[[WMG: Goomba's Shoe will be back]]
* It's the most well-loved powerup from ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'', and since it's been confirmed that quite a bit of powerups will return, it's going to be a good choice to bring it back.
** Jossed, but the boomerang is in!
[[WMG: Bowser added a "Why you should use Power Ups when fighting Mario, and Power Up Use Training Class - Optional Training" to his troops' Training Programme as he is sick of he and his troops being barred from using them...]]
* ...and it's [[OhCrap gaining popularity!]]
** Practically confirmed.
[[WMG: The [[VideoGame/SuperMario64 Metal Cap]] will return]]
* Not only because it's generally considered to be the best and most beloved power-up from ''Super Mario 64'', but also because Metal Mario's inclusion in ''VideoGame/MarioKart7'' will make more sense.
** Jossed.
[[WMG:The use of the Tanooki Suit was for gameplay reasons]]
Nintendo couldn't use the Raccoon Suit for the fact that the Raccoon Suit was hard to make out on the small screen, so they used the more visible Tanooki Suit for a similar reason as Small Mario not having a hat.
[[WMG: A genuine Tanooki will be in the game]]
As a secondary antagonist to Bowser, maybe even the TrueFinalBoss. He's the one plonking tails on EVERYTHING.
* Nah, Bowser is the only bad guy for this game. The enemies having Tanooki tails is due to the fact that a Tanooki '''tree''' lost all its leaves in a tempest, and they scattered everywhere as a result.
[[WMG: This game will get a [[MissionPackSequel Mission Pack Sequel]] in the near future.]]
This game will probably have the same case as Super Mario Galaxy 2; enough leftover ideas to fuel an entirely new game. It'll be a "Lost Levels" of sorts.
* With the arrival of DLC as a 3DS feature, it's not really likely.
** Debatable. The first game to actually include DLC is scheduled to be ''VideoGame/TheatrhythmFinalFantasy''; however ''VideoGame/MarioKart7'', on the other hand, predates that game but got a patch released via the [=eShop=]. Only time will tell.
[[WMG: Boom Boom's [[DistaffCounterpart Distaff Counterpart]] will be named "Poom Poom" in the localized version of this game.]]
Her Japanese name is Pun-Pun. Boom Boom's Japanese name is Bun-Bun. It makes sense. If not "Poom Poom", then maybe something that sounds more feminine like "Pamm Pamm" or "Pomm Pomm" or something.
* Close, her name is Pom Pom.

[[WMG: Mario's been taking training with [[Franchise/MetalGear Solid Snake]] and [[VideoGame/NinjaGaiden Ryu Hayabusa]].]]
* There are levels where he can hide in a ? box, and when he gets the Boomerang Suit, he can jump the boomerang to make it keep going, just like Ryu does with the Windmill Shuriken.
[[WMG: Boom Boom is a part-time transvestite.]]
Game Informer states that the only 2 bosses are Boom Boom and Bowser. This is not true, as Pom Pom is also a boss. Unless...
* But Boom Boom and Pom Pom occasionally appear at the same time!

[[WMG: Cosmic Mario is none other than...]]
* 1. [[VideoGame/WarioWare 9-volt.]]
* 2. The other brother in a costume.
** Jossed, [[spoiler: Luigi is playable in this game, and I don't see why he would turn against Mario after he rescued him.]]
* 3. [[CallBack Bowser]] [[VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine Jr.]]
** Jossed even before this game was conceived, as Cosmic Mario first appeared as a product of the Prankster Comet in ''Galaxy''.