[[WMG:The Aliens who abducted Arnie ALSO abducted Becky, and replaced her with an alien replacement]]
who used her/its mental powers to convince everyone that she was the same person even though she wasn't. After a couple years, it's mission was over and it was replaced with the real sister, Becky, again.
* And then came back, then went away, then came back again.

[[WMG:[[UncannyFamilyResemblance Jimmy]] is [[That70sShow Steven Hyde's]] son.]]
The Timing works, sorta. Maybe he unknowingly fathered a child with Samantha?

[[WMG:Several popular TV series are AlternateUniverse versions of the Roseanne Universe.]]
* {{Scrubs}} is what would have happened if the Conners were a wealthy upper-class family instead of lower/middle-class.
* BigBangTheory is what happened if Mark/Davids mother had been more nurturing.
** Except for the fact that his parent in The Big Bang Theory was anything, but nurturing.
** Maybe David channeled his rage at Mrs. Healy's neglect into physics instead of the arts.
** {{Reba}} is what would happen if Roseanne and Dan got divorced.