[[WMG: The grandmother/aunt/old lady was part of the cult or was disposed of by the cult.]]

The cult happens to show up after she discovers the boy had found the map, and is never seen again. Maybe she told the cult. Maybe the cult got her by telling her she had to work the night shift.

[[WMG: The whole movie is a stealth homage/parody of [[ANewHope the first Star Wars movie]].]]

Consider the following:

* Troy: whiny orphan raised by overbearing relative who doesn't want to talk about the past (Luke Skywalker).
* Zapp: Gruff, cynical, pragmatic former bad guy with a temperamental old vehicle, allegedly cooler than Troy (Han Solo).
* Mike Pipper: Grizzled old hermit who was a friend of Troy's father, knows ancient mystical secrets, and occasionally smokes a pipe (Obi-Wan Kenobi).
* Satoris: Dresses in black, speaks with an unnaturally deep voice, possesses vaguely-defined magical powers, leads an army of faceless ineffectual mooks (Darth Vader).

[[WMG: Rowsdower is actually related to Ricky from [[TrailerParkBoys Trailer Park Boys]].]]

* He lives in his truck.
* He seems to do nothing but drink and pass out for a living.
* He bears a physical resemblance to Ricky
* Ricky's last name is never used in the entire course of the series or the movies.
* Ricky Rowsdower.

[[WMG: Satoris' Hatred of Rowsdower stems from his being a "Half-blood", but not (solely) because it makes Rowsdower "inferior".]]

* As far as we know, only Rowsdower has ever been able to break away from Satoris' cult. We know he was drawn to the cult, and was somehow (likely psychically) connected to Satoris through the brand on his arm, though which Satoris could torment him.

* However, he refused Satoris' command to kill Thomas McGreggor and even tried to save his life. This suggests that Rowsdower could resist Satoris' control to a certain extent. The "Half-blood" connection Rowsdower had to Satoris and the Ziox was enough to draw him to the cult and yet he could not be entierly given over to Satoris' control.

* This adds an interesting layer to Satoris' hatred of Rowsdower. On one level, he hates Rowsdower because, since he is a "half-blood", Satoris believes this makes Rowsdower inferior to himself and the rest of the cult. On another level, this "half-bloodedness" actually keeps Satoris from having full sway over Rowsdower. This "inferiority" would acutally give Rowsdower an advantage over Satoris that no one else had.