[[WMG: Every vote that TheHurtLocker got in the Oscars was directly related to the letters that that French financier producer sent out.]]
He sent letters urging everyone to vote for this film and against Film/{{Avatar}} in every category. He wasn't caught until the voting was almost over, and he got a slap on the wrist for it.

It was a BatmanGambit; the film was OscarBait anyway, but it wouldn't have been voted for without him because almost no one in the Academy had seen it. Seriously, that film has the lowest gross for a Best Picture ''ever'', and ticket prices used to be a lot lower than they are now. But when it was put in terms of smacking down the biggest blockbuster in the history of the Oscars (unadjusted for inflation, but that might be fixed next summer), the idea became appealing.

[[WMG: Someone from the future traveled back in time to create TheHurtLocker so that Film/{{Avatar}} won't win.]]
The person came from a future where Sci-Fi films dominates award shows. Said person got sick of all those Sci-Fi movies so he came to the year 2008 to make sure Sci-Fi movies [[StatusQuoIsGod stays in its]] [[SciFiGhetto ghetto.]] With the [[SciFiGhetto Sci-Fi bias]] from the Academy Awards working against Film/{{Avatar}}, TheHurtLocker won.
* That was our French financier. In the future he originally came from, TheHurtLocker had a script written but was never made because, well, it was clear that very few people would want to see it. Instead, we get scifi films winning award shows. This hurt the art film industry. Our timetraveller was willing to finance an English-language film to make sure art films would continue to win Oscars for decades to come.
* The continued [[SciFiGhetto ghettofication]] of science fiction led to an unintended slight delay of technological development. This is why Website/YouTube and GearsOfWar were developed at a later date in ''our'' timeline than in the film.

[[WMG: James is actually a very eccentric millionaire.]]
He got into bomb disposal for the adrenaline rush, but his attitude prevented him from passing the test, so [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney he bribed the instructors]].

[[WMG: The kid we see in the end is not the same one as we saw in the beginning.]]

In other words, [[spoiler: Beckham was found dead during that Warehouse raid, and the one in the end was a look-a-like]] instead of the other way around.

[[WMG: Hurt Locker takes place in an AlternateUniverse in which the US Army is MildlyMilitary.]]

It's a dangerous place to fight. The rules of ordinance disposal are either much laxer or can be defied without repercussions. They don't even wait until the bullets stop flying to disarm the bombs. Adopt-A-Minefield would be in this 'verse what Greenpeace is in ours.

The military also seems highly undisciplined, and no one seems to be giving orders.

[[WMG: TheHurtLocker is a prequel to 28 Weeks Later]]

Sergeant William James (Hurt Locker) and Sergeant Doyle (28 Weeks Later) are the same person, and by coincidence, both portrated by Jeremy Renner. His full name is William James Doyle, but dropped the surname Doyle around, presumably because he is estranged with his father la Angelina Jolie. So hence, he wishes to be called William James only. However, James would later add his surname Doyle because he would reconcile with his dad later on his life. His bomb disposal career would come to an end when his superior's orders him to head to a rage virus infected Britain (Britain is America's closest ally after all!) where he becomes a marksman (he acquires the skill after 3 mercenaries dies at the hands of Iraqi snipers).

As the virus has only hit the UK in 28 Weeks Later, it is safe to assume that his wife Connie and his son are still living in the US and therefore are alive (unless the virus has already reached the US while the American Government at the time keeps it under wraps).

The reason why William James/Doyle is a Sergeant in 28 Weeks Later but a Sergeant First Class (2 ranks higher than Sergeant) in TheHurtLocker is because Sergeant JT Sandborn and/or Specialist Owen Eldridge (he [[spoiler:blames James for shooting his leg while he was kidnapped by insurgents]]) has snitched on James by telling the Generals about James's reckless actions in Iraq and therefore got demoted as a result. On top of that, James has been reassigned to the rage virus infested Britain and [[spoiler:got burnt to death by soldiers in NBC suits armed with flame throwers]].

[[WMG:James is a DeathSeeker]]
Come on! He pulls off stunts during the bomb defusing like doing it without protective armor, does plans that nearly gets him and his team killed thousands of times and when life at home's boring, he decides to head back.