[[WMG:Katia's lowest point is still ahead of her.]]
and when it arrives, it will make [[spoiler:getting robbed by Sigrid]] look like nothing. Following her latest setback, Katia will get back on her feet, and there will be an even longer period of things looking up. Katia will become involved in (a) quest(s) more important than delivering letters. Then something bad will happen. Disaster will strike. Everything our hero achieves will be undone. Overcoming this will be the zenith of Katia's character development. HolyShitQuotient will be high. Mark my words.

[[WMG:Katia is the Champion of Cyrodiil.]]
She's got quite a ways before she's going to be closing shut any jaws.

[[WMG:Gharug gro-Upp's luck will run out, resulting in his death]]

His death may be at Katia's hand, possible due to his sole piece of bad luck up until this point rendering him unable to wear a ring of fire resistance. Either that or Asotil will find him.
* Seeing as how he's a Highway you kill in Oblivion, we already know how he dies, and assuming Katia is the prisoner, it will be by Katia's hand.

[[WMG:Prequel is a tragedy, and things will not end well for Katia.]]

It's well and good to say she must be the hero and that, but, well, the hero in Oblivion has a really boring story. Kazerad has done an exceptional job in showing us how [=NPC=]s and such can be extremely interesting characters in their own right. It would follow that Katia could be herself a very minor character. She may very well have a significant effect on events that would follow, but there's a lot more roles in a story other than The Hero.

[[WMG:Katia's luck and willpower are her Dumpstats.]]
Aggy: Extrapolate implies that Katia is exceptionally gifted at lateral thinking, linguistics, memorization, and is generally a straight up genius without ever trying. So, Katia might have a ridiculous Intelligence stat, but her terrible luck and lack of willpower give her a incredibly defeatist outlook on her own life. If she manages work at a problem, she can solve it easily.

[[WMG:ASOTIL has synesthesia.]]

In [[http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/10/katia-clean-up/ Katia: Clean up]], he says, "The song of Justice cannot be extinguished and the glorious light of the Empire be silenced." This is not the first time he has made that switch.(though it is the first time he's used both at once)

[[WMG: Katia's phobia and distrust of nobles has to do with incident's that occurred earlier in her life]]

[[WMG: Katia's nightmares are about Mannimarco]]
Considering that even Vaermina knows nothing about Katia's and Gaius's nightmare's meaning they most likely come from some entity who is higher up on the cosmological ladder. This entity (probably from one of the Divines) is trying to warn about Mannimarco plan that involves the Dragonborn emperor. It's probably Katia's destiny to stop Mannimarco's plan.

[[WMG: The real reason Katia is afraid of Martin is because he has a completely different voice]]
It probably doesn't help that it's {{Sean Bean}}'s voice.

[[WMG: Prequel will end with Katia being arrested]]
She'll make it to the Imperial City, and her bad luck will get her into some legal trouble. The last image will be Katia sitting in a cell, as the text informs us that it is [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion the 27th of Last Seed.]]
* A single file will be provided at the very end without comment. It's a save file. Guess what for.