[[WMG: The Ultimate!Spiderman Dimension is more akin to our world than the Amazing!Spiderman Dimension]]
To me, the A!SD seems more like a retroistic dimension (the way the levels are with its grainy cel shading adds to this too) while the makers have said the U!SD is based more like modern day comics. It would also be why Kraven is based more on his older incarnation than the currently ressurected version in the mainstream Earth-616 of Marvel Comics.
* Probably because the Ultimate Spiderman comics have always reflected a more modern feel than Amazing? This isn't WMG so much as straight fact.

[[WMG: The Ultimate levels are in continuity with the Ultimate Video Game]]
Because Parker's got to still be alive somewhere, Dammit!

[[WMG: By that same token, the Amazing levels are continuations of ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheNewAnimatedSeries'' ]]
By virtue of "Same voice actor"

[[WMG: And by THAT token, the Amazing world in the DS version]]
is in-continuity with WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan, and presumably, VideoGame/SpiderManEdgeOfTime.