paranormal investigators like [[Literature/CarnackiTheGhostFinder Thomas Carnacki]] and the Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}.
** [[Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}} After the Gozer Incident of 1985]], interest in paranormal research spiked. Two particular scientists of note are [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Jack and Maddie Fenton]], native New Yorkers inspired by their experience by the incident and their upbringing in [[Franchise/{{Amityville}} a suburb of the notoriously haunted town of Amityville]] to research the possibility of a dimension where ghosts live. Also of interest is the presence of WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom, a teenage ghost superhero who defends Amity Park from ghost threats.
* About 300-odd years after [[Theatre/TheTempest Prospero]] left his island to accept Gloriana's job offer, his abandoned island became the site of [[Series/{{Lost}} the DHARMA initiative]], which set out to study the mystical forces that had drawn Prospero and Sycorax there in the first place.
* [[Literature/HarryPotter Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin]] were all pupils of [[Literature/JonathanStrangeAndMrNorrell John Uskglass (a.k.a. "The Raven King")]] early in their lives. They founded Hogwarts School with his blessing, hoping to bring English magic to a new generation of worthy students.
* One of the most notable European sorcerers of the 20th century was the legendary [[Disney/{{Fantasia}} Yensid]], a graduate of [[Literature/HarryPotter Durmstrang Institute]] who indirectly caused a major magic revival in America when one of his apprentices (a certain ''Moreau sapien'' mouse hybrid called "[[WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse Mickey]]") fled to America to escape Hynkel's rise to power, and later made it big in the movie business; his apprentice would later name his studio "[[SdrawkcabName Disney]]" as a tribute to his teacher. After making his fortune in the entertainment business, Yensid's apprentice ultimately drew on his magic training to build [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks two major magical institutes in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida]]. His castle in Orlando, located just outside the swamplands of Florida, became a major hangout for many sorcerers from the American South, most notably the Florida native [[Literature/{{Swamplandia}} Ava Bigtree]].
* [[Film/PuppetMaster In 1902, puppeteer Andre Toulon discovered a way to animate his puppets.]] His studies of Egyptian spells (in reality magic from the [[Literature/{{Pinocchio}} Blue Fairy]]) eventually caught the attention of Hynkel, who sent his men to hunt Toulon and force him to reveal his secret so as to have an army of lifeless human shields on the battlefield. Toulon managed to escape Hynkel's pursuit by killing himself. Toulon was eventually revived, killed again, and resurrected with his youth restored by the Fire of Life. [[Film/TheRoom He moved to San Francisco, where he befriended an eccentric vampire named Johnny and entered a sensuous affair with his future wife, which tragically ended with Johnny committing suicide in despair]].

[[WMG:{{Cloudcuckoolander}}s are descended from the offspring of [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Kutulu]] and [[VideoGame/PrimalRage Vertigo]]]]
The more insane said Cloudcukoolander is the more pure blood they are of their ancestors.

[[WMG:Notes on [[BigApplesauce New York, New York]]]]
* After 9/11, the city of New York changed its name into something more "American" (after all, York is the name of a British town and the name implied that America still belongs to someone, an idea that post-9/11 Americans were strongly against). So, they named their new city, [[VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto Liberty City.]]
* [[Film/TheGodfather The Corleone Crime Family]] ruled the New York underworld for about three solid decades, but they were supplanted by their rivals, [[Series/TheSopranos the Lupertazzi Family]], in the late 70's.
* In the early 1980s, the city was under siege by [[Film/{{CHUD}} cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers]] until the authorities discovered a multitude of the creatures' bodies, hacked up by what the autopsy reports describe as [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles sharp swords, blunt objects and some sort of knife wounds, all set by the smell of pizza.]]

[[WMG:There is a league with the ''Film/{{Grindhouse}}'' characters as members]]
* With Zombie War veteran, [[Film/PlanetTerror Cherry Darling]] as their leader.

[[WMG: Notes on Natural Disasters]]
* [[Film/TheCore The Earth stopped spinning at one point]].
** To be precise, military experimentation in the 1990s interfered with the normal rotation of the Earth’s core and thus, the Earth’s magnetic field. This disruption caused many highly destructive natural disasters in the following years, including an [[Film/ThePerfectStorm unusually-powerful nor’easter off the coast of New England]], a [[Film/{{Twister}} severe tornado outbreak]] in the summer of 1996, volcanic activity in [[Film/{{Volcano}} Los Angeles]] and [[Film/DantesPeak a small town in the Pacific Northwest]] the following year, and an [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthquake_in_New_York earthquake in New York a few months after]]. Following their extremely hazardous investigations of the latter events, geologists Amy Barnes, Harry Dalton and Josh Keyes were among the first to realize the disasters might be connected to the DESTINI program. Fortunately, [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0202314/ a pair of expeditions]] [[Film/TheCore dispatched to the Earth’s core]] in the early 2000s was able to reverse the damage in time to prevent the electromagnetic field from fully failing.
** It is currently unknown if a similar series of disasters—[[Film/ThePoseidonAdventure rouge waves]], [[Film/{{Jaws}} animal attacks]], [[Film/{{Earthquake}} earthquakes]], [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_(1979_film) hurricanes]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_Time_Ran_Out volcanic eruptions]] (one of which caused the death of Dalton’s mentor [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Helens_(film) David Jackson]])—that occurred in the 1970s were the result of earlier experiments in seismic weaponry by private supervillainous organizations.

[[WMG: Notes on the American Revolution]]
* [[Theatre/SeventeenSeventySix Jefferson nearly didn't complete the Declaration due to his amorous wife.]] Also, John Adams, in addition to his sweeping oratory skills, was noted for his barking baritone singing voice
* The half-Iroquois [[VideoGame/AgeOfEmpiresIII Nathaniel Black]] fought alongside General Washington.
* Another half-Iroquois, [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIII Ratonhnhaké:ton (better known by the pseudonym Connor Kenway)]], was a pivotal figure in the war, practically delivering several victories to Washington as well as saving him from an assassination attempt.
* Molly Pitcher was one of the few notable female soldiers in the war, a participant in the Battle of Monmouth who aided Ratonhnhaké:ton in covering the retreat of the Marquis de Lafayette by operating a cannon.
* Notable Hessian soldiers fighting against the Americans on behalf of the British included [[Literature/TheLegendOfSleepyHollow a man whose head was taken off by a cannonball and now haunts the village of Sleepy Hollow as the Headless Horseman]] and one who became known as "Bearskin" after making a deal with the Devil to wear a bearskin coat for seven years in exchange for fabulous riches. Both of these men were encountered by Ratonhnhaké:ton on separate occasions.
** Also notable (and more mundane) were [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0320096/ Kaspar Schmeck]] and [[https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1335819 the von Haynau brothers]].
* A pivotal background figure of the Revolution was [[Franchise/CodeGeass an enigmatic green-haired woman known only as Cameron Clemons or C.C.]], who was a personal associate of George Washington.


[[folder:The Comic Part 3]]

[[WMG: Notes on Holidays]]
* Some countries don't associate Christmas with Santa Claus [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy some associate it with a food cooking dwarf woman]].
* The [[ComicStrip/LilAbner Dogpatch tradition of Sadie Hawkins day]] is a controversial holiday.
* Santa Claus (the shaman) [[Webcomic/SluggyFreelance hates rabbits]]...or just this one rabbit to be exact.
** Oh, not just the one... he has a troubled history with the... being known as the [[Film/SantaAndTheIceCreamBunny Ice Cream Bunny]].
** There is, however, [[Literature/TheGuardiansOfChildhood one rabbit whom he gets on well with]].
** He was also a [[WesternAnimation/ElfBowlingTheNorthPoleElfStrike toy-stealing pirate]] at one point, before reforming.
** He also [[WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce used to be an ape]].
*** ''WAS'' an ape. [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Now he's a machine.]]
* [[HalloweenEpisode The supernatural community like going out en masse on Halloween]].
* The animal welfare group PETA attempted to outlaw an old holiday started by Norse settlers called [[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken Weasel Stomping Day,]] but was ultimately unsuccessful.
* [[YouMeanXmas There are over a thousand or so holidays in the month of December, many of which are eerily similar to the Christian Holiday, Christmas]]
* [[MallSanta Mall Santas]] [[Film/RareExportsAChristmasTale are centuries-old cryptozoological wild men from Lapland, Finland]] [[BadSanta that are best not to misbehave in front of.]]
* There used to be a festival known as "Bobunk", but sometime in the middle of the 20th century it fell out of favour and people stopped celebrating it. [[Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch No-one knows why]].

[[WMG: Just because the League is defunct at the end of Century doesn't mean it always will be.]]
And when it returns, the group will consist of:

Franchise/HarryPotter - Now in his 40s or 50s, with a long history of fighting bad guys and saving England

[[Series/{{Torchwood}} Jack Harkness]] - still immortal, and with nothing to do now that Torchwood's defunct

[[Franchise/TombRaider Lara Croft]] - Coming up on middle age (if not there already) but as good as she ever was; she's Allan's spiritual successor

[[Literature/GoodOmens Adam Young]] - an Antichrist under MI5's protection to make sure he doesn't fulfill his destiny (and to put his powers to good use until he does)

[[Film/{{Underworld}} Selene]] - an immortal vampire who's decided to move beyond the petty vampire/lycan feud; she's Mina's spiritual successor

Film/AustinPowers - the team's Campion Bond figure, now elderly but still jovial and a ladies' man
** Not bad but there's a problem...[[spoiler: Harry Potter is evil and dead there]].
*** Hey, why not do it like in {{fanfiction}}: [[spoiler:They got the WRONG Boy-who-lived-to-be-a-crazy-murdering-motherfucker!!]]

[[WMG: Notes on higher dimensions.]]
* [[Webcomic/{{Dreamkeepers}} Humanity's minds are connected to their counterparts on another universe]].

[[WMG: Giving Emma Peel immortality will prove to be a bad move.]]
* Without any mandate for a league following Prospero's abandonment, Mina and Orlando will eventually join up with Jack Nemo for space adventures, while Emma will use her own fortunes to buy out companies like Mogul, becoming increasingly wealthy. By the year three thousand the will have shortened her title of Mother to [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Mom]], an will become the primary villain.

[[WMG: Hogwarts still exists.]]
It may have suffered a devestating attack from the Antichrist (Harry Potter), but who said that the school was indeed destroyed and closed forever? In "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", chapter 11, it is stated that non-magical people cannot see the school; rather, they see only ruins and several warnings of danger. This is exactly what Mina and Orlando (both immortal, but non-magical) see when they visit the school.

[[WMG: If Dracula does appear it'll be as [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard]].]]
The League has a tendency to recruit monsters, and if it wasn't for the control the Hellsing organization has on him, there is absolutely no doubt that Alucard would be a villain...It wouldn't be too hard to assume that Moore knows of Hellsing since he's researched some rather obscure things for the series without the assistance of a computer (and I'm talking things so obscure there isn't any real information about it on wikipedia) and since he draws elements and ideas from numerous works of fiction I'm betting he might try this at some point.
* Dracula was already defeated and killed before the events from Volume I. Mina still carries the scars from her encounter with him though.
** They only THOUGHT, that they killed Alucard. In reality, van Helsing made a deal with the UK to give them Alucard as a weapon in return for ... some kind of stuff.
* And true as that may be, somebody did write a book in the sixties about Dracula coming back from the dead, and Moore tends to draw from multiple influences when using characters (such as when he wrote in Harry Potter) so it's possible Alucard could be in the series (alternatively he might just be a vampire who's brainwashed to think he's Dracula.)
* Since the name Alucard was coined in Universal Horror film Son of Dracula, Alucard will be the son of the historical Dracula, the equally cruel Mihnea the Evil.

[[WMG: Either JustForFun/JohnMunch or Pete Munch will be in the next volume.]]
The 'Minions of the Moon story seemed to put a good deal of focus on Pete Munch in the third installment (being one of three witnesses to the march of the 'nude lunar amazons') personally I think this might be a setup for either him or his son to appear in the series.
* It's not too far off an idea. He's already been crossed over with so many other things, why not this?

[[WMG: Volume 4 will take place in 2012.]]
It long confused me why Alan Moore would set the climax of Century in 2009 instead of 2012, the date of too many apocalypse theories and, more importantly, stories. Then I realized ... it was the end of a century that started in 2009. But then the story ends with [[spoiler: Oliver Haddo's head telling Mina and Orlando that they will be the ones to bring forth the strange and terrible aeon]]. Three years is a good enough amount of time for the true climax to occur in 2012.
* Or possibly 2017. If memory serves, that's the year Moore predicted would be the end of the world in ''ComicBook/{{Promethea}}''.

[[WMG: Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann will either be referenced or outright appear in the series.]]
Because of [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1572168/The-new-face-of-Britain-Flag-poll-results.html this]].
If Moore does do this (I highly doubt he wouldn't hear about this), he might end up watching the series too...which will either turn out really really good, or really bad.

[[WMG: At some point Alternate Universes will get involved]]
And the League will visit a world where the [[ShowWithinAShow fiction of their universe]] is reality there, which has [[SimilarSquad their own version of the League]].
* Alternatively, they go to Literature/AnnoDracula (which is pretty much an alternate way their universe could come into existence) or [[ComicBook/{{Wanted}} the Earth owned by the Fraternity]]. Both of them would provide a grand adventure for the League.
* feature a LawyerFriendlyCameo of [[Series/{{Sliders}} the cast of Sliders]] and we got a deal.


[[folder:The Comic Part 4]]

[[WMG: The Moon grown reefer in Minions of the Moon was a reference to ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce''.]]
Moore didn't feature the Mooninites for some reason...maybe either A they weren't native to the Moon or they were just hidden. In either case though maybe Moore used this as an allusion since ATHF is fairly well known and I doubt Moore doesn't know about it.

[[WMG: The world governments, including the Freemason-controlled British government, know about the existence of Yuggoth.]]
In 2006, an American satellite was approaching the planet commonly known as Pluto, which had previously only been a dot in their photographs and telescope observations. When the first pictures of the planet came back to NASA, they were horrified to discover [[Franchise/{{CthulhuMythos}} a planet of]] [[EldritchAbomination supernatural monsters]]. The rest of the world governments were informed of this terrible discovery, and they knew that if the public and the world found out, there would be unrest and hysteria. They sought ways to make sure the public, already traveling to space in commercial spaceflights, never learned about the evils lurking in Pluto, and eventually a creative, abstract solution was employed. The scientific community was forced to issue public statements that Pluto was not a planet.

[[WMG: ''Lost Girls'' is part of the [=LXGverse=].]]

[[WMG: Notes on prominent families]]
* '''The Starks''' are an old European family known for being historically liberal. Their members claim to trace their lineage from [[Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire a powerful noble house that was]] [[Series/GameOfThrones involved in a series of wars during a Medieval Ice Age]]. They emigrated to America sometime in the 1700s, and gained some notoriety in the 1930s when [[Literature/AllTheKingsMen the radically-liberal William "Willie" Stark became governor of Louisiana.]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huey_Long He was viewed by Franklin D. Roosevelt as the most dangerous man in the country]], leading some to regard the official story of his assassination by a lone, slightly deranged, respected doctor as suspicious (even though it was true). In the 1950s, a young wayward [[Film/RebelWithoutACause James "Jim" Stark]] befriended a mentally unstable teen who was shot to death by police in a much-publicized standoff. Jim's more upstanding relative, [[MarvelUniverse Howard Stark]], grew up to become a respected corporate CEO and was involved in the Manhattan Project. Howard's son [[Comicbook/IronMan Tony]] followed in his footsteps (making Stark Industries a household name) and eventually founded a prominent [[Comicbook/TheAvengers superhero team]]. In the far future, long after Tony's technology helped make interstellar travel a reality, his distant descendant [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Iaco_Stark Iaco Stark]] [[ComicBook/{{Republic}} turned to piracy and waged an unsuccessful war against the unified Galactic Republic]].
** Other members of the Stark family (in rough chronological order) include [[AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest Albert Stark of Old Stump, Arizona]], [[Film/TheLostWorldJurassicPark mercenary Dieter Stark who was eaten by dinosaurs on Isla Sorna]], [[Series/{{Eureka}} Eureka scientist Nathan Stark]], and Mercury-born Eric John Stark, a distant descendant of Tony.
* '''The Farnsworths''' came to prominence when respected intelligence agent [[Series/{{Fringe}} Astrid Farnsworth]] retired from a distinguished career with the FBI, and used her knowledge of fringe sciences to start a major science firm. Her dimwitted cousin, [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Phillip Fry]], later accidentally got himself locked in one of her company's cryogenic chambers when he was trying to pay her a visit on New Year's Eve. With Astrid's company's profits, her distant descendant, Hubert Farnsworth, became a professor and was able to rise to great heights in the science world, but he soon lost most of his family's wealth, and he was forced to start a second-rate interplanetary delivery company to make ends meet. Later, when Phillip was unexpectedly revived, he tracked Hubert down in hopes of getting a job at his company. After years of running deliveries for Hubert, Phillip married his coworker Turanga Leela and started a family with her. Their daughter [[Series/{{Firefly}} Kaywinnit "Kaylee" Fry]] inherited her mother's passion for spaceships, and eventually got a job as a mechanic on a dilapidated transport ship captained by a rogue army officer.
* '''The Cobbs''' are a big-name underworld family who have spawned more than a few notable thieves and crooks over the years. The family line includes [[Film/{{Following}} a psychotic London burglar]]; [[Film/{{Inception}} Dominic]], a renowned American corporate thief who was known for his skill with dream-sharing technology; a [[WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow senile old man]] that tells wild stories; and [[Series/{{Firefly}} Jayne]], a feared mercenary who racked up some major charges fighting the Alliance in the 25th century. Jayne helped legitimize the family name after he went legit and entered the military, and one of his distant descendants eventually [[Series/DoctorWho served as a general in]] [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E6TheDoctorsDaughter a war against the alien Hath]]. An earlier heroic (but still rebellious in spirit) member of the family was [[ComicBook/MsMarvel a pioneering female aviator]] in the mid-20th century.
* '''The Finns''' show up all over history, running the gamut from crooks to saints. The earliest member of the family to turn up in the history books was [[Literature/TheAdventuresOfHuckleberryFinn Huckleberry "Huck" Finn]], a famed Southern outlaw from the 1840s who ran away from home as a child. Huck's great-great-grandson, [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Riley Finn]], had a notable career as an agent for the government agency "The Initiative", and enjoyed a romantic fling with the legendary vampire slayer Buffy Summers. Riley's much more unsavory cousin, meanwhile, found work [[WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures as an enforcer for the occult-obsessed crime lord Valmont]]. ''That'' Finn's grandson would follow in his granddad's criminal footsteps by becoming a famous KnowledgeBroker and underworld informant in [[Literature/SprawlTrilogy the Sprawl]], where he was known only as "The Finn". Notably, the family managed to outlast the Great Mushroom War of the 28th century, where they were one of the few human families to survive the global nuclear cataclysm. After this, the family name was carried on in the personage of [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime a certain famed adventurer]] who became known far and wide as the bearer of the Enchiridion.
* '''The Sawyers''' have gone from respected to notorious over the course of a century. Missouri adventurer [[Literature/TheAdventuresOfTomSawyer Tom Sawyer]] was notable for finding treasure as a boy and respected in his town. As an adult, he moved to Texas and worked at a slaughterhouse, where his skill at killing and butchering cows were legendarily unmatched. However, advances in technology put him out of work, and in his shame and rage he started [[Franchise/TheTexasChainsawMassacre an infamous family of cannibalistic psychotics]] who raided graveyards for corpses and killed youth. His grandchild is the serial killer known as "Leatherface."
* '''The Kanes''' have like the Finns been both angels and devils, the line started with Puritan adventurer {{Solomon Kane}}, his direct descendent was [[HighNoon Will Kane]], a town marshal who had a pair of children, one of whom was James Kane. James would move to Colorado where he found gold and inadvertently introduced villainy into their line when his son [[Film/CitizenKane Charles]] got his start from that very wealth, the sole child he ever had (unbeknownst to him) grew up into [[Film/{{Poltergeist}} Reverend Henry Kane]]. Not all the modern Kanes turned out evil though, such as superheroines [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Katherine and Bette Kane]]. The other Kanes of note were the offshoot of it that lived in [[Series/AllMyChildren Pine Valley, Pennsylvania]]. In the 21st century there was [[VideoGame/KaneAndLynch a criminal who claimed linage to the Kanes]], though this was false and merely a handle. A more distant member of the family is [[WesternAnimation/{{Archer}} secret agent Lana Kane]], whose branch of the family diverged from the rest in the mid-19th century after being freed from slavery.
* '''The Ripleys''' had a bit of a reputation for sociopathy, starting with murderer and con artist [[Literature/{{Ripliad}} Tom Ripley]]. This tradition of amoral murderers and thieves was eventually overturned by the birth of [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Ellen Ripley]], who would go on to fight monsters far worse than her ancestor.
* '''The Ryans''' are a cryptic enigma to most. Their family line first came to prominence with Objectivist business tycoon [[VideoGame/BioShock Andrew Ryan and his underwater city]], but because of the unorthodox way that his son Jack was born, the world knows very little about his descendants. Despite how bizarre his DNA was, Jack did go on to father a pair of thieves named [[Series/{{Highlander}} Ritchie]] and [[Film/OceansEleven Rusty]]. Aside from them, though, the family line included [[Literature/JackRyan another Jack Ryan]], along with [[Series/{{Degrassi}} Caitlin Ryan]] and [[Film/SavingPrivateRyan Pvt. James Ryan]], a cousin of Andrew.
* '''The Archers''' are a family of renowned adventurers who first came into the public eye when PrivateInvestigator [[Literature/TheMalteseFalcon Miles Archer]] was murdered in 1930 after getting involved in a dispute over a coveted gold statuette from Malta. Without a strong father figure in her life to guide her, Miles' daughter [[WesternAnimation/{{Archer}} Malory]] grew up as a cold-hearted, sexually voracious libertine, but she eventually followed in her father's footsteps and became a respected OSS operative, later going on to found the espionage agency ISIS. Though Malory wasn't exactly known for her parenting skills, her son Sterling went on to have a prolific career as one of ISIS's top spies, and developed an unshakeable interest in space travel after being involved in a mission to liberate a space station held hostage by mutinying astronauts. He passed this interest on to [[Series/StarTrekEnterprise his grandson Jonathan]], who grew up to become one of the first explorers in United Earth's Starfleet organization, captaining the famed starship ''Enterprise''.
* '''The Cranes''' have a bit of a reputation for attracting the strange and macabre, and many of them have been involved in psychiatry. The family first became infamous in local New York folklore in the late 1700s, when schoolmaster [[Literature/TheLegendOfSleepyHollow Ichabod Crane]] mysteriously vanished after allegedly being pursued by a headless ghostly entity. About 200 years later, they again entered the news in connection with a grisly murder case, where [[Film/{{Psycho}} Marion Crane]] was murdered by the deranged serial killer Norman Bates, and her sister Lila helped bring Bates to justice. Marion's surviving brother, Martin Crane, went on to father three boys, all of whom developed interests in psychology after paying frequent visits to Bates in the mental hospital while they were growing up. Two of them, [[Series/{{Frasier}} Frasier and Niles]], grew up to become successful therapists in Seattle, with Frasier taking a job as a radio therapist. The third, [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Jonathan]], was a somewhat more unsavory character who developed an obsession with the psychology of fear. Jonathan eventually moved to Gotham City to pursue work at Arkham Asylum, and later adopted a costumed persona as "The Scarecrow".
* '''The Taylors''' are a family of many traits. The earliest known one was [[Series/TheAndyGriffithShow a town sheriff in the small town of Mayberry, North Carolina]]. [[Series/DoctorWho His distant cousin, Steven, went on to be a companion for a man known as "The Doctor".]] Another relative, who gained notoriety years before for having relations with an african american woman moved to [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Angel Grove, California, eventually had a grandson named Zachary.]] That relative's brother also had a child, [[Series/HomeImprovement a very clumsy, oafish man who got big in the Carpentry and Yard work profession and eventually had his own cable show with a corporate sponsor]] [[Series/BeverlyHills90210 and cousin who fell into drug addiction.]] [[Series/QueerAsFolk their relatives include a homosexual artist named Justin and his sister, Jennifer.]] [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Zachary's descendant, Ronald Taylor, eventually went into a carrer in space exploration, only to go mad from the toxic environment from a foreign planet. His son, Jacob, would later help Commander Shepard save the galaxy.]]
* '''The Kennedys''' are a prominent political family in the United States, their most famous member being President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, officially by Lee Harvey Oswald but (possibly) actually by either [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed the Templars]], [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} metahuman Edward Blake]], or [[VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps a Soviet Manchurian agent (possibly Alex Mason)]], among other potential gunmen. A lesser-known member of the Kennedy family is [[ResidentEvil Leon Scott Kennedy]], a former Raccoon City police officer who witnessed the zombie outbreak in the city on his first day, which ultimately led to Raccoon City's destruction by nuclear device. He later became a Secret Service agent and was tasked with recovering President Graham's daughter Ashley from [[Main/{{Spexico}} Spain]]. He was later accused of murdering the President of the United States (who had actually succumbed to C-Virus infection and became a zombie) by Derek Simmons, and ultimately killed Simmons in China and was cleared of all charges.
* '''The [=McCoys=]''' are an old New York family, with branches of the family in the city proper and in the countryside upstate. The family line includes the legendary District Attorney [[Series/LawAndOrder Jack McCoy]], who alienated several of his colleagues because of his willingness to prosecute hate crimes against mutants, [[Film/BladeRunner replicants]] and extraterrestrials. He got some of his sympathy for mutants from his close relationship with his mutant cousin, [[ComicBook/XMen Hank McCoy]], one of the five original students of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in Westchester. An avid scientist, Hank worked as a practicing physician for many years, and he developed an interest in extraterrestrial life after having an affair with half-alien government agent Abigail Brand, and working as an operative of S.W.O.R.D. (the '''S'''entient '''W'''orld '''O'''bservation and '''R'''esponse '''D'''epartment). He passed both of this qualities on to his distant descendant [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Leonard McCoy]], who famously served as a ship's doctor aboard the Starfleet vessel ''Enterprise'', rising through the ranks to become an admiral by the 24th century.
* '''The Watsons''' came to prominence in England in the mid-19th century when the famed Army doctor [[Literature/SherlockHolmes John Watson]] made the acquaintance of the legendary "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes, and chronicled his adventures while accompanying him on a great many cases. Several years after John Watson settled down with his first wife Mary Morstan, their sole son was ultimately forced to flee to America to avoid the wrath of Professor James Moriarty's fractured crime syndicate. One of Watson's grandsons eventually settled down to a quiet life in the country [[http://www.mercywatson.com as a pig farmer]]. But another moved to New York City to seek his fortune, where he eventually gave birth to ComicBook/MaryJaneWatson (named after her distant descendant Mary Morstan), who was married to the famous crime-fighter ComicBook/SpiderMan for several years.
* '''The Drews''' got their start in the military after one [[Literature/BrewstersMillions Colonel Drew]] became a hero in the American Civil War, and came close to marrying a certain "Monty Brewster" after he inherited several million dollars. They would later become legendary in the world of crime-fighting after the attorney Carson Drew and his precocious daughter [[Literature/NancyDrew Nancy]] became involved in several baffling cases that rocked upstate New York in the late 1930s. Carson's great niece [[ComicBook/SpiderWoman Jessica Drew]] would carry on the family legacy after she accidentally gained superpowers from an experimental serum laced with spider DNA, and ultimately became a notable (part-time) member of ComicBook/{{the Avengers}}.
* Descendants of Fu Manchu include Iron Man's long-time enemy the Mandarin. Professor Moriarty's descendants include Fantastic Four villain the Mad Thinker. Their feud seems to have been forgotten.
* Ayesha establishes a line of African witch-priestesses, who eventually produce a godlike mutant named Ororo Munroe.
** Even more probable as both Storm and Ayesha were based on the real-life (well, mythological) South African Rain Queens (AKA modjadji).
** Another such witch-priestess was [[TheLegendOfTarzan Queen La]], ruler of the lost city of Opar during the time of Tarzan, the Lord of the Apes.
* Jack Carter from ''Century:1969'' was a descendant of Randolph and John (already related, as shown by the supplement to the first volume). Clearly at some point Anglophile Randolph eventually lived his dream and started a family in London's East End. (Can't be more dangerous than life in Arkham)
* Though not as obvious as some others since they don't share a family name, the descendants of [[Literature/SleepingBeauty Briar Rose]], also known as the Sleeping Beauty, persist to this day. The key characteristic shared by all of them is a distant relic of Briar Rose's curse, which manifested as the conditions now known as nacrolepsy and catalepsy. Known descendants include [[Film/RatRace Enrico Pollini]] and [[ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}} Patricia Reichardt]].
* [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Queen Elsa of Arendelle]] was a distant descendant of another infamous Scandinavian monarch who also possessed [[AnIcePerson power over the Winter winds]]; her real name has long since been lost to history, and she's now known only by the moniker "Literature/TheSnowQueen". The most famous of Elsa's known descendants is the founding ComicBook/XMen member [[ComicBook/{{Iceman}} Robert "Bobby" Drake]], one of the few men in the royal bloodline ever to inherit ice powers; he's related to the family through his famous ancestor UsefulNotes/SirFrancisDrake, who fell in love with one of the Princesses of Arendelle when he visited the kingdom during one of his many voyages.
** [[SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids You expect an anarchist, anti-monarchist and anti-imperialist like Alan Moore]] (he who demonized Queen Victoria) to make that a straight 1:1 lift on that material? Queen Elsa is a Frost Giantess who fought and died during Ragnarok (which Orlando witnessed during the Book of Orlando section in ''The Black Dossier'')? The version of Frozen and Snow Queen we know is merely propaganda come years later to glorify monarchy and imperialism, one of whose agents is a descendant of [[Disney/TheSorcerorsApprentice the Bavarian Sorceror Yensid]] who converted his serfs into brooms to do his bidding and created a hideous mutant rodent-human hybrid with his alchemical experiments. Said descendant went to America and used alchemical experiments to create a propaganda [[WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory empire of joy]]. As for the X-Men, they like other superheroes are victims of MKULTRA and agents of the FBI sent to be AgentProvocateur in underground gay and anti-racist movements (much like Professor X was a FBI agent in the first comics[[note]]And Moore is no fan of the X-men[[/note]]). In this version, Bobby Drake could be Sir Francis Drake's descendant. The original Francis Drake was a slaveowner and participant of the Rathlin Island massacre and Moore would see his narc-snitch descendant as a chip of the old block.
*** They never said it'd be idealistic.
* '''The Joneses''' got their start through an [[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbean infamous pirate named Davy Jones.]] His many distant descendants and relatives includes [[WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooWhereAreYou trap obsessed mystery solver Fred Jones]] (who married a wealthy female friend named Daphne and had a daughter with her named [[Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough Christmas]]), [[WesternAnimation a delinquent named Jimbo]], a [[Series/SexAndTheCity highly sexual woman named Samantha]] and [[Literature/AnimalFarm an abusive farmer who was killed by his animals]], among many others.

[[WMG: [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Ooo]] is the Blazing World!]]
And the great apocalypse is the Mushroom War that causes the Blazing World to engulf all of Earth into a single existence. Most of humanity is destroyed, save one boy, and would explain much of the random chaos Ooo is filled with. [[WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether Put on your 3D glasses now.]]
* Which would make Megapatagonia... ooO.

[[WMG: Sooner or later, Moore will introduce Film/ForrestGump into the League-verse]]
Moore clearly gets a lot of joy out of taking beloved film characters and showing how flawed they were in the original text (Isn't that right, Jimmy?). As anyone who's read the novel version can testify, Gump definitely fits the bill. No idea as to what context he appears in- maybe he's on the moon with Munch, since in the novel Gump works with NASA. (No... seriously).

[[WMG: Eventually America will put together its own League]]
And it will consist of:
* [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy Summers]], a young woman with experience fighting vampires
* [[Franchise/GIJoe Brad J. Armbruster, alias Ace,]] a former patriot now disillusioned and drug- addicted
* [[Series/{{Jekyll}} Dr. Tom Jackman and his alter ego]]
* Jack Nemo (who goes on to resent being controlled by a foreign power)
* And an invisible psychopath familiar to Summers (one of [[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E11OutOfMindOutOfSight many the government has trained as an assassin]])
* Sherlock Holmes' [[GenerationXerox identically-named]] [[Series/{{Sherlock}} descendant]] will decline to lead the group.

The group will investigate various supernatural occurrences in the States (including [[Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians a strange pagan revival camp for scions of Greek gods]]) but will disband on bad terms. The government will move on to Plan B: The Avengers Initiative...

[[WMG: The very first League was the Fellowship of the Ring.]]
We know that Arda is Earth and that The Lord of the Rings takes place in the past (at least 6000 years ago, according to one of Tolkien's letters, but almost definitely much longer than that). We also know that The Shire is meant to be a stand-in for the British Isles. And we also know that you don't have to be a British native to be a League member (compare Natty Bumppo, Don Quixote, or Prospero).

With all that in mind, it can be understood that the Fellowship is the first iteration of the League, or at least spurred the idea. Similarly...

* But who could be their M? There's no one who... oh crap- Gandalf's Elvish name is Mithrandir. Damn.

[[WMG: The Round Table was another early incarnation of the League.]]
Same idea: A group of nominal heroes dedicated to protect England (despite not all of them being English), many of whom have special powers or weapons. The Round Table may even be the first official League.
* And of course, if this theory is true, '''M'''erlin was almost certainly their "M".
* This troper heard a theory that the Knights are parallels of the original League, with Lancelot (whom Orlando describes as monstrously ugly) as Hyde. No idea for the others, but the theory says something similar about the soldiers of Troy.
** And Churchill is Arthur reincarnated, as Arthur's WMG page suggests. While Orlando was inactive during WWII, Churchill was using Excalibur.
*** In fact, let's just go ahead and assume there was an entire WWII League; with the Golem of Prague inevitably involved.
* Technically you could say every hero group or band of heroes ever in their Universe is a League (a bunch of notable individuals uniting for a common goal.)

[[WMG: In the League- verse, ''Film/{{Argo}}'' became a hugely popular science fiction trilogy in the seventies and eighties, and six more films were planned by the director]]
Fictional examples replace real ones, right?
* Not likely, since it's a work of fiction in our world (albeit one that was never actually made), and would presumably be fact in the League-verse.

[[WMG: Notes on Zoology and Botany]]
* [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Dragons]] [[Literature/{{Temeraire}} have been trained to ride and fight in wars]] [[Literature/HowToTrainYourDragon since the Viking era.]]
* In Japan, there is a strange land mollusc species that is known to rape teenagers with their tentacles, due to their hyperactive libido and blindness. Victims are not usually traumatized by the event, as they don't become pregnant and some even enjoy the experience, to the point of using the 'tentacle beasts' in pornography, which is legal due to [[BestialityIsDepraved local zoophilia laws]].
** There are also an American cousin of the Japanese Tentacle Beasts called [[WesternAnimation/SquidBillies the Appalachian Mud Squid.]]
* [[Literature/TheIslandOfDoctorMoreau Dr Alphonse Moreau]], Influenced by Maturin's Theory of Evolution, developed a breed of [[Literature/{{Leviathan}} bio-engineered creatures called Fabrications or Beasties, which were used by the Entente powers during World War I]]
* Some of the anthropomorphic apes engineered by Dr. Alphonse Moreau eventually broke off from the rest of the Moreau-sapiens and returned to the jungles of Africa, doing their best to return to the old Way of the Jungle that Moreau tried to make them unlearn. Though they retained their human-like intelligence, they devised their own unique language and culture, and became known as [[Literature/{{Tarzan}} the Great Apes of Mangani]].
* [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark A superfood resembling grapes and berries, called "Member Berries"]] has had a major grip on the world of 2016, due to their connection with neo-reactionaries, the bigoted and hatefilled alternative right-wing, white supremecists, nationalists, religious fanatics and sexists. So far, nothing has been able to destroy these creatures.

[[WMG: Notes on superspies and their connections]]
* The second MI6 agent to use the codename "James Bond" achieved some recognition when he worked alongside an aging ninja and his student to thwart [[Series/MasterNinja a terrorist plot to kidnap a senator's daughter.]]
* Bond's [[Creator/WoodyAllen weedy]] [[Film/CasinoRoyale1967 nephew]] may have been involved with a Japanese Secret Service plot to [[Film/WhatsUpTigerLily recover an egg salad sandwich recipe.]]
* Bond's brother, a plastic surgeon has worked with MI6 on at least [[Film/OperationDouble007 one occasion.]]
* The [[WesternAnimation/TotallySpies World Organization Of Human Protection has being using High School]] [[WesternAnimation/TheAmazingSpiez and Middle School students]] as weapons against Villainy.
* The body of infamous double agent/thief codenamed [[Franchise/CarmenSandiego "San Diego"]], notorious for such [[ImpossibleThief reality-bending heists]] as the Twin Towers Caper, was finally found on May 2 2011. An autopsy taken revealed she died from massive bullet wounds caused by a workers' revolt. The agency ACME, due to it's biggest threat no longer active, retired and became a [[AcmeProducts miscellaneous products corporation]], [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes who's biggest costumer was a Moreau-Sapien coyote.]]
** BrotherSisterTeam [[WesternAnimation/WhereOnEarthIsCarmenSandiego agents Ivy and Zach]] [[NoNameGiven [RETRACTED]]] later got new jobs as [[WesternAnimation/TotallySpies an agent for WHOOP headquarters]] and [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans leader of a teen super team as the latest Boy Wonder]] respectively.
* Seeing the success of the J program, America attempted to start its own spy organizations with varying results. The first organization, [[Series/TheManFromUncle U.N.C.L.E.]], was the first real stable success. U.N.C.L.E. was eventually retired and replaced with the [[Series/MissionImpossible Impossible Mission Force]], which focused on the more secretive nature of spywork. The IMF continues operating to this day, but branched into other organizations like the [[Film/KingsmanTheGoldenCircle Statesmen]] and the Film/MenInBlack. Wanting to take it further, the CIA began the [[Film/TheBourneSeries Treadstone Project]], a program meant to create more lethal assassins. After various failures (or at least disappointing results), including more schisms that results in the founding of the [[VideoGame/{{Hitman}} Agency]], the CIA finally got what they wanted in David Web, renamed Jason Bourne. Meanwhile, the surviving failures went on to other ventures. [[Film/TrainingDay Former LAPD Detective Alonzo Harris]], whose death was faked, took the name of one [[Series/TheEqualizer Robert McCall]] as well as his occupation as [[Film/TheEqualizer the Equalizer]]. Film/JohnWick, alias of [[Film/{{Speed}} Jack Traven]], retired to a married life until his wife died of sickness and his new pet dog was murdered by Iosef Tarasov. [[Film/TheAccountant Christian Wolff]] settled for a job as a criminal accountant who doubled as a CIA informant while his brother continued work as a hitman.
** Moore hates spies.[[note]]Save for [[Series/BurnNotice blacklisted ones]], apparently.[[/note]] So most likely all these spy organizations are merely front organizations devised by the US government as misinformation meant to distract other spies or critics at home. The ''real'' spy organization is the one from Creator/AlfredHitchcock's ''Film/NorthByNorthwest'' which is all about how the US Government creates fictitious spies like George Kaplan as a misinformation campaign, and which had government agents willing to throw its own citizens under its bus when their campaigns go south. So all spies such as Ethan Hunt and others are part of the same misinformation campaign. UNCLE, IMF, the Agency and all other super-spies are as real as Agent Jimmy's adventures, i.e. there was "No" doctor, "No" bad guys and villains, and "no" heroes. ''North by Northwest'' also inspired the James Bond movies, and Leo G. Carroll's character inspired the same one he played in UNCLE, so Moore will simply apply CanonWelding, and of course in Hitchcock's film Eve Kendal is part LoveInterest, part SupportingProtagonist. In Moore's version, she's the true boss of all bosses, and the head of America's super-spy in the same vein as Emma Night in ''Century : 2009''.
*** Considering Ian Fleming's work on UNCLE, Moore might Canon Weld that, according to the United States, Jimmy was working on behalf of them so as to lighten the blame. Or he was indeed working for them as part of a heated competition between UNCLE and MI-6.

[[folder:The Comic Part 5]]

[[WMG: TheMenInBlack are very active in this world]]
By 2009, Ms. Peel questioned the existence of the Martian attack, even though this event should be well within the bounds of recorded history and, you know, alien invasions are pretty significant anyway. Clearly MIB is responsible for fabricating the history we all know about.
* Perhaps they got the idea to give their agents single-letter codenames from British Intelligence. A confrontation between "M" and "Z" would seem to be a logical conclusion.

[[WMG: The modern financial crisis was caused by [[Film/FightClub Project Mayhem]].]]
Who'd honestly put it past Tyler? For all we know, they're the LOEG version of Anonymous.

[[WMG: Every unexplained phenomenon in the series is being hunted by two secret rival organizations. ]]
These [[Series/{{Warehouse13}} two]] [[Wiki/SCPFoundation organizations]] are always trying to steal objects from the other in the belief that they are better suited to keep the universe safe from dangerous phenomena and they each believe that the other will only end up using the various dangerous entities and objects for their own gain.

[[WMG:Notes on wars and battles]]
* U.S. General George Armstrong Custer will always be remembered for [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Custer%27s_Revenge raping Sitting Bull's daughter against a cactus until he got struck threw the head by an arrow]], during the battle of Little Bighorn (or, in certain circles, Battle of Little Bit Horny)
* The United States fought a long, arduous guerilla war with [[Anime/TheAnimatrix the machine-controlled city-state of Zero One]] near Q'umar, starting in the 2020s. It was the latest in a long line of conflicts in the region.[[note]]This is only partly fanon. ''The Animatrix'' specifically says that the Machines built their city in "the cradle of civilization" in the Middle East (i.e. the Fertile Crescent in Mesopotamia, or present-day Iraq).[[/note]]
* Soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the newly formed Russian Federation [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Chechen_War fought]] [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Chechen_War two]] brutal civil wars with the former Soviet republic of [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Latveria]]. Spetsnaz Captain [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Vladimir Makarov]] did two tours in Latveria, while arms dealer [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Imran Zakhaev]] got rich selling guns and uranium to Latverian militants--later using the money to fund the rise of the Russian Ultranationalists, with Makarov as his chief lieutenant. Eventually, the chaos in Latveria paved the way for the rise of the despotic warlord Victor Von Doom, a Latverian expatriate who returned to his home country from studies abroad in America after a lab accident [[ScarsAreForever horrifically mutilated his face]].
** This is simply CanonWelding these events into League continuity, but it doesn't capture Moore's satirical take. You can be sure that what really happened is that the Fantastic Four were really 60s stoner kids trying to form a rock band but couldn't get money, so the band leader signs them up as test dummies for [=CIA=]'s [=MKULTRA's=] [=LSD=] experiments but it goes wrong and they all think they are actually superheroes shot into space and exposed to cosmic rays. As for Victor von Doom, he's an actor who played Dracula's stuntmen got hit on the head and started calling himself von Doom.
* The island nation of [[ComicBook/XMen Genosha]] was the site of a major [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Revolution Communist revolution]] in 1953--which only exacerbated the tensions of the Cold War, since it put a Communist state frighteningly close to the East Coast of the United States. A major standoff later occurred in 1962, when President Timothy Keagan discovered evidence of Soviet nuclear weapons being moved into Genosha, leading to a period of national emergency known as the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Missile_Crisis Genoshan Missile Crisis]]. Later, the infamous Mutant terrorist [[ComicBook/{{Magneto}} Erik Lehnsherr]] (alias: "Magneto") declared war on the Genoshan government with his followers, ultimately managing to force them from power and appoint himself dictator. It has long been rumored (though never confirmed) that his terrorist campaign against Genosha was secretly funded by the CIA.
* In 1985, [[VideoGame/HotlineMiami2WrongNumber the Soviet Union invaded Hawaii, only to be swiftly defeated by the United States]]. After that, the Russians tried nuking [[Videogame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas San Fierro]], but were stopped by a young [[ComicBook/NickFury Nick Fury]], who lost an eye in the process.

[[WMG: James Bond is meant to be this world's analogue for Ian Fleming]]

A few characters already have been implied to be stand-ins for their creators (like Norton, and Stardust is called an abusive drunk, just like Fletcher Hanks). And think about it; Fleming worked for a spy agency and became famous for over-sexualized, wish-fulfillment-type action stories, [[spoiler: exactly like Jimmy.]] Working off of that, Fleming's relative Christopher Lee [[Film/TheCastleOfFuManchu once played]] the quintessential yellow peril character- maybe [[spoiler: Dr. No isn't entirely imaginary after all.]]

[[WMG: In the League universe, Sherlock Holmes became good friends with ComicStrip/MandrakeTheMagician]]
Going off of the theories about characters in the League universe being (to some extent) stand-ins for the authors that created them, this would make sense, given the RealLife friendship between Sir Creator/ArthurConanDoyle and Creator/HarryHoudini.

[[WMG: Moore is making the [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]] of crossovers]]
Read Volume III and Heart of Ice and tell me if I'm wrong.

[[WMG: There is a curious pocket dimension of the Blazing World dedicated to slashfic]]
Things we know about the Blazing World: it's a place where the fantasy becomes reality, it's host to worlds within worlds and [[EverybodyHasLotsOfSex everyone is doing everything with everyone else]] - even more so than in the Leagueverse proper. So it only makes sense that there are mirror-worlds in which even the people who weren't doin' it are doin' it. And let's not forget the potential for crossovers, in and out of universe - sociopath Jimmy Bond/antichrist Harry Potter anyone? Needless to say, if Orlando ever found this place we'd never see hir again.

[[WMG: Who else held the title of "M" in past and future Leagues?]]
* The famed archaeologist [[Franchise/IndianaJones Professor]] '''[[Franchise/IndianaJones M]]'''[[Franchise/IndianaJones arcus Brody]] was the "M" of an American League that formed after UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. He faked his death after secretly using the Holy Grail to make himself immortal, and formed a new League based at '''M'''arshall College (which also housed a cache of magical artifacts that he amassed from his past travels).
** [[Literature/TheOutsiders Pete "Ponyboy" Curtis]]. Working with the Brody League he heard a lot of stories about Atlantis, which he passed on to [[Film/TwoThousandTwelve his son, Jackson]].
* The German aristocrat [[Film/TheAdventuresOfBaronMunchausen Baron]] '''[[Film/TheAdventuresOfBaronMunchausen M]]'''[[Film/TheAdventuresOfBaronMunchausen unchausen]] was the "M" of a League that formed in 18th century Europe. He was also TheManBehindTheMan who bankrolled Gulliver's League.
* The Irish business magnate Literature/ArtemisFowl, who was known by the cryptic monogram "M.M." as an adult (for '''M'''ud '''M'''an, an affectionate nickname that an old friend once gave him) formed his own League in the late 21st century, and shortened his traditional monogram to just "M".
** [[Series/{{Heroes}} Molly Walker]], world's greatest detective
* The powerful sorcerer '''[[{{Myth/Merlin}} M]]'''[[{{Myth/Merlin}} erlin]] was the "M" behind Britain's first known League, the Knights of the Round Table. Following Arthur's death, which led to the permanent dissolution of Merlin's League, Merlin's old apprentice '''M'''organa (also known as Morgan le Fay) formed a new League by recruiting the most powerful magic-users in Europe at the time.
** [[Literature/AConnecticutYankeeInKingArthursCourt "Hank"]], strange visitor from the future, master of secret knowledge no other magician can match
** [[TheOriginals Esther Mikaelson]]
** The Destroyer, Esther's husband, and the group's hatchetman
* The immortal Vampire elder '''[[Film/{{Underworld}} M]]'''[[Film/{{Underworld}} arcus Corvinus]], the first known Vampire, formed a League composed of the most powerful Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and Dark Necromancers in Medieval Europe. His League, a sort of EvilCounterpart to Morgana's League, became his private force of spies and assassins. They also helped him check the actions of the increasingly powerful Death Dealers, who grew beyond his control when he was forced to share power with Viktor and Amelia.
** Astaroth (though only because Corvinus can protect him from Morgana, who still holds a grudge for him [[VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins kidnapping her sister-in-law]].)
* The famous Florentine political philosopher [[Creator/NiccoloMachiavelli Niccolo]] '''[[Creator/NiccoloMachiavelli M]]'''[[Creator/NiccoloMachiavelli achiavelli]] (a prominent [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed Assassin]]) formed a League during the Renaissance, using his political connections.
** [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII Ezio Auditore da Firenze]], another Assassin and a personal associate of Machiavelli
* [[Series/MacGyver Angus ]]'''[[Series/MacGyver M]]'''[[Series/MacGyver acGyver]] was the leader of a Pan-American League in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
** [[WesternAnimation/ForrestGump Forrest Gump]], a quasi-adventurer, former astronaut, former shrimping mogul, Veitnam veteran idiot savant.
** [[WesternAnimation/CyberSix Cyber Six]], a Brazilian superhuman created by a nazi scientist and her brother, a genetically altered Panther with the brain of a human, Data Nine.
** [[WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest Doctor Hadji Quest]], a former boy adventurer, now renowned scientist with expertise on engineering, biology and magic.
** [[Film/JurassicPark Robert Muldoon]], former Game Warden at John Hammond's Jurassic Park in Costa Rica, an experienced hunter and tracker with knowledge of some of the deadliest predators in the natural world.[[note]]Muldoon survived in the original novel; it's only in the film adaptation that he was killed.[[/note]]
* In the 12th century, a farcical League was founded by Rashid ad-Din Sinan--also known as Al '''M'''ualim--[[Franchise/AssassinsCreed the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins, though secretly a Templar]]--in order to both track down pieces of LostTechnology as well as eliminate his competition among the Templars. The membership of this League was mostly comprised of Assassins from all over the world.
** [[Franchise/AssassinsCreedI Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad]], one of the most skilled Assassins of all time and one of Al Mualim's personal proteges
** Robin Hood, an English crusader who fought alongside Richard the Lionheart during the Crusades.
** The philosophical giant [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargantua_and_Pantagruel Pantagruel]], whose father Gargantua had previously served in Machiavelli's League.
* The legendary Chiss military genius '''[[Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy M]]'''[[Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy itth'raw'nuruodo]] (better known as '''Grand Admiral Thrawn''') formed his own League as a secret personal strike force while serving in the Galactic Imperial Navy, hoping to one day use them to overthrow Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. He used the monogram "M" to hide his identity from his superiors in the Empire, and his true identity remained unknown until his death.
* The famed Maia sorcerer '''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings M]]'''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings ithrandir]] (better known as '''Gandalf''') oversaw the creation of the first League in recorded history: the Fellowship of the Ring.
* After [[Literature/HarryPotter "The Moonchild"]] tried to destroy the world in 2009, one of the sole survivors of his rampage went into hiding under a monogrammatic pseudonym and endeavored to protect the Wizarding and Muggle worlds from further such threats with the help of Britain's last few great magic-users. Her name? '''M'''inerva '''M'''cGonagall.
** [[Comicbook/JohnConstantine John Constantine]] was one of the first mages she'd contacted, and also one of the only magic users who wasn't educated at Hogwarts. Constantine was the reckless member of the group, and often placed his colleagues in unnecessary danger. However, he was also quite effective in the field.
* In the late 1990s and the 2000s decade, a League was formed by Russian Ultranationalist leader [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Vladimir]] '''[[VideoGame/ModernWarfare M]]'''[[VideoGame/ModernWarfare akarov]] to pursue his own goals, and was a major participating force in the Russo-American War (known by some as World War III).
** [[Film/IronMan2 Ivan Vanko]], a.k.a. [[CompositeCharacter the fourth and current Whiplash, who also took inspiration from his father Anton, the original Crimson Dynamo]]
** [[VideoGame/MetroLastLight Czeslav Korbut]], who--before being forced into the Moscow Metro by the nuclear fires of the Russo-American War/World War III--was a member of the Ultranationalist party only to switch sides and become a major leader of the communist Red Line after all the rest of Makarov's League died
** [[VideoGame/EmpireEarth Grigor Stoyanovich]], Makarov's protege who took over the Ultranationalist Party after his death, ultimately leading the country into becoming "Novaya Russia" and embarking on conquest
* A short-lived League was formed in the mid-1970s by scientist '''[[Film/{{Jaws}} M]]'''[[Film/{{Jaws}} atthew Hooper]] for the purpose of investigating the aforementioned wave of natural disasters. This team were often tipped off about unusual occurrences by reporter [[Series/KolchakTheNightStalker Carl Kolchak]] and UFO investigators [[Franchise/{{Tintin}} Mik Kanrokitoff]] and [[Film/CloseEncountersOfTheThirdKind Claude Lacombe]].
** [[TheEigerSanction Dr. Jonathan Hemlock]], an assassin, mountaineer, and art historian.
* In a rare moment of international cooperation, the Berlin Conference formed a temporary "expeditionary" League to examine and enforce the new divisions of Africa, with at least one representative from each participant country. In actuality, each representative had orders to undermine the motives of the others. Their leader was journalist Henry '''M'''orton Stanley, who had the ulterior motive of searching for the legendary David Livingstone.
** [[Literature/HeartOfDarkness An ivory trader known only as Kurtz]] represented Belgium.
** [[Literature/KingSolomonsMines Allan Quatermain]] represented Britain, of course
** During the course of their expedition across the Dark Continent, they came upon the lost city of Zinj, (protected by vicious selectively-bred gorillas) encountered the wild man known as Tarzan, and hunted relict dinosaurs in the deepest jungles. Their greatest and most dangerous discovery, though, was a cursed artifact which, for a brief time, transformed the natural jungle around them into a nightmarish landscape where even the experienced hunters among them were challenged, identified by a single word carved on it: ''Film/{{Jumanji}}''
* Wow, could anyone please try to propose the members of the Leagues each of these "M"s oversaw?

[[WMG: Orlando eventually becomes [[Franchise/StarWars Lando Calrissian]]]]
He/she has already shortened his/her name and started going by "Lando" in ''2009'', right? You can bet your ass that by the time the far future rolls around, he/she is gonna be lounging in a tricked-out penthouse in Cloud City, surrounded by a harem of half-naked {{Green Skinned Space Babe}}s. Sure, he/she would have to get permanent blackface sometime before then. But let's be honest: ''this is an Creator/AlanMoore series''. If he wasn't afraid of getting shit for "[[YellowPeril The Doctor]]" and "[[TeensAreMonsters The Moonchild]]", I doubt he'd shy away from putting Orlando in blackface.
* Maybe this could be done without blackface; since Orlando is of Greek origin and has spent a lot of time in sunnier climes, he... she... shkle has probably worked up a pretty dark tan. The real problem is that Star Wars explicitly takes place ''a long time ago'', although, given all the bizarre plot devices that exist in-universe, that may not be such a problem.

[[WMG: Orlando [[Series/TheWire ran a strip club in West Baltimore]] at some point]]
Knowing what we know about his/her personality, is it really much of a stretch to picture him/her owning a strip club between tours in the Army? The cast of ''The Wire'' is already a confirmed part of the ''League'' universe (aside from JustForFun/JohnMunch and his family, Stringer Bell and Slim Charles appear in a street scene in ''2009'', and there's a "Marlon Little" mentioned in "Minions of the Moon" who may be Omar's father). And ''The Wire'' just so happens to include a supporting character who's actually named "Orlando". Coincidence?

[[WMG: Notes on Colleges.]]
* Since the fifties, modern colleges have gained an infamous reputation for [[Film/AnimalHouse hil]][[Film/RevengeOfTheNerds ari]][[Film/SororityBoys ously]] [[Film/{{College}} biz]][[Series/{{Greek}} arre]] [[Film/VanWilder hi]][[Film/{{PCU}} jinks]]. Hell, [[Film/{{Accepted}} one college]] even started because of this.
* [[Franchise/IndianaJones Marshall College]] in upstate New York, which was once home to a certain archaeology professor named "Jones", is the site of a vast secret cache of mystical artifacts that Jones amassed from his past travels. As such, it's a frequent magnet for the supernatural (not unlike [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Miskatonic University]] farther north). The college's dean, Professor '''M'''arcus Brody, briefly served as the "M" of an American League during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, and used Marshall as a secret base.
* [[Series/HouseOfCardsUS The Sentinel]], in Charleston, SC, is one of the most highly regarded military colleges in the United States. Many notable American military officers studied there, including [[ComicBook/TheIncredibleHulk Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross]], [[Film/DrStrangelove Buck Turgidson]] and [[Series/{{MASH}} Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce]].
* [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus The University of Wallamaloo]] is the most prestigious college in Australia.

[[WMG: Volume 4 will be spanning the course of three books]]
It will be taken as another trilogy, with the books being based on 2010, 2011 and 2012. Moore did say say he based 2009 on things that were already have happened and couldn't see too far into the future and maybe he also planned on having a GrandFinale for 2012.
* [[http://www.topshelfcomix.com/news/1086 Jossed]]

[[WMG: Building on the post-apocalyptic Theory posted before]]
A new League is formed by various post-apocalyptic series' protagonists. It happens when [[VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas Mr. House, with New Vegas under threat from the NCR and Caesar's legion]], finds that a new threat is rising: The unstoppable army of [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar God Emperor Raoh]]. Pressed to deal with the problem, House sends the Courier to find the only man capable of defending his city from Raoh: The man with the seven scars. Kenshiro agrees to aid House in stop Raoh and Caesar's legion and on the way, find allies in various other apocalyptic wanderers. They get their name when House refers to them as "Some kind of league. A league of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

Any suggestions for members of the League? So far I've only got Kenshiro as the Leader or the Heart of the team. On the villains side, I imagine a power struggle between Raoh, Caesar and other despotic post apocalyptic warlord types.

As for any inconsistencies in the various series time-lines: 1984 didn't happen in 1948 and Henry Jekyll committed suicide in 1886, but the series ignored those.
* Members include The Film/SixStringSamurai, [[Film/MadMax Mad Max Rockatansky]], [[Film/ABoyAndHisDog Vic and his telepathic dog, Blood]], [[Franchise/AdventureTime Simon Petrikov and Lil Marcy]].
** The world they brave is one divided into many divided areas. There lies lands conquered by mutated animals like [[Franchise/PlanetOfTheApes the Land of The Apes and its leader, Doctor Zaius,]] [[ComicBook/{{Kamandi}} opposed only by a blonde haired boy who lived in a bunker for most of his life named Kamandi and his Dog-Man companion, Doctor Canus, both determined to stop Zaius' enslavement of humans.]] [[SubvertedTrope Zombies ravage many lands]] [[ZombieApocalypse but their species is slowly dying out due to humans being more scarce]] [[BullyingADragon and are more likely to kill zombies due to experience.]] [[AIIsACrapShoot Sentient robots still remain the highest threat]] as they have an almost impenetrable [[HiveMind Hive-Mind,]] leaded by [[Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream AM,]] [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} with its lieutenants Skynet and]] [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS and its armies of]] [[Franchise/XMen mutant exterminating Sentinels]] and Terminators. The second and arguably realistic force to overcome is trying to rebuild civilization due to dwindling supplies and food.

[[WMG: Notes on oceanography]]
* The most famous underwater explorer of the 20th century (not of the Nemo/Dakar line, that is) was [[Film/TheLifeAquaticWithSteveZissou Steve Zissou]].
* After the salvage of the wreck of the Titan mentioned in Heart of Ice, the wreck's location was forgotten until it was [[Literature/RaiseTheTitanic rediscovered by Dirk Pitt]] in the 1970s. In the 1990s, Brock Lovett led an expedition to the wreck [[Film/{{Titanic 1997}} looking for a famous diamond]] that Janni had somehow missed.
* Before either Zissou or Pitt, [[Franchise/{{Tintin}} Cuthbert Calculus]] invented many pioneering submarine designs.
* These and many other explorers were associated with scientific institutions such as the [[Series/VoyageToTheBottomOfTheSea the Nelson Institute for Marine Research]], the National Underwater and Marine Agency, and [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Seabase Alpha]].

[[WMG: There was a League of some sort during the Renaissance]]
This League was likely a MultinationalTeam comprised members from all over Europe and maybe the Middle East as well, and included:
* [[Literature/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame Quasimodo]]
* [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII a Florentine man in a white hooded robe with twin bladed gauntlets]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial who is definitely not]] [[LawyerFriendlyCameo Ezio Auditore]], and maybe some of his associates as well
* [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedRevelations Yusuf Tazim]] was an Ottoman representative in this League
* [[Film/ThePrincessBride a man claiming to be a legendary dreaded pirate, a Spanish swordsman who spent his life searching for his father's killer, and a Turkish giant]] [[LawyerFriendlyCameo who may or may not be named Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik, respectively]]
* [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaIIIDraculasCurse Trevor Belmont and his wife Sypha]]; Grant Danasty has since broken ties with them while Alucard is off doing his own thing
* ComicBook/RasAlGhul, a young Assassin and one of Ezio's protégés prior to [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedRevelations his journey to Masyaf]], long before Ra's discovered the Lazarus Pit which allowed him to become immortal and formed a splinter group of radicalized Assassins known as the League of Shadows
* this League's M was Niccolo Machiavelli
At some point, this League went on an expedition into [[Literature/TheDivineComedy Hell itself]], [[Series/TheBorgias joined a conspiracy to depose the Pope]], and traveled to the New World

[[WMG: A Japanese League was started in 11th century]]
This League was founded by the '''M'''inamoto clan and two of its founding members were [[Literature/TheTaleOfGenji Prince Genji]] and [[WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack a samurai who was trained all over the world to fight the evil Aku after his homeland was conquered]]. One of the League's benefactors around the year 1600 was [[{{Literature/Shogun}} a Shogun named]] [[UsefulNotes/TokugawaIeyasu Toranaga]] [[{{Literature/Shogun}} who decided to become a patron of the Japanese League after meeting an Englishman named John Blackthorne, who was also a member of this era's Japanese League]]. In the Victorian/Meiji period, [[Anime/NadiaTheSecretOfBlueWater Nemo traveled to Japan]] and encountered some members of the Japanese League, including [[Manga/RurouniKenshin Kenshin Himura]].
* Since the late sixteenth century, the number of members has traditionally been seven after [[Film/SevenSamurai a legendary group of samurai who successfully defeated 40 bandits.]]
** Additionally: Kambei Shimada, Katsushiro Okamoto, and Shichiroji were themselves members of one of the Japanese League's incarnations.

[[WMG: Notes on Anthropomorphic Animals]]
* After humanity lost [[Webcomic/JackDavidHopkins the Homo-sapiens/Moreau-sapiens War]] and [[Series/{{Firefly}} left for the stars]]. The Furries restart history in there own image.
* [[Literature/{{Tarzan}} The Great Apes of Mangani]] are Moreau-sapien apes who rejected Dr. Moreau's attempts to teach them the ways of humankind, and returned to the jungles of Africa. They retain their human-like intelligence, but they cling fiercely to the Ways of the Jungle, and they've devised their own language that only a select few humans (including John Clayton and [[WesternAnimation/TheWildThornberrys Donald Thornberry]]) can speak.

[[WMG: Humans on Mars]]
* John Carter and Gullivar Jones aren't the only humans on Mars, nor are they the first. In fact, they were preceded by almost twenty years by ''another'' American who was astral-projected to Mars as a result of a mortal wound which prevented him from ever returning to Earth. He wandered Mars for eons, gradually attaining god-like powers and becoming King of Mars. His name was [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Abraham Lincoln]].
* [[Videogame/RedFaction In 2075, the Ultor Corporation has complete control of Mars, and is currently trying to contain a communist uprising.]]
* [[Literature/TheMartian In the 2030's, astronaut Mark Watney was stranded on the Red Planet for 459 sols. Surprisingly, he encountered no native martians during his time there.]]


[[folder:The Comic Part 6]]
[[WMG: There exists a haven for mutants in the [=LoEG=] world]]
I figure that there would [[LawyerFriendlyCameo legally permitted cameos]] from [[ComicBook/XMen The X-Men]] that, like Janni Dakkar's pirate crew in the Nemo spinoff books, are consisted of many mutants or superhuman men and women in fiction. Care to fill in the ranks?
* [[Literature/TheShining Danny Torrance was recruited shortly after the "Overlook" incident and had a normal education.]] He would call himself "Doc" and later "Literature/DoctorSleep" as his codename and later took on proteges, [[Film/TheSixthSense Cole Sear,]] [[Literature/OddThomas Odd Thomas and]] [[WesternAnimation/ParaNorman Norman Babcock.]]

[[WMG: [[Series/DoctorWho Helen A]][[UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher tcher]] had her own League created]]
With the [[AmbiguouslyEvil "reformed"]] [[Film/AClockworkOrange Alexander Delarge]] serving as its leader. Other members are;
* [[Literature/RatmansNoteBooks Willard Stiles,]] the "Rat-Man" of the late '60s that terrorized his town with his army of intelligent rats.

[[header:Notes On Crime]]
* [[Videogame/HotlineMiami From 1989 to 1991,]] [[Videogame/GrandTheftAutoViceCity Vice City]] [[Videogame/HotlineMiami was terrorized by crazies wearing animal masks as they slaughtered the Russian Mafia]] and [[Videogame/HotlineMiami2WrongNumber the Colombian cartel.]]
* Crime is rampant in major cities across the United States, [[Videogame/GrandTheftAuto from Liberty City, Alderney, Vice City, and the entire state of San Andreas.]]
* In addition, [[Videogame/SaintsRow the notorious street gang known as the Third Street Saints have become pop-culture symbols in America, with their leader, known only as the Boss, eventually being elected President and almost single-handedly stopping an alien invasion.]]
* In the 1930's up until the 1960's, the Italian mafia controlled every city from [[Videogame/MafiaTheCityOfLostHeaven Lost Heaven]], to [[Videogame/MafiaII Empire Bay]], to [[Videogame/MafiaIII New Bordeaux]].
* While working in the White House, Frank Underwood, better known as Keyser Soze, continues to run his elaborate criminal empire. To continue the myth of Soze, Underwood has employed the aid of multiple disciples to take his place...most of which has failed. [[Film/{{Seven}} John Doe]] has run amok with his serial killings, [[Film/HorribleBosses Dave Harken]] is imprisoned, [[Film/NineLives2016 Tom Brand]] had been turned into a cat, and "[[Film/BabyDriver Doc]]" was killed by one of his goons. The only successful candidate thus far is "Verbal" Kint, who is handling direct duties for Underwood.

[[WMG: [[Franchise/JamesBond Jimmy Bond]] is actually the 'James Bond' from the 1954 Casino Royal movie.]]
* The reason for 'James' being so out of character is because in the 1954 movie, Jimmy was a CIA operative rather than an MI6 operative. Thus Alan Moore was able to have his cake and eat it too. Jimmy had all the worst traits of James Bond and was both a complete failure and traitor while James Bond 1-6 represented the best of James Bond and are completely 100% loyal to their country.

[[WMG:TheAntichrist isn't a cut-and-dried case of CharacterDerailment.]]
* For most of the books, [[spoiler:Harry's]] personality is in large part encouraged if not actively molded by [[spoiler:Dumbledore's plans for him]]. So if the Headmaster had been [[spoiler:Voldemort]] all along, [[spoiler:Harry]] would hardly have been the ChronicHeroSyndrome-suffering kid/teen we know, especially since he was being groomed to become, well, TheAntichrist.

[[WMG: If Volume 4 is set after 2012, [[Literature/IfThisGoesOn Nehemiah Scudder]] will be the leader of America.]]
Bonus points if it's noted that the United States is no longer called that and is instead called [[Literature/TheHandmaidsTale the Republic of Gilead]] and/or that Scudder [[Film/EscapeFromLA turned Los Angeles into a penal colony]].

[[WMG: In 2019, a separate multiverse from the [=LoEG=] universe was created]]
[[Anime/{{Akira}} An incident in Neo-Tokyo resulted in a teen named Tetsuo developing psychokinetic powers]]. A conflict caused powerful esper Akira to create a singularity that sends the unstable Tetsuo to another dimension. Regaining control over his powers, Tetsuo created a big bang, creating a new universe as well as a new multiverse with brand new laws of physics. [[Anime/DragonBallSuper There are twelve in total]], but each has its differences. [[Anime/OnePiece One is currently marine-based in its geography, with super-powered piracy rampant]]. [[Anime/{{Digimon}} Another shares its space with a realm known as the Digital World]], implied to be this world's counterpart to the Blazing World. [[Anime/CowboyBebop In yet another, the Wild West's bounty system is reinstated after the Earth is devastate beyond repair.]] And so on, all under the watch of a being known as Zen-Oh.

The Digital World's Prospero counterpart is Gennai, or as he's known in his home universe, [[Anime/AstroBoy Doctor Tenma]].

[[WMG: A league of sociopaths is formed in the 21st century]]
It all begins when [[Film/{{Cure}} a Japanese man named Takabe]] flees from his home country to the United States and changes his name to [[MeaningfulRename Mamiya.]] After committing murders through hypnotized pawns up until the 2000s, he decides to find those who would of followed his predecessor's gruesome ways ''willingly.'' He starts by recruiting [[Literature/DiaryOfAWimpyKid a middle school student named Gregory]], whose diaries he read after finding in the trash. Greg agrees to leave his average life behind since his SpoiledBrat little brother Manny asked for all of Greg's worldly possessions for his birthday present ''and actually got their parents to agree to it.'' He and Greg then go to [[WesternAnimation/MakingFiends the depressing city of Clamburg]], which as crawling with horrible monsters that have overtaken the city and betrayed their creator, a young, Bulgarian, MadScientist girl with [[AmazingTechnicolorPopulation a genetic condition that makes her hair and skin green]], whose obsession with her nemesis caused her to loose control of her fiendish creations. Desperate to escape, she joins them with the promise that she can become as dangerous as even her strongest fiend under Mamiya's tutelage. The next recruit is a [[Series/ICarly self admitted "disturbed, lonely sociopath" named Nora Dershlit,]] who they break out of an insane asylum. Realizing he's only gathered children so far, Mamiya and his group try to recruit [[Film/NoCountryForOldMen an aging, infamous hitman named Anton Chigurh,]] only for him to try to murder them in response. Before he can he's suddenly shot dead from a woman in a helicopter, which lands and is revealed to be [[Film/ExMachina an android named Ava who has recently escaped from her killed creator's facility.]] She has deemed that most humans are weak and and deserve to die and only the sociopaths of the world should remain, joined together as an army that will TakeOverTheWorld. Mamiya plays along and has Ava use her robot mind to track down three more sociopaths to try and recruit; [[Film/GoneGirl Amy Dunne]], [[Film/WeNeedToTalkAboutKevin Kevin Khatchadourian]], and [[Film/{{Nightcrawler}} Louis Bloom.]] Mamiya then destroys Ava and he decides to officially deem the group a league. Thankfully, they are stopped before they do too much more.

[[WMG: Members of a modern day league could include...]]
* [[Film/AttackTheBlock Moses]], a South London gang member turned alien hunter.
* [[Film/TheRaid Rama]], an Indonesian special forces member.
* [[Franchise/{{Taken}} Bryan Mills]], an ex-CIA operative.
* [[Series/DiplomatKurodaKousaku Kousaku Kuroda]], a Japanese diplomat.
* [[Series/TheMysteryFilesOfShelbyWoo Shelby Woo]], a skilled American detective.
* [[Manga/BirdyTheMighty Birdy Cephon Altera]], a HumanAlien super-soldeer cop.
* [[WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty Rick Sanchez]], an alcoholic, self-destructive scientist and inventor.
* [[VideoGame/{{Shinobi}} Joe Musashi]], master of ninjutsu.
* [[Film/{{Inception}} Dominic Cobb]], corporate saboteur and dream infiltrator.

[[WMG: Volume IV will feature - or outright end with - an appearance by [[Series/StElsewhere Tommy Westphall]].]]

[[WMG: The author and artist biographies on the dust jacket for Volume III are canon, revealing the nature of fiction within the setting]]
The bios describe Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill as British mythical figures - explicitly fictional characters who don't exist (yet, as Prospero makes clear about our own fictions at the end of Black Dossier, still affect people in a very real way). This is a big clue to the nature of fiction in the comic's universe. Very little of our fiction (except for metafiction, of course, which over there is just plain fiction) is shown to also be fictional in that universe. But exceptions and metafiction can't account for all its fiction. So what else does it have for fiction? Our reality. The tables are turned. In their world, almost all their fictional characters are real people from our universe. That includes ''you.''


[[folder:The Film]]
[[WMG: The Agent Sawyer is ''not'' Creator/MarkTwain's Literature/TomSawyer.]]
* Tom Sawyer would have been far too old, since he was a teenager in the 1860s. The Sawyer we see in the film is actually his son. That Sawyer's first name is Huckleberry, named for his father's best friend. It's an EmbarrassingFirstName, which is why he never tells it to the other League members.
* Good try, but Jekyll addresses him in a deleted scene by the first name of Tom.
** Deleted scenes don't count. Besides, his full name could be Huckleberry Thomas Sawyer. He goes by his middle name. Or he could be Tom Sawyer, Jr.
** So he joined to avenge the death of his father's friend? Or his own best friend who isn't Huck Finn at all?
** Why not? Maybe Huck Finn never had children of his own, but he became a friend and mentor to Tom's son. When Uncle Huck got killed, young Sawyer takes it on himself to seek revenge.
*** You convinced me. Better than I would have guessed.
** Tom Sawyer, Jr continued the tradition and it finally made it's way to Series/{{LOST}}'s James "Sawyer" Ford
** Chief Problem comes from Alan Moore's own rules. For Tom Sawyer you have multiple dates to pull him from to place on the timeline, all in all the there's the in-story time, the publication dates of the stories, which including the unfinished ones are not in order. If you pull from the text of the story, yes Tom's too young. But as the producer states they instead pull him by publication of the book this incarnation is close enough to, and yes he's of fine age.

[[WMG: Mina is tempted to feed on Tom.]]
When he first flirts with her she politely denies him. This could be her early warning to him. Second was that grin on her face when he took Nemo's car. Her eyes literally looked like she was targeting him. Last when he succeeds in saving Venice, she noticed he was bleeding, but since she was full from the blood of the many mooks she killed she was satisfied....for now. Though one could argue that she did taste it off screen when she checked the wound for him.

[[WMG: The people who decided to include Tom are the same who gave Jimmy his alibi in Black Dossier]]
It's all a huge conspiracy by American filmmakers to embellish American involvement in the League. Think about it!

[[WMG: Another studio will beat Fox to the punch with a remake or TV show]]
It's over ten years now since this movie came out. If Fox isn't going to do a TV show or a reboot, someone else is going to take a stab at it. Especially since most of the materials are public domain, others have just as much right to cross them over as Alan Moore or Fox do. The only way legally against it is to prove that the new version is dependent on the person having knowledge of the other. Which is a hornet's nest that Fox tried to avoid going to court over anyway. Since either it's going to be ruled unless it's an exact copy of the story it's okay or a whole bunch of long remembered art is about to be deemed illegal.
** Are we now assuming this will be up to Disney? There's been next to no news about Fox's remake since a few years ago making it unlikely it's that far along. This could be a double edge sword for both sides on this series for different reasons.
** Given that we now live in a world where ''Series/{{Dickensian}}'' and ''Series/PennyDreadful'' had shots, ''Series/OnceUponATime'' is still going and we had movie versions of ''WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians'' and ''Film/IntoTheWoods'', the ability to sell a movie like The League has clearly changed since the days of this first film. But the major question everyone who read the YMMV page knows is this. By new League movie, does that mean we'll get a movie closer to the comic or does that mean we get another lit crossover movie which can use the name and parts of the plot that it wants? Whatever Fox was planning never really gave us a definitive answer there as a tv show or a reboot. Obviously both sides of this issue will want the movie their way, but is anyone going to get fully excited about a new League movie until we know for sure which direction it's going?
** Let us now note Once is officially ending with it's current season. With the exception of the Netflix Castle Rock (which is on one author and probably not as direct a crossover) the field is really wide open. Whether Disney with the League brand or not, either in film or tv, it seems we are waiting to see who's gonna go serious on this concept next.

[[WMG: The Movie shares a timeline with the Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Series]]
Reichenbach Falls was canonically in 1893, and Holmes spent several years 'Dead' while dismantling Moriarty's empire. If Moriarty survived the fall but found himself fighting an ongoing battle in Europe versus Mycroft and the not quite dead Sherlock, most of the oddities of the movie make sense in context. His industrial base is in Mongolia because he's been pushed out of Europe, and the creation of the League of extraordinary ah, patsies is a 'Hail Mary' to *finally* get this war started and start recovering assets lost in the underground war against Mycroft and Sherlock.