[[WMG: Everyone really was replicated at the end of Snatch.]]

I've noticed that the episode "Girl Hair" seemed to be the place where the series seemed to fully lose it, started to focus less on the interviews/guests and became more random, and whatever cohesion it had seemed to disappear. In the previous episode, the episode was invaded by replicating pods and the end of the episode ended just as the pods opened up and appeared to be about to replicate them. So perhaps they really were replicated, and the reason the show lost it's shit so much was because the characters we're watching are completely different characters.

[[WMG: The cast keeps getting high and drunk as the show went on.]]

The show was fairly tame in the beginning, and the characters were even close in personality to their old counterparts. The pressure of doing the show and trying to be funny got to them, and finally they started drinking in order to loosen up before the show. By the end of the show it got to the point where they drank and did drugs on the show.

[[WMG: Moltar's true face is a [[NightmareFace horribly mangled, burned, skeletal face]].]]
Like a cross between [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmOrKCcbc7w Kabal's true face]] and [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110516031635/americandad/images/5/5f/Francine.png Francine's horrible damaged face]].