[[WMG:Creator/SamuelLJackson [[BearsAreBadNews riding a bear]] is the most dangerous force in the universe.]]
Have you ever seen Samuel L. Jackson riding a bear? No?

That's because everyone who has ever seen Samuel L. Jackson riding a bear is ''already dead.''
* What about the bear?

[[WMG:Creator/SamuelLJackson has geass.]]
[[http://media.comicmix.com/media/2008/10/31/samuel-l-jackson.jpg This.]]

[[WMG: Creator/SamuelLJackson is Teddy Roosevelt.]]
You thought his [[MemeticBadass memetic badassery]] would die out? WRONG! Samuel L Jackson is the reincarnation of Teddy Roosevelt. After Death took him in his sleep, Roosevelt tried to take over Heaven and Hell. Because of this, God and Satan were forced to put him in the mortal coil again. And thus, Samuel L Jackson came into being.

[[WMG: TimeLord]]
Just look at the guy! He's 62.

[[WMG: Creator/SamuelLJackson has uses of 'motherfucker' written into some of his contracts.]]
Basically, any and every movie where he can get away with it - his character ''will'' say "motherfucker" at least once.