[[WMG:Creator/StevenMoffat is from the ''WesternAnimation/MonstersInc'' 'verse.]]
This is why his ''Series/DoctorWho'' episodes are all both [[NightmareFuel soul-destroyingly terrifying]] and full of [[CrowningMomentOfFunny some of the funniest lines in the series]]: he's harvesting both laughter ''and'' screams.
* In that case, he's wearing a disguise. I bet he looks like a horrifying EldritchAbomination who pulsates terror.
* As is Creator/MarkGatiss. [[FanNickname Mofftiss Inc:]] They scare because they care.

[[WMG: Steven Moffat used River Song to extend the Doctor's lifespan.]]
When River saved the Doctor's life in "Let's Kill Hitler," Amy said it used up her remaining regenerations. River only seemed to use about three (Girl in New York -> Mels -> River), so that leaves 9 or 10 more that she gave to the Doctor. That could extend the Doctor's lifespan past the 13 regenerations rule, thereby extending the show through 10 or 11 more actors. Considering River is quickly becoming Moffat's pet character, it wouldn't be surprising for him to have her do something major like that.

[[WMG: Creator/StevenMoffat Feeds on fear]]
Self explanatory really.
* [[Comicbook/GreenLantern So, he's Parallax?]]
** Nah, he's a [[Franchise/HarryPotter Dementor]]. Fear AND despair is what the man feeds on.

[[WMG: Moffat is Parallax.]]
It's why he feeds on fear. Thankfully, he's [[InvertedTrope a benevolent]] [[EvilTwin version]] of [[Comicbook/GreenLantern Parallax.]] Of course, Moff still needs the potent fear of children. Without it, he will get hungry. No doubt leading to the ''universe'' becoming one big den of NightmareFuel.

[[WMG: Creator/StevenMoffat is a troper.]]
It has to be!

[[WMG:Steven Moffat doesn't just feed on fear]]
He also feeds on confusion. He made Timey Wimey ball for a reason: fear is his breakfast confusion is his dinner time.

[[WMG: Steven Moffat hates America]]
Series/{{Jekyll}} has many {{TakeThat}}s towards America for no apparent reason. And the episodes of Series/{{Sherlock}} that he wrote either make Americans out to be very stupid (the one in the cab from [[Recap/SherlockS01E01AStudyInPink A Study in Pink]]) or have them be very inept and idiotic decoy antagonists such as the ones in [[Recap/SherlockS02E01AScandalInBelgravia A Scandal in Belgravia.]]
** To be fair in ''[[Recap/SherlockS01E01AStudyInPink A Study in Pink]]'', the guy in the cab wasn't stupid so much as weirded out by the [[BunnyEarsLawyer two]] [[TheWatson guys]] stopping his cab for no apparent reason. Series/{{Jekyll}} and ''Belgravia'' on the other hand...
* So?
** What do you mean, "so"? Look, I know that hating on America is the cool thing to do nowadays, but that doesn't make it okay.
** On, the other hand, his depictions of Americans in "The Impossible Astronaut" / "Day of the Moon," are actually a little better and step back from the depiction during the RTD-era. Whereas the Americans under Davies time as producer were obnoxious like Henry Van Statten or annoying like Luke Rattigan. However, the Moffat-era Americans were a little gun-happy, but otherwise more even-handed (he even gave Nixon a positive portrayal.) I think it's just that America is a big enough world power right now that it's easy to pick on and makes for a quick villain. [P.S., he and his teams (Matt, Karen, Benedict, etc.) have had a lot more involvement in trying to make the show more popular in America, so there's that, although if he actually does, I can't really blame him after the American ''Coupling.'']

[[WMG: Out of all parts of the fandom Moffat trolls, he likes to troll shippers the most.]]
Think about it with [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor's relationship with the Ponds.]] Without adding spoilers, its less a love triangle and more [[LoveDodecahedron love tetrahedron]] [[MindScrew with three sides and five vertices.]] One wonders if Moffat has some sort of [[ItAmusedMe sick enjoyment]] from [[BrokenBase the mass]] [[ShipToShipCombat shipping war.]]

[[WMG: All of Steven's new episodes are from his old fan fictions as a child]]
And now that he's head writer he has the chance to make everything he ever wanted canon.
* I knew it.

[[WMG: Steven Moffat is a JustForFun/TimeLord.]]
Which is why he's such a big fan of ''Who''.

[[WMG: Moffat is connected with the Minotaur from the ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "The God Complex."]]
He shows people their worst fears on TV, destroying their faith that the show will end happily. Eventually, all the fans have left is faith in, and submission to, their tormentor Moffat. [[MadnessMantra PRAISE HIM!]]