!![=DoorMouse=] will become the Hero in a future episode!
* If Umi Car was the Hero in The Great Umi City Race and then the DistressedDude in The Umi Car Rescue, The opposite will happen to [=DoorMouse=] (he was already the DistressedDude in [=DoorMouse=] in Space, he'll become the hero sometime in the future.)

!!WesternAnimation/TeamUmizoomi takes place in the same universe as WesternAnimation/WonderPets and WesternAnimation/BluesClues.
* It actually makes sense, despite the different styles, because most of the humans are live action.
!!FridgeBrilliance: Zilch is a Goblin
* I've thought about this for a ''long'' time, and wondered "Is Zilch a goblin?" Apparently, according to the other wiki. OurGoblinsAreDifferent, explaining why Zilch isn't so greedy as your usual goblin.