[[WMG:The eponymous chicken is a RealityWarper with [[AuthorAppeal a thing for]] [[{{Crossover}} weird crossovers]].]]
* Nah, that's probably the scientist from the opening.

[[WMG:The chicken has learned pattern recognition.]]
The sketches are gradually getting longer, and fuller in detail. This is how it appears to us, but the sketches have always been like that and the chicken is only just now starting to notice.

[[WMG: Just restating what was originally said on one episode]]
The chicken is metaphor, for the viewer, "Being forced to sit through this crap"

[[WMG: The mad scientist works for the [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Gizmonic Institute]]]]
[[WMG: The copyrighted characters that have been parodied are really what they are like after their respective shows end.]]
All the characters featured on the show, from Star Wars to Thunder Cats to He-Man are all really what they are like when their respective shows have been canceled. Kinda what they would be like if there was a meta behind the scenes thing going on. Hell most of them are voiced by their respective actors too.

[[WMG: [[ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes Calvin]] is Fumbles.]]

After spending his life in an institution he educated himself so he could get a PHD, but he still had the urge to kill even without his tiger. And the rest is history....

[[WMG: The Bloopers guy is in Hell.]]

As evidenced by A: The fact he commits suicide every episode and B: The fact that it turns out [[spoiler: There's no one in the audience, just [[NightmareFuel disembodied voices.]]]]

[[WMG: There will be a [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic MLP:FiM]] parody soon]]

Just seems kinda obvious, considering everything else they've parodied.
* And they'll be committing genocide of the horrible previous generations.

[[WMG: There will be a Toys/MonsterHigh parody soon]]
[[spoiler: Confirmed!]]

[[WMG: The Mad Scientist is an insane Show Producer]]
Recently though, he's produced so much stuff, some of which is alternative versions of things he's already produced, that he has to get a test audience to choose what stuff is good and what stuff is bad. Sadly, real people completely hated everything. The Mad Scientist decided that he would force people to watch his shows until they picked a good amount of shows to pitch to a network. He's found out after he kidnaps a child and he flees to the castle where he finds a rotting chicken corpse and turns it into a ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' to basically pick the shows. Since the chicken can't talk, however, he really can't say anything positive or negative. Therefore, Robot Chicken will continue for a long time, especially since now the Mad Scientist is the one captured and the Chicken is subjecting him to his own programs.

[[WMG: ''[[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar: The Last Airbender]]'' will be parodied in a future episode.]]
Considering how other Franchise/{{Nicktoons}} were parodied in this show, this one seems kind of obvious.

[[WMG: Bitch Pudding used to be known as Banana Pudding.]]
This is why she dresses in yellow and white. However, she was berry bitchy to everyone, so they started calling her Bitch Pudding. [[ThenLetMeBeEvil She revels in the new monicker]]

[[WMG: Bitch Pudding has a brother...well, a sister now.]]
Bitch Pudding was raised with a transexual brother named Plum Pudding. Their parents (Hasty and Tapioca) weren't berry accepting of a [=M2F=] trans child, causing much strife in the family. Even though the attention Plum was getting was negative, Little Banana Pudding still felt ignored and [[FreudianExcuse acted out in order to get attention.]] Plum has since gotten the sexual reassignment surgery she always wanted and lives happily in Strawberryland, but her sister is stuck in the habit of being a bitch.

[[WMG: ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' will be parodied in an episode]]
It's the top cartoon on Disney right now. ''Robot Chicken'' is sure to tear into it eventually.

[[WMG: Robot Chicken supports ''Battle of the Planets''-esq Anime dubs over other forms of anime dubbing]]

[[WMG: There will be one more Star Wars special.]]
With the new movies coming out and ripe for parodying, they'd be fools not to take advantage. No clue ''when'' they'd do it, though my guess would be every three movies. Definitely hoping they go a gag on the debate over Rey's parentage with an alien version of Maury.
* Plus the return of Gary Phasma and his now grown up daughter Jessica

[[WMG: The scientist is turning the chicken into a weapon.]]
The real reason the scientist is forcing the chicken to watch all those skits? He wants to make the chicken smart on all those fictional worlds so that he can turn him into a weapon that already knows all about the worlds, and therefore knows how to destroy them easily.
[[WMG: The final episode of Season 9 will involve the Mad Scientist from the first few seasons freeing the chicken]]
Last time we saw him, he and the Chicken seemed to be enemies no more after they helped each other battle the Mad Sceintists son. With the Chicken now revived after being apparently frozen, its possible the Mad Scientist was as well and will be thawed out at the end of Season 9 in order to save the Chicken from his descendant.

[[WMG: Seth Green is in love with the 1980s.]]
Robot Chicken is a way for Seth Green to bring back TV sitcoms and cartoons he enjoyed as a kid back in the 1980s. Sure the characters get ridiculed and poked fun of in the skits, but Seth HAS to do this to avoid copyright from their owners (look up parody and fare use).