[[WMG: Madagascar is the only place spared the virus.]]
Cause, A) if they're going to go down similar paths to the original humans have to come from somewhere, and B) who can resist the ''VideoGame/{{Pandemic}} 2'' joke?
--> '''President Of Madagascar's Aid:''' "Sir an Airplane pilot in America has a bloody nose."
--> '''President Of Madagascar:''' [[MemeticMutation SHUT! DOWN! EVERYTHING!]]
* Madagascar doesn't have apes, or any monkeys for that matter - it has lemurs.
* And the Lemurs will gain sentience from the virus and build a society and [[{{WesternAnimation/Madagascar}} sing "I like to move it move it!"]]
* The lemur-ruled Madagascar might become an independent nation, and not be part of a worldwide ape government.
* Well if the [[http://www.simianflu.com Simian Flu]] website is any indication, it's Jossed. It's very faint, but by the time you hit 2019 you can see pink dots that indicate infections, and it only grows with each subsequent year. Greenland isn't safe either, they get it by 2021. The only untouched place appears to be Svalbard, of all places.
** Ok, this isn't really relevant, but I had to point something out. In the fake twitter: "So what is the government doing about the perpetrators of #simianflu ? Get the apes! They created this!". This made me laugh.
[[WMG: Rodman will find a cure for the plague but the side effects will be loss of speech.]]
That seems to be a logical way for humans to lose the ability to speak in any potential sequels.

- or, the plague itself causes loss of speech? It's seen to affect the throat.

And the people who don't lose their speech become horribly scarred mutants.
* [[TheOmegaMan And they'll also have albinism and live in LA where Taylor will become a biologist and fight them.]]

[[WMG: Humans with at least a certain level of mental handicap will be immune to the 113 plague]]
This starts a downward spiral in the surviving human population until, eventually... y'know. I like to think that Rodney the kindly-but-slow zookeeper gets a happy-ish ending.
* So this would make it like a prequel to Idiocracy?

[[WMG: Koba will be the ape that causes them to enslave mankind]]
* He somewhat resembles Thade from the 2001 film. In the sequel, he might take on the Aldo role, like in ''Battle for the Planet of the Apes''.

[[WMG: Caesar gets his mate in the sequel]]
One of the chimps shipped off to [=GenSys=] is named Cornelia, and he takes a meaningful look at her empty cage before laying siege to the facility. I think there's a deleted scene of them looking into each others' eyes, but that could be completely off-base.

[[WMG: The company that was developing 112 is [[{{Spider-Man}} Oscorp]]]]
Why else would Harry be one of the researchers?

[[WMG: Hunsiker never caught the plague]]

Nah, that was just a nosebleed.

* Then how exactly did the plague start if he just had a nosebleed? From the landlady who found Franklin dead in his bed?
** There was no plague. They just felt like showing us a globe with yellow lines to indicate who Hunisker meets, and who all those people meet. It was to show how united humanity was. Touching really.
*** [[SarcasmMode Of course, it all makes sense now!]]
*** [[RuleOfFunny I support this theory.]]
*** That makes it [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Big Lipped Alligator Credits]]!
*** Jossed http://www.simianflu.com/

[[WMG: This takes place in the same universe as ''{{Limitless}}'']]
In ''{{Limitless}}'', there is a drug that enhances your brain function, making you become hyperintelligent. Sounds exactly like the drug they gave the apes. Since the ''Limitless'' pills didn't kill you, they must be the earlier drug, the 112 that some other lab technician (there's other people working there besides Franklin and Rodman) that decided to sell the drug on the streets.

[[WMG: Jacobs survives the fall.]]
Not only that, but he survives the plague, which instead mutated him. He becomes the leader of the mutants. He'll develop a deep hatred for apes, much similar to Governor Breck from ''Conquest of the Planet of the Apes''.

[[WMG: In the sequel, Koba will betray Caesar.]]
Caesar's stance is to not kill humans and just stay out of the way in their own land. Koba doesn't want that, he want revenge. He will betray Caesar to take command of the apes and go to war.
* I don't think he will physically betray him. Caesar will most likely just die of sickness, and Koba will take over in a dictatorship. Mimicking the rise of Joseph Stalin after Lenin's death. Koba was even Stalin's nickname!

[[WMG: Ape society...]]
Will develop similar to the apes in the original novel. With large cities and {{steampunk}}-like vehicles.

Their (main) religion will be a mixture of Christianity and other bits of various mythologies. They worship a {{God}}-like being similar to Semos from the 2001 film, who created "the ape in his own image". The Lawgiver would be a well-known prophet, a la Moses and Muhammad.

[[WMG: The human survivors of the plague will be the ones most susceptible to Alzheimer's.]]
The new serum/virus was based on the original, which had positive effects on Alzheimer's patients. The new serum/virus kills people, but maybe its effects are less severe on people who have, or who are likely to develop, Alzheimer's disease. The mentally deteriorated humans in the original movie will be their descendants.

[[WMG: The next movie will involve Caesar attempting to rescue Will from the 113]]
Because this plot point NEEDS RESOLUTION, DAMMIT.

[[WMG: The next film won't follow the first chronologically, it will be in the distant future.]]
Lost astronauts. They get back to Earth. You know the rest. Except for one small detail...
** Well it does take place in the 2020s...but not quite distant future.

[[WMG: The "They blew it all to hell" Statue of Liberty scene will happen at the ''beginning'' of the sequel.]]
Since it's [[ItWasHisSled hardly a surprise anymore]], but, goddammit, it's so iconic it '''has''' to happen. The lost astronauts from the Mars expedition come back and realize right away they're on Future!Ape!Earth and the plot goes on from there.
** I dunno, I get the feeling if it's anywhere, it'll be the big climatic moment. Gotta have something for [[TrailersAlwaysSpoil trailers to spoil]], after all, and if anything, that'd indicate to humans that they're fucked six ways to Sunday.

[[WMG: The idea that humans actually ''are'' apes will be a dangerous heresy in Ape society.]]
Pop biology quiz, which species is the closest relative of chimpanzees? Gorillas? No. Orangutans? No. Yep, it's ''Homo sapiens''. Which would boost another dangerous idea, namely, that apes are in fact NotSoDifferent from the evil humans. Expect the returning astronauts to be (even more) persecuted because they spread this idea.
* Bonobos, actually. Chimpanzees and bonobos split off less than a million years ago, while humans split off from the chimp/ bonobo branch 6-7 million years ago.

[[WMG: The grand unifiying sequel theory]]
Taking many of the points above and the old movies as a base:

There will be a three-sided conflict between Caesar and Will who want a peaceful coexistence between the apes and the humans, the US government that considers the apes as the source of the plague and Koba who wants to KillAllHumans. Koba kills Caesar during a police raid and convinces the other apes that he was killed by humans, taking over the gang and declaring war on mankind. Another battle ensues, where it is revealed that Koba was actually Caesar's murderer before he dies. Maurice then takes over as ruler of the apes and establishes both the ApeShallNeverKillApe rule and that apes and humans can't coexist, eventually becoming The Lawgiver and giving rise to the political dominance of orangutans in the next centuries.

The astronauts won't come back until the third movie.
** This sounds like it will work, there's even evidence it could. A deleted scene which looked like it would have been TheStinger shows Koba discovering, and learning to work, a shotgun. The perfect way to frame a human.

[[WMG: The "5 years later" caption was add after production by someone who understand how long it takes to chimpanzees to mature.]]
It doesn't make sense otherwise since the story doesn't seem to progress as much as it should

1. Nobody seem to notice that Will father is a fully functional adult again and ask how it happened.\\
2. There are apparently no incidents with Jerkass neighbor despite the fact that after the first incidents it seem like he was planning to do something about the ape situation.\\
3. If Will and Caroline been dating for that long, how come she doesn't know where he works?

The only way all those thing would make sense is if only a few months were intended to pass.

[[WMG: A sequel would have an extreme downer ending.]]
Looking at how ROTPOTA leaves the various characters this is only a natural conclusion for the next movie, or spread out with several.\\
Will and Caroline, with most of humanity, will be dead due to the virus. Caesar, like his cinematic basis, has a "live and let live" outlook on ape/human relations. This implies that he will also be overthrown and/or murdered at the end and replaced by a more anti-human ape, possibly Koba. The effects of the plague and the growth of ape society will lead to the world where apes rule and humans are no more than slaves/scientific research subjects that the astronauts will return to.

[[WMG: ''Film/ChildrenOfMen'' is a sequel to the movie.]]
The virus mutates so it is not so virulent, it merely removes reproductive ability. While the human race slowly exits, the apes experience a great birth rate.
* So, the "II AmericanCivilWar" mentioned in ''[=CoM=]'' was between humans and apes?
** Possibly, but more likely the apes were just biding their time as the humans killed each other off and died off.

[[WMG: Caesar can talk because he was ''born'' from an ALZ ape.]]
It's been mentioned many times that even though ALZ would make apes smart enough to talk, their vocal cords are still not formed properly. But unlike the other apes, Caesar wasn't treated with the ALZ, he was born super-intelligent. Caesar was a second-generation ALZ ape, and it's possible that his vocal cords were formed to allow him to speak once he learned how. If this is true, then the children of the apes from the movie will be able to talk as well.

[[WMG: The script for ROTPOTA was given to the the writers by aliens, and is a script for ''Film/TheDarkKnightSaga'' distorted by RecursiveTranslation]]
The aliens managed to find the scripts to the three Dark Knight movies, and decided that they were interesting. However, since they're aliens, their word for "Human" and "Ape" is the same. The aliens made a few copies in human languages, and one was left behind. The writers found the script, and while it was confusing in places, they understood most, and had the idea to use it for a POTA prequel. They edited a few bits to make the story work, like making ALZ-113/12 (What Scare-crow's toxin had been distorted into) infectious and intelligence-enducing, and setting the story in San-Francisco. The parallels are numerous, when you think about it. Caesar/Batman, an orphan, TheHero who has a strict no-killing policy (but sometimes does not save people, for example Jacobs in the helicopter/Ra's on the train) and a disturbing gravelly voice, is taken in by a very old man (by ape standards) who cared for his parent(s). He is initially trust-worthy of his enemy (Rocket/Ra's), but learns that he and his followers are evil. After about halfway in the movie/trilogy, he comes into conflict with the police. Koba/Joker, a scared and bitter ape with a NightmareFuel smile, kills a corrupt black man who wears a BadassSuit and is (possibly) the second movie in the series's villain. Jerkass Neighbour/Bane, sends Caesar/Batman to prison, who then meets/hallucinates Rocket/Ra's, [[spoiler:highly protective of little girls]] and is responsible for [[spoiler: almost destroying gotham/destroying the world]]. Buck/Tumbler, I have no evidence for this other than they're both pretty strong, kind of sort of look like each other, and they both come in black. Maurice/Scrapped Robin concept? He's Caesar's sidekick, he has warmer colours to contrast the other apes black, and Maurice once worked at a circus. The characters match up roughly, but not perfectly. However, the most damning piece of evidence I have is the title: [[Film/TheDarkKnightRises Rise.]]

[[WMG: Humans DO blow it all up]]
The ALZ plague ravages the Earth. Apes around the world, in Zoos, are released by the staff when they can no longer care for them, or they escape on there own. Apes in the wild, come into contact with infected humans and gain enhanced intelligence. As the humanity falls to the effects of the plague, the intelligence enhanced apes, move into cities, out of curiosity or perhaps looking for resources, and come into regular contact with the surviving humans. This leads to conflict and tension with the traumatized survivors of the ALZ plague. Remnants of governments attempt to destroy any bands of the now, much better organized and tool-using apes. Suspicion rules and as apes are found to be increasingly well organized and become a notable presence in human cities and towns, the surviving military still in control of WoMD launch them at cities around the world in order to destroy the apes, since humans cannot mount any effective armed forces against them. Leaders in parts of the world that are attacked, in turn, launch there own weapons and the destruction of humanity is complete, paving the way for a true planet of the Apes. From the original Conquest: of the POTA, it is mentioned that the pet plague, while killing off common animals, also had a subtle effect on humans as well. Humans in the original story line, were made slightly weaker by physically, and it was implied mentally as well. Not severely so, but the effect was there. In the reboot, expect the effects of the ALZ virus to be much more pronounced, and probably will become fixed in the human genome. So in addition to being radiation scarred, they will be dumb as posts. Caesars band will become the key Ape tribe, as Caesar has the power of speech and can pass that on to his children. The North American Apes could become the most advanced in the world. So in the end, Humans could well end up blowing it all up anyhow, if only in a somewhat different set of circumstances. The few surviving humans that were NOT effected by the effects of ALZ plague, and retain there intelligence, will become the equivalent of the original series New York mutants(though they may not necessarily inhabit the ruins of NYC in this time-line. They will be mutated and weak, but still retain there intelligence and harbour an enduring hatred of all apes, blaming them(incorrectly) for the fall of man, and will become the Apes primary behind-the-scenes enemy.

[[WMG: All of the films from the original series will be remade]]
Going by the fact that ''Rise'' was a pseudo-remake of ''Conquest'', this will become a five part series that will remake the other films:
* ''Dawn'' will remake ''Battle'', detailing the start of the ape society and the prejudice between the apes and humans.
* The third film will be a remake of the original ''Planet of the Apes'', showing the astronauts coming back to the ape-dominated society in the far-distant future.
* The fourth film will remake ''Beneath'', showing the ape and human conflict at it's highest peak and a secret civilization of advanced humans. The film will end with the Earth being destroyed.
* The final film will remake ''Escape'' and have a few apes managing to travel back in time to around the events of ''Rise''. The apes and humans will try to prevent the eventual death of the planet and either successfully prevent doomsday or end up causing it in the first place.

[[WMG: In ''Dawn'', Gary Oldman will play James Franco's character]]
According to rumors Franco will not return for the sequel except for a posible cameo. After signing in for the movie, Oldman said that he was playing the leader of a team of surviving scientists in the ruins of San Francisco, and that the sequel took place 15 years after ''Rise''. Oldman and Franco are [[YoungerThanTheyLook only 20 years apart]] in age.

[[WMG: Hunsiker survived the Simian Flu and is now part of (if not leader of) the Anti-Ape Association.]]
[[spoiler: The movie ends with him getting a nosebleed, but if you look at the Simian Flu website, the first fatality according to the OPHA is a pilot named Mark Rowan. Also note the PSA that plays says that only one of ten victims survives the Simian Flu. Hunsiker was that one of ten, and, keeping in mind that he lived next door to Caesar for years, and that Caesar bit off his finger, he'd have plenty of reason (if erroneously) to believe Caesar infected him, giving him a grudge against apes. And at the bottom of the website it says its brought to the internet by the Anti-Ape Association. Sounds like something Hunsiker would join if not found, hmmmm?]]

[[WMG: When the astronauts return to Earth, one of the primitive mute humans they will meet will be played by Andy Serkis.]]
Because he has already played a handful of CGI characters. If they make a movie without Caesar, Serkis should at least come back in a human role.

[[WMG: The apes in the zoo were bitten by the apes who had the ALZ-113.]]
Thus explaining how the apes in the zoo knew where to go.