[[WMG: Either [=MegaMan.EXE=] or Starforce will be refered as "Cyber-elfs" at some points]]
Come on, it's almost obligatory
[[WMG: The game's Autoplay and Skip Boss buttons are like the Super Guide]]
And you won't be able to win the game just like that. You'll need to put the knowledge to the test in order to truly beat the game.
* Jossed. Auto-Play is now at the start of levels and gives you all the rewards of a level without having to go through it, though it might only apply to levels you've already done before.
[[WMG: Capcom will make an Anime of the Game where OVER-1 will turn into other Mega Men ala ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'']]
Nothing much to support this, just wishful thiking.
[[WMG:OVER is an [[FunWithAcronyms acronym]]]]
of [[VideoGame/MegaManX Omni-Variable]] [[PowerCopying Emulating]] Robot.