[[WMG: The movie is a (direct?) sequel to ''[[WesternAnimation/SupermanDoomsday Superman: Doomsday]]''.]]
For two things [[@/TitoMosquito I]] can think of:\\
1) Clark and Lois are married and she knows Clark is Superman.

2) There are robots operating at the Fortress of Solitude. He had one in ''Superman: Doomsday'', so he might have made more and with different designs by the time of ''Superman vs. the Elite''. He might have gave the original robot a new body as well, and he was the one who flew Lois to England and back to Metropolis.

* May I add one thing, the theme tune is the same.

* Alternativly all of the animated superman movies form a single timeline
** Doomsday (Superman tells Lois) (Toyman dies)
** Public enemies (new Toyman)
** Apocalyps (enter Supergirl)
** Unbound (Clark proposes to Lois)
** Vs the elite (Lois and Clark are living together if not married)

[[WMG: The whole time, ComicBook/TheJoker was in Arkham, watching the news reports of it and laughing his ass off]]
Why? The public was supporting the Elite's lethal methods. The way Joker saw it, this just proved that he had been right about everyone else being no better than he was.
* Batman is also watching the news, and [[Film/TheDarkKnight is probably reminded of what the Joker said]].

[[WMG: The Hat is the lovechild of [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia France and China.]]]]
But they gave him up for adoption and he was raised by England.