[[WatsonianVersusDoylist Yes, there is]] [[StylisticSuck now a WMG]] [[SeriousBusiness page for this.]]

[[WMG: The plot centers around an EvilVersusEvil dynamic.]]
The readers are "told" that Sherlok and Ben are the good guys. They go around [[RougeAnglesOfSatin aresting]] creepypasta villains. Nothing off about that, except perhaps the fact that the {{Sidekick}} is one as well, though that could easily be explained away. However, the most recent arc pits the detective duo against [[spoiler:Jadusable, the very hero to Ben's villain]]. Within the context of the story so far, this may indicate a case of BlackAndGrayMorality, as Ben being genuinely on the "good side" can no longer be {{handwave}}d. Therefore, Sherlok is a VillainProtagonist, and the "criminals" he and Ben face are ''also'' villains, save for the latest, who qualifies as a HeroAntagonist up against, well, a couple of villains.

Or, for an alternative and much more terrifying possibility: [[spoiler:Jadusable really ''is'' the bad guy, and ''the entire WebVideo/BenDrowned saga is a massive case of UnreliableNarrator'']].

[[WMG: Sherlok is really the old man who sold [[WebVideo/BenDrowned Jadusable]] the game in the first place.]]
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