[[WMG: Tats right now has no actual plans for the strips plot and makes up stuff as he goes along.]]
* Not sure if this can be counted as a theory, as with the nature of the webcomic with storylines that is sorta par for the course, but I'm sure Tats has no idea what he's doing, outside his political and social agenda. The Sisterhood are waiting for an attack from the Patriarchy, even though there has been no real attack as of yet, and Vainglorious seems to want to become the new Devil, but really that's the only major plot stuff that's happening that is actually getting continued on... as slowly as possible. To the point that Tats has multiple side stories going on to work on them if he can't think up any ideas for the majors arcs, and even then, sometimes they're just gag strips that don't forward a thing.\\
Imagine Chris Carter mixed with Tite Kubo, as Tats just makes up stuff for the many, many stories and adds characters when he's low on idea's (seriously, Vainy came out of nowhere one day and so far we still know little about him, and it's been over a year since his debut). Is there is a plan, then why does binge reading his comic come as a roller coaster of stories and gags that may or may not get resolved, and many of the current arcs come off as filler (especially in hindsight) as if they're inserted for Tats to come up with something rather than nothing.\\
Compared to say, the romance between Fuchsia and Criminy, which was mostly focused all things considering and seen as the one of the comics highlight moments, every story here is taking their sweet ass time, and go nowhere, like anything with Squigley (who's stories flip-flops around like a bad tennis match) or Seymour's odd tale or two (that serve nothing to the grand scheme of things and always have gay lust for Jesus).\\
And while yes, technically many stories are made by just making stuff up as you go along, but usually there is some sort of plan in the head of the story runner, something that is being build up, but really it's sloooooow build up. Over the course of a year, Vaingloroius has, 1) shown up out of nowhere, 2) is shown to be an artist, 3) likes Fuchcia's art, 4) has some sort of spy painting in the Devil's house, and that's about it.
* The length of the MMXV arc suggests that there's something to this theory.

* The MMXV arc has ended, but in its place is a mini-arc of gag strips of the artist's home being really cold, Miko focused strips (including a man cave filled with dudebro zombies), strips at a super market, and another heavy-handed Sunday strip. There has been zero actual direction since December 2015. Fucking kill me.

[[WMG: TheAntichrist Lil'E Will regain memory's again]]
* And make many failed attempts to {{take over the world}}
[[WMG: The strip will have a BittersweetEnding, if not a downright downer.]]
* No ending in sight now.

[[WMG: The strip will set up additional character development for Slick.]]
* Remember the one story that made Fuchsia feel pity for the damned? Then broken hearted man who winds up in Hell after flipping off God? Does that sound familiar at all? And then was redeemed and found love? It might not just be applied to her, it could be foreshadowing for Slick, too.

[[WMG: The Fuchsia/Criminy love story will be resolved in a way that is simultaneously a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, and a TearJerker]]
* Well, so much for resolution. Criminee is obviously more determined and Fyoosh loves him as much as ever, but the focus has shifted from them.

[[WMG: Lil' Evil is not a real devil]]
* Lil' E not only has the same fanboy characteristics as Seymour, but he can easily survive in the Reality Zone.
** Seymour's halo doesn't seem to be fake, though. It's biologically a part of him. Which brings me to...
* He has real horns.
* Officially jossed.
* Actually there are a couple of strips that talk about Lil' E's backstory, apparently the reason he became such a fanboy was because he [[spoiler: picked on for being a half-demon to point where he even tried to cut off his horns]] and the Devil was [[spoiler: nice to him and fended off some of the bullies]] even though Lil' E was just random stranger [[spoiler: (or least that was what he thought)]]. Satan [[spoiler: is actually his dad and left him when he was little because]] he was disappointed that [[spoiler: Lil' Evil didn't turn out all that evil]] which is why he was [[spoiler: so nice to him in the first place because [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes even he cares about his family]]]]. So Lil' E is actually a demon, just not 100%.

[[WMG: Seymour is an alien.]]
Consider it for a moment. He might not actually be aware of the fact that he's an alien, depending on how he was raised or whether or not he was raised at all. One thing is for certain, he's definitely not human. Not only is his halo a biological part of him that can actually put him through pain, but he remains exactly the same in the reality zone as he is usually. In comparison to other characters who've entered the reality zone, he stays completely unrealistic while the others are drawn more realistically. Three fingers instead of four, cueball head with no nose or ears... The only logical explanation is that he's an alien. As for how he came to Earth, believes in an Earth religion and generally doesn't look at the others who are 100% human as different or alien, perhaps he got sent to Earth by whomever his parents might have been or equivalent of as an infant... alien... thing, and was raised by someone who just happened to be an incredibly religious Christian.

[[WMG: Alternatively; Seymour is a living puppet similar to that of Pinocchio.]]
For those who believe that [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2010-11-12 this]] strip was the exact moment Seymour came into existence. After all, he still doesn't appear to be completely human and there are vast similarities between him and God's hand puppets. Specifically, [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2000-02-15 this]] one.

[[WMG: Whoever Li'l Evil's parents may be, they are rich.]]
And they would have spoiled him silly and dote on him, regardless of what he chose to believe in. They would probably have been Christian or Catholic and refused to buy any Devil merchandise he wanted, thus why he needed to get a job to afford them.

[[WMG: Li'l Evil is the result of a devil girl getting knocked up.]]
He's had the urge to be pimped by D-man buried deep inside himself the moment he was conceived.
* Plus The Bouncer in [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-07-13 this]] strip referred to him as a "halfling" - which could either mean a short person, a child, or a half-demon. Considering they had let Slick in previously, and they're both the same height and close in age I think that half-demon seems more likely.
** Inversely confirmed.

[[WMG: The Fuchsia/Criminy love story, as well as the strip's overall slide toward the idealistic side of the scale is inspired by Tatsuya's own love life]]
Early on the strip was cynical and more focused on crude humor and sex with the basic message of "life sucks, have a nice day!" This is because Tat himself was single and lonely with the odd one-night stand. Sometime before the Fuchsia/Criminy arc started he met someone and actually fell in love and he started to feel a little better about things, "Life sucks, but it'll be okay." Of all the characters in the comic (who all seem to be based on himself or aspects of his own personality in some small way at least) Criminy seems to resemble Tatsuya the most (excluding his actual AuthorAvatar of course).
* If thats is really what is going on, I hope the relationship stays sweet, or he takes a breakup with grace, because I have a little bit of doubt over how well some of the fanbase would take a return to the cynical roots of the strip, or a bad end to the little romance.
* If there's any truth to this WMG, perhaps Tatsuya had a bad breakup and blames himself for it? Would explain the turn to radical feminism, the Uncle Sam/Liberty arcs, even the hints of sourness going into the Criminy/Fuchsia story (when it even comes up). PS Armchair psychoanalysis is fun!

[[WMG: The Fuchsia/Criminy love story will inspire Slick and Monique to get together.]]
We've seen the two [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2009-03-01 do care about each other]], with 'Nique helping get Slick his will to live back. Plus, it's [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2009-01-16 Word of God]] they're destined to be together. And Monique even agreed to a date until Squig fucked up everything. Maybe when Fuchsia and Crim are done, we'll get back to the main characters and see a happy ending for them.

[[WMG: [[http://www.readingrants.org/2010/01/25/happyface-by-stephen-emond/ Happyface]] is Seymour's dad.]]
Well. Why the hell not? If you've ever read Happyface, you cannot tell me that the main character's Happyface persona doesn't look related to Seymour. See obviously what happened was, since the book itself was meant to represent reality, and the main character was an artist who did comics and stuff - and Happyface was just a persona, for all we know, the main character could have paired Happyface off with some super religious chick, and viola Seymour would have been born. Hell, for all we know the main character might be Tatsuya himself, considering the main character never really said his actual name at any point in the book. Although this seems REALLY unlikely considering everyone in the main character's family has regular American names in comparison to a rather foreign-sounding name like Tatsuya. Oh, whatever, this is WMG. It doesn't need to make sense.

[[WMG: Seymour is bipolar.]]
... Seriously, is there any reason why he CAN'T be bipolar?
* I think [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2007-04-12 these]] [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2006-08-29 two]] strips support this theory nicely.

[[WMG: Fuchsia and Crim will live in the reality zone]]
[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2010-10-24 In this strip]] we see the devil unable to grant their wishes in the reality zone, and he doesn't even enter. Plus, [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2010-10-10 in this strip]], forky becomes lifeless there. They might try it and discover Fuchsia can't exist there, but maybe she'll turn into a regular person while in the zone and they can live happily ever after.
* "You weren't always a Devil girl" so said Crim what Fucsh began her change.
** Officially Jossed in Hero Time 13 as Reality Zone is actually lethal to demons (Tangerine was being immolated like a vampire exposed to sunlight, which leads me to my WMG.
*** Keep in mind that Forky didn't catch on fire, plus Tangerine was wearing a cap with a cross on it, which in 'realistic' movies burns demons and devils.
* It seems that Fuchsia is more than a little uncomfortable with the thought of merely visiting the reality zone, so more likely than not this may be [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-10-11 officially jossed.]]
** COUNTER-Jossed! Recent strips since the Reality Wall went up have Fyoosh actively making efforts to last as long as possible in the Reality Zone, meaning this WMG is not dead!

[[WMG: The Reality Zone is going to be what kills the devil]]
[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-05-15 In this strip]] we kind out that the Reality Zone is every bit as lethal to demons as sunlight is to vampires. Being the clever guy he is, Criminy will free Fuchsia from the devil's grip via a trap involving the place (via removal of the sign). Once inside, Crim will pin him down, resulting in a disintegrated BigBad and the prime threat to his bond with Fuchsia removed. They live happily ever after.
* See previous WMG for refutal

[[WMG: Satan can't enter the Reality Zone because he doesn't have physical power there]]
The reason why Satan doesn't enter the Reality Zone is because he'd just be a spirit there. In the world of the comic, Satan has a physical body and has demonstratable power and control over the world. If he were to enter the Reality Zone, his physical power would be taken away, and he'd be reduced to what he actually is: A spirit who can tempt mortals, but doesn't actually have any physical power or control over them. And any power over the physical world that he would have could only be given to him by God, just as it happened in the Book of Job.

[[WMG: Seymour will eventually apologize to Fuchsia.]]
Oh, yeah. As of the [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-04-03 recent sunday strip]] Seymour's a demon now, is he not? As we've seen in previous strips thanks to Fuchsia, demons who want to live normal lives don't really get the [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2009-10-25 best treatment]]. As such, Seymour would be literally forced to learn a lesson or two about treating demons, ergo treating them nicer. Most likely just my wishful thinking. Or, alternatively;
* [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-04-24 He has]], although only because he wanted something from her. Still he may have been sincere as well as self serving.

[[WMG: Seymour will go batshit insane.]]
As soon as he gets over the fact he is now a demon, he will eventually realize that oh hey look he's most likely got fire powers now. And then he'll [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2007-04-12 burn them all,]] just like he wanted to.
* Potentially jossed. Or at least the details are.
** Seymour is ALREADY batshit insane.

[[WMG: Seymour will trade his soul to Satan... for his old title of Archangel Lucifer.]]
It will be either a clever stealth joke or the pinnacle of his fanaticism on Seymour's part, while the Devil will be have a [[VillainousBSOD minor meltdown]] over that reminder off his time with God or simply be confounded by the paradox presented to him.
* Played for laughs. He does signs a contract for a stash of Jesus slash fanfics. The plot wasn't explored so far.

[[WMG: Before being bomfed and becoming a devil girl, Fuchsia was an artist.]]
Just a tiny, irrelevant theory I've had for a while that I might as well throw up here. [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2009-06-07 She seems to be pretty good at painting]], and it would be interesting to find out more about Fuchsia that just doesn't just directly come from her interactions with Criminy.
* It turns out what while she likes to paint, she [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-05-15 never really pursued it]]. Criminy believes she should, [[HeartwarmingMoments assuring her she's very talented]].

[[WMG: Baby Blue has astigmatism.]]
As such, she does need glasses to read despite rarely wearing them. We've only seen her wear them once, when she was opening up files for dirt on Monique - which would most likely need to be read. This theory could be supported if one assumes that [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2007-07-08 the blue girl on the laptop]] is supposed to be Baby Blue before being bomfed. Relatively...

[[WMG: Pre-devilization, Baby Blue was somewhat of a nerd.]]
Again, assuming that the blue girl on the laptop was supposed to be Baby Blue. There isn't much of anything for me to support this theory's existence.

[[WMG: Devil girls have no pupils until they're used to being devil girls.]]
Baby Blue and Fuchsia have already been shown to have pupils, and only lose them when they're pissed. However, as far as we can tell Tangerine has not developed pupils yet. It's possible that she had not completely gotten used to being a devil girl, like they have, and she won't develop any until she does - if she ever does. As she doesn't seem to be quite sane, it's always possible that she might never develop pupils.

[[WMG: Potentially, devil girls are infertile.]]
Makes sense, D-man wouldn't want his bitches getting knocked up now would he?
* May seem unlikely given recent events.

[[WMG: Seymour and Tangerine will eventually develop some sort of relationship.]]
We've already seen that Seymour has extreme distaste for Fuchsia, and he doesn't particularly care for Baby Blue (only aggravated by her antics and won't go out of his way to show distaste for her) however he's shown Tangerine nothing but respect and even concern for her well being. When he thought that she was about to shoot herself in the face he seemed to panic and reach out to stop her, and she has listened to his preaching and advice for a while. Potentially, either they could become close friends - possibly with Seymour viewing her as his crazy "big sister devil girl" - or they might have a romantic spark between them.
* She did seem rather happy to see him when he caught her bomfing things...

[[WMG: Tangerine would be a master of pulling off a ShotgunWedding.]]
If she didn't lose the shotgun, anyways. Of course, she might always get another one...

[[WMG: Tangerine won't be very fond of Fuchsia.]]
For starters; She didn't seem entirely thrilled with Baby Blue, and even though it seems that Fuchsia would be able to reach out to her and communicate with her perhaps Tangerine will not be very enthusiastic with her attempts of reaching out. Especially if Tangerine and Seymour grow close and Tange is aware of Seymour's distaste for Fyoosh. (And let's all face it - if these two had a cat fight it would be the BEST thing.)

[[WMG: Tangerine and Seymour will have alot of ShipTeasing...]]
Only for Seymour to draw a paralell between him and Tangerine, and Fuchia and Criminy, then ShipSinking himself and her over his prejudice.
* Then again, if he progresses to the point of a relationship, I don't think want be able to back out, seeing how light the comic has gotten.

[[WMG: Fuchsia would make a great mother.]]
While chances of Fuchsia ever having children - for several reasons - are extremely low, we all have to admit that Fuchsia would be an awesome mom. And you can bet that her kids would never be bullied. Ever.
** Thanks to recent events, we may of seen what any potential kids between Fyoosh and Criminy would look like.
** Also, her recent HeelFaceTurn just increased her chances of motherhood drastically. She's most likely going to live with Crim now. Insert snarky comment about what happens when two love birds share a home.

[[WMG: Seymour has dead family members.]]
I was just rereading the comic the other day and I came across [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2001-06-05 this]] strip - it took me a few moments but I realized that, especially with added context from the previous strip, he just implied he knows a few people who died and that they (most likely) care enough about him to help him get into heaven.
* I think he's talking about God, actually.
** Then it would not be people, which is a plural noun. It would be someone. Someone on the inside.

[[WMG: Slick's real name is...]]
Sylvester Williams. [[ForTheLulz Because it would amuse me.]]

[[WMG: Criminy will have a showdown with the Devil]]
It sort of seems to be building up to it. Perhaps the devil keeps Fuchsia from seeing him, so Criminy calls him out. He could potentially beat the devil by luring him into the Reality Zone, but the odds are, any victory will be ultimately temporary.

[[WMG: Seymour will become a decent person... only to relapse into a KnightTemplar even worse than before]]
His relationship with Tangerine, or from simply being "corrected" by others enough times, will cause him to see the error of his ways, and he will come to embody true Christian ideals better. All will be well for some minor plot arcs, but, from either everyone else not buying his turnaround and throwing his previous intolerant behaviour back in his face, or getting close enough to the others to really see their inner pettiness, including God and his childish douchebag antics, he will regress into "Holy Wars" mode and decide he can and WILL be a better steward of the world than God is willing to be, and everyone else can ever hope to be. Depending on their relationship, Tangerine might ally with him, probably on promise he deliver Santa to her. Satan most likely will throw in whatever support Seymour will accept, thinking a true zealot like him is the best bet for an overthrow of heaven from the inside.
* Great, now I have this image of Tangerine cheerfully torching, Bomfing, and Bkowing people while Seymour watches and says "Suffer not the unclean to live."
* Sorry, but the comic has really lightened too much for Seymour to TakeALevelInKindness and then lose it like that, though maybe just skipping to the Crusader part would work better.

[[WMG: Lil'Evil is son of Satan.]]
What else can we assume from [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-09-25 this]]? Maybe Satan doesn't want his son to follow his footsteps and that's why he is so cold to him.
* [[spoiler: [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-10-16 Confirmed.]] ]]

[[WMG: The Lil'E's past story line will have a ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight'' style twist.]]
There are certainly commonalities shared with Drac and Lisa. There may have been a time in which Big D went soft due to a human woman. Something must of happened to her sometime before Lil E turned preschool age that may have snapped him back (just like Dracula). Perhaps this may partially explain why Big D's so vicious towards Criminy's involvement with Fuchsia.
* It would also add another reason why God and Jesus piss him off so badly. Besides [[TheUnfavorite his role is their family]], it also reminds him of something [[GreenEyedMonster he can't have with his own family.]]

[[WMG: Tangerine will replace Fuchsia.]]
Tangerine was added to the strip to keep up the "pair of Devil Girls" dynamic once Fuchsia is able to permanently renounce her Devil Girldom, get to together with Criminy and [[EarnYourHappyEnding Earn Her Happy Ending]].

[[WMG: The Devil is afraid of [[spoiler:Lil'E]]]]
Somehow, TheAntiChrist never seems to pan out for TheDevil. They either become eviler than their father or [[AntiAntiChrist nicer and thus ultimately against their father.]] Perhaps the Devil is GenreSavvy enough to know this but not happy about it since either way it means [[spoiler:he has to stay away from his son.]]

[[WMG: The Devil stays away from Lil'E because it hurts too much.]]
In the picture of Baby!Lil'Evil and his mother, it is almost certain that the mother was human. It also seems clear from the Devil's gesture that he loved her. She is only in one picture, however, and MIA in the comic. Either something happened to her or she left.
* There seems to be a kernel of truth to this.
* Turns out it's [[spoiler: [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-12-11 disappointment]]]]

[[WMG: Lil' E is the Result of the Devil's Disappearance & "Missing Mom" is the reason he came back ]]
Way back there was a sequence where the Devil was sick and tired of being God's buttmonkey and he just flat-out left. Wasn't seen for ages. Then he suddenly returned and was meaner than ever with a touch o' angst. Perhaps he tried to live a normal life, found a girl, fell in love, and then he lost her somehow which lead to a renewed hatred of humanity. Lil' E was then either mindwiped or too young to remember his father.
* Considering the relationship this strip has with time, that's not impossible.

[[WMG: An upcoming story-line will have all the various characters weighing-in on the Fuchsia/Criminy pairing.]]
Now that Fuchsia has quit Hell, (At least, that's what the "Fuchsia" Sunday strip looked like) she has all the time in the world to spend with Criminy. The other characters will notice. Some will approve, some will not. Monique and Feminist Morpheus(the new character riding on the big wheel) will hate it, because they will see the pairing as a sign of dependence for men. The devil will make avid steps to try to stop it, because[[spoiler:he doesn't want Fuchsia's heart broken like his was]]. Mind Wiped!Lil'E and Seymour will be wary of the pairing, but they will eventually accept the pairing. After first-hand experiences with Tangerine, they will figure out that not all demons are totally evil. Eventually, the swing-vote will be Slick(and maybe Squigley), since he is Criminy's best friend. Expect Monique and the Devil to try to talk Slick into breaking up the pairing.
** I agree with the WMG, but not with the analysis. Monique would probably support the pairing because she as a result of being a big sis figure to Criminy knows the type of person he really is. Seymour will treat the couple with total vitriol because he's a hateful HolierThanThou KnightTemplar JerkAss fundie. Baby Blue will oppose in a DepravedBisexual {{Yandere}} fashion (she did try to MurderTheHypotenuse earlier). Big D will oppose but it will NOT be for sympathetic reasons (he is Satan afterall). Glossy (fan nick name for the big wheel riding feminazi) will oppose. Lil'E and Tangerine will support.
** The Devil will continue to be against it because he sees Crimney as corrupting Fuchsia, Crimney is the only non-deity he seems to take seriously as an enemy. Baby Blue will be against it both because it puts Fuchsia at risk, and because she's losing her best friend with benefits, but she might decide she wants Fuchsia to be happy. Monique might think Fuchsia will corrupt Crimney, but Monique didn't seem to think Fuchsia was a great threat to Crimney after she found out about Fuchsia's crush. Finding out about it will likely have Monique see every gender related unfortunate implication you can think of but she might realize Fuchsia is telling [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-11-17 this]] guy that she is not his. Seymore will be against it until he changes because he doesn't see her as human. Slick will be jealous. The Angels will be happy she took the step of rejecting Satan but want her to accept Jesus as her savior as well. I assume they speak for God and Jesus as well. I see Dragon and Budda being for it. Hyper feminist will see every gender related unfortunate implication and be against it. I'm not sure on Squigly, Little D and caveman Devil girl.
** Based on her one comment to her, Glossy will claim full credit for Fuchsia leaving Satan, but Fuchsia won't remember her, even when prompted.
** Glossy (AKA Trike Girl) is a blatant Author Avatar--and is by definition correct about everything. Her attitude to the relationship depends on whether the author still approves of it or not. Logically, she might very well be against any heterosexual relationship at all--she handed that green devil girl the SCUM Manifesto and the works of Dworkin, which are far from any lukewarm "feminism is just about treating people equally" or "feminism is just about basic politeness" type feminism. (Not to mention all of the trike girls appear to be prepubescent.) However, I doubt Tatsuya would have her disapprove of a relationship that was objectively a good thing. So if he thinks it's good, Glossy will approve. If Glossy disapproves, the Criminy/Fuchsia relationship is objectively bad, and anyone trying to say differently will merely trigger a shower of Patriarchy Matrix-style brainwashing rain.
*** Perhaps resolved in the recent "Friend Zone" strips--Criminy/Fuchsia is shown as one of the relationships the Sisterhood approves of. However: the "Friend Zone" context strongly implies that the relationship is nonsexual--and that the Sisterhood approves *because* it is nonsexual. If the relationship gets any deeper...
*** In a comic which features a literal Author Avatar, why are we to assume Glossy is one? Or that she is correct about everything?

[[WMG: Fuchsia used to be an angel of God, and will become one again. ]]

[[WMG: Criminy will be bomfed and become a devil person.]]
* And it will all be femnazi's fault for trying to push her extremist views on him with that book.
** '''Alternate theory:''' It will turn out that Criminy ''[[IncorruptiblePurePureness can't be bomfed]]''.

[[WMG: The kindly old woman Fyoosh just met is part of The Sisterhood.]]
* Check her design -- very similar to trike girl. Glasses, hair in a bun, and on Fyoosha's side (let's keep in mind that the little femnazi is the one who inspired Fyoosh to quit the Devil in the first place!)
* Considering how many characters either have or are role models, the old lady is likely one to the trike girl.
* She has been shown giving an envelope and other things to Trike Girl, instructions maybe?
* And she's recently shown serious ass-kicking skills.

[[WMG: Blue will have a HeelFaceTurn.]]
[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-12-04 Because her loyalties are to Fuchsia, not the Devil.]]

[[WMG: Blue will attempt to kill Criminy in a MurderTheHypotenuse moment.]]
She only told Big D one possibility as to why Fyoosh left, covering up her real objective. Given the look of murderous intent the last time they met and how Blue is armed now, this seems to be possible.
* She had the perfect opportunity [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-02-26 to do that - and bring back Fuchsia - here.]] [[spoiler:She ultimately chose not to, realizing that by killing Criminy, ''[[{{Hypocrite}} she]]'' [[{{Hypocrite}} would have really hurt Fuchsia.]]]]

[[WMG: Monique will become a surrogate [[BigBrotherMentor big sister mentor]] to Lil'Nique]]
And Lil'Nique will become the love interest for the newly amnesia'd Lil'Evil

[[WMG: Li'l E's mother is named Lily.]]
Ishida has a fondness for color themed names with several of his female characters. And while Li'l E's mother didn't have the horns of a Devil Girl/Succubus, she also did not have the wings of an Angel. However, she was clearly depicted in all white clothes with white hair. Plus, I believe that being repeated called "Lily" by Tangerine may jog Li'l E's memories of his mother.
* And this would fit as a shortening of Lilith, the biblical "bride of the devil"

[[WMG: Fuchsia and Blue will have a confrontation over Criminy.]]
Recent developments had Fuchsia discover the Zombie's depiction of the events of comic 4191, describing the scene as an attempted MurderTheHypotenuse moment instead of what really happened. She will probably ask Criminy about any other encounters he had with Blue. Considering that Fuchsia has already seen Blue try to kill Criminy once before, she may decide to [[{{ViolentlyProtectiveGirlFriend}} take matters into her hands]].

[[WMG: The Teacher in Divinity School]]
That's what God looks like in Sinfest.

[[WMG: Criminy is the Heir of Space. ]]
Because why not.

[[WMG: "God" is actually a TimeLord.]]
And while we're at it, let's just say that the Devil is The Master.

[[WMG: The Devil will at some point tempt Slick with everything he asked for in his soul application in return for backstabbing Criminy in some way.]]
And [[ThePowerOfFriendship Slick]] [[HeartwarmingMoments will]] [[MomentOfAwesome refuse]].

[[WMG: Squigley just has unrealized natural telekinetic powers.]]
When he gets high, it somehow manages to subconsciously access his untapped powers, making whatever he's sitting on fly.
* He has called himself a "shaman".

[[WMG: Theories about the Trike Girl.]]
Trike girl was once close friends with, or related to, a devil girl.
* Based on how young she seems to be represented as, despite her apparent maturity and understanding of the patriarchy, it's likely that *something* had to have happened to her to wake her up and see the patriarchy. Based on the fact that she not only cares enough to try stopping D-man from bomfing women randomly on the street as well as how she seems to casually ride around the devil club, perhaps she once had a friend or a family member she was close to whom was then bomfed by D-man to become a devil girl. And some of the events that followed eventually resulted in her awakening, and acknowledging the presence of the patriarchy.
* Trike Girl is Lil'E's mom and Her break-up with Big D kicked off her hatred of men.
** She looks too young and short to be his mom, especially after seeing his mom.
* Trike Girl came from another author avatar, trying to change the comic strip. She dedicates a disproportionate amount of time and resources exclusively to the characters we know about.
* Trike Girl is a Greek goddess. Probably Athena or Artemis. Either could be adapted to fit the feminist, KnightTemplar persona of Trike Girl and in order to enter and leave Big D's property with impunity she must have some serious power backing her up.
** Even more fitting would be if the Trike Girls were Valkyries. Note that in their first appearance one of them had a license plate saying "Pagan Mafia".
** She's one third of the Triple Goddess, the Maiden. The Lady In White is the Mother and the Kindly Old Lady is the Crone
* The Trike Girls are robots. Specifically knockoffs of the Terminator. They have, sometimes, the same visual printout vision when they look at people, their trikes are analogous to the motorcycle he rides in ''Termnator 2'' and they also talk in cliches. Not to mention the sunglasses.
* Trike Girl (Xanthe) is Sapphire's kid. She became a devil girl to take care of Xanthe, but got "lost" along they, abandoning/losing Xanthe. Hence Xanthe's hatred and Sapphire's ennui/apathy.

[[WMG: "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" happened in the Sinfest universe.]]
Admittedly, I only say this one because I think it would be funny to see someone bringing it up to the Devil's chagrin.

[[WMG: Lil'E's mom is the "mother goddess".]]
She wears all white, is not an angel, and was able to be loved by and fall in love with the Devil. What if their connection came from them both being marginalized and ultimately vilified by God? The break-up may have resulted from their differing ideas on how to live in God's world- she accepted it and was content to act like a mortal while the Devil became bitter and angry. The "angel hunting" incident [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-04-08 here]] was where both of them really saw how different they were.
* Going off that, the Patriarchy and Sisterhood might be what came out of the breakup- The Devil moved from "tempting mortals to lust" to full-on oppression of women because he fears (or knows) that if women get to be equal members of society she'll be able to come back, and maybe even force God to restore her to her rightful place. Meanwhile, after retreating from the world (and leaving her son, who was too male and/or demonic to go where she is now) she began to see merit in a resistance. At first the Sisterhood just harassed bigots like when they played dress-up with Seymour, but recently either the Devil stepped up his game or they decided they were strong enough to actively fight him, leading to the deployment of Trike Girl and the others. The end of the Sisterhood storyline will involve the Goddess, and will be either a reconciliation between her and Satan which moderates both of their actions (but leaves them opposed to God, allowing the strip to continue using them), the end of Satan's reign (either due to defeat or a reconciliation with both her and God, but either way allowing Sinfest to have a happy ending shortly after), or an epic HannibalLecture which forces the Sisterhood to admit that they're NotSoDifferent from either him or God, causing them to either leave in shame or start only going after him, God, devils, angels, and/or the most extreme mortal supporters of either side.

[[WMG: The Reality Zone had something to do with the Devil's and Lil'E's mom's dissolved marriage.]]

[[WMG: Tangerine will lead an attack on Hell to help Fuchsia.]]
Tangerine will find out about Fuchsia's {{Flashback}}s and believe that this is the path to the demon apocalypse. She will stumble on the green succubus, who will help with her pet Enlightened drones to scout it out, and she will recruit at least Seymour and Lil' E and possibly the whole crew to help. Baby Blue will defect rather than fight Fuchsia. {{Satan}} will have to free Fuchsia.

[[WMG: The Patriarchy plot is an AuthorsSavingThrow.]]
At some point, probably after Trike Girl's initial introduction, Mr. Ishida did some actual research on feminist philosophy, and realized that ''Sinfest" plays into many of the tropes and stereotypes that are generally seen as being at least passively rooted in misogyny, sexism, and objectification. [[http://www.sinfest.net/comikaze/comics/2012-07-22.gif This]] strip suggests [[AuthorAvatar the Cartoonist]] originally focused on content that he now finds objectionable for the same reasons many advertisers do: to get readers for his comic. Now that Sinfest is one of the longest-running webcomics in existence and has a huge reader base, he's given himself an awful lot to think about.
** Tragically, he's turned from Scylla and fallen onto Charybdis, by perpetuating just about every stereotype of feminism there is, and losing even ''feminist'' readers left and right.

[[WMG: Baby Blue is not an actual devil girl.]]
Her horns and tail are not physically apart of her - unlike with Tangerine and Fuchsia, whom are legitimate devil girls - but rather, just for show. The powers she has that are generally associated with devil girls are actually the abilities she was expected to harness back when she attended Divinity School. While she was not able to use them at the time, eventually she was able to hone her abilities with help from D-man. This possibly explains why she has a natural, caucasian skin-tone whilst every other devil girl has been shown to have a lighter shade of their associative color as a skin color.

[[WMG: Several characters are avatars of six of the Seven Deadly Sins]]

Slick is Lust, of course. Squig is Gluttony, obviously. The rest are a bit more of a stretch: Criminy is Sloth (hiding behind his books, usually not doing anything--though he has defied his own character for Fuchsia's sake). Seymour is Wrath, which is why his conversion efforts fail so badly. ([[{{MarySue}} Glossy is more wrathful, but I believe the author intends her to be perfect and correct in everything--so *not* one of the Sins).]] Monique was Pride--but feminism has cured her of that (not of pridefullness--but of being a sinner). Lil'E is Envy (wants to be like the Devil, but not able to). Avarice doesn't have an avatar in strip, though (the Devil is avaricious, but is also Lustful, Proud, and Wrathful; plus he's not a metaphor for a Deadly Sin, he's their boss. Literally the Devil.)

[[WMG: Despite popular belief; Glossy/Trike girl is not the leader of the sisterhood.]]
The leader is actually Curly/Afro girl. Notice how multiple members of the sisterhood have only shown up together on screen three times - first time with Glossy/Trike girl in the lead, the other two times with Curly/Afro girl in the lead. In a strip back when the sisterhood was first introduced, Glossy took orders from some other girl altogether on what to do therefore she's probably not the leader, though she definitely has the attitude of one. Meanwhile, Curly has yet to be take ANY sort of orders and she has been shown taking direct action against the Patriarchy itself whilst Glossy has only been shown giving either encouragement (to females) and sass (to misogynistic males) to those affected by it.
* Glossy is just the hot-tempered enforcer for the team

[[WMG: The Sisterhood will eventually become the Matriarchy]]
Come on, I can't be the only one who though it
* Kind of a [[HeWhoFightsMonsters She Who Fights Monsters]] sort of thing?
** No, exactly that although some might say that's allready in the process of happening.
*** That, while unlikely, would be truly amazing. And then because the original Matriarchy was in an alternate universe, we'll have Slick, Squig, and Crim as sympathetic trike-riding badasses instead of stereotypically manly but rarely effective rebels.

[[WMG: Baby Blue will recruit and convert Amber in a bid to win Fuchsia back.]]
* As seen in [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-10-14 this Sunday strip]] Blue has discovered Amber looking up Criminey's record, and while she can't find find a way in to corrupt or tempt Crim, she could try and destroy the relationship with a potentially jealous ex. As to it being a conversion to a Devil Girl, Amber's name fits the [[ThemeNaming Color-schemed names that Ishida seems to favor for them.]]
* Or maybe Amber is Fuchsia
[[WMG: Fuchsia joined the Sisterhood.]]
* See [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-11-18 panels 14 and 17]]
** While I think that this theory is possible, I do not think that strip supports it. Seeings how the girl in those panels has appeared [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-07-15 twice]] [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-08-26 before]] and is definitely not Fuchsia.

[[WMG: Nique fangirl and the Tat fanboy will eventually become vitriolic best friends or rivals.]]
Since not only is Li'l E is no longer the source of the comic's humor when concerning fans of specific people (rather than theism, like Seymour) and the little fangirl has seem to taken over his role in that aspect...And Li'l E is amnesic, no longer particularly concerned with Satanism or earning his approval, and doesn't oppose Seymour, then it's unlikely that they will continue to behave like the couple of frienemies we have come to know them as.

And thus it's reasonable to assume that since Minique has already replaced Li'l E's role as a crazy fan, then she could easily develop a vitriolic relationship with a fellow crazy fan to replace the frienemy dynamic that he once had with Seymour. Namely, with the Tat fanboy. They could also develop quite a bit of ship tease every now and then, similar to Li'l E and Seymour's original relationship, as well.

[[WMG: God will troll everyone on the 21st]]
Signs of the end will start cropping up everywhere, characters will panic, Jesus will look incredibly annoyed the whole time, and then god will announce to everyone "PSYCHE!" especially if the scenes have things like Trike Girl and the Devil holding each other for dear life.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Someone in the Sisterhood is going to take it too far.]]
Every group has it's fanatics. There have been cops in the comic and chases. Eventually one of them will abandon the Sisterhood and try to fire-bomb or attack a Patriarch building perhaps wielding a weapon. A cop will be forced to shoot her (an angel has been killed before, so why not a human?) when she starts using deadly force and a stray shot from the former-Sister will hit and wound Lil'E, "Pebbles"/"Tangerine", or some other popular character. Suddenly, the Sisterhood will be under investigation or at least public scrutiny and they will be forced to tone down anger and try a more civil approach to the whole Patriarch situation.
* Okaaaay, but when has an angel ever been killed before? Ezekiel has been shot before, but he survived that.
** You're right. My bad. Though angels do feel pain when shot and people have been thrown into hell a few times and had close calls. I reading the whole thing from the beginning, but I did read the part where Satan shot an angel in front of Lil'Evil's eyes when he was a baby. Since there was blood, some one else and I assumed the angel was killed (I figured the angel would get a new body in heaven).
* Possibly confirmed with the 2/24/2013 strip in which Curly hacks a bunch of fembots by feeding them images that make them believe that all men support the rape, mutilation, and enslavement of women. This makes them go maverick, pull out their claws and try to attack the factory staff. Depending on intentions, at best, that was reckless behaviour. At worst, that was full blown attempted murder.
* The 5/9/2013 strip shows that it might be more than just one taking this too far. Or at the very least they're pretending to enjoy God's lame attempt at a puppet show they'd like.
** Xanthe actually commits real murder, killing the old year that stole her bike. Talk about DisproportionateRetribution. The old lady comments as if its not the first time.
* i can honestly see this happening if a leadership change occurs (assuming Nana is their actual leader) At least one member of the sisterhood has repeatedly bragged about wanting to murder every male on the planet(admittedly an apparently young, impressionable child),they are responsible for at least two counts of murder on-Panel(an old year, and a man they cursed into a frog and dumped into the river Lethe- percent my distryoing his personality and memories his memory of ever being a person, and LEFT HIM IN THAT STATE),not counting the Multiple Fembots they "freed", and neglected to actively help,their vehicles allegidly run off human suffering/negative emotions, xanthe and Monique are aiding and abetting slick's LITERAL DemonicPossesion through inaction dispite having previously demonstrated possession of a cure for demonic influence... At best, the organisation itself and the majority of its SHOWN members are rather AMORAL

[[WMG: Identity of Lil'E's mother.]]
She's Lilith. According to newly found documents (in real life), there was a story not included in the Bible. Lilith was supposedly Adam's first wife who want to be "on top", but Adam was sexist and refused. Lilith then left the Garden of Eden by choice and became a demon. God sent his angels to plead Lilith to come back, but she refused. Somehow a deal or punishment was made that said that Lilith would 100 of her children a day in exchange for not returning. Adam's second wife, Eve, was made from his rib (Lilith was made from dirt, like Adam, and should have been his equal), so that Eve would be submissive. The type of demon Lilith became? A succubus. Her children? Incubus and succubi.
** She's [[spoiler: Medusa or another Gorgon (maybe) according to [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-03-17 this.]]]]

[[WMG: Lilith is against the Patriarchy]]
No brainer. In real life, for the reasons in the above example, Lilith is the poster child of many feminist groups today. Even if she's not Lil'E's mother, she can still reject the Devil and promote the Sisterhood. That would explain all their resources (Trike girl seems to have a plasma shield on her bike. Maybe she got it through magic?)

[[WMG: The green devil girl is [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2001-12-24 Candy]]]]
I don't know. It's just kind of a thing that occurred to me. The only reason for this theory is the fact that Candy seems to be blond, while supposedly the green devil girl was or is a blond when human, and has cute ponytails like the green devil girl. Of course, none of the strips Candy appear in are colored so we don't exactly know for sure if she IS blond but she does seem to kind of fit the "dumb blond" stereotype - a little bit - that supposedly the patriarchy thinks applies to the green devil girl.

[[WMG: Amber was a bartender.]]
I was rereading and I just kind of thought to myself that [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2007-01-09 this bartender]] does look kind of similar to Amber. It's not exactly likely that the bartender and Amber are the same person, it's just a little thought that occurred to me.

[[WMG: The Storytime Zombie and the Fembot who came to life will join up.]]
Both running off and hiding in secrecy. And having [[CommonalityConnection something in common]] that makes it even more likely they will meet -- the zombie's cave would probably strike her as a good place to hide.

[[WMG: Xanthe sold her soul to D-man a long time ago.]]
She was young and naive and sold her soul to bring back a dead relative, possibly a mother or sister, that might have died in some kind of accident. But they CameBackWrong as a devil person - as it's been shown that he can bring the dead back to life albeit as devil creatures. Of course, Sinfest's society [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2009-10-25 does not exactly]] react well to devil people. Xanthe noticed how people treated said relative/friend differently and it likely awoke her to the patriarchy, and grew increasingly hateful towards The Devil for not only turning her relative into a devil person like him but because he just sat back and let society treat devil people so cruelly. This explains why he has shown to be determined to send her to hell even though in theory he shouldn't be too worried about her or her rebellion because he wouldn't really feel that she is a threat - and also explains why he doesn't give a shit about anyone else in the sisterhood either even though she's not just the only one against him.

[[WMG: Xanthe is actually TheAggressiveDrugDealer, and women are her preferred customers; she just doesn't realize it.]]
So, from the perspective of anyone who's been "liberated" by Xanthe, the world is a Matrix-esque Patriarchy. There's just one minor problem; unlike in the Matrix, the "real world" hasn't been seen, but instead the world the characters live in has been disillusioned so that those who have been liberated see it for what it is, except not really. What the pills are, are actually powerful hallucinogens that, amongst other nasty side effects, include paranoia and irrational hatred towards the other sex. Xanthe, meanwhile, has taken so many of these drugs at such a young age that her mind has been permanently damaged by them, and so she thinks she's helping women be liberated.

[[WMG: Xanthe is actually reinforcing the Patriarchy, though she obviously doesn't realize it.]]
True equality is about equality for both men ''and'' women, not just the latter. Slick actually asked her for a pair of the Matrix goggles, and Xanthe, or one of the others, refused him. Why shouldn't Slick be allowed to see the truth of his own words and actions?

And on another point, Xanthe never seems to hold women responsible for their own actions the way she does men. She served Charlie Brown with a restraining order, but made absolutely no comment on Lucy or Sally's much stronger stalking/harassing tendencies. One of the "classic" features of patriarchy is that women don't have the capacity to make reasoned, rational decisions. This is part of what has kept women's rights so restricted in many patriarchal societies, but it's also been used as a reason for male judges to give them lesser sentences than what male criminals would have received when they commit crimes; that's not equality.
* Have people forgotten who Charlie Brown ''is''? Life is never fair to Charlie Brown, even though he doesn't deserve it. That's pretty much the point of half the jokes in The Peanuts.

Xanthe does not support the sort of equality that allows ''both'' genders to be truly equal and equally responsible for their own actions, so she is, in fact, working for the Patriarchy, though she clearly doesn't know it--she seems to genuinely believe that her brand of "equality" will liberate women.

[[WMG: Alternately, Xanthe doesn't actually want equality.]]
She wants revenge. She wants to do to men what patriarchy has been doing to women for millennia.

[[WMG: There will be comics deconstructing CharacterDevelopment.]]
* [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-03-07 This may help.]] Maybe we've all been freaking out and this was planned?

[[WMG: The Patriarchy is total misandristic bullshit.]]
It was all made up by the old lady who runs that bakery. She got scorned by a man, so she's developing special technology that uses mind tricks to make them imagine the Matrix-like patriarchy. She's rounded up little girls and brainwashed them into believing in the Patriarchy. She then orders them to spread their false beliefs to other women and allowing room for the chastising of men in the process.

[[WMG: Slick's man-whore status is because he lost his mother at a young age.]]
Here's how I see it. When Slick was just a little boy (that is to say, much more so than he is now), his mother was struggling so much to raise her beloved child that she had to sell her soul to the Devil just to ensure that her son would be raised well. As a result, the Devil made her work for him, and she became a succubus. For Slick, the loss of a mother figure meant a longing for female companionship, hence he became the [[CasanovaWannabe self-proclaimed pimp]] we know now, or at least, he was before CharacterDevelopment kicked in.

[[WMG: The Devil is actually a bomfed person]]
In that he WasOnceAMan but a demon bomfed him turning him into the Devil we know.

[[WMG: This won't end well.]]
[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-03-24 No, really, this won't end well.]]
* So far you are right on the money for that. It isn't going to end well at all.
** Hey! Update! So far we've gotten nothing else on the Rage Bot. Last I saw she was breaking into the house of a man that disassembled a Fembot out of depression, anger, the fact that he was being mocked by society for having one. So... WHO WANTS TO START SOME [=WMGs=] ON THAT?! What do we wanna bet that he's gonna die. That's a WMG of mine.
* [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-07-09 As of this, it just gets closer to confirmation]]

[[WMG: The Sisterhood is being set up for a BIG fall]]
* Despite their good intentions, they have been getting more aggressive lately. The Devil planned this and is waiting for the moment to completely undermine them.
** As seen in the March 31, 2013 strip, Xanthe cannot see any difference between Slick's dark side and Slick himself. Maybe several others she sees as devil opponents are actually under demonic influence that is InvisibleToNormals.
** The devil's plan is to push a member (probably Xanthe) into a massive show of extremism that he will broadcast so that even more relaxed feminists (Granny, Monique at times) come under fire and the Patriarchy gains more power. And it will be all the Sisterhood's fault for not seeing it coming.
** They will subsequently have to rebuild with their flaws in mind.
** The fact that Xanthe can even fall into hell is telling. When a character is shown falling into hell, it's usually when they see some vision of their past sins or they just did something that would make them deserve it.
** The movements warcry is essentially "Kill all men". Monique was able to get pass Bad Thoughts Sensors in Devils Mansion by shouting it.

[[WMG: Xanthe has a crush on Slick]]
She did seem particularly seeing Slick no longer as a male ally. [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-04-03]]

[[WMG: Monique will start dating the Green Devil Girl]]
You don't need ShippingGoggles to see this happening.

[[WMG: Xanthe and Slick are siblings]]
They look enough alike to be siblings, or maybe half siblings, Slick raised by a pimp-daddy father and Xanthe by an embittered mother.

[[WMG: Sisterhood is going to kill the dragon once they realize it's male]]

[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-05-12 Sisterhood finds a dragon]]. Then they realize that the dragon is male. Because the current comics show us all males = worse than devil, they will proceed to kill it. The comic will show this as a good thing.
* Was the dragon ever confirmed to be male?
** It has a moustach... So probably?
*** It's an eastern dragon though, they all have that.
*** Probably male in terms of personality/voice. Quick tip: its extremely difficult to tell a male and female reptile apart unless you're a well trained herpatologist. In this case, its best to use personality to determine gender, much like an AI personality.
*** Not to mention, eastern religions (which the dragon stands for) have plenty of non-gendered/both-gendered divine entities.

[[WMG: The Sisterhood kidnapped Ishida]] And then they replaced him with their own artist. Would explain the rather sudden ArtEvolution right around the time the [[{{Feminazi}} Sisterhood]] was introduced. Would also explain the rather [[AuthorTract sudden drop in writing quality and characterization right around then too.]]

[[WMG: If Above WMG is NOT confirmed, Ishida will realize that he is male]] [[DrivenToSuicide And commit suicide]] [[GoMadFromTheRevelation out of horror]]. [[GenderBender Or undergo sex change surgery]]. [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing And really, nobody will miss him]].
* [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks And you wonder why Ishida is writing like he is?]]

[[WMG: The apparent AuthorTract is an exceptional attempt at trolling]] Considering a number of inconsistencies and the general JerkAss nature of Xanthe and most of her companions, the author is doing a parody, not a rant. The difference is that this time he purposefully didn't let the other characters snark at the {{Feminazi}} crew in order to rile up the fans. The primary support for this is that if he really wanted to get the message across, he'd actually give us a message instead of the recent "kill all men" rant.
* The arc will end with a Sunday strip- the first few panels detail the end of the current story- but wait, they're in a speech bubble from the next panel- which depicts the artist character. He turns to the fourth wall and concludes: "Ladies and gentlemen- The Aristocrats".

[[WMG: Something is wrong with slick's eyes]]
[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2007-10-26 This strip]] onwards suggest he is hiding them for a reason.
* It would make a great PlotTwist if he's covering up a scar he got from his mother, who turns out to be abusive and an alcoholic.
** Even better. His mother turns out to be a high ranking member of the Sisterhood.
*** So he's a sexist dick because his mother tried too hard to not make him a sexist dick.
*** More Like his mom assumed Everything beyond Breathing that he did was sexist just because he existed.

[[WMG: Ishida will use [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-05-24 this]] strip to get back on track writing more about the other characters and their backgrounds.]]
Because it's an awesome strip that redefines everything about Satan, Lil'E and so much more.

[[WMG: Xanthe's true colors will reveal themselves very soon.]] She has just met Fuchsia, meaning that Criminy won't be far behind. Will this be the first time she acts friendly towards a heterosexual male, or will she confirm the common belief that she's a KnightTemplar misandrist? Possibly even a MoralEventHorizon grade act (relative to the comic anyway) yet still be depicted as being "right".
** So far no, but we now know that Fuchsia suffers from PTSD.
** Sisterhood seems to be absolutely sure that the relationship between Fuchsia and Criminy is strictly friendship. According to them, any and all sexual attachment is bad.

[[WMG: The Patriarchy is a Sisterhood propaganda construct.]]
[[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-07-06 Otherwise shit like this makes no sense.]]
* Huh that doesn't seem so bad of an idea. We'll have to wait and see.
** Adding to that, once it's revealed, the Sisterhood pretty much will implode on itself
*** Oh that will be actually interesting to watch, seeing something that has resorted to various tactics, involving causing robots to go violent against simple factory workers and ordinary people, implode in on itself will be interesting to see.

[[WMG: Once the Sisterhood plotline is over, Monique will try to make amends with Slick and the other....]]

[[RejectedApology Only to be told to piss off.]]

[[WMG: The Sisterhood/Patriarchy plot line is nothing more than a way to permanently ensure Slick and Monique never get together]]

* Think about it. Why else would a organization that is anti-basically anything Slick enjoys suddenly pop up and actively try and succeed to recruit Monique? And it's already been established that Tatsuya subscribes to the belief that Slick should never gain any kind of happiness, at all. This was all just a elaborate set up to make sure that Slick loses Monique for good and the feminism tract is to give it "justification".
** The Sisterhood had no real interest in recruiting Nique, simply interested in raising her awareness about their concerns, but even if they were interested in Nique joining the Sisterhood the fact remains that they have not succeeded. Nique is not a part of the Sisterhood, and has no real interest in joining either. She just seems to agree with the same things that trouble them. I also get the feeling that the Sisterhood is not anti-Slick based on the fact that Xanthe is personally interested in seeing Slick become a better person, and almost seemed kind of fond of him at times. But YMMV on that.

[[WMG: Had the Fembot "Maverick" not gone violent, her story would be far more justified as she tries to run from the production line]]
* Let's face it, she's had little character development beyond "VIOLENCE AND ANGER! PUNCH MEN!" and had she actually gotten her own story arc, exploring morality, whether or not she truly is alive, and so forth, things would be far different.
* This is not a guess or a theory.

[[WMG: When Maverick goes up against [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-10-20 Weapon F]], she will destroy the evil Patriarchy weapon...]]
* ...and the Sisterhood will declare Weapon F the MoralEventHorizon of the Patriarchy.
* Mostly jossed. Rogue Fembot did not destroy Weapon F - Milton did - but there is still a chance that if the Sisterhood caught wind of the situation they would declare it a MoralEventHorizon.
** Worse still, apparently Sisterhood knew about weaponized fembots and they don't seemed to be surprised. Then they took it UpToEleven, reprogramming/brainwashing a bunch of both ordinary and weaponized fembots to fight for their cause. By destroying Devilcorp property and attacking every male on sight.

[[WMG: As an alternative to the above, Weapon F will win...]]
* but she'll [[GrewBeyondTheirProgramming grow beyond her programming]] and go on an anti-Sisterhood [[CrushKillDestroy rampage]].
** [[TakeThatScrappy And it will be Glorious]].
** Jossed.
*** Sadly.

[[WMG: Slick or one of the other male characters will [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NWordPrivileges Take the Word Dudebro Back.]] ]]
* The Sisterhood would then go nuts that their insult word has been stolen from them and made something the male characters call each other now.

[[WMG: Criminy and Fuchsia have a healthy sex life.]]
* Sweet, cuddly, perfectly equal, and mutually enjoyable. It's got nothing to do with her being a succubus, and more to do with them being in love and often liking some mutual physical affection. It's just not ever brought up because it would undermine the current plotline of all men being monster rapists.
** In the strangest of surprises... [[http://sinfest.net/view.php?date=2014-01-13 This might confirm it...]]

[[WMG: Slick will realize that Evil Slick exists and fight him.]]
And the one thing that will help him win will be his true feelings for Monique.
* He armed himself [[http://sinfest.net/view.php?date=2016-07-03 for the battle]]. But so far, it has gone nowhere.

[[WMG: Alternatively, Monique will find out about Evil Slick and make it her mission to destroy it.]]
What better way to strike at the Patriarchy than ensuring your best friend stops being part of it?
* Jossed: Monique can See Devil Slick and Blames Slick for what it does.

[[WMG: There are two dragons.]]
Bear with me, we are meant to assume that the dragon that used to hang out with Buddha and the dragon that was patched up by The Medic from the Sisterhood are one and the same. However, while the dragon that hung out with Buddha was a Chinese dragon - despite being a personification of all eastern religion and mythology - the one that was patched up by The Sisterhood and then destroyed the Illuminati Spydrones factory appears to have been a Japanese dragon. Therefore, added with their different attitudes and different appendages (or lack of) it would be logical to assume that there are in fact TWO dragons, rather than one. The Chinese Dragon is a neutral party that cares not for getting wrapped up in drama, while the Japanese Dragon does seem to take sides.

[[WMG: Monique is going to be corrupted by the Devil in disguise.]]
Considering Monique's seeing Demonique and is slowly forgetting why she started her change in image(because a million people went to Hell because of her) due to Xanthe's well meaning yet unwise(considering the circumstances) attempt to free her from the Patriarchy(make someone not guilty over something evil they did and they'll start doing that evil thing even more and with more gusto) and considering the Devil's mechanisms he's likely going to disguise himself as a demon woman and dupe Monique into joining a Matiarchy to opress men(while turning her into a demon). Xanthe is going to be forced to fight Monique who she should have ignored.

[[WMG: Absinthe will become a time-traveler.]]
It's unbelievably uncanny how in [[http://sinfest.net/view.php?date=2014-02-16 this]] strip Absinthe is colored with an almost exact color scheme as the [[http://sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-04-01 minty-flavored bomfer]] that created Sleaze, and has an identical outfit. When Absinthe first showed up it was theorized that she and the bomfer were one and the same, though at the time it seemed like it clearly could not be the case due to how different they look and how different they acted. But it was before Absinthe had got any character development and before we found out that she was masking deep insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. So thus, it's clear that Absinthe will go through some serious Break The Cutie bullshit, somehow become a time traveler, and thus become the minty bomfer she was once theorized to be. The attitude and personality the minty bomfer displays is a result of Absinthe trying to emulate and be more like Nique.

[[WMG: The Sisterhood StoryArc will have a ''huge'' endgame.]]
Bear with me on this... (takes long breath): The Sisterhood reveal that their master plan is a FinalSolution, where they will [[MoralEventHorizon kill every last member of the male gender]]. The first targets will be Slick, Squig and Crim, so they kidnap 'Nique, forcing the three, [[GondorCallsForAid as well as some friends]] to storm their base, leading to an epic WarArc.

We then turn to Xanthie, who has 'Nique prisoner, and has been trying to break 'Nique via HannibalLecture. Just when it seems like she broke her, [[BigDamnHeroes the gang show up in the nick of time.]] Slick then gives a WorldOfCardboardSpeech / TheReasonYouSuckSpeech / KirkSummation where he states the Sisterhood have failed, and that while he may be a bastard, it's okay, since he's shown he can change, and will be a better person, while Xanthie is nothing but a bully who targets innocent people to make herself feel better, even saying he ''pities her''. He even declares his love for 'Nique, stating [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming that he loves her, for her, and that she doesn't have to be anyone else, just like she loves Slick.]]

Overall: The Sisterhood falls, and Slick and 'Nique finally get together.

[[WMG: The Sisterhood will not only accept Fuchsia's and Criminy's relationship, it will even become their model example for a non-patriarchal couple.]]
Think of it. Fuchsia is arguably the most emancipated Sinfest woman outside the Sisterhood (at least if we assume that Monique is a full member now), and Criminy is the only heterosexual male character who has never shown ''any'' sign of misogynist thought or action. If the Sisterhood can accept heterosexual relationships at all, then most probably this one.

The Sisterhood might even begin to try to convince other males to become more like Criminy. Also, the first target of their new propaganda campaign will probably be Slick.
* Or Squigley. Right now it seems Slick has joined the Cult of Masculinity for good, and Squigley is still one of the nicer male characters.
** The Sisterhood officially labeled Fuchsia and Criminy as "Friendzone". Furthermore, Sisterhood enforce that any and all sexual desires must not be tolerated if they can help it.
*** wait, does that mean the sisterhood is pro-human extinction, or am i being to literal?

[[WMG: The Freed Weapon F units will turn on Everyone]]
Eventually, they'll realize that by helping the Sisterhood they are trading in One Master for Another. So collectively they will decide that [[RobotWar Humanity]] in General is the problem and they need to be....[[FinalSolution Dealt]] With.
* First of all, they haven't even joined the Sisterhood yet. Second, how is joining the Sisterhood trading one master for another?
** Being used as a weapon of war against the Sisterhood and Rogue Fembots to Fighting the Patriarchy and their fellow robots in the drones?
*** How is changing enemies the same thing as changing masters? The Sisterhood girls may not be the nicest persons out there, but they have never been masters to anyone, especially not other women.
*** While Ishida tends to ignore the issue, how exactly is reprogramming fembots to do their bidding any different from being their masters? I don't see the fact that a few fembots managed to survive and escape despite all odds as a redemption whatsoever.

[[WMG: As D-Man represents the Patriarchy, Vainglorious represents post-patriarchal Spectacular Capitalism.]]
In his world, everything is valued purely on appearance, people are not exploited but rather pressured to exploit themselves, everyone (not just women) is equally objectified and equally cynical-objectifying at the same time, and everyone is equally (totally) deluded. That's how Vainglorious can walk the Reality Zone: He just replaces reality itself with spectacular illusion. Should the Sisterhood decide to go against him, they will have to change their strategy and philosophy fundamentally.

[[WMG: Lil' E has angelic powers.]]

[[WMG: The Sisterhood's Arc is co-current to the events of Manga/SaintYoungMen]]
* Since Jesus and Bhudda had been OutOfFocus by the time [[SpotlightStealingSquad The Sisterhood]] established their position in comic. The both of them decided one day, they said [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere "Screw this, let's go to Japan."]] And thats' where the events of the manga started.

[[WMG: Everything is going just as planned by Vainglorious. Or Satan. Or Both.]]
* The sisterhood already appeared long bago, already with the same credo. Also, there has been a MEN ARE SCUM poster before, when Satan tried to break Slick and 'Nique up. Sisterhood is an organization of extremist and absolutist teenage girls (they are near Slick in terms of height). And they use blatant sexism, mind-washing, stereotypes, aggression, terrorism and other methods that would be completely approved by Devil, while Nana who brought em up never showed any mindless aggression. And they have also successfully separated Monique from the guys. And Slick got implanted with some devil that possesses him. Some combination of this factors caused Slick to both revert to his original ways and show some flaws in the Sisterhood's logic. But now 'Nique, who's suddenly repulsed by men, and by Slick being Slicky, (and her behaviour is still being cultivated), but is platonically dating a devil girl - an apparently useless one, but who knows? Also, she was attracted to guys all her life, and since it all is completely biological, she couldn't suddenly turn "totally lesbian" (as some people say). The Sisterhood girls are shown as stubbornly single-minded, but not essentially evil - more like evil by stupid. Also, the comic started as a collection of stereotypes, with Monique enjoying the effect she had on guys (until Devil told her about those 1 million men she sent to Hell, actually!) and Slick being a wannabe douchbag, and those two were already friends. Then Slick had his character development and became a nicer guy (if totally honest about being horny). And then it was heavily implied those two are soulmates. But Nique couldn't get to the Call because of... Satan's devil girls! But after seeing the "sexism matrix" she immediately leaves her best friend, because he has those qualities he always had, and doesn't agree with her new ideas. Thus, it's either called brainwashing or female overreaction caused by propaganda. But later Slick, after several encounters with his inner-devil, acquires devil-shades, which show him the "money-matrix". So, even if the visions shades show are true (and for one of the sisters they once started showing _racial_ stereotypes instead of sexist, just to torture her more, and without any reasons. They are never shown to even be true - just paranoia-inducing.), there might be other layers of propaganda-matrixes, including a feminism-matrix as well.

Also, the comic became more romantic and lighthearted as part of its development, and it might be "because author's views changed", but in my opinion was just a normal and logical character development for people who hang out with each other. The later Sl/Mon breaking could be linked to the same armchair psychologist's reason, but at the same time Criminy's relationship is still heartwarming. The comic didn't return to the "no relationships at all" starting point. And that heartwarming part may play a role later, for resolving the conflict.

ALso, Vainglorious suddenly appeared as a very powerful entity, able to traverse Reality Zone, where Devil never stepped before, for whatever reasons. And he was mentioned as someone who is a threat to Devil's position. So, it might be that while Devil is shown having more character development and human sides, VG is a more concentrated evil, who is playing against Devil. And Slick's alter ego was implanted by a devil girl who also appeared suddenly and have not been heard of before and|or since that time. And also someone said that the sisters are the only ones who have attacked Devil and Devil could do nothing in return. But if we assume that they are part of a scheme by VG, who tries to destroy Satan and take his place by being more evil, their actions may be planned to strike the most vulnerable places. Also, since breaking up soulmate main heroes Slick and Nique with all their sympathy and compassion was one of the things Devil was unsuccessfully trying to do, while Sisters _succeeded_ in doing it, moreover, whis pretty mush the same actions... It doesn't look like they are portrayed sympathetically. They are doing Devil's job, and it's very likely they were manipulated to go attack people, attack Devil, break up pairs, treat every woman who's in a relationship or just cares about her appearance, as a slave of the system who needs immediate liberating. Thus, sisterhood is an overall pro-evil, anti-devil organization that carries chaos whenever it goes. Separation Monique and Slick and then totally changing them both might be Satan's method of counteraction, or VG's method to further control them, depending on what you see as more possible: that 1) 1 Monique becomes an inside agent, but due to "friends will be friends" Slick finds a way to get to her, and get her back; or 2) "two people who are alright with each other and happy (and male being totally played by a girl)" is a model shattering sisterhood's main motivation about females being constantly harassed and degraded, so they were to be separated, or else, sisterhood might become less "aggressive extremists sheep" and more "civilized humans". Thus, Go Satan, Go Lil'E, Go Slick, Go Criminy... And this comic desperately needs more Buddha.

[[WMG: As a result of the Rogue Fembots, [[NiceJobBreakingItHero All Fembots will be ordered to be decommissioned and destroyed]] ]]
* As in Smashed into bits, melted terminator 2 style.

[[WMG: With the exception of Sapphire, all the Devil girls will be hunted down and killed]]

You really have to look at this from Big D's point of view, in one way or another, every single Devil Girl with the exception of Sapphire has done something traitorous that hurts his goals, his business, his hunt for the sisterhood, or all three. Let's go through all the examples shall we?

* Fuchsia is a known defector, and recently, is guilty of aiding rogue fembots. Is also the most powerful Devil Girl alive. He may not know about the fembots yet, but she is still a defector, traitor, and is not only way too powerful, but has inside knowledge of Satan's inner workings. She should by all accounts be dead already

* Angie/Tangerine has known Sisterhood connections, is a certified Minion with an F in Evil, is unstable and easily influenced, and can now easily be classified as a traitor for once again, aiding the fembots.

* Baby Blue is a enabler of Fuchsia and Angie's traitorous actions. Has covered up the truth many times now for Fuchsia and Criminy. Sooner or later, BB will slip up and be caught.

* Absinthe while not necessarily a full collaborator with the fembots or sisterhood, has sisterhood connections via known sisterhood sympathizer Monique, and tried to rob the Devil's Vault outright.

Really, how can they be allowed to live?

[[WMG: Slick is Asian and an author avatar, and Tatsuya is a political troll, AKA The Grand Unified Sinfest Theory]]
Slick and the artist are two sides of the same person, the introverted (yin) artist and the boisterous and overconfident (yang) Slick. Also, while the artist shows Tatsuya's relationship to his comic, Slick shows his relationship with the rest of the world, and Tatsuya constantly tries to keep the two separate from each other.
* While the artist reflects his natural appearance and dresses practically, Slick's appearance is done up with the fancier clothes, shades, spiky hair, etc. The reason Slick never takes off his shades is because he's actually Asian-American and he's hiding his eyes so that people can't tell. Also, even though his hair is blonde on top it's black on the sides, hinting that it's actually dyed on top, perhaps to further hide his racial heritage. (Perhaps also on the sides, but he keeps them cut so short that the natural color always shows itself before long)
* Slick is also an artist, but again since Tatsuya doesn't want anyone to link them too closely he made Slick a beat poet instead of a visual artist. As artists, both share an immense bravado when it comes to their work, always saying how their work is revolutionary, world-changing, pushing the envelope, etc. but they always end up failing to meet their lofty expectations. While the artist turns right around and mourns about how his work is actually horrible, Slick goes on thinking it's amazing and waiting for a huge payoff that never comes.
* Socially, they're also terrible at dealing with people. While the artist shies away from social situations, Slick charges into them head first and falls flat on his face. (Possibly an expression of how Tatsuya imagines he'd be if he tried to socialize more)
* Finally, while we've seen hints that both of them have some deep-seated self-esteem issues. The artist simply hides his while Slick covers his up with overconfidence, but whenever his confidence gets challenged by something or someone on the outside, he panics and often freaks out.

In the early days it was all random humor, but as the comic progressed and the characters became more fleshed out the plot began reflecting more aspects of Tatsuya's own life. Monique, who started as a random chick who marketed herself on pure sex appeal, developed into a character with a full personality that was at least partially taken from a girl that Tatsuya knew in real life who he, like his main character, was in love with. The descent into feminism was a reflection of this actual girl's behavior. While she had shown feminist leanings before with her (very rational) complaints about being treated as a sex object by men, she hadn't yet dove into full blown (and highly irrational) radical feminism. Then she made friends with a girl (represented by Xanthe) who gave her the full manifesto on radical feminism. Remember the original feminist rant in [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-10-05 this comic]]? That was likely quoted verbatim from an actual conversation he had with the real-life Xanthe. Ultimately, the girl Tatsuya liked went more and more radical feminist, leading to her [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-03-06 pushing him]] [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-03-07 away]]. Shortly thereafter we are gifted to Slick/Tatsuya's rant about how [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-03-09 you can't go around hitting people over the head]] and then the comic promptly transforms into a feminist commentary where he does not BUT bash people over the head. The reason? He WANTS the retaliation. He wants people to get upset at him and at feminism in general. This is his revenge for feminism brainwashing the girl he liked and getting her to drive him away. This also explains why the plot is progressing so slowly because it's moving in real time. The initial shift to feminism started in late 2011, but Monique didn't give Slick the boot for a year and a half because the girl hadn't yet done the same for Tatsuya himself. Each major Monique plot comes into play as soon as the real life event inspiring it occurs, and between major events we get the filler comics and plots rambling about extreme radical feminism.

[[WMG: Baby Blue will adopt a child.]]
Fuchsia made her heel face turn by falling in love romantically, leaving Baby Blue alone, bitter and resentful. However, there may still be a way to redeem her, at least to an extent. Like Fuchsia, she will form a strong bond with someone. But in this case, this 'someone' just happens to be a young child, whom she finds annoying at first but gradually grows fond of over time. After a while, when their bond has reached its peak, she finds out that the child is either orphaned and on the street or being abused by a relative [Considering the author's viewpoints on men, it wouldn't surprise me to see an abusive father at some point.] She saves the child, and takes them home with her. Satan is FAR more forgiving of her bringing a child home than Fuchsia and Criminy's relationship because he understands how she feels, since he cares for Lil' E. Raising this child will bring Baby Blue back to her old personality, but a bit more kind and considerate of others, though still not outright 'good' like Fuchsia, as she's still mischievous, short-tempered and enjoys torturing the souls of the damned.

[[WMG: Xanthe is trans-Slick from the future.]]
C'mon. They're nearly the same stature, same hair color, always wear sunglasses...

[[WMG: The demon appearing in Criminy's Boggle demonic nightmare is Amber, her demonic version, or a look-alike generated by old memories and possibly guilt.]]
This WMG is based [[InsaneTrollLogic solely]] on the keyword "amber" attached to [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2012-12-23 the strip]].

[[WMG: Slick will eventually find out about Devil Slick and that Monique Knew about it and never bothered to help him]]
At that point Slick will lose all feelings for Monique and Devil Slick will effectively starve to death. Alternatively he'll decide [[ThenLetMeBeEvil if she and the sisterhood are going to treat him like a bad guy, he might as well BE One.]]
* [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2016-08-26 This strip]] suggests that Monique didn't really notice Sleaze, or realize that Slick was possessed with him. It also suggests that she didn't appreciate that her bad reaction to Slick's comment was what separated them, if indeed that was the case.

[[WMG: Several romantic threesomes will develop.]]
* Fuchsia, Criminy, and Amber will become a cuddly, {{WAFF}}y threesome.
* Monique and Abby will just happen to be watching when Slick finally takes on Sleaze once and for all, and defeat him in an awesome battle. One or both might even aid him. The three live together happily ever after. On the other hand, if a WMG above[[note]]WMG: Absinthe will become a time-traveler.[[/note]] is valid, this won't happen.

[[WMG: The Devil is Recording the Sisterhood's extremism]]
* When he feels he has enough of their activities, especially the ones such as causing the fembot rampages and destroying the mind of a person and turning him into a frog, he'll simply [[DoNotAdjustYourSet broadcast it all over the world]] to destroy all public support for the group and watch the chaos. Best Case Scenario, the people will tear them limb from limb, worst case, they'll lose Alot of their members in the ensuing battle and be able to annihilate the survivors.

[[WMG: Slick will be saved by a woman.]]
* To exorcize Sleaze will require a woman, like in the Snow Queen and the Little Boy. [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2015-01-08 here]]. Who'll that woman be? Probably Xanthe as part of her arc.
* Maybe Monique and Abby will play crucial roles.

[[WMG: Fuschia will eventually become some sort of ParentalSubstitute or a [[CoolBigSis Big sister figure]] towards Lily and Tange]]
* I really don't see a way this ''cannot'' happen, after all, one WMG even states that Fuschia would make a good mother. [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2013-01-03 This]] could even be a way of setting up this idea.
** Also, considering that Lily can at least do "pomfs" now, maybe Fuschia can [[BigBrotherMentor teach him how to do an actual bomf]] since she has been bomfing people longer than Lily and Tange have been.

[[WMG: Lady Liberty will die [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2016-12-01 from the events in the Jail arc]]. But then someone will resurrect her, but she'll [[CameBackWrong come back wrong]].]]
* Fortunately [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2016-12-08 not]]. [[spoiler:Lady Liberty survived and is intact]]. However, it appears that...

[[WMG: Tats, caught up in his Jail arc, [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2016-12-13 almost forgot about the end of year MMXVI]].]]

[[WMG: Vainglorious is an aspect of Lil'E.]]
* Vainglorious is a manifestation of the aspects of his personality Lil'E lost when he accidently doused himself with Lethe water. Think about it, he fanboys over realizing Big D knows him and thinks he's clever, he does not take criticism well, and most of his acts of evil onscreen have been more exhibitionist than effective. It obvious he's what Lil'E would have been had he been a full-blooded demon. Without the influence of Lil'E's human side, Vainglorious can access his demonic powers more easily, explaining his higher power level. Unfortunately, or fortunately, with Lil'E now beginning to show power, Vainglorious will begin to lose some of his, necessitating a show down between the two.

[[WMG: TheDevil is preparing this massive party, and taking forever to do it. Things should be all ready, perhaps, by Christmas. (Devilmas? Satanmas?)]]