[[WMG:Why did the U.S. government attack Umbrella's factory on October 1st?]]
Did they want to destroy the T-Virus, or did they want it for themselves? As a corollary, how did they manage to get the rail cannon into the factory's power room?
* According to RE:ORC, it was a base of operations that needed to be shut down. They were after the G-virus, though, but apparently they just wanted it for "evidence" ([[ParanoiaFuel or so they say]]). As far as the rail cannon goes, it was dropped in by helicopter.

[[WMG:Sherry gets adopted by a senator...]]
... With her name changed to Ashley and her memories of the disaster erased, her adoptive father gets elected president. She is kidnapped by a Spanish Cult and eventually rescued by the exact same person. She subconsciously realizes that Leon has saved her before, and that is why she is so quick to hit on him at the end of the game.
* Doesn't explain how they were born in different years. (Sherry is two years younger; Just checked.)
** President Graham manipulated all information about Ashley, you only *think* they were born in different years.
*** {{Jossed}}: Sherry appears as a trained combat agent in the trailers for [=RE6=], different voice actress and all.