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[[WMG: Every PC class has an implicit alignment.]] Sure, every hero is a ''hero.'' However, some are more heroic than others. The Paladin is obvious. However, the Magic User is the "good" class, the Fighter is the "neutral" class, and the Thief is the "evil" class. The MU is intimately connected with Erana, who we all know is a major force of good in the world. The Thief obviously is consistent in acting in his own best interests. The poor fighter is too thick-skulled to nuance between the greater good (that's what Paladins are for!) and his own interests (he's not good at doing so while being heroic). Look at the EOF. It doesn't promote a cause, but it's not a front for any illegal operations, either. It's just a place for fighters to go and be fighters. Which class (Paladin aside) is goody-two-shoes enough to try to solve the bank robbery in [=QFG5=]? Magic users. Thieves do the robbing themselves, and Fighters probably didn't even notice it happening. Lastly, think about the fighter's general problem-solving strategy: wading through hordes of enemies. Sure, he's working for the greater good, but the only way he can get there is by knocking heads together until people listen to him. Magic Users prefer to Calm or Dazzle foes, and then run; Thieves just sneak around them.
* Actually, if you factor in OrderVsChaos, it works better: Mage is LawfulNeutral, Fighter is ChaoticNeutral, Th ief is NeutralEvil and Paladin is NeutralGood. TrueNeutral is a Magic-using Fighter, ChaoticGood is a fight-heavy Paladin, ChaoticEvil is a Fight-heavy Thief, LawfulGood is a Magic-using Paladin, and LawfulEvil is a Magic-using Thief.
* Alternatively, you're the ''hero''; it's Lawful Good, Neutral Good, and Chaotic Good.
* And now I have to wonder what you'd be if you were those OneHundredPercentCompletion -ists, and put a few points in every skill, so you could complete all tasks.
* If being a paladin in this series means "Do what is right, not what is lawful," wouldn't it more sense that you'd be ChaoticGood instead of NeutralGood? And the evil examples would actually, at worst, fall under the neutral categories given the themes of the game.
** In the case of the Paladin: Not necessarily. Breaking the law specifically and only when the Greater Good is clearly at stake isn't necessarily a basis for being Chaotic. That said, I ''would'' put the Thief under Chaotic Good, or Chaotic Neutral at the very worst.

[[WMG:The voice of the Hero is the voice of the Narrator]]
At least the fourth game's narrator. I forget if there was one in the fifth.
* Your voice is John Rhys-Davies? Sweet!
* Does this mean he took to referring himself in the second person? ...That's actually hilarious now that I think about it.