[[WMG: The Ferret gods are [[Myth/NorseMythology Odin, Freya, and Loki]] ]]
* Since Loki is painted in a sympathetic light, that's how he gets a {{Cult}}; they feel sorry for him.
** [[WordOfGod BHS]]: Not quite, but this is a very good guess! Ferret Godlore is going to be posted sometime in the next month, if all goes well. Keep reading!

[[WMG: Hanami will become Life's ''keshin'']]
* And N'Ktane will become Death's.
** Alternatively, Lily will become Death's, because that little irony is too delicious to pass up.

[[WMG: The skunk religion is part of a StrawFeminist conspiracy]]
* Everyone else worships death and time as males, except them, and they're the only race to practice gender discrimination. I call shenanigans.

[[WMG:The Nameless Florin didn't actually choose Rose after Aconite got ThePunishment, he left in disgust]]
* Seriously, I can't be the only one who found that a little hard to swallow. I figure he did too, and became the first Outcast. But that's not a "happy" ending (nor is it supportive of their religion), so he officially submitted to the central deity.

[[WMG: The red stuff in Faun's booze is Cadmium]]
* Battery acid, as a ShoutOut to Alien Ressurection.

[[WMG: The "New Standard" lanuage is Latin]]
* [[WordOfGod You got it!]]

[[WMG: N'Ktane is corrupting Lady Lilly.]]
* [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation Despite all her flaws,]] she's still LawfulGood. This drive to have the Outcastes executed [[spoiler: and the mind-control bracelettes]], came out of left feild. N'Ktane was sent back to do a task for Death, one that she enjoyed the prospect of; subverting the most prominent and pious mortal servant of the Life Goddess while taking her revenge seems to fit the bill.
* [[spoiler: Someone pick up that phone, because I totally called it!]]

[[WMG: Squad 13 was a Death Squad; the ''Chimatsuri'' was a massacre that happened during the Rebellion.]]
* "Chimatsuri" means "Victimization"
** {{Jossed}}: Squad 13 was a sort of covert-ops group, formed to carry out missions impossible for the rest of the Order to complete. "Chimatsure" is actually a title meaning "bloodbath". [[spoiler:Possibly it refers to whatever turned Drake into a [[OurVampiresAreDifferent sanguivore]].]]
** Black Ops and death squads aren't mutually exclusive. It's called "Assassination" or "wet-work".

[[WMG: The "outlanders" are so different to the islanders as to be offensive to them]]
* For some reason, I feel that the outlander version of fox society should be a joyless USSR-style nation.

[[WMG: Gen Tsurugi is a suit of AnimatedArmor]]
* His entire body is armored except his eyes, and according to [[StoryWithinAStory The Legend of Hayaoh]], he battled the [=HellSerpent=] ''and'' Hayaoh a thousand years ago... perhaps his EvilWeapon is keeping him alive?

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Drake was forced to kill Rain]]]]
* His line in Book IV says it all: "You'd be surprised what you can live with."

[[WMG: Gen is [[Music/JudasPriest The Nightcrawler]]]]
* Straight out of hell; One of a kind. Stalking his victims. Don't look behind you, Nightcrawler. Beware the beast in black, Nightcrawler. You know he's coming back...

[[WMG: Gen's tail is [[AchillesHeel the source of his power]]]]
* Why go through the trouble to protect something no-one's going to aim for anyways? Because it'll destroy him if it takes even the slightest damage.

[[WMG: The rebels got off with a slap-on-the-wrist because the council felt guilty for driving them to revolution in the first place.]]