[[WMG: "Perils of Punky" was meant to be the final episode]]

Given the very dark tone of the episode. It is possible the original version ended with Punky Brewster dying.
* Doubtful. NBC wouldn't kill off a character in a show whose demographic is primarily children.

[[WMG: Punky's mom and dad were jailed soon after for abandoning her.]]
Chicago may be a big city, but anyone who'd abandon a child should be and will be apprehended.

[[WMG: Punky liked Allen more than she'd been letting on.]]
Why else would she cry when Allen departed in season 3 ("Divorce, Anderson Style")?
* She probably thought he'd become a Nurikabe again.

[[WMG: A TV reunion movie was planned in c. 1998 with a now-adult Punky getting married.]]
Wouldn't she have made a beautiful bride? And we also see the adult Cherie (Cherie Johnson, fresh off her role as Maxine on ''Series/FamilyMatters'') and Margaux (Ami Foster) and a proud George Warnimont, now 80 years old, walking his adopted daughter down the aisle.
* Her groom: Allen Anderson.