[[WMG: If Ron Howard decided to tackle F1 again]]
He should cover Prost vs. Senna.
* Pro: Probably THE greatest rivalry in F1, storied enough to catch people's attention, wouldn't be subject to the bullshit rule that disqualified ''Senna'' from an Oscar nod. Not to mention there'd be a way to link it to this movie: Lauda's final teammate was Prost.
* Con: ''Senna'' exists, so not necessarily a ''need'' for a Prost vs. Senna movie, Howard probably wouldn't want to do it without Prost's approval, and Prost has been reluctant to talk about Senna since the latter's death, Senna's family is ''very'' protective of his name, and of course the DownerEnding. It's also a really similar story of rivalry between a TechnicianVersusPerformer. (Then again ''most'' Formula One rivalries come down to TechnicianVersusPerformer. Besides, what would you rather have, another rivalry or a movie about the Schumacher era?)

[[WMG: James is an amnesiac Film/{{Thor}}.]]
Well, ''someone'' had to suggest it.

[[WMG: Fine, then Niki Lauda is a TimeLord.]]
Because ''someone'' had to suggest it. His TARDIS has a working chameleon circuit and is that plane at the end. His name is The Technician.