[[WMG: Shredder's mom was TokyoRose.]]
Miyoko was the right age and was just mean enough.
* [[FridgeBrilliance That would explain why she was in a retirement home for villains.]]

[[WMG: Shredder has a VillainousCrush on April.]]
[[FridgeBrilliance Why do you think he was always kidnapping her?]]
* He does try to make her his queen in one episode...
** He also openly flirts with her in a few episodes.
* Who could blame him?

[[WMG: Krang is a [[Series/DoctorWho Dalek]].]]
He was a refugee from the Time War who ended up transporting himself to Dimension X, and then because of his xenocidal tendencies got himself banished to 1980's New York, where he met Shredder. He also prefers operating within a robot, like a Dalek.

[[WMG: Zack is lying about his age in order to seem cool]]
Come on, like you've never done that before.

[[WMG: The Shredder would have returned had the show been renewed for another season.]]
Lord Dregg may have replaced old Tin Grin as the main villain in the last two seasons, but the theme song still had the lyric "When the evil Shredder attacks". Either they were too lazy to change the theme song or they really intended for Dregg to be an ArcVillain. Also, Dregg appeared to be KilledOffForReal in the final episode "Divide and Conquer", so it seems possible that the Shredder would have gone back to being the BigBad along with Krang had the show continued.

[[WMG: Neutrinos are the Dimension X equivalent of humans.]]

[[WMG: Lotus ''is'' Karai]]
''TurtlesForever'' proved that all versions of the turtles are part of TheMultiverse. Lotus is Karai's counterpart in the 1987 universe with an AdaptationNameChange.

[[WMG: Casey Jones is/was a cop]]
He is obsessed with the law and tried to arrest Krang. He could be a cop moonlighting as a vigilante or he could have become a vigilante after being dismissed from the force.