[[WMG:Mr Darcy [[{{Bifauxnen}} is a]] [[SweetPollyOliver woman]].]]
The discussion questions at the back of the book raise the question of Elizabeth being a lesbian, mostly because she's [[ButchLesbian a little butch]], and what this says about her relationship with characters including Mr Darcy. This probably counts as canon EpilepticTrees - I certainly don't see it. But if it's there, it must be somewhat valid. In this case, perhaps Mr Darcy is female and Lizzy is SweetOnPollyOliver? Maybe [[PronounTrouble hir]] parents had trouble conceiving and decided it was best to [[HeirClubForMen make do with what they had when they did finally have a child]], and at any rate the family needed a warrior who didn't have to worry about being modest and ladylike. So zie was raised as a man. This also lines up with the fact that Mr Darcy is at least 12 years older than hir younger sister - it's because hir parents had so much trouble conceiving. This almost has some backing in-story - in the last illustrated page, hir hips look broader than Elizabeth's, beyond the bounds of what stylishly-cut clothes would do, and zie looks kinda {{Bishounen}}. It's not so odd that despite being female, Mr Darcy is still TallDarkAndHandsome. Insecurities due to this may even account for why zie is such a {{Kuudere}}.
* This isn't EpilepticTrees; the questions weren't supposed to be taken seriously. I mean...question 7 is "Does Mrs. Bennet have a single redeeming quality?" Question 10 is "Some scholars believe that the zombies were a last-minute addition to the novel, requested by the publisher in a shameless attempt to boost sales. Others argue that the hordes of living dead are integral to Jane Austen's plot and social commentary. What do you think? Can you imagine what this novel might be like without the violent zombie mayhem?" You just didn't get the joke.

[[WMG:Elizabeth using a katana is not an oversight, but characterization]]
Despite all the high brow posturing on the part of Mr. Darcy and Lady Catherine, Japanese and Chinese training isn't all that dissimilar in terms of quality. One bigger difference is that the Bennet's sensei Liu, despite his rigor, must have been open minded enough to teach the girls in the use of weapons and styles other than Kung Fu (their use of muskets, for example). The effect was one of the girls being very tolerant and "liberal" towards other Deadly Arts. If you'll notice, Lizzy and co. are indeed proud of their training, but never put down other schools of martial arts... eating the heart of the japanese ninja and finding it soft notwithstanding.

[[WMG: Mr. Darcy was lying about Mr. Wickham agreeing to Mr. Darcy beating him lame.]]
Mr. Wickham said something that pissed Mr. Darcy off tremendously. Lydia wasn't in the room at the time.

[[WMG: ''Pride And Prejudice and Zombies'' is set in the same universe as ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies''.]]
The story and the game take place in the same universe, just several hundred years apart. Due to the unmentionables in England, this led the best and brightest minds of the day to come up with a way that the unmentionables could be taken care of. We see in ''Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'' that the zombies like cauliflower, so perhaps science or another force gave cauliflower a way to fight back.

[[WMG: ''Pride And Prejudice and Zombies'' is an IndulgentFantasySegue of Mr. Darcy's in ''PrideAndPrejudice''.]]
And who can blame him? If we could all fantasize about beating the crap out of the smug KarmaHoudini Wickham, Darcy certainly must have.

[[WMG: This story is official Jane Austen canon.]]
The original story is just a draft. Jane Austen is probably alive right now and actually ''helped'' Graham write the book.

[[WMG: Jane Austin is still alive...]]
Sort of. She's a zombie. Related to the above AND below.
* Alternately, she's a vampire like in ''Literature/AbrahamLincolnVampireHunter'', albeit a friendly one like Henry. The zombie thing is entirely made up, however, Austen has used her supernatural experiences to create a "Director's Cut" of sorts of her most famous work. Why was she brought back? Some (wo)men are just too interesting to die...
** semi-confirmed [ http://www.goodreads.com/series/47186-jane-fairfax ] In this trilogy, Jane WAS turned into a vampire, and specifically mentions P&P&Z; she seriously wanted to track down and drain Graeme-Evans when she first heard of it. However, once she actually read it, she thought it was so damn funny she decided to live and let live. Taking the joke further Graeme-Evans ''actually writes an introduction'' to the first book... and specifically mentions how glad he was that Jane didn't kill him!

[[WMG: The Jane in the book is Jane Austen.]]
The book is semi-autobiagraphical. Jane became a zombie.
* Jane is not a zombie in the story, and there are no significant parallels even in the original story.

[[WMG: Mrs. Bennet was right. All the training is useless.]]
It's true that the zombies have attacked. But, all the training Mr. Darcy, the Bennet girls and Lady Catherine go through are just the way of the aristocracy (or high class gentlemen)found to deal with it, and it's little more than tricks. The real war against zombies is being fought every day by the lower classes. This explains how they still manage to live their everyday lives, and even worry about balls and romance while there are zombies on the lose. As such, the character's situation is more akin to that of the people living in the tower in ''Film/LandOfTheDead'' than to that of those outside.
* Being so, the training wasn't as severe as it was suggested, otherwise, how could someone like Lydia be able to withstand it? And the warrior culture the girls claim to follow isn't really taken seriously - Elizabeth and her sisters frequently promise to kill other living humans, but never do so. Also, how hard is it to kill a zombie? The reason the characters' delusions of skill isn't criticized within the novel is that the author also went through the same training and upbringing.