[[WMG: Hall was beheaded at one point.]]
Given the scar that encircles his neck, this seems fairly obvious, and it's a common theory among ''Supernormal'' fans. Still, it's not confirmed. If this is the case, though, it speaks volumes about the extent of Hall and Eva's Immortality.
* A similar scar around Eva's midsection implies she was bisected at some point.
* Not quite confirmed, but definitely referenced [[http://supernormalstep.com/?p=1163 here]].

[[WMG: Akela is a lesbian/bi.]]
Not extremely obvious, but seems to be hinted at in the way she reacts to people, and body language, especially in panel one of [[http://supernormalstep.com/?p=276 this page.]]
** Right on the money, sir/madam. All but confirmed [[http://supernormalstep.com/?p=299 here]] and [[http://supernormalstep.com/?p=304 here]].
*** And [[http://supernormalstep.com/?p=346 confirmed]]!

[[WMG: Fiona's father knew that fiona would travel to the other verse]]
And so, he trained her like [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Sarah Connor]] did with her son...
** Unlikely when you take the rest of the story into account. Given that the way she got there has been revealed and was completely unpredictable, plus the fact that half of what her father taught her is inapplicable given the differences between universes, it seems unlikely that he had any foreknowledge regarding her fate.

[[WMG: Elvina and Britta are clones of Inga Jorgenson.]]
Given that Hall and Eva are evidently clones and that Inga was the project leader with a StrongFamilyResemblance to our favorite bumbling twins, it seems likely that she was cloned as well.
** [[http://supernormalstep.com/?p=1419 Confirmed.]]

[[WMG: The magical events in Fiona's world are a result of magic flooding into a world that wasn't built to handle magic]]
Akela said that there is normally a limit on how powerful one can be, and yet Mr. Henderson, a being from another world, is an exception to that rule. When Fiona returns home, magical events far more surreal than anything in the Supernormal Step verse occur. Perhaps the Supernormal Step world was specifically designed to handle magic by some sort of [[TheMaker Maker]], allowing magic to flow through the world, but also putting constraints on it to ensure things do not go out of control. By abusing a universe that was never meant to have magic at all, Mr. Kite is working around his universe's safety mechanisms.