[[WMG: Dr. [=McNinja=] will fail to stop King Radical in "All the King's Dirtbikes..."]]
The next few stories will show the aftermath of the Radicalization of Earth. If Dr. Mcninja doesn't reverse this by the end of the next series, it will become [[TheAtoner his greatest failure]], like the [[Main/DoctorWho Time War for the 9th - 11th Doctors]].
* Jossed
[[WMG: ...are not "Adventures" so much as schizophrenic delusions]] [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=23&issue=2 In one strip]], a cooked turkey that's walking and talking suggests that it's a hallucination. In [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=36&issue=4 another]], Dr. [=McNinja=]'s soul splits into a doctor and a ninja after death. Given that people recognize him even when he's in disguise, and that he can walk a raptor in a dog park without getting odd looks, among other oddities, it may in fact be that all this is a product of the man's own deranged mind.
* As far as [=McNinja=]'s disguise, he never takes off that face mask, and he's Cumberland's most high-profile ninja. He'd be less recognizable if he took that mask off.
** To be fair, the Doc's father states that the mask is used so that should things get really rough, a [=McNinja=] can discard the mask and become nobody. That said, attempting to impersonate those without ninja masks -- while wearing a ninja mask -- is more than a little insane.
* And he didn't walk a raptor in a dog park, he was looking for an escaped raptor hiding in a dog park. The woman who saw Yoshi was too busy screaming to give any odd looks.
[[WMG:[[SideKick Gordito]] will eventually become [[PsychoSidekick King Radical]]]]
PresentDay!Radical's plan is to use the [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p36 special nuclear warhead]] to erase all of Cumberland to recreate the Radical Land. After defeating Mcninja, (or at least crippling him/breaking his spirit a la [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bane]]), he will raise Gordito as his own. [[Comicbook/BatmanTheDarkKnightReturns Years later]], Mcninja will regain his bravery after defeating Hans Rainer, who has tracked him down, and will confront Radical. After defeating Radical, the King will reveal that his true identity is Gordito, the Doctor's sidekick.
** Nope -- the warhead was actually going to be used to blow up an orphanage, just not with the kids inside... and only because Radical wanted to build a new one on the old location. The special warhead does not have radioactive fallout, making it suitable but over-kill for the job.

Gordito's mustache could be trimmed to look like Radical's, and Gordito has already shown his distain [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p21 for Mcninja's ways.]] Gordito will become fed up with the doctor's bad treatment of him, and go Jason Todd on him (possible foreshadowing in the AltText of [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/3p46 this page]]). Sparklelord will appear, freed from [[spoiler: the time loop]] through sheer force of will, and will try to stop Radical. Mcninja and Gordito!Radical will team up to save Cumberland and banish Sparklelord, but [[spoiler:Chuck Goodrich]] will throw himself and Radical into the purple time rift, sacrificing himself to save Cumberland.

The two will arrive in the past, and Radical will kill [[spoiler: Goodrich]]. Through sheer force of will, the same force which grew his mustache, Radical will live for thousands of years, becoming the most radical man in the radical land. Eventually, he will meet Martin, and [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/13p10 try to manipulate him to find the location of Mcninja]] before the doctor can become a threat. Radical will take Mcninja into the past/future to see how the doctor's recklessness will get the better of him (towards the end of Doc Gets Rad, [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p63 Young!Doctor appears in the cave]]), and will try to convince him to renounce the ninja way. Mcninja will refuse, and jump back into the time rift, [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/13p11 "waking up" in the future]] right after he had left.
* Jossed; Radical was [[spoiler: Goodrich all along - or at least one version of Goodrich]].

[[WMG:The comic will end with the Doctor renouncing the ninja way and removing his mask.]]
Dan [=McNinja's=] [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=32&issue=9 explanation of the mask]] is clearly a Main/ChekhovsGun (or rather, Chekhov's BFG). And it's clear that the Doctor's [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=36&issue=4 dual nature]] as both a killer and a healer is causing him to become [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=38&issue=4 psychologically unbalanced]]. He will eventually find peace by renouncing the way of violence and devoting himself to medicine.
* ...But the awesome! Where will the awesome go?
** When will people realize that it is not the ability to take life that is truly awesome, but the ability to ''give'' life. Animals can take life. God first gave life. n doctors are more awesome than n^3 ninjas.
*** Of course, giving life by using ninja violence is more awesome still so, yeah.
*** [[ConservationOfNinjutsu Though that isn't saying much...]]
* Hm, more likely to fall under ForbiddenChekhovsGun. Dr. [=McNinja=] will probably reach the level of desperation that will require him to take off his mask, but I think he will find a way around the whole FOREVER thing. I say this because webcomics hardly ever have a foreseeable end.
** Franz Rayner know's Doctor McNinja's face, so when he does remove his mask to become a doctor he will still need his ninja skills to ward off Franz Rayner's attacks. Unless of course he has a white mask and black labcoat to become someone completely different.
** Alternately, he removes his mask for good to escape [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p05/ this situation]]. Dan explicitly said that the mask is only removed "[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/9p32/ when everyone has turned against us, and there is no hope at all...]]" And that certainly looks to apply to Doc in that scenario.

[[WMG:[[GambitRoulette Count Dracula was behind everything.]]]]
Drac arranged for the creation of the [=McNinja=] Burger so the events of "There's a Raptor in My Office" could occur. Drac told Captain O'Shay where and when to find the Doctor so that the events of "So What Is a [=McNinja=]?" could occur and the Doc could be reconciled with his family. Drac suggested [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=42&issue=3 the complicated viewership-raising scheme]] to Newscorp so Doc would get Gordito as a sidekick. Drac gave Frans Rayner the ninja drug so that Frans' attempt to draw Dan [=McNinja=] out by killing Doc would result in Ben Franklin II's death. Drac specifically formulated the Headless Horsemen potion so it would cause a Main/ZombieApocalypse, so that Doc, in order to study the zombies alone, would send Gordito off to visit his (recently reconciled) family, so Gordito would ultimately accompany them on their fight with the Ghost Wizard, and so [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=35&issue=11 Drac could threaten Gordito to blackmail the Doctor.]]
** The scary part? ''This all makes sense'', considering that this is ''Doctor [=McNinja=]''.
** Just as Planned.
*** The thing he appears not to have accounted for? Gordito, the badass kid. And, to a lesser degree, Bruce Lee.
*** On the other hand, ''nobody'' expects Bruce Lee.
**** Don't you mean...''' [[TheSpanishInquisition THE SPANISH]] [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus INQUISITION ]] !?!?'''
** And, um, King Radical is Dracula's alter ego, and the events of Monster Mart were engineered to get the Doc close to someone more controllable than Gordito (of course Drac can counteract that transformation), should Dracula ever need a lever on [=McNinja=] again - clearly, the Badass Kid is too dangerous to make a good hostage.

[[WMG:Haruhi is behind everything]]
[[OuranHighSchoolHostClub and its not the one you're thinking of.]]

[[WMG:The guy from "AskANinja" secretly wrote "Dr. [=McNinja=]"]]
Or the good Doctor fact checks the ask a Ninja scripts.
* Alternately, "Ask A Ninja" is what Dr. [=McNinja=] does for fun.
** He comes across more like Sean.

[[WMG: King Radical is, in fact The King.]]
He got "Scuttletruck" to work for him by telling the poor guy that "you ain't nothing but a hound dog, cryin' all the time."

[[WMG: King Radical is actually The King ''from Burger King''.]]
His arch nemesis is Ronald [=McDonald=], and the next story arc will involve the Doc (along with all of Cumberland) getting stuck in the middle.
* Jossed; The character [[{{Retcon}} is now]] "[[CaptainErsatz Donald [=McBonald=]]]", and King Radical is very upset at him for [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p34/ mistaking him for the Burger King]].

[[WMG: The Mayor of Cumberland is a retired vampire hunter.]]
He once tangled with Dracula, hence his morbid fear of the undead and wide-reaching connections.
* This is more likely than it seems, since he used to be an astronaut.
** Find somebody who has never read this comic, and have them read those last two lines. Tell me how they act :)
*** Even better: He is a time traveler from a world filled with either zombies or tyrannical (and slightly philosophical) dinosaurs, who traveled to the past to stop a motorcycle riding criminal/monarch from stopping an EVEN BIGGER catastrophe.
**** You know your favorite webcomic is good when it turns out the truth is only slightly crazier than the WMG.

[[WMG:Agent Bearclaw is a former ninja.]]
He took off his mask during the '80s so that Rayner wouldn't kill him. Who else but a ninja or former ninja could be so homicidal and badass that the Doctor would prefer to stay out of arms reach? Sure, he could have taken Rayner today, but back then he would have been just a kid.
* Eh. For being such a badass, the Doc's a bit of a coward. Just a tiny bit, but he fears guys he can take in a fight all the time. Death, Dracula, Radical...

[[WMG: The lung on his keychain is a real lung.]]
He used either his doctor powers or his ninja powers to pull it out of the chest of an evil leprechaun. Alternately, it's the lung of a dearly departed friend.

[[WMG:When Hortense says her employer is "anonymous", [[Website/FourChann she means it]].]]
Some Anon(s) realized that [=4chan=] is not their personal army, so they hired one. Stopping the world from not blowing up is the ultimate troll. As is Hortense's methodology: unnecessarily shooting the pilot, and then waiting until the Doctor was through everything and shooting the man he came to save? Hell of a troll. The "birdosaurus" was also hired by Anonymous.
* Oddly enough, it makes a lot of sense and fits the comic.
* Jossed, she was hired by Radical.
** But we don't necessarily know that Radical isn't secretly Anonymous.
*** Anon could never hope to come within spitting distance of the level of radical that King Radical possesses.

[[WMG: JustForFun/{{Hello}}. [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya My name is Gordito Delgado.]] YouKilledMyFather. PrepareToDie.]]
I mean come on! He's got the debriefing file: as far as clues and leads go, they don't get much better than that. I would assume that the only reason that he hasn't taken his revenge ''already'' is because PETA kept the assassin's identity out of the file.
* Taken one step further: the tiny spy in the Doc's office was not planted by the government, but by PETA. Soon, one side or the other will make their move...

[[WMG: Carl the weatherman is King Radical.]]
Nobody that diabolical would be content to pull a single KansasCityShuffle, and then settle back down into his quiet lifestyle as a meteorologist.

[[WMG: [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=15&issue=10 Gary]] will become an AscendedExtra.]]
Ninja hair trimming would usually fall under "Ninja Tricks", due to their masks covering their scalps. However, as an MD, Doctor [=McNinja=] might get free haircuts. The Doctor could never say no to free haircuts, and as such, Gary is the only person to have ever seen him without his mask. Hence the speed dial: if the Doctor's identity were ever in jeopardy, Gary would be the only man he could trust.
* It should be noted that Gary's RealLife identity is known: [[spoiler: it's [[http://www.fleen.com Gary Tyrrell]], webcomics journalist, blogger, and beard master.]]

[[WMG: King Radical is Doctor McNinja from the future.]]
This is why he can anticipate the Doc's every move so well, and why he only plays with him rather than trying to kill him - he is trying to force his past self to give up the convoluted Ninja/Doctor ways, and become the most radical man in the radical land.
* We know that time travel is possible, and that King Radical is capable of it.
* Radical knows that Sparklelord will try to crush the will of his past self - it is for just such a crime that Sparklelord was banished.
* Thus, Radical Land is the Earth in the future, once Dr. McNinja's awesomeness has transformed it to its true potential.
* {{Jossed}}, King Radical is from an AlternateUniverse. But he could still be that universe's Doc I AM MAKING THAT A WMG NOW.
** Double Jossed! [[spoiler: It was GOODRICH!]]

[[WMG: The motorcycle actually ''does'' belong to Lisa Frank]]
* What better way to combat the ''Xtreme Hardcore'' nature of King Radical than with rainbows and unicorns?
* Surreally confirmed... partially, at least.

[[WMG: Doctor McNinja has a white mask under his black mask.]]
It's there so that if he ever needs to unmask himself, he can become his complete opposite?he will don a black labcoat, working at a general hospital and constantly working with the police. Naturally, underneath that white mask is another black mask, so that after he is no longer in danger he can return as the true Dr. McNinja.
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} It was cold. He dressed in layers.]]

[[WMG: Both the motorcycle and King Radical are [[TheFairFolk fairies.]]]]
C'mon. King Radical is capricious and vain, apparently immortal, from a plane of existence that is clearly not this universe... you get the idea. Similarly, the motorcycle, whose true form is a ''unicorn'', appears to drive whoever rides it to madness. This smacks of typical fairy meddling. It is therefore my learned conclusion that the Radical Land is, in fact, Fairyland, and that the arc will end with the Doctor refusing to believe in the motorcycle and King Radical, and the two fairies fading away, Charles and Marianne-style.

[[WMG: King Radical is a PhysicalGod and the AnthropomorphicPersonification of The RuleOfCool]]Just look at him. The "Radical Land" is more or less the "Plane Of Cool" with Radical as its ruler. Therefore, King Radical is capable of some seriously insane stunts.

[[WMG:The Doctor will need to provide medical attention to a [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=19&issue=8 space monster]] at some point in the future.]]

[[WMG: The McNinja family are immigrants from Radical Land.]]
They all have a natural level of genetic radicalness.
* Apparently not. King Radical has stated that the universe the comic takes place in is sandwiched between the Radical Lands and what is implied to be the real, incredibly boring world, and has elements from both. It's normal for a family of ninjas to exist in the comic's universe, but in the Radical Lands, ''every'' doctor is probably a ninja.

[[WMG: King Radical is a cunning villain, and Sparkelord really is one of his previous victims, albeit a somewhat conniving and vengeful one.]]
You're right! You're freaking spot on!! The latest page!!! King Radical says so himself! (unless of course he's just messing with Dr.Mcninja)
* Nope. Jossed at the last chapter of the storyline. Radical was telling the truth, he just thinks McNinja couldn't beat him without Sparklelord.

[[WMG: Sparklelord is [[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Bad Horse]]. ]]
YES. Just yes.

[[WMG: Doc kills both [[OmnicidalNeutral Sparklelord and Radical]].]]

[[WMG: The Mayor of Cumberland is from the Radical Land.]]
There's an astronaut wielding a bo staff in one of Radical's flashbacks about the Radical Land, who came to our world sometime after Radical. Sparklelord's evil army must have included undead of some kind, which would explain his fear and hatred of zombies.

[[WMG: Doc's college vigilante club teammate Mary/Christina will be important later on]]
Doc says "When Mary's house came under attack, a tornado picked it up and flung it somewhere. I haven't heard from her since, but I'm sure she's okay." TemptingFate or not, that sounds like a hook to bring her back into the story at some point.
* This troper thought she was just shipped off to Oz. Maybe she'll require assistance in kicking Wicked Witches' ass?

[[WMG: The person from the future in a space suit...]]
Is either Dr. McNinja or his clone, coming back in time from the present to stop the clones from being recombined.
* Actually, it's [[spoiler:Chuck Goodrich, Chrononaut attempting to prevent the Ninja ZombieApocalypse.]]

[[WMG: Both King Radical and Sparklelord were telling the truth.]]
Sparklelord truly was an EvilOverlord, and Radical defeated him just so he could build something for orphans.

[[WMG: All of the above are true.]]
Chris probably reads this page for ideas.

[[WMG: Doc's snarky inner voice ("you're not a dark and troubled soul, you're a doctor who wants to be Batman") is actually a remnant of the mind of one of his clones.]]
Probably one of the two [=McNinjas=] who was making fun of his pre-mission speech.

[[WMG: All of the rumors about Chuck Goodrick shown on [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/8p20 this page]] are true.]]
Since it's been revealed that Chuck [[spoiler: is actually from the future, making at least the first rumor seem true.]]

[[WMG: Gordito is an alternate universe Gunslinger]]
Maybe not since he is shown to be blatantly copying Franchise/TheDarkTower books. Then again, infinite universes. But come on, dual wielded revolvers.
* Which have been common in Westerns since Westerns were called "Hey guess what happened outside my house yesterday."

[[WMG: Mongo is now under the control of Donald [=McBonald=].]]
The alt text of D.A.R.E. To Resist Ninja Drugs And Ninja Violence (Part 2) states that the "treats" which keep Mongo reigned in are Happy Meal toys. This would give Ronald the ability to control Mongo just as well as the midget did.

[[WMG: Vlad (the man who flew the helicopter for Rayner) will show back up in the service of Radical.]]
King Radical favors powerful servants with a connection to Dr McNinja (Hortense and Martin), and Vlad appears to fit the bill. Plus, Radical needs new blood to rebuild his organization after Sparklelord's attack, and Vlad is one of the very few named villains McNinja has faced whose final fates remain unknown (the others being Dracula and Radical).

[[WMG: The Ninja Zombie Apocalypse is still going to happen.]]
Raise your hand if you think the McNinja-clone that didn't show up until the experiment was ruined is somehow infected with a dormant form of the zombie "virus" that will cause him to rise up as a zombie the day he dies.
* Wouldn't matter; Doc made a vaccine for it.

[[WMG: Franz Rayner in the Army of One arc is being used by King Radical]]

[[WMG: Franz Rayner is going to invoke the inverse ninja law]]
This is why he made so many clones of Dr. Mcninja that aren't interested in killing their non-cloned self.
* Considering how easily he is tearing through them, I would say confirmed.
** Totally Confirmed.

[[WMG: Franz will lose this fight but survive.]]
And he, along with King Radical, Dracula, Hortense and Robster will do a VillainTeamUp at some point in the future.
* [[spoiler:He survives, thanks to Mongo and Dr. Knickerbockers.]]

[[WMG: The Doctor will defeat Franz by....]]
Cloning him. Once the Inverse Ninja Law applies to Franz, Doc will be able to match him one-on-one and defeat Frans again.
* [[spoiler: Jossed. It seems that he will defeat Franz by teaming up with him against the other McNinjas, thereby applying the Inverse Ninja Law to him that way.]]

[[WMG: The Doctor will defeat Franz by]]
killing the clones, thereby negating the effects of the Inverse Ninja Law. Considering the last panel of the last strip as of this edit is him saying "I'm... going to feel terrible about this for the rest of my life," I'd say there's at least a chance...
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, to a point. He becomes BashBrothers with Franz in order apply the effects to himself.]]

[[WMG: The future zombies are still Doc's clones]]
Chuck thought he had found the source when he found Doc being uncloned. Franz has tried cloning Doc for revenge. Someone will clone Doc in the future and zombie apocalypse will happen.

[[WMG: Eventually a Chuck Goodrich will come to stop the future from being overrun by Chuck Goodiches.]]
Logically, if versions of him from different timelines keep coming, eventually the planet will be filled with more of him then there are of anyone else, thereby using up all of the world's resources and causing the apocalypse. Of course, yet another one will come from the future to try and stop this.

[[WMG: Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja is going to end soon]]
The Doc has 4 things to do on his list before he dies. 1, Jump of a tall building and improvise way into safe landing. 2, Go to Mars and find the cure for cancer. 3, Find true love aaaaaawww. 4, Punch out a dinosaur. He has done numbers 1 and 4. He has had the possibility of number two confirmed to him by Dracula AND he personally knows one, now several, astronauts (or still just one?). SO number two looks to be done soon. Number three has also been hinted at with the introduction of Hortense. Who, if not Mcninja's love interest, at least serves to cue the reader in on Mcninja's personal life. At the rate Mcninja is going through his goals he's gonna run out, and so have nothing left except to die. Although there is his current obsession over King Radical, so the comic is unlikely to end without suitable closure there as well.

[[WMG:[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/1p21 This boy]] will become a BigBad in his effort to get revenge on [=McNinja=].]]
Presumably, he will go 10 to 15ish years into the past to arrive into the comic now.
* Most likely jossed. He's one of the Lumberjacks who Doc recruits to attack the dinosaur fortress.

[[WMG: King Radical is behind the apocalypses that Chuck Goodrich keeps traveling back in time to stop.]]
* Each time a Chuck has gone back in time, he has been forced to explain the future he is trying to stop to the same person.
** Logically, this must mean that every time a new Goodrich shows up, he changes plans. His ultimate goal may or may not be the "Chuck Goodrich overflow" apocalypse mentioned above.
** Jossed. Radical's plan has been confirmed [[spoiler: And it is a form of apocalypse. Killing all 'boring' people]]

[[WMG:The doctor is a Time Lo-'''THONK!!!''']]
We apologize for the previous WMG, the troper responible has been restrained and sedated.

[[WMG: McNinja gets betrayed by Gordito]]
* Because King Radical is Gordito in the Future as well as the Burger King and he has to fight his nemesis Donald [=McBonald=] who has been a piece of Sparklelord's spirit that he split off of himself to break out of the stable time loop. Both of the fast food giants however soon have to face off against PETA which was really being ruled by Dracula who Punched Death in the face and escaped the afterlife, except Bee Man is Starscream. And I guess Franz Rayner teams up with the McNinjas and pirates at some point.

[[WMG: The Doctor's "inner voice" is actually the "lost in time" version of his mind.]]
It will pop back to every time the Doc talked to himself, comment on it, be heard by himself, and be whisked away again. He finds nothing odd about this because it's been happening to him since he was a young child.

[[WMG: Dracula is king radical's [[TheDragon Dragon]]]]
Because King radical can go to the past, he could have meeted him when Dracula was Young.

[[WMG: The pirates showed aren't real pirates]]
Because, besides dan's logic, the fact that a man with truly pirate blood can fight equally against a ninja is still real. King radical is the king of the pirates. Hortense has pirate blood too, just by the fact that if she and mcninja have a baby, it will be a [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Pirate doctor Ninja]].
* Doctor-ness does not appear to be genetic in this setting, since none of our hero's relatives are in medicine.

[[WMG: Doctor will travel to the past to be trained by the ninja who create the Mc Ninja's clan]]
that or he ''is'' that ninja.

[[WMG: There will be a Doctor McNinja and Deadpool crossover]]
Maybeish. Chris has been chosen to write the new Deadpool comics so maybe....

[[WMG: The setting of Doctor McNinja is in the far future of Webcomic/GirlGenius]].
Behold: [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20110228 the good Doctor has an office in the Mechanicsburg hospital]]. Obviously, Doc traveled back in time to Europa, and while stuck in the past, he established an office in the only city as mad as he is. All the weirdness of the modern world is a direct result of Sparks' creations in the distant past.

[[WMG: The Doctor is [[Film/YorTheHunterFromTheFuture Yor]].]]
Who else would kill a dinosaur and then turn its corpse into a kite?

[[WMG: Ninja tricks and other techniques that ninjas use to defy the laws of physics are fueled with the residual power of a dead eldritch god.]]
We already know that there are horrible eldritch abominations in the Dr. Mcninja universe, so this WMG is feasible. Alternatively, the dark, ancient god-thing may just be sleeping.

[[WMG: Future!Dark Smoke Puncher is working with King Radical]]
This is based entirely on the fact that Doc had chased King Radical into George Washington's abandoned tunnels, and now that's where DSP's anti-dinosaur resistance is apparently based.
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p32 Confirmed]].

[[WMG: The Dinosaur/Human alliance is legit; this iteration of Chuck Goodrich is a terrorist]]
Future!DSP and Future!Gordito have been manipulated into being public enemies No. 1 and 2 by Chuck, and don't realize the truth.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Dr. [=McNinja's=] first name is John.]]
* Given the Doctor's (and Hastings') love of TheEighties pop culture and his ActionHero status, [[Film/{{Commando}} this]] [[Film/{{Eraser}} is]] [[Film/DieHard pretty]] [[Film/MarkedForDeath much]] [[Film/DemolitionMan a]] [[Franchise/{{Rambo}} given.]]

[[WMG:The Ultimate Diplomat is Barney or a Barney ripoff.]]
* He's been said to get people to feel empathy and create compromise. What other dinosaur could do that as well as Barney?

[[WMG:The Ultimate Diplomat is Yoshi.]]
* C'mon, I can't be the only one thinking it.
** Jossed. Yoshi is a member of Raptor Force. The Diplomat is a Half Dinosaur, HalfHumanHybrid.

[[WMG:King Radical and the Temporally Radness]]
The Dinosaur Future arc is throwing it in our faces, but let's consider just how temporally all over the place King Radical has been.
* He has a time portal in [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p35/ his cave system]]. King Radical claims this same portal took, implying pulled, him from [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p67/ Radical Land]]. It is similar, but admittedly not identical, to the one that they banished [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p66/ Sparklelord into]]. So this opens up the possibility that Radical Land is not a where, but a "when".
** The timeline mechanic revelation also helps explain Sparklelord. In timeline Prime he gets sent back, transformed into a motorcycle. He gets unearthed. Kind Radical rebanishes him into the past into Timeline 2. Sparklelord just has a crazily long lifespan and keeps falling for the same mistake over and over and over. Sparklelord wasn't sent from, but back in time initially. Depending on "when" Radical land forms due to the timeline mechanics any citizen of Radical Land could hypothetically travel back in time to "now".
** [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p38/ "... a more radical world..."]], Radical trying to create a Radical Land?
* King Radical was in a position of power with the [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p12/ Tennis Inocktek]], but we already knew they had [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p12/ time traveler assistance]]. Goodrich just revealed who.
** Bearclaw and his associates believed the unattended device would destroy the world. A Goodrich appeared there to stop it. Did Radical hire [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p56/ Hortense]]? Also, [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p68/ rainbow]]. Tied in some way to Sparklelord or the start of Radical Land's creation?
*** [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p72/ Oh shiiiiiii-.]]
** Note, a world changing event to remake earth into what we saw as Radical Land may very well have been drastic enough to cause a Goodrich to head back to prevent. This may be why Radical is watching the Goodrich's. If, when, all other threats are neutralized eventually the most likely to succeed is Radical Land.
* King Radical [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p35/ goes back]] to try to stop the dinosaurs himself. He doesn't say how far back. Dr. McNinja may have two Radicals to deal with once he returns to a present.

[[WMG:McNinja's "front line"]]
* The people that McNinja assembles to assault the dino-president's fortress are all former patients of his...who were diagnosed with [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/1p8/ Paul Bunyan's disease.]] [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/1p21/ Take]] [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p50/ note.]] The vial he gives them all? Maple syrup. [[BadAss Dr. McNinja is going to assault the dinosaur fortress with an army of giant lumberjacks.]]
** Confirmed

[[WMG:The Nasaghasts are Apollo 1 expies]]
* (Notice I said expies. Based on what we're told, they died decades after that, and that would be rather nasty to consider, anyway.) There's three of them (as opposed to a typical seven for a 1990s space shuttle crew, which is what we were told the ghasts were), the statue shows them on the moon in Apollo suits, and they trail black smoke.

[[WMG: the space ghost followed them to the future]]
that's the ''real'' reason why Sean do the "test" thing, he was trying to protect his brother.
* Confirmedish: [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p66/ the NASAGhast was following Chuck.]]
** Though it didn't need to follow them, TheSlowPath will do just fine.

[[WMG: Yoshi has become a Mole for Radical]]

[[WMG: The [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p27/ rocket cheetah]] will play a pivotal role in the dinosaur war.]]
That scene seemed a bit overly dramatic for something so unnecesary. The rocket cheetah will be a Chekhov'sGun.

[[WMG: The Horrorsaurus is actually Yoshi]]
* The mention of "They took Yoshi" is bound to play a plot point soon. Dr. Kaplanko called the Horrorsaurus "Geneo Two", presumably the second Horrorsaurus, with Geneo One being the original Horrorsaurus that Dan and Mitzi blew up. This might be indicative of how they create Horrorsauruses, genetically modifying a Dinosaur into that monstrosity. And since the President mentioned that Dinosaur's biggest difference between themselves and humans is the not killing each other business, they presumably have some sort of respect for each other. Noting that Yoshi is not a super-intelligent Dinosaur, they might have at first tried to uplift him into sentience, or found out that he is rather misbehaving, brainwashed him and then turned him into the new Horrorsaurus to replace the old one. Of course, this will be the Dinosaur's downfall once the Horrorsaurus sees Gordito...
* Even more so now that the NASAGhast says that it is not a threat, meaning it does not intend to kill/injure Chuck.
** {{Jossed}}. Yoshi is still Yoshi.

[[WMG: Dr. McNinja now has the Nasaghast's protection]]
He has officially been up in a NASA shuttle, with a NASA spacesuit, along with another astronaut. As far as the Nasaghasts are concerned, he is an astronaut. That may even be how he escapes the dinosaurs eating him for not having learned computers.

[[WMG: Doctor [=McNinja=]'s ninja name is "Doctor"]]
We know that Doc thinks that ninja names are stupid, so it would make sense that his parents would insist on using his ninja name, to embarrass him, especially since he apparently refuses to go by his first name ([[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/17p54/ cause, you know...the wizard]]). Why don't they? Well, since he thinks ninja names are dumb, it's possible he chose something they would absolutely refuse to use, out of spite. And what better name than the title that he plans to put in front of his last name anyway, and the occupation that his parents are so ashamed of him pursuing?

[[WMG: Doctor [=McNinja=] is [[CalvinAndHobbes Calvin]].]]
Remember Calvin's [[http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/lost_on_the_net/CWINRTHQ2VLR3NXW2QBG76NMKR5HTUBJ.jpg Tyrannosaurs in F-14s]]? If that's not from Doctor [=McNinja=], then I don't know what is. I propose that the good doctor is one of Calvin's fantasies la Spaceman Spiff, possibly from his unshown teenage years. The comic definitely fits Calvin's imagination, and from what we can see of [=McNinja=]'s face, he even ''looks'' a bit like Calvin (fair skinned, fair haired).

[[WMG: King Radical is [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/11p48/ this guy]] in the second panel.]]
The facial hair matches -- and wouldn't ''you'' be inspired to become the most radical in all the land after seeing that?

[[WMG: Brother Papadopoulos is actually Dr [=McNinja=] (or Dark Smoke Puncher)]]
He shows up at the exact right moment with exactly the right obscure information to save Gordito's mustache, while on his way to teach his first class (so he's new). He slips Gordito a copy of "Chaucer for the Terrible and Incompetent". Since Doc is missing, it could be him, but the sister said they hardly know DSP is there. Who would notice if he disguised himself as a teacher and started teaching classes? Being a ninja, he could probably manage being a student and a teacher at the same time.
* Seconding this so hard.
* Okay, it's almost certainly not DSP, or [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p45/ he'd have said something]] when Gordito mentioned him. But it [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p46/ looks promising]]... so promising, in fact, I'm starting to think we're expected to think it's Doc and it's going to be {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: Doctor [=McLuchador=] isn't Dr. [=McNinja=]]]
Look, I admit he most likely is, but this comic is so weird that it is perfectly consistent that he isn't. [=McLuchador=] either was a rival or colleague of [=McNinja=] now moving into the territory to fill the void left behind.
* Mostly proven, though he could be trying to throw us off the trail.
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p39/ Proven.]] Unless he's Old [=McNinja=]...
* {{Jossed}}, [=McLuchador=] is Doc. Unless there's more than one [=McLuchador=].

[[WMG: The Samurai Demon Guy is actually disguised as the guy serving lunch]]
## The Gym teacher is too obvious.
## Papadopoulos is too cool to be anyone other than one of the [=McNinja=] brothers in disguise (See above WMG, "Brother Papadopoulos is actually Dr [=McNinja=] (Or Dark Smoke Puncher)").
## He called off his search for Chuck because [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p15/ he noticed it was lunch time]].
## Gordito's [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p43/ list of faculty members]] doesn't include that position.
* Actually, he calls off the search because he notices lunch time is over.
* {{Jossed}}; it was Brother Morris, the math teacher.

[[WMG: Brother Stouder is actually Dr [=McNinja=]]]
The kid he made clean the crawlspace was trying to set a pick against Gordito, and in Gordito's detention, he tries to help with his homework. Also, ''[[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p55/ they both]] have [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/17p66/ blue eyes]]''.
* Apparently {{Jossed}}; Doc was [=McLuchador=]. Though he may have multiple disguises...

[[WMG: [[Literature/AmericanGods It's a two-man con.]] Brother Stouder is the Samurai Demon. Brother Papademos [[IncrediblyLamePun is the]] [[TheDragon dragon.]]]]
Did anyone notice the etching on the case? It's not exactly a RedHerring, simply because it could be a personal logo or something. Why else would he have the power to create auroras with his saxophone?
* Also, Papademos sounds like a really exotic false name to have. For one, it's the name of Greek Prime Minister, something you could just pick up and move along with. Second, if one were to spell it out in Greek, the first part of the name, papade, or Παπαδε, means "clergy." Just something to thing about.
* {{Jossed}}, at least partially; The Samurai Demon was Brother Morris, the math teacher.

[[WMG: Gordito has Synesthesia]]
And that's why Papadapoulos' awesome saxophone playing appeared to produce an aurora.

[[WMG: They don't need to save Mitzi's dust]]
Doc will wonder why they went to so much trouble when it's obviously not necessary.
* {{Jossed}}; the dust was necessary to regenerate Mitzi's missing parts. Also, if she had succumbed to the curse, she would have remained alive as the dust, trapped [[AndIMustScream forever]].

[[WMG: The Doc who showed up at the hospital and chased off [=McLuchador=] was a fake]]
Because... c'mon. Why would he risk blowing his cover at that moment? If he was worried about his patient, he could have arranged for the normal doctors to find the cure, being a ninja. And if Doc really needed to drive off [=McLuchador=], wouldn't he have used a disguise, given the circumstances? As for who it really was, it may have been Old [=McNinja=], or Hortense.
* Almost certainly confirmed, as [=McLuchador=] turned out to be the real Doc. Unless ''that'' Doc's a fake...
** Old McNinja would make the most sense, as it'd require the least amount of work (he ''is'' a clone of Doc, after all), and Doc probably wanted to make sure "McNinja" was spotted by King Radical at the hospital alongside "McLuchador" so as to keep up the charade for the King's benefit. As for the visible parts of the face on McLuchador's mask... maybe that's part of the mask too?
*** Nope, it was Goodrich.

[[WMG: The Demon's plot will be foiled by the fact that there are far more than one Chuck Goodrich]]

[[WMG: Chuck Goodrich disguised himself as Dr. [=McLuchador=]]]
When you run someone out of town, wouldn't the people who want their victim to stay out of town?
* {{Jossed}}, [=McLuchador=] is Doc.
** I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but [=McLuchador=] turned out to be Doc, right? Then how come the eye colors are different [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p59/ between]] the [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p75/ two?]]
*** It's the [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p77/ mask,]] [[AltText apparently]].

[[WMG: Dr. Mcluchador is [[spoiler: not dead]]]]
Instead, he faked his death to fool Dr. McNinja. But now he'll return to pay retribution on whoever is using his name and image.

[[WMG: King Radical already knows the truth about Dr. Mcluchador]]
He knows that Mcluchador is [[spoiler: actually Dr. Mcninja]]. However, he's playing along with the ruse in hopes of [[EvilFeelsGood bringing the doctor]] [[FaceHeelTurn over to his side.]]
* {{Jossed}}, he didn't know. But he still succeeded in the plan Doc was trying to stop.

[[WMG: The Vice-mayor infected Mitzi with the Mummy curse.]]
Can't be a coincidence, right?

[[WMG: The planks King Radical wants installed are made of maple wood]]
He's trying to cause an outbreak of Paul Bunyan's disease.
* Jossed, they're from the haunted woods.

[[WMG: The current storyline is a SpearCounterpart/inversion of Disney/AliceInWonderland]]
King (of Spades) Radical is ''forcefully removed'' Radical Land via an underground [[CoolGate portal]], while the Queen is visited when Alice goes DownTheRabbitHole to Wonderland. She plays croquet, He inspires tennis. He employs positive motivation, She negative. Both use people, though She uses the lower classes while He mostly uses convicts. Both have a creature in white trying to get to them them, though His is a mortal enemy while Hers is a bootlicking ally.

This WMG also assumes Dr. [=McNinja=] is the Chesire Cat analog. Doc conscripts Gordito as a KidSidekick, the cat hangs around Alice at his own whim. The cat can magically appear and disappear at will, Doc is trained in the art of stealth. Doc is causing intentional sabotage, the cat's mischief is more general. The CheshireCatGrin is known for being especially toothy, and while Doc's mouth is never seen, [=McLuchador's=] mask, which Doc is using, has a toothy expression of its own.

[[WMG: The planks King Radical had installed are from the haunted woods]]
* Confirmed.

[[WMG: Mayor Archibald is going to tell Dr.Mcninja to stand down.]]
* He doesn't put up with King Radical's nonsense, what makes you think he'll tolerate a vigilante like Dr.Mcninja? Which leads to...
** Jossed

[[WMG: The Future Doctor slipped into in "Futures Trading" is his final push against King Radical, turning all of Cumberland against him.]]
* It's the only thing that makes sense to me.
** Actually, considering the development of the most recent arc, this is becoming more and more of a distinct possibility.

[[WMG: Dr [=McNinja=] will save the Radical Lands]]
Because this is a comic devoted to awesomeness, and that may be the single most awesome way to resolve the conflict with King Radical.

[[WMG: Doc is his universe's version of King Radical]]
Only Franz knows they look alike.
* Jossed. King Radical isn't an alternate Doc. [[spoiler:He's an alternate Chuck Goodrich]].
** Unless Doc is [[spoiler:Chuck Goodrich]] too. We've never seen his face...
** This is further supported by the facts that [[spoiler: Chuck was able to pass perfectly as Dr. [=McNinja=]. Doc seemed to have discovered the time portal as a child and successfully traveled through time. It is always Chuck who finds the time portal, it is always Chuck who travels through time. One day we will see him remove his mask; '''Dr. Charles "Chuck" Goodrich "[=McNinja=]" General Physician''']]

[[WMG: Old [=McNinja=] is in Hortense's [[JustFriends Friend Zone]]]]
[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p107/ Probably?]]
* Well, at the time of Old's cloneception, Doc was still in a relationship with Hortense, so Old never personally broke up with her. Makes sense.

[[WMG: [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p05/ this]] future doesn't take place in the normal Dr. McNinja universe]]
* King Radical has a [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p107/ theory]] that the universe the comic is set in is actually the result of two diametrically opposed universes bleeding into each other. One universe is the Radical Lands, and the other is an 'immensely dull' universe. That glimpse into the future seemed much more grim and less fantastic than what is normal for the comic, meaning that it might actually be that Doc ends up in the immensely dull universe somehow.
* Alternatively, it is the result of the inverse of what King Radical is trying to accomplish: the influence of the dull universe was increased and the influence of the Radical Lands was decreased.

[[WMG: Doc will use mundane skills to combat King Radical]]
The more he relies on his awesome ninja training, the more he plays into King Radical's hands, making the world a more Radical place. The most effective way to defeat him, knowing that Radical methods only help him, is to rely on mundane methods. Subtle things, like sabotage, sneak attacks and poison. Like a ninja from our world.

[[WMG: Doc has met Chuck Prime]]
All Chuck Goodriches identified in the comic so far are from a future in which an apocalypse has occurred. This means there must already be a present day Chuck Goodrich who will go on to become the man who goes back in time to stop the Mad Libs Apocalypse (pleasepleaseplease can we call it that?).

[[WMG: Knife Eye Attack is a Chekhov's Gun that hasn't been fired-Yet.]]
Would Chris leave behind one of the most popular concepts from the series? Doubtful. Knife Eye Attack is likely to resurface at some point, perhaps before the conclusion of Cumberland Ninja.

[[WMG: King Radical will inadvertently save Sparklelord from the time loop]]
His plan is to use Radical energy to summon the most Radical people from the Radical Lands, one by one, from most Radical to least.

Now, when he was still a knight, he was only the second most Radical person in the world, Ron being the third, and the King being the most Radical of all. This suggests that the most Radical people besides the King are made knights. But Sparklelord, then known as Sparkledancer, was also a knight. So either somehow an entirely unworthy individual was deemed worthy of Radical knighthood, or he is one of the most Radical people in the Radical Lands despite his villainy.

If the latter, then King Radical's spell, which depends on the same space time portal Sparklelord was thrown into, may actually end up summoning Sparklelord by mistake.

[[WMG: Mcninja and Goodrich will travel to the Radical Lands]]
They can travel through time and space, so they could go back in time to when the Radical Lands were pristine. Thus, they can save the Radical Lands from destruction.
* They would create a timeline in which the Radical Lands were saved. Which may or may not prevent them from getting home.
** Would they really need to? The Radical Lands are a really, really nice place to visit. Granted, Cumberland might need their help.

[[WMG: The Catholic Church will intervene in the conflict with King Radical]]
Reverend Miller, the priest who lent King Radical his church to work in, was already under investigation for deviating from canon law. The Cumberland robot is powered by ghosts, and holy relics have been shown to be effective at fighting them.
* Clearly the vatican has it's own giant robot mech.

[[WMG: The President of the United States is/was the leader of the [[SaintsRow4 3rd Street Saints]]]]
Presumably in a universe where [[spoiler:Zinyack didn't blow up the earth.]]

[[WMG: You know that boring world that the doctor's is sandwiched between? It's ours.]]
Because in comparison to the doctor's world and the Radical Land's, our world is boring.
* Er, isn't that all but directly stated?

[[WMG: Radicalness destroys worlds.]]
The Radical Lands weren't dying because Sparklelord destroyed them, they were dying from the infusion of Radicalness. Sparklelord simply acted to limit the hold that the Radical had on what was left of his land after they had infected him with radicalness and turned him into a flashy unicorn.

Since being infected herself, the President of the USA has begun an assault on Cumberland itself, with no consideration of the civilian cost. If she and the other Radical aren't stopped then the Dr [=McNinja=] universe will become a radical wasteland of monsters and radically dismembered bystanders until it also gets destroyed by someone who remembers the old way and wants it back.
* So the cast of ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' will enter in the fray? And the President and King Radical's robots will be obliterated by a [[CombiningMecha fusion]] of ''[[Anime/MazingerZ Mazin]][[Anime/{{Mazinkaiser}} kaiser]]'', ''Shin Manga/GetterRobo'' and ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Gundam RX78-2]]''? ''Radical''.
** And then giant robots will lash together Earth and Mars with monofilament wire and use them as bolas weapons to destroy the space monsters which threaten the universe. None of the occupants will survive but what a way to go.
** Not radical enough. ''Anime/GunBuster'' already used a planet like weapon -Jupiter, which is bigger than Earth and Mars together-, and ''[[Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon Ideon]]'' is able to destroy planets, so it is not radical enough. Not, what will happen is the giant robots will disintegrate both planets and will use their remnants to build and fuel the biggest WaveMotionGun ever seen to destroy the space monsters (placing it in the bow of ''[[Anime/UchuuSenkanYamato Yamato]]''). Desperate, the space monsters will team up with the alien dinosaurs -that know that ''Manga/GetterRobo'' is their worst enemy-, but they shall be vanquished. One of the space monsters will survive, though, hidden in a rift between worlds, feeding off those universes' radicalness in order to survive. Soon it will grow so large and powerful than the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' army will have to team up with Hastings' Justice League (comprised of ComicBook/SpiderMan, [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Gandalf]], Franchise/RoboCop, [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Super Mario]] and [[Franchise/StarWars Bobba Fett]], and reinforced with Franchise/{{Superman}}, Franchise/{{Batman}}, Franchise/WonderWoman, [[Anime/DragonBall Goku]], [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Kenshiro]], [[Manga/SaintSeiya Pegasus Seiya]], Manga/AstroBoy, [[Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman Ken]]/[[Anime/BattleOfThePlanets Mark]] the Eagle, [[Manga/LoneWolfAndCub Itto Ogami]], [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]], [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]], [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Leonardo]], [[Franchise/TheTransformers Optimus Prime]], [[WesternAnimation/ThunderCats Lion-O]], [[Franchise/MastersOfTheUniverse He-Man]], Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian, Literature/HarryPotter and the Film/{{Ghostbusters}}. The ensuing war both will destroy and restart the universe, opening two possibilities: a) radicalness was destroyed, giving birth a clean, free cosmos; or b) radicalness was left, and everything will happen again.

[[WMG:Ron Wizard is the Radical Lands version of one of the [=McNinjas=]]]
Most likely DSP. Because Ron Wizard evidently really ''is'' a technomage, with a robot arm. Or maybe Doc's real name is Ronald Wizard [=McNinja=].
* Dr. McNinja did say a wizard was involved...
* And then there's the fact that Dr. McNinja was Hasting's SomethingAwful avatar and Ron Wizard was his City of Heroes character. And Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" was named after his real life brother, Sean. Does this mean that Chris Hastings would be the Boring World version of Dr. McNinja?
* Also, that mustache is pretty familiar. Can't be Dan McNinja's due to the time travel involved, but his facial hair could easily be hereditary. Plus, his hair color kinda matches Dr. McNinja's eyebrows.

[[WMG:Pope Francis will have a cameo in the strip at some point.]]
Because the AltText during Benedict's cameo was so proud of declaring this "The only ninja doctor webcomic with appearances by JP2 and Benedict 1 million!" Clearly they'll want to go for completeness.

[[WMG: King Radical will become mayor in the future.]]
Because of the recent reveal that [[spoiler: King Radical is an alternate Chuck, to continue his plan to open a portal to the radical lands, fight Mcninja and hide from the army, King Radical will change his appearance to look like Chuck and take over his job. And he will make his claim legitimate by passing a DNA test that proves he is Chuck. In fact I bet that this [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p05/ page]] is when he uses his mayor powers to frame Mcninja for the robot fight]].

[[WMG:Doc will close the portal, de-radicalizing the universe ... only to find the new world has no place for a masked vigilante.]]
He dies alone: http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p05/

[[WMG: Dame Dudeical of Diamonds has turned against King Radical.]]
[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p2/ She]] was brought over, since she appears [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p51/ here,]] but doesn't ever appear in the big fight scene at the caves [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p70/ here]]. My guess is that she decided that killing innocent people just isn't very radical, and will show up as an ally to the doctor at some point- perhaps as a GoodCounterpart to Hortense and Old joining King Radical.

[[WMG: Even though he thinks he does, Franz Rayner doesn't know what [=McNinja=] looks like under his mask.]]
If he's spent the last few years getting beaten up badly enough to have a sinkfull of blood pour out of his mask (while the clones were "fresh" and Old spent most of the time since college working on a farm rather than vampire hunting and battling ghosts in a haunted wood), his face would probably be rather distorted compared to a clone who hasn't had any environmental factors applied.

[[WMG: Dr. McNinja will somehow be responsible for the creation of the Radical Lands.]]
King Radical readily admits Dr. McNinja is one rad dude. One rad dude who seems to run into a lot of other rad dudes, like Gordito and Marty the Hulk Expy. [[spoiler: And King Radical is just a version of Chuck Goodrich and, like all the other Chucks, came from the future.]] All that radness had to start from somewhere. Where better than the crazy awesome weird heroics of Dr. McNinja and his buddies/family?

[[WMG: This next story, entitled "A Bad Enough Dude," will be a WholePlotReference (for what plot there is, anyway) about Dr. McNinja having to rescue the president...]]
...or someone the president sends him to rescue. Either way, the title bears a strong resemblance to a certain ExcusePlot from [[BadDudes a certain videogame]] involving the president and ninjas, and - with the president on the phone three pages in - it looks more and more like this will be the case. Alternatively, it will be about Dr. McNinja protecting the president from a Bad Enough Dude, such as Frans Ranyer.
* Or maybe it'll be about "kidnapping" the president at her own request (The good Doctor is a ninja, after all).
** It's looking more and more like [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/28p05/ the first theory]] will be confirmed.

[[WMG: Hortense is still in love with Dr. [=McNinja=].]]
Dr. [=McNinja=] [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p04/ was the one who broke things off with her]]. She still [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p5/ visits his parents]] (who want the two of them to get back together). She [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p90/ strongly denies]] being in a relationship with Old [=McNinja=] when Doc asks if they're together. And when Gordito swallows the key to the Zombie Defense System, [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p68/ she prevents Old]] from killing the boy to get it, despite the fact that she had just promised King Radical that they'd turn the system back on, and that Gordito had been decking her for most for most of the battle, and that as a professional assassin, she likely wouldn't hesitate to kill for the sake of her mission. Likely, she spared him to keep Doc from holding a grudge for killing his ward. All of these added together, despite Doc's claims that she doesn't love him any more, hint that she may still hold a torch for him.

[[WMG: The wizard involved in Dr. [=McNinja=]'s name shenanigans is [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden]].]]
Dresden has mentioned that a wizard knowing your name can do a lot of things with it, from tracking you down to... well, rather unpleasant things. It stands to reason that if names and magic are both involved in a situation, Dresden could very well be involved as well. Either Dresden worked some sort of magic that made it dangerous for Dr. [=McNinja=] to reveal his name, or Doc himself has erased all records of his name in order to keep Dresden from using his name against him.

[[WMG: King Radical's plan to save the people of Radical Land was ultimately doomed to failure.]]
Even if King Radical had succeeded in bringing over all of the Radical people, they still would have all died. Why? Because the rules are different. Chuck Goodrich and Dr. McNinja may fight zombies and dinosaurs and crap, but at the end of the day, they still have paperwork and bookkeeping to do. King Radical hates that crap, and ignores it and shoves it in a closet. He comes from a land where Mountain Dew flows from mountains, a world which operates on impulse and whimsy and provides for your every need. Dr McNinja's world is weird, but there's still an underlying order that must be adhered to.

What happens if Steve the Centaur needs medical attention, and there's no record of his medical history? How will you know what medicines he's allergic to? Who grows the food for the pizza makers? Who keeps the power plants operational? Who fixes the streets? Who fixes the toilets? Dr. McNinja's world may have it's dull, humdrum side, but it's that side keeps the world functioning. If King Radical succeeded in killing all of the janitors and filing clerks and other, non-radical people, he would have destroyed all of the people that keep modern life going. All of King Radical's subjects would die of starvation and disease.

[[WMG: Dame Dudeical is the Radical Land's equivalent of President Maria Funkhouser or at least one of her descendants.]]
I just saw the added photos to the character section which coincidentally had one below the other and I pretty much went "Waaaaait a minute! The resemblance is uncanny!"

[[WMG: The vision of [=McNinja=] when he [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p05/ went too far forward in time]] is what would have happened had he not been stopped by Chuck]]
Since it's established that each Chuck essentially creates a new timeline, the actual events wouldn't have actually [[TimeTravelTenseTrouble been going to occur until]] the latest one came back. Thus that was [=McNinja=] Prime's "future" at the time.

[[WMG: That timeline's version or an ancestor of that timeline's version of Ron Wizard is the reason Dr. [=McNinja=] can't use his own name.]]
We know a WizardDidIt. Why couldn't it be someone with the surname Wizard?

[[WMG: "A Bad Enough Dude" was an AbortedArc caused by the real life Secret Service.]]
This story was half as long than what has been the average over the last several stories. It ended very abruptly and weirdly. It's possible that the original intent was that Dr. McNinja would assassinate the president, and then spend the rest of the story on the run, leading to [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p05/ this alluded-to scene from Futures Trading]] where McNinja gets trapped by the military with no way out.
However, the story was being published during a time when the Secret Service came under fire for [[http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/09/30/issa-accuses-secret-service-giving-false-account-white-house-breach/ letting someone sneak into the White House.]] It's very likely that they saw this comic and told Chris to put an end to what he was planning. Thus the sudden end and awkward conclusion (which may have been a veiled criticism).

[[WMG: Robert Ortiva will be the reason why Dr. McNinja can't use his real name.]]
Evidence so far suggests he's up to something diabolical and mystical.
** Looking extremely likely now that "Ortiva" has been revealed to be one of the seven Ghost Wizards cursed by Dracula.

[[WMG: Either that or it's Grandpa McNinja's fault.]]