[[WMG: Raven's powers steal people's mental capabilites]]
* It would explain Chelsea...
** Maybe even Corey, who gradually became less of an evil genius in the spin-off

[[WMG: Tanya Baxter has [[ParentalAbandonment abandoned her family]].]]
It's not that far-fetched. Victor is too embarrassed and hurt to admit that his wife left him, so her leaving to study law in England is just what he tells people. Who knows whether anyone InUniverse believes him.

[[WMG: Raven's visions are granted by a malevolent deity.]]
Raven's visions, most of the time, are actually about dumb pointless things. However, they're generally taken out of context and so Raven jumps to the worst conclusions. One example that stands out is when Raven has a vision of her father saying "we need to split up" to his wife. Raven assumes they're getting divorced, but Victor really just meant "Let's split up so we can find the ring I lost". Now, why would Raven have a vision of her father saying "Let's split up", causing her to jump to conclusions? Obviously there is a bored, malevolent deity who grants her these visions as a practical joke, so he can watch her act bizarrely trying to prevent visions of things she misread. As to why it appears to be genetic? Maybe the malevolent deity was betrayed by Raven's maternal ancestor and so he's exacting his revenge.
* Could this bored, malevolent diety be perhaps a bored, malevolent writer?
** Hello, FanficFuel.

[[WMG:Raven is actually [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Raven]].]]
And one of these days those rainbow swirls in her eyes will start to turn red...

[[WMG: Raven's ancestors from her mother's side are from the [[Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace wizard world.]]]]
In "Don't Have a Cow," Raven and Chelsea find Raven's grandmother's old trunk, which had many supernatural things in it, including a book of potions, spells, and incantations which can grant wishes, hypnotize enemies, and turn the users into other animals. So, this doesn't seem too far-fetched.
* Or, her ancestors were descended from [[Franchise/HarryPotter a totally different Wizard-World]], and a ''certain'' house became her namesake (''Ravenclaw'' anyone?)

[[WMG: Raven was a [[Series/KamenRiderWizard Phantom]] that never went bad.]]
Her Phantom self never acquired magic powers but only has psychic ones. This could a reason for her psychic ability since her Phantom side never became evil, as well as her visions predicting nothing but bad or backfiring luck.

[[WMG: Raven has been a telepath as well as a clairvoyant all along.]]
In "Leave It To Diva," Raven endures what her mother calls a "psychic cold," which caused her to randomly hear the thoughts of those around her. Tanya states that her mother always had them, which is where this WMG comes into play. Viv could've been a telepath as well as a clairvoyant, since she was able to know everything about Cory's pranks. Raven, having inherited her grandmother's abilities, could've been a telepath as well, but never really developed, or became aware, of her ability. The "psychic cold" could've been an ailment where a telepath uncontrollably hears everyone's thoughts. Since in "Saving Psychic Raven," there were other kids who were both telepaths and clairvoyants, Raven could be one as well.

[[WMG: In Raven's adult life, she'll become the next John Edaward.]]
C'mon, seems a little obvious doesn't it ?

[[WMG: The show is a prequel to ''Series/BabylonFive'']]
The show is ultimately a chronicle of how telepaths and the [=PsyCorp=] came into being.

[[WMG:Raven's PaperThinDisguise only work because she has an subconscious ability to suppress people's mental capabilities and sow suggestibility.]]
Because come on people! No one should be dumb enough to fall for them even in a Disney sitcom otherwise.

[[WMG: Raven is one of [[LiveActionTv/Supernatural Azazel's]] Special Children]]
* Which makes this FridgeHorror when you consider that Ava was responsible for slaughtering most of them, including possibly Raven if this were true.