[[WMG: The Pink Haired Girl's name is Down.]]
Read all the titles of the comics that feature her as the main character. Notice the trend?
** Jossed, she has no actual name and never will be named in canon, by word of god, doesn't stop Ethel from calling her name old ladyinsh..

[[WMG: Justine is a lesbian.]]

In [[http://www.viruscomix.com/page591.html #224]], Ethel and Pink-Haired Girl use Coke vs Pepsi as a metaphor for sexual orientation. Liking Coke represents attraction to men, while Pepsi represents attraction to women. The woman General Pete talks to is drinking Pepsi and is a lesbian, continuing the metaphor. Justine is also drinking Pepsi.
** Umm I'm pretty sure this was confirmed in the same comic, where it shows her in a fight with her girlfriend? Or more likely she's just Bi sexual, since she seems to care what guys think of her too.
*** That's not Justine, that's Marie, who had a fight with AnneLise. Justine is the girl with the Marshall shirt. I can completely see how you would get them mixed up, even as detailed as WRs style is, but Marie is supposed to be asian, I think.