[[WMG: The Crypt Keeper was Rod Serling BackFromTheDead.]]
After he quit the Night Gallery and long after he was done taking people into the Twilight Zone, Rod Serling moved into a creepy old mansion upon a hill, he died and decided to continue telling creepy stories even after his own death in the crypt... way down below his house. Due to the location, he took up the moniker of "The Crypt Keeper". But for this to be true, you would have to ignore the Crypt episode, "Lower Berth".

[[WMG: The Cryptkeeper is the same one from the Amicus movie of the 70's.]]
It's entirely possible that after a few decades of being an undead, his mind began to rot a little bit. His personality change could also be explained away by the fact that his brain is rotting too, so he's gone a little funny. For this you would have to ignore Lower Berth again.

[[WMG: The Crypt Keeper plays on the tire swing hanging from the tree in his yard, when he is bored!]]
Why else would he have it there?

[[WMG: The stories were all true, but they don't happen until the Crypt Keeper tells them to us.]]
In that way, he [[RewritingReality actually makes the stories reality]]. Thus making ol' Crypty a type of god.
* "While the Cat's Away", the first episode of the animated spinoff TalesFromTheCryptKeeper, seems to confirm this theory. The Crypt Keeper tells the story as he leaves for his vacation, and it ends with the boys that broke into the house running into the Crypt Keeper after he returns from his vacation.

[[WMG: Miguel Ferrer's character from ''As Ye Sow'' is the same guy from ''The Thing From The Grave''.]]
Assuming that As Ye Sow happens first chronologically, it makes perfect sense that his assassin character from that episode would later start dating Terri Hatcher's character from The Thing From The Grave. His past as a killer would explain why he was so psycho in the latter episode and why he was so good at killing.

[[WMG: The Cryptkeeper's [[spoiler:father's condition explains the Cryptkeeper's obvious preoccupation with Siamese twins]].]]
According to the end framing segment of "Lower Berth," the Cryptkeeper's [[spoiler:father had two faces, which is generally only seen in conjoined twins]]. This is the reason why the Cryptkeeper chooses to tell so many stories that involve [[spoiler:conjoined twins]].

[[WMG: The stories were meant to explain how all the corpses in this crypt died ironically.]]
This explains why ''almost'' every story ends in either a KarmicDeath or [[TemptingFate an imminent death]]. There are several possible reasons why so many of these people were unsympathetic jerks who died violently: The Cryptkeeper could work at a grave-site specifically for people the world was better off without, or the Cryptkeeper tends so many graves that he can pick out dozens that died violent {{karmic death}}s, or none of the stories are true and the Cryptkeeper just makes them up to keep his mind occupied during his boring tomb maintenance job.

[[WMG: Nelson Halliwell from Leading Role is an alias of [[Series/TheAddamsFamily Gomez Addams]].]]
Same actor, same personality. At some point he and his family were committed in different asylums.